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Media evaluation
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Media evaluation


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  • 1. Media Evaluation
    Ryan Matthews
  • 2. Question 1
    In what ways does your product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.
  • 3. My intention of my magazine challenges the forms and conventions of real media. I want my magazine to be different and appeal to different audiences apposed to real music magazines appeal to very similar audiences e.g. Kerrang & NME. Also my layout of my magazine may be similar with the front image and heading position but my font and style of the magazine is very different.
    My product uses similar conventions of real media as I have shown by using the arrows. That signifies that my magazine uses the same layout because I have the band members stood there as they do on the real media products. Also I have my heading in the middle of the page with a caption. Lastly my magazine states bands featured in the magazine which is similar to NME.
  • 4. Question 2
    How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  • 5. My target audience is portrayed by how the band members are like on my magazine. The way they are dressed helps to define my target audience because my audience would dress similar to this. Also the appearance via the bands hair styles and facial piercings which would relate to my target audience. Also even the way they are standing because that can show their attitude because on my magazine they are laid back and smiling. My target audience would have the same attitude.
    My target audience is generally the younger generation but also because I’ve chose a different style of music to base my magazine around it appeals to a minority of older generation who like and lived through the classic rock era.
    The idea of my target audience would be a teenager from years 16-20 and listens to this genre of music. Also socialises with music e.g. a band or at festivals and has the dress sense similar to the band members featured in the magazine. I would also like the younger audiences to have the same attitude towards music who just love playing and attending various music events.
    My purpose of my magazine was to have a different style magazine which isn’t always mainstream and very similar. I met my purpose by appealing to the younger generation with the style and genre but also appealing to some of the older generation who lived through the classic rock era.
  • 6. Question 3
    What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  • 7. Bauer media would be the correct media institution to distribute my magazine. The reason they are correct because they distribute many music magazines and are very popular so would be a good image if my magazine was part of it. Also as you can see the different magazines Kerrang and Q are aimed at very different audiences. Q is aimed towards the older people from 20-35 because it is a very formal magazine and based on older bands. Kerrang aim at younger audiences because it is less formal and also the bands are new so the audiences know them. The reason think me magazine would be right for bauer media because my magazine offers a different type of music magazine for different audiences. My magazine aims at younger generation so they know the older style of music and also for the older generation that were through that era of music. This will be key for Bauer because it offers a wider audience buying there magazines.
  • 8. Question 4&5
    Who would be the audience for your media product?
    How did you attract/address your audience.
  • 9. Explanation of Target Audience
    The target audience for my media product would be a mixture of younger and older generation. The reason I also aim towards younger generation is because I have an old style which features old bands. I would like the younger generation to be informed and be aware of those older bands. Also I would target the older generation because my magazine is more formal hat other magazines to relate to the purpose. Also it would interest older people because they would of lived through that era of music. I have a vision of what my younger audience would be like, I think they would dress very similar to the bands members featured on my magazine and also would play music in there spare time either for a band or as a hobby. The vision I have for my older audience would be they still dress similar to the era and also still play instruments and listen to that era of music .
  • 10. Appearance of Target Audience
    This is what I think my younger audience would look like and act like. I think my younger audience would be in social groups listening to music and with this dress sense. This relates to my magazine because this is how the members on the front cover are dressed like. Also the way he is sitting it very laid back as to the members on the magazine as they were leaning on the wall.
    I think this is what my older audience would be like. The reason I think this is because he still dresses similar to the band members and also still plays an instrument. Also you can tell he lived through the era of the music my magazine is based on.
  • 11. The way I addressed my audience from my magazine was due to my front cover. The band members were key to to the target audience due to how they are dressed because they are dressed from the period of time that music came about. Also there attitude and the way they are standing shows they are laid back characters