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  • Things we will cover today.
  • 10.5 million Australians spend about 7 hours and 17 minutes per person using social media.
  • It takes time + some trial and error to build your community.
  • Ryan Northover on Facebook.
  • It would be a great idea to map out the history of Rockingham, as far back as the first settlers in the area. Archive old images for historical purposes!
  • It’s ok to login with your personal Facebook account to manage the City of RockinghamFacebook business page; Just understand you won’t be able to interact with the page as your profile anymore.All actions you take on the City of Rockingham pages you are an admin of will be ‘as the page’.
  • Facebook EdgeRank determines what users see in their feed. Content last in a user feed for a few minutes or a few hours. Depends on interactions with page, user
  • Pictures, pictures and more pictures. The most powerful form of content you can post on Facebook.Stays in feed longest.Most eye catching.
  • Video is naturally a great form of content to post to Facebook, either linking to a youtube video or uploading to Facebook.
  • Outbound links, say to the City of Rockingham website.
  • Useful in eg, road closure, serious accident in an area, flooding, or emergency info on storms etc.
  • Timeline Dashboard
  • City of Sydney as a template: Great info section, link to websiteTimeline pic is eye catching: Users will look at this first!Photo appLikes App, includes dataEvents AppPage Guideline App
  • Great use of pictures, historic and art work.
  • Likes Box displays other business pages “liked” by your business page. The Strategy of Liking other pages:Allows business page to display affiliates and other communities worth having relationships with.Displays other pages City of Rockingham/Youth Page has liked ‘as the page’Liking other pages increases brand awareness among other Facebook communities. Facebook page admins should look to continue to build up page likes as time goes by and it’s also important to interact with other pages, especially community pages.E.g., Rockingham Buy and Sell, Mums etc.
  • Recent Posts by OthersUsers can post text, images, links and video to your wall. Many posts will be promotions form other pages. Suggestions from users & Feedback, both negative and positive.
  • Most common, useful apps to include in the page
  • Apps:Unique and content rich sections of the page such as photos, events, likes etc
  • City of Rockingham events.Create an event by adding the event app, or by creating in the Facebook posts box.
  • Never post text only, this looks boring and wont be eye catching, you are competing in the space for attention of users.Asking questions is the best way to engage.Make sure users understand what you are talking about, if you post to a link and don’t include some text users wont bother to click through, don't assume they know.News Room: Write a compelling hook at the start of your post. DetailQuestion.
  • For example, to announce a representative from the City of Rockingham is attending an upcoming event, post "Person A from the City of Rockingham will be attending at such-and-such show later this week," rather than "I will be...." Using "We will be..." would also be appropriate. The same holds true for responses to user comments... never respond with "I" or "me" (e.g., "I'm on it, get back to you in a moment.”
  • Content should be rich, provide honest insight and be fun!
  • Tag lightly. Don’t go overboard. You may want to tag some other local pages, like Rockingham, Western Australia and other group pages. Make sure you don’t tag the same community pages more than once every 2-4 days or you will likely annoy the page admins and be accused of spamming. Tagging can raise awareness and help other page admins keep up to date.
  • Share their content by clicking “share”
  • Best to keep this offline wherever possible, fans can now Direct message the page, encourage this. If its an easy answer, keep it online so all can see.
  • You cannot contact a user directly as City of Rockingham, they must contact you first.Anything written on your wall is available for the entire public to view.- Type @ followed by their name, and you will see their name drop down in a list, you can then click on this, thereby tagging them in your comment which they’ll be alerted for.
  • Fans will either post on you timeline or they will direct message you. Key: Whoever is managing the page at the time should acknowledge the comment right away, “thank you for your feedback, we will have an answer for you asap” Alternatively have them message the page for a “private discussion”
  • Posting an update from the page, as apposed to using the page as the page.
  • Running competitions are a great way of building likes and interaction for your page, but to play it safe, you need to abide by Facebook's rules
  • City of rockingham 2.0 ppt

    1. 1.  Facebook Timeline Effective FB Management Facebook Etiquette Posting Content Practice Posts Questions?
    2. 2. Facebook in WA: Approx. 1,000,000 active* usersRockingham region: Approximately 50,000 active Facebook users in the surrounding region.*Active = Login once per week.
    3. 3.  It takes hard work, listening, some trial and error and experience for organisations to get Social Media right. It takes time to gain trust and receive useful and valuable responses from your target audience. Success in social media requires knowing the community audience and creating the right content they want to see and read, and delivering it in the right way – simply and clearly.
    4. 4.  Personal Pages v Business Pages
    5. 5.  Personal profiles: Are generally private Facebook pages. You can prevent people from seeing your information, photos etc. Some choose to be more public, allow anyone to view images and personal details like relationships, workplace, age and location. (Bad idea!)
    6. 6.  Timeline landing page. Collection of unique apps. Timeline posts in chronological order (now with the option to add information from the past) Like Box, Message Page, User Post Box, Pages Liked Box, Activity Box.
