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Increase Your Sales with Amazon Product Ads & SingleFeed
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Increase Your Sales with Amazon Product Ads & SingleFeed


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Presented by SingleFeed CEO Brian Smith with guest Kristina Wallender, Marketing Manager at Amazon Product Ads. …

Presented by SingleFeed CEO Brian Smith with guest Kristina Wallender, Marketing Manager at Amazon Product Ads. is the top shopping destination on the web. Millions of shoppers use Amazon to find and purchase products every day. Learn how to use Amazon Product Ads to drive traffic from to your website. Amazon Product Ads brings highly qualified shoppers to your website with conversion rates higher than any comparison shopping engine*.

If you are already listed on Amazon Product Ads, join this webinar to learn optimization tips - just in time for the holiday shopping season! Holidays bring increased traffic to so there are more opportunities for customers to see your ads. In Q4 2009, saw Cyber Monday traffic jump by 44% YoY (Experian Hitwise). Amazon was the most visited retail website, getting 15.53 % of all Cyber Monday traffic to the top 500 retail sites.

Topics Brian Smith and Kristina Wallender will cover in the webinar include:

- What is Amazon Product Ads?
- How Product Ads fits into the current product advertising landscape.
- How to effectively list your products with Product Ads.
- How SingleFeed can help you optimize your Product Ads feed.
- How SingleFeed can help you monitor Product Ads performance.
- How to get started with Amazon Product Ads.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Introduction: Kristina Wallender, Marketing Manager for PADS PADS is a CPC advertising program which allows you to list your products so that Amazon customers can click through to your website to purchase directly from you. We are often compared with CSEs Difference is that Product Ads offers you more advertising placements. For a given product you are advertising, in addition to showing your ad on the detail page for that same product on, we may also show your ad in placements for similar and related items Example: You are advertising a Drill. Available placements in Product Ads include the detail page for same drill, as well as detail pages for similar drills, and complementary products like drill bits. You may also be familiar with our flagship seller program, SOA, also referred to as Amazon Marketplace By contrast, SOA is a CPA program where a retailer can sell products on As a Seller on Amazon, customers purchase your products on in their Amazon shopping cart. You pay an average of 15% of the product price as a referral fee If you already have a SOA account, you can use PADS to list your full selection, including items not eligible for SOA such as personalized and customizable products or products without a UPCs
  • Like a CSE, the key input for Product ads is a product feed with information about your skus When you upload your feed and set your daily budget, Amazon will create ads for your products using your image, title, and link to your product page Your ads will begin serving in targeted placements on with bids defaulting to the minimum for each category/price. Customers who click on an ad for your product leave Amazon and go to your website. You are charged a cost-per-click. Customer can purchase directly from you. You own the brand experience and customer relationship.
  • I mentioned that we serve your ads in targeted placements. I want to go into a bit more detail about what we mean by that. Product Ads has two primary placements. The first is on detail pages for products sold on Amazon. You will see a section called “Product Ads from External Websites”. This is below the product description and AZ recommendations Live example:
  • If your product is unique to the Amazon catalog, customers will see your product in search/browse – can click directly to your website or to a unique Amazon detail page for your product Search result will say “Available at external website: Live Example:
  • If your product is unique to the Amazon catalog, meaning that neither nor a 3P seller are currently offering the product on, we will create a detail page for your product Instead of the “Add to Cart” button typically seen in the Amazon Buy Box, customers will see a button labeled “Visit this site”. Live Example: click through to a product from search results
  • You are only charged only when an Amazon customer clicks on your ad and is taken to your website. The amount you pay is based on your cost per click bid. The minimum CPC bid for each product is based on the product category and product price. For instance, in the example shown for Baby, a Baby Bedding product sold for $75 would have a minimum bid of $0.40. You can choose to bid upward of the minimum CPC for a category and price. The benefit is when advertising a product where there are competing products being advertised. Amazon considers both the CTR and the bid for each eligible product when selecting which ads to serve. Thus, higher bids may result in more prominent placements on Amazon. However, you control the maximum price you are willing to pay per click.
  • PADS has received a lot of acclaim for its high conversion rates Because of the targeted nature of our placements, sellers and industry experts have labeled Amazon Product Ads a highest converting CPC product advertising channel. It makes sense – Amazon customers see your product ads when searching for the same or similar products on Before they click through to your website, they have already indicated that they are interested in making a purchase.
  • PADS is not currently open in every category on Amazon Open categories include Baby, CE, Home, and Sports Sellers in the Jewelry, Watches & Shoes categories can participate in PADS after receiving approval from Website requirements: secure checkout and URL for each product advertised Holidays are fast approaching. We would like to offer you the opportunity to try Product Ads and take advantage of Amazon’s holiday traffic with $75 in free clicks to your website. All you need to do is register for a new account and get your first click before 12/31.
  • For those of you who are new to PADS or are looking to optimize your existing PADS account, we have a few tips to help you get the most out of Product Ads Tip #1 is to provide high quality data in your product feed The Amazon Product Ads feed has 5 required fields: Category, Title, Link, SKU, and Price We Strongly Recommend that you also include data such as Brand, UPC, Image and Description These attributes help improve the discoverability of your products and increase conversion on your site because a) Amazon does a better job targeting your ads and b) Amazon customers know more about your product before they click to your site.
  • Tip #2: Optimize your product titles A descriptive product title is particularly important when a product does not have a UPC. It helps us determine whether to match the product to an existing page on or, if the product is new to our catalog, to create a new detail page for it. Descriptive and accurate titles also make it easier for customers to clearly identify the product you are advertising. A few tips to remember when you create product titles Under 500 characters (products with more will not be displayed on Between 4 and 8 words Do not include special characters or promotional text
  • Tip #3: Use the Product Ads performance by sku report Once your ads are live, you can review your performance by sku report to obtain data on Impressions, Clicks, and Spend for each product listed on  This report can be requested on a one-off basis, or you can schedule it to run automatically at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. This report can be used to determine which products are getting the most impressions and clicks to your site, as well as identify products that are not performing as well and might benefit from data feed optimization or higher category bids. One point to note is that Amazon Product Ads does not currently offer conversion tracking. One of the benefits of working with a feed partner like SingleFeed is that you can leverage their conversion tracking capabilities to monitor your ROAS for Amazon Product Ads.
  • Amazon posts alerts about your account to our Seller Central interface. In case you don’t login everyday… We also send you important notifications via email. Feed processing summary Notification when daily budget is exceeded ads no longer served Notification in the event of missing bids for a category/price band. No ads will be served for these products. Make sure that notifications are directed to the appropriate person in your company. Even better – create an alias of individuals to receive the notification to ensure coverage in the event that your primary point of contact is OOTO. Add singlefeed to premium customers alerts for PADS Feed processing errors – content or feed spec issues
  • Transcript

    • 1. Increase Your Sales with Amazon Product Ads & SingleFeed SingleFeed : Brian Smith & Ryan Douglas Amazon Product Ads : Kristina Wallender
    • 2. Agenda
      • SingleFeed Overview
      • The Shopping Engine Landscape
      • What is Amazon Product Ads?
      • Product Ads Optimization Tips
      • How SingleFeed Can Help
      • How to Get Started Today
      • Q&A with SingleFeed & Product Ads
    • 3. Who is SingleFeed? We’re Shopping Engine Experts
    • 4. SingleFeed Background
      • started May 2005
      • Blog October 2006
      • SingleFeed launched February 2007
        • VC backed – True Ventures, KPG Ventures
        • Hundreds of merchants
        • Focus on SMBs ($500K+ in yearly online revenue)
      • Lots of Real Experience
        • CSE Account Managers
        • Former Retailers
        • Industry Analysts
      • Google Merchant Center Partner
    • 5. SingleFeed Services
      • Affordable self-service data feed submission services
        • $100 - $600/mo.
        • For stores over $250K in total online revenue
      • Managed Services
        • $2000/mo minimum
        • For stores over $50K/mo in shopping engine revenue
        • SingleFeed acts as agency, handling bidding, SKU suppression, attribute optimization
    • 6. SingleFeed Features
        • Categorization – SingleFeed categorizes all products for all shopping engines using proprietary “mega-taxonomy”.
        • Pre-configured Shopping engine feeds .
        • Engine checking – guarantee to get you live.
        • ROI-Tracker that is built-in and easy-to-use.
        • Expert advice and support . Check out our support articles at:
    • 7. About Comparison Shopping Engines
      • Tons of traffic
        • Top engines have 10m+ uniques/month
      • Dominate organic and paid listings
        • Google OneBox, Yahoo! Shortcuts, etc.
        • CSEs are Better, Stronger, Faster than individual merchants
      • Results
        • Shopping Engines can account for 10-20% of revenue/traffic
    • 8. Amazon Product Ads Drive traffic to your website from
    • 9. What is Amazon Product Ads?
        • Amazon Product Ads is a CPC advertising program that drives traffic to your website from Customers click through to your website and purchase directly from you. You pay only when a customer clicks on your ads.
        • Selling on Amazon is a CPA program in which your products are sold on Customers purchase your product in their shopping cart and Amazon provides you with the order information for fulfillment. You pay an average 15% of the product price as a referral fee.
      • Merchants can combine Amazon Product Ads with Selling on Amazon to list 100% of their product selection with!
    • 10. Product Ads Drives Customers to