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SingleFeed Supports SearchSpring
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SingleFeed Supports SearchSpring


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SingleFeed is branching out and now supports several new feed partners, including SearchSpring. In this informational webinar you will learn about the features of SearchSpring and how SingleFeed can …

SingleFeed is branching out and now supports several new feed partners, including SearchSpring. In this informational webinar you will learn about the features of SearchSpring and how SingleFeed can deliver a data feed to power on site search functionality.

- How to setup SingleFeed to work with SearchSpring
- Benefits of using a data feed provider to send feeds
- Features of SingleFeed & SearchSpring's technology
- Increase site performance by using an on site search solution

Published in: Business
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  • 1. SingleFeed Supports SearchSpringfor Site Search
    SingleFeed: Brian Smith & Ryan Douglas
    SearchSpring: Scott Zielinski & Dewey Halden
  • 2. Agenda
    • Brief introduction to SingleFeed
    • 3. Delivering your datafeed
    • 4. Brief introduction to SearchSpring
    • 5. Q&A with SingleFeed & SearchSpring
  • 6. Who is SingleFeed?
    We’re Shopping Engine Experts
  • 7. SingleFeed Background
    • started May 2005
    • 8. Blog October 2006
    • 9. SingleFeed launched February 2007
    • 10. VC backed – True Ventures, KPG Ventures
    • 11. Hundreds of merchants
    • 12. Focus on SMBs ($250K+ in yearly online revenue)
    • 13. launched June 2010
    • 14. Facebook App – see
    • 15. Lots of experience
    • 16. First account manager @ Become
    • 17. Years of internet marketing work – SEO, PPC, Affiliate Programs, etc.
    • 18. Analyst for the industry, frequent speaker at industry events
    • 19. Google Merchant Center Partner
  • 20. Hooking up SearchSpring with SingleFeed
    Getting your data to SearchSpring
  • 21. SingleFeed Account Center
    Activate SearchSpring
    Just provide your file name and grab the url
  • 22. SingleFeed Account Center
    Complete Instructions
  • 23. SearchSpring + Singlefeed
  • 24. Introductions
    SearchSpring is developed by B7 Interactive:
    - E-Commerce Experts (10+ Years)
    - US Based – Colorado Springs, CO
    - Agile and Innovative
    For B7 Interactive:
    Scott Zielinski
    VP, Business Development
    Dewey Halden
    Director of Sales
    Gareth in usual form – well caffeinated and cranking out code on his MacBook!
  • 25. What is “findability”?
    Findability measures how easy it is for shoppers to find the right items...
    Good findability gets shoppers to a specific item when they've made a decision to purchase...
    It also helps guide them to the best product when there are many options...
  • 26. What is findability?
    Okay, so what does good findability look like?
    Here are the two pillars of good findability:
    Relevant Search Results and Relevant Refinement Options
  • 27. What is findability?
    Relevant refinement options shouldn't be limited to search...
    It should be available across the entire store – including category pages.
  • 28. Benefits of Good Findability
    Why optimizing findability is so important for e-tailers...
  • 29. Why is findability important to e-tailers?
    First, let's talk about a few key web metrics identified by MarketingSherpa...
    • Visitors spend an average of 8 seconds before deciding whether to remain on a website
    • 30. 60% of merchants find site search optimization to be the second most effective way to boost sales*
    • 31. 43% of shoppers say the very first thing they do is search for the name of the product or category
    • 32. Forrester projects that 47% of online retailer revenue comes from repeat customers
    Engage Customers
    • Answer search queries intelligently
    • 33. Provide an interactive shopping experience to keep customers engaged
    Gain Insight
    • Tap into the voice of your customer
    • 34. Gauge demand and identify opportunities
    • 35. Better address purchasing, merchandising and customer service
    Attract New Customers
    • Leverage customer voices to enhance marketing
    • 36. Guide SEM, SEO and paid advertising campaigns
  • Why is findability important to e-tailers?
    The percentage of shoppers who use site search typically range from 10% to 25%,
    yet that segment can drive 50% or more of sales revenue!
    Findability via search and faceted navigation has a big impact on revenue!
  • 37. How does findability improve the bottom line?
    Here's one way: by increasing average
    order size (qty sold per order)
    Here's another: Purchase rate of new
    visitors (Remember the 8 second window?)
  • 38. How does findability improve the bottom line?
    Shoppers who search exhibit a higher propensity to buy...
    … typically well qualified and very ready to purchase (think “low hanging fruit!”)
    In order to capitalize on this segment, your search has to work... well!
    (The graph is straight out of Google Analytics for a e-tailer that routines sees double digit conversion among shoppers that search using SearchSpring – contributing about a 20% lift in overall conversion!)
  • 39. How does findability improve the bottom line?
    Here's a summary:
    • Increase average order value (revenue per order)
    • 40. Improve the purchase rate of first-time visitors
    • 41. Increase total quantity of items sold
    • 42. Increase number of unique items sold
    • 43. Cultivate customer loyalty and repeat business
    • 44. Increase productivity for in-house sales and marketing staff
    • 45. Lift conversion and boost sales
  • Measuring Findability.
  • 46. Analytics
  • 47. How are my popular keywords trending?
  • 48. What are my customers not finding?
  • 49. Findability Tools
    “Optimizing the navigation experience”
  • 50. What do shoppers see?
  • 51. Autocomplete & “Did you mean?”
    “Did you mean?”
  • 52. Side-by-Side Product Comparison
  • 53. Side-by-Side Product Comparison
  • 54. Faceted Navigation on Search Results
  • 55. Faceted Navigation on Category Pages
  • 56. NEW!
    AJAX Search & Category Navigation
    “Now that is slick”
  • 57. AJAX Search UI
  • 58. AJAX Search Implementation
    Incredibly easy integration...
    Wizard and template based!
    Just a couple css files and a couple JavaScript files
  • 59. Automated Signup & Setup Wizard
    “So easy to get started!”
  • 60. 1-2-3 Account Wizard
    Step by step wizard based setup....
  • 61. SingleFeed Integration
    Integrated feed support for SingleFeed users...
  • 62. The End.
    Call us anytime! (888) 643-9043
  • 63. Question & Answer
  • 64. Contact Us
    Ryan Douglas -
    Call us directly: 800-705-8852 x2
    Scott Zielinski -
    Dewey Halden -
    Call us directly: 888-643-9043
  • 65. Conclusion
    Visit our blogs to view the webinar recording