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  • We all have digital characters of ourselves. These digital characters or profiles we put up can be described as books that we published in a book store. Book store referring to social media on the Internet. Just like a book store, social media has many different sections that we can choose to publish in. These sections allow us to access and share different contents and information. 
  • Most of us publish contents that peak our interest. My digital book is mostly focused on technology I use twitter to get quick updates and headlines And wordpress to blogs the things I’ve read or seen. This helps me remember information that is important to me.
  • What I have learned is that      Technology is a tough subject to keep up with There are many sub-categories     a. mobile     b. science     c. invention       d. innovation And Social media is very popular in the tech world
  • Why I like social media in the tech world It is a very objective subject, backed up with lots of facts and realistic data. Unlike politics, which can often be subjective. Many different types of social media I am connected with are Cnet Gizmodo many online forums
  • What I’ve learn from social media is that Our psychical identity is being replaced by our digital identity. It's easy to be someone else online, because there is a lack of physical communication. We forget that there is real person behind every keyboard.
  • It's easier being an emotionless robot ranting away. Overtime, this can cause us to become robots or become invisable. We give our rights away when we published anything about our self on the web.  
  • We also have to be judgmental of the information and data that we find. Because some of these information can be objective or even fake. Just like books, real person is publishing these contents, however the content may be unrealistic or fictional.  
  • Anyone can be some one else online at any given moment.  Information can be disguised, manipulated by anyone.   This is where I've learn to research beyond places like Wikipedia.
  • When publishing content, it no longer belongs to us. Our data belongs to corporations.   Our information or books can be copied over and over again by strangers or even sold by companies for profit. 
  • The turn around for these companies is to sometimes use and target advertisement that may interest us on a individual basis.  And the turn around for us as individuals is that we lose our self identity.  For the fact that these companies are telling us who we are by what we like or dislike based only knowing a few facts about us.   
  • The method they used to categorized us us is not aware that people, have different roles in life. A teacher can be a wife, a mother, and gardener all at the same time.  Killing our other characters slowly overtime.  
  • So why do we share these information? May feel the need to fit in. Defining who we are digitally.  Share knowlage and information with friends and family. 
  • Modern social media is a constant steam of information that tracks our every move. Whether we take a picture or post a status, we are tagged by who we are with, when and our gps location.
  • Social media, can be scary if used irresponsibility.   Because, through the process of sharing information and data, even with friends and family members, that information can be misused by others.
  • However, social can be an effective tool if used safely. We have to be more aware of our privacy online.  We have to remember who we are in real life, and not to forget who we are individuality.  
  • Social media will help me identify what is important to me as I publish my digital book in the social media book store. It will help be be critical of the information I find online. In the future it will motivate me to help others.     
  • digital Identity

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