    7. 7.  Facebook users (personal) who have been made administrators of the page by current admins or page founder. Admins are created via page management option. Users emails are needed to create admin. Admins must have a Facebook user account. „As the Page‟ : If an admin posts on the page, all actions will occur as they page speaking.
    8. 8.  The Power of Content : Most Powerful Content to Post in descending order:
    9. 9. Pictures: Rank highest on Facebook EdgeRank algorithm, meaning page fans are likely to have this content exist near the top of their home feed, longer. Most compelling and user friendly content “ Pictures tell 1,000 words”
    10. 10. Video: Highly compelling and user friendly content Users more likely to share with networks High rank on Facebook EdgeRank
    11. 11. Links Outbound links with text: Link to urn posted in the status update box, Facebook will embed an image from landing site. Text should always be added for context. Keep it brief
    12. 12.  Ask your community to a question. Creates viral content Users who participate in a poll more likely to have action seen by friends.
    13. 13. Text Least interactive form of content post Least desirable Useful in an emergency or breaking news information situation where there is no time for links, pictures.
    14. 14.  Timeline Layout Apps Posting Like Box User Posts
    15. 15.  Photos User Policy App Events YouTube Twitter Maps
    16. 16.  Creating an Events Tab powerful tool for promotion. Power of Facebook Events: Allows other users to invite their friends! (viral effect) Users can RSVP, post on the event wall and interact.
    17. 17.  Never post text only, always feature a picture/video/link + text Wherever possible, ask a question. Do this with 80% of your posts! Context and framing is everything. Think like a news editor! Grab attention.
    18. 18.  Aim for uniform style of tone when communication across the pages and across time. Rockingham City of Page, mildly informal. Youth page, fun and semi- informal This is something that you develop with time and should discuss in your meetings.
    19. 19.  Avoid "I" statements When posting text, speak about the page in second person (we or our). Example: We will be attending event x, rather than I. Or “Our” representative will be..
    20. 20.  Focus on the quality of your relationships and don‟t talk “at” people in your posts. If youre thinking about posting a message like, "Help us reach 5,000 likes, we are only 25 away!" dont! No need to sound desperate! If the quality is high, the quantity--through referrals and authentic word-of-mouth-- will rise with it.
    21. 21.  Go Easy on the Updates: 2-3 per day maximum on Facebook. If you don‟t space your updates across the day, users may accuse you of spamming. Post in the morning (9AM, 1PM, 5PM) These are peak times for SM use.
    22. 22.  It may be appropriate to @tag other pages in your updates. For example, if you were talking about the Rockingham City Facebook Youth Page from the City of Rockingham Page, you would definitely want to tag that page, so your post showed up in the „Posts by Others‟ section
    23. 23.  Post on the pages of other pages, say hello. Comment on other page post and join in on the conversation where appropriate. This builds word of mouth, respect in Facebook circles.
    24. 24.  Occasionally display your fans wall posts You will get to a point where users from across Rockingham will share pictures and updates on the page Visitors will want to share their stuff as much as they want to see what you have been up to.
    25. 25.  If a fan posts a photo or video on your wall, make a comment or click the "like" button, thank them. If a user has a question about a „customer service‟ related topic, acknowledge right away, and then take the time to find the answer from the appropriate department. Users will undoubtedly come to the page to complain or report something to the council, just as they phone in.
    26. 26.  Facebook members have little to no tolerance for phoniness or hidden agendas and can easily spot both. They do tend, however, to be forgiving. Be genuine and transparent. If you make a mistake, own up to it, do your best to resolve the issue and then post back on the action you have taken.
    27. 27.  Your fans have the option to private message you! Getting in touch with individuals as a business page?
    29. 29.  Using the context of your department, think of different practice posts that you might like to use on Facebook. Think about what kind of images you could post, facts and figures. What kind of questions would you like to ask the community?
    30. 30.  Practice Posts: Can you come up with your own posts? Open a word document or with pen and paper write a post. Make sure to include a statement and a question.
    31. 31.  • We have about 105 000 residents, and a young median age of approximately 31 years. • Last year out of 1128 dogs that were impounded, 725 animals were returned to their owner, 378 dogs found new homes Penguin Island, just off our coast, is home to WA‟s largest Little Penguin Colony. Get close to nature: Penguin Island Tours
    32. 32.  • In 2010/2011 the Millar Road Landfill Facility received 9542.5 tonnes of waste. And 1,888.8 tonnes of Greenwaste, a 29% decrease from the previous financial year and general junk/metal was down by as much as 75%.#GFCimpacts • Do you know what rubbish goes in which bin? Or by shopping smarter you can reduce your environmental impact and save money? Find out; the Waste Education Centre runs year round tours: 9528 8550
    33. 33.  Facebook Legal Terms Facebook Page Guidelines Competitions