Becky, Boy of the Painted Cave Timeline


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A timeline that describes the most important events in the book, "Boy of the Painted Cave"

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  • Becky, Boy of the Painted Cave Timeline

    1. 1. TAO’S TIMELINE! Rebecca 6E 10/6/2009
    2. 2. Chapter 1 : Event 1 Tao got kicked out of the clan by Volt because he lost a rabbit Tao meets a weak, starved wolf dog and attempts to feed it.
    3. 3. Chapter 3 : Event 1 Tao steals a owls egg with a help from a wolf dog and the wolf dog thinks Tao is his master and follows him everywhere Tao goes. Tao talks to Volt , the leader, and says “Why can’t we have wolf dogs like the mountain people.” Tao
    4. 4. Chapter 5 : Event 1 People see Ram, and Tao pretends he is chasing Ram, and Volt rescues Ram. Tao finds a good cave to live in with Ram. Ram
    5. 5. Chapter 7 : Event 1 Tao invites Graybeard to his cave, and talks. They find out they have lots of similarities. Tao shows Graybeard the drawing of the horse he drew, and Graybeard got really mad. He calls Tao a young fool, and he broke 2 taboos.
    6. 6. Chapter 9 : Event 1 Tao climbs up the cave and sketches some animals. Graybeard comes by again and teach him how to make the drawing good.
    7. 7. Chapter 11 : Event 1 Tao gets hurt and gets treatment by Kala. He sees a light and follows it, and it was Graybeard. Tao gives a dead boar to Volt, and Volt gives Tao a necklace of the boar’s tusks, for
    8. 8. Chapter 13 : Event 1 Ram tries to attack the deer, but they get caught by the hunters in the clan. Tao makes Ram cross over to the mountain people.
    9. 9. Chapter 15 : Event 1 Graybeard tells Tao to draw for him, and tells him to find the Secret Cavern and draw there. Tao gets lost in the Tao Secret Cavern.
    10. 10. Chapter 17 Tao fought Saxon and won the fight by using the shining stone. Tao finds out that his father is Volt.
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