2011 Social Media Des Moines Survey
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2011 Social Media Des Moines Survey

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N=409 businesses and not-for-profit organizations in central Iowa; report covers social media goals, adoption and outcomes

N=409 businesses and not-for-profit organizations in central Iowa; report covers social media goals, adoption and outcomes

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  • Who’s using what and the outcomes of their effortsData you can use to improve your own online communication
  • 77% of Americans use the Internet (240m)
  • Social is about ¼ of online time, on average; almost 8 hours per weekTV is 40 hours per week, on average
  • http://www.gwu.edu/explore/mediaroom/newsreleases/nationalsurveyfindsmajorityofjournalistsnowdependonsocialmediaforstoryresearch
  • Its our hometown, and it’s “one of America’s best mid-sized cities”‘Moderate’ economics, politics, etc.Hubspot has us at absolute average for Twitter usageOnline survey of our ‘network’, including AMA and PRSA membersSample matches market demographics – org. types, sizes, etc.
  • N=907 w/ Des Moines Business Record readershipAnswered for 2009 activity and 2010 forecasts1 in 5 said they’d spend more in 2010
  • 2011 results… N=407 representing market demographics; no sample shift from 2010
  • Nearly 80 percent use social media (+5 pts)Starting ‘in the last 12 months’ down 12 pts
  • 75% are committing more than one person’s time to social media3 in 4 people directly responsible for the work are not devoting more than 1/4 of their timeSpending is flat year over year; 82% under $10k 1 in 4 says they will grow their budget in 2011NOTE: 65 hours/1.5 FTEs for 4 SM channels? http://www.cloudspark.com/2010/03/30/survey-says-65-hours-per-week-for-social-media/
  • Nearly every organization is using social networks like FacebookUse of most other tools is flat, though online forums are down 13 pointsOnly 1 in 10 organizations are using online monitoring toolsB-M study of F100: 25% have ‘all four’ -- Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, and maintain a blog; was 20% in 2010.
  • ‘Yes’ is up 5 pts88 percent say social media’s value will increase in 2011
  • Full sample; N=2571 in 10 are monitoring52% have a process for responding
  • Chartis thosewho say activity meets expectations (n=103); PR is +11pts here vs. sampleMedia mix is now earned,paid and owned
  • Again, chart is thosewho say activity meets expectations (n=103); Internal collaboration +7pts (vs. sample)Customer support +5Lowering expenses +5New partnerships +3
  • 6 in 10 with strategy are getting what they expect (vs. 4 in 10 without)Is social media just a channel?
  • Satisified organizations are using more tools -- +15 videos, +13 blogs, +10 photos -- across more functions, especially PR and customer service
  • More measurement= better outcomes?
  • Chart is only those who are satisfied (N=99 with ‘meets expectations’):Customers + 27Media +27Employees + 22Government +8
  • Listen – learn, respondKnow why… – let strategy drive value proposition and tools selectionIntegrate – beyond marketing, across functionsMeasure – proves value, enables quick adjustment


  • 1. Social Media in Des Moines
    A review of local practices for PRSA Central Iowa
  • 2. First, some context…
  • 3. Social isn’t everything (yet?)…
  • 4. All media is social
    Most reporters and editors depend on social media sources when researching their stories
    89% read blogs
    65% use Facebook and LinkedIn
    61% use Wikipedia
    52% use Twitter
    George Washington University, Jan. 2010
  • 5. Why Des Moines?
    Middle American methodology
  • 6. The 2010 baseline…
    3 in 4 organizations participating
    ‘Creating awareness’ was the leading goal
    Strategy and measurement were lacking
    Social networks were the most popular tools
    Resources were thin
    1 in 3 said activity met their expectations
  • 7. Key Findings
    What changed in 12 months
  • 8. 1. Adoption may be peaking
  • 9. 2. We’re maturing (a bit)
    Half now have a strategy in place (+5 pts)
    Half have policies guiding employee use of these tools (+10 pts)
    Half have a process for responding to relevant social media discussion (+3 pts)
    Almost half are measuring outcomes (2x!)
  • 10. 3. Resources remains scarce
  • 11. 4. Social networks still rule
  • 12. 5. Outcomes may be getting better
    Improving relationships with customers (+9) and media (+8)
    56% say social media is easier to measure than traditional media (+18)
    Half say their organizations are doing a “good job” with social media (+12)
    88% say social is worth the investment
  • 13. 5. Room for improvement remains
  • 14. Digging deeper
    What this means for PR and your organization
  • 15. Are you listening?
    Results meet expectations?
  • 16. Public relations leadership?
  • 17. Goals that work
  • 18. Strategy helps
  • 19. Participation required
  • 20. Measurement matters
    Results meet expectations?
  • 21. Outcomes
  • 22. In summary…
    Know why you’re participating
  • 23. Questions?Ryan @ 515.224.1086 or www.hanser.com