I phone os 4 features


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I phone os 4 features

  1. 1. iPhone OS 4.0 FeaturesAll new iPhone OS 4.0 have many new features like Multitasking, app arrangement etc. iOS 4.0has Multitasking feature now you can run more than one application at same time. Secondmost useful feature is, we arrange our app inside to folders and also can change backgroundimage behind to icons. iPhone OS 4.0 Users Features: iPhone iOS 4.0 new multitasking Features is useful for business users, casual users and also for gamers. Multitasking now will more than quadruple the power of the iPhone to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete every-day tasks. Business users can manage multiple email accounts simultaneously. For Casual users multitasking is also very helpful now user can hear the song while they reading some iBook or doing messaging.iPhone OS 4.0 Security:Apple would select to let a clear number of security applications to run multi-task, it wouldimitate the state of security where the user is the responsible one for managing them all.Besides, each security application would be loaded onto and run from the endpoint. Apples A4processor has up to 4 cores, OS 4 would be able to separate the internal system processes fromthe others on one core while using the others to manage third party software.iPhone iOS 4.0 have main features of multitasking it’s just like desktop and laptop, you can runmany application at the same time in your device. But, in fact, general multi-tasking is anessential even from the conventional security point of view. There was many security processesworking in the background at the same time when we create some word document orsomething, at that time system will overriding the power and memory.Other iOS 4.0 Features  Bluetooth keyboard capability  Integrated Email Box
  2. 2.  Game Center 1. Bluetooth Keyboard CapabilityWith iPhone iOS 4.0 we can connect any Bluetooth devices like Bluetooth Keyboard with iPhone and cancontrol it by your device. 2. Integrated Email BoxiPhone OS 4 has integrated Email Box by doing synchronize with Email Boxyou can check your email in your inbox. 3. Game CenterPersonal Social Gaming network has been created by apple this is newfeatures from apple which is available in iPhone OS 4.0.By game centerapple user can play with live players and compare high scores.Find More Detail about iPhone OS 4.0 Call Here +1-888-655-1257 or visithere at:http://www.iphoneapplicationdevelopmentindia.com/hire-iphone-os-4-application-developers-programmers.html