Top 5 Tactics for Shopping Engine Success by SingleFeed

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The comparison shopping engines, especially Google Product Search, have become more and more important over the last year as consumers are looking for great deals from top rated merchants. In this …

The comparison shopping engines, especially Google Product Search, have become more and more important over the last year as consumers are looking for great deals from top rated merchants. In this tactical Webinar, you'll be introduced to the top 5 steps you can quickly take to improve your performance on Google Product Search, NexTag, Shopzilla, and the other leading shopping engines. Don't wait for the holiday shopping season to think about data feed optimization (DFO). Get a jump start on your competition today!

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  • 1. 5 Steps to Shopping Engine Success
    Presented by Brian Smith
  • 2. Who is SingleFeed?
    We’re Shopping Engine Experts
  • 3. SingleFeed Background
    • started May 2005
    • 4. SingleFeed launched February 2007
    • 5. VC backed – True Ventures, KPG Ventures
    • 6. Hundreds of merchants
    • 7. Focus on SMBs -- $200K - $20M/yr in online revenue
    • 8. LoveYourFeed Blog October 2006
    • 9. Lots of experience
    • 10. First account manager @ Become
    • 11. Years of internet marketing work – SEO, PPC, Affiliate Programs, etc.
    • 12. Google Product Search Partner
  • Our Services
    Starter - $99/mo, self service. 5 engines
    Gold - $240/mo, self service. 15 engines.
    Premium - $600/mo, phone support & DFO consulting. 15 engines
    Managed Services - $600/mo + % of sales
  • 13. 5 Steps to Shopping Engine Success
    • Get the basics done right
    • 14. Titles and Descriptions
    • 15. Proper Categorization
    • 16. Go beyond the basics
    • 17. Treat this as a war, not a game
  • Get the basics done right
    • Tax, Shipping, Feed Mapping, Make sure your products are approved.
    • 18. Test: Add tax information through the shopping engine’s tax interface for 6 merchants. Some merchants were already including shipping information.
    • 19. Result: Adding tax information increased clicks, click-through rate. % increase in click-through rate varied depending on how many other merchants on the search engine results page included tax & shipping information.
  • Which listings would you click on?
    Why are the listings without tax and shipping at the bottom?
  • 20. Feed Approval/Feed Mapping
    • Aim for 100% approval
    • 21. Login and check. Immediately after this call!
    • 22. What happens if your top products aren’t listed?
    • 23. Did you map the feed properly in the CSE interface?
    • 24. Pricegrabber, NexTag,, and Shopzilla
  • Titles and Descriptions
    • Test: Merchant wasn't anywhere on the 1st couple search results pages when for a specific type of product. We changed three or four product names, with variations on a theme, including keyword phrases in the title and description:
    • 25. [brand] [model] [feature] [keyword phrase]
    • 26. [brand] [keyword phrase] [model] [feature]
    • 27. [brand] [keyword phrase]
    • 28. Result: Went from average of 200 clicks/day  375 clicks/day. 87.5% increase in traffic from Google Product Search. More exposure/branding because of OneBox placement.
  • has 1 result in top 12, 2 in top 18
  • 29. Test Ralph Lauren Sweater in title and description
    Test different titles than what’s on website
    Work with SEO team to determine keywords to target
  • 30. Lauren Sweater vs ‘Lauren…’? What is the high converting keyword phrase
  • 31. Proper Categorization
    • Test: Add the Google Product Search product_type attribute to a data feed. Everything else about the feed exactly the same.
    • 32. Result: Went from average of 345 clicks/day to 555 clicks/day. Aprx. 60% increase in traffic from Google Product Search. Average daily revenue increased aprx. 23%.
  • 33.
  • 34.
  • 35.
  • 36. Go Beyond the Basics
    Add recommended and optional attributes
    Shopping engines work just like search engines, but as opposed to searching your site for content, they are searching your data feed for content. If you’re not giving the shopping engine information, they’re not going to return your products in the search results.
  • 37.
  • 38. Want to dominate GPS?
    Add as much real and relevant info as possible
    Where to start?
    Unique Identifiers – MPN, UPC
    Don’t make them up
    Options – what are consumers searching for?
    Size, Color
  • 39. This is a War, not a Game
    How much of a priority?
    How much revenue does this channel drive?
    What’s the ROI?
    Data Feed Optimization (DFO) is a real opportunity for most merchants. But you have to get out of the set it and forget it mentality. Do more than your competition.
  • 40. Question & Answer
  • 41. Contact Us
    Brian Smith –
    Ryan Douglas –
    Call us directly: 800-705-8852 x2
  • 42. Conclusion
    Visit our blogs to view the webinar recording
    Twitter: @singlefeed