Why are war crimes continuously practiced


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Why are war crimes continuously practiced

  1. 1. Why are war crimesWhy are war crimescontinuously practicedcontinuously practicedBY RYAN GARVEYBY RYAN GARVEY
  2. 2. What is a war crimeWhat is a war crime• A war crime is a serious violation of thelaws applicable in armed conflict
  3. 3. Examples of war crimesExamples of war crimes• Murder• The ill-treatment or deportation of civilianresidents of an occupied territory to slave laborcamps• The murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war• The destruction of cities, towns and villages• Devastation not justified by military, or civiliannecessity
  4. 4. World war 1World war 1• In world war 1 a new form of warfare"trench warfare" had become popular dueto the new machine guns• Poison gas was introduced to flush outtrenches and eradicate soldiers
  5. 5. World war 2World war 2• World war 2 was one of the most deviatingwars and thus has a large amount orcrimes committed from each side
  6. 6. Axis : crimes during WW2Axis : crimes during WW2• Wars of aggression crimes on peace• Violating treaties• The invasion of Poland• The holocaust• Torturing and murdering POWs• Numerous massacres• The bombing of Pearl Harbor• Raping and pillaging
  7. 7. Allies : crimes during WW2Allies : crimes during WW2• While the axis commuted numerous crimes theallies had their fair share• Fire bombing civilian cities• Murdering POWs• Mutilating corpses• Sinking ships• Taking no prisoners• The atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima
  8. 8. The Vietnam warThe Vietnam war• Vietnam-Abducting citizens-Raping and murdering citizens-Killing prisoners• USA-Using agent orange on Vietnamese food supply-Fragging: Using grenades on their own officers-Collecting bounties for officers deaths
  9. 9. Civil warsCivil wars• Atrocious war crimes are not only part ofwar pitting countries against each otherthese malicious acts also take place incivil war• American civil war :Burning inhabitedcities looting raping• Afghanistan civil war :Public bombings,sealing prisoners in boxes causingsuffocation
  10. 10. Why commit war crimesWhy commit war crimes• Intimidation- to scare enemy troops• Maliciousness- some wars are personal• Revenge- fellow soldiers have beenvictims of crimes and some leaders wantpayback
  11. 11. Interview with a soldierInterview with a soldier• Q: have you ever been taken prisoner duringwar• A: fortunately not I may not have been here• Q: how did you treat prisoners• A: I didnt care for them• Q: Did u witness or participate in anything youfelt wasn’t right• A: war is war you shoot and kill and follow ordersif you dont do those 3 youll wind up dead• Q: what war did you fight in• A: the gulf war
  12. 12. Who enforces punishmentWho enforces punishment• The winner will usually put the losingnation on trial• This is why a lot of war crimes are notpunished
  13. 13. Nuremberg TrialsNuremberg Trials• “The greatest trial in history” in which theallies put the heinous acts of the axispowers on trial.• Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were notincluded because of their suicides at theend of the war.
  14. 14. Are war crimes necessary in theAre war crimes necessary in thewar effortwar effort• The saying goes “to the victor goes thespoils” along with the spoils the ability totry the losing side for war crimes.• Many believe war is a by any meanscircumstance and you must do what everit takes to allow your country to prevail.• Many nations just go around the law suchas the US using agent orange in Vietnamwhich wasn’t illegal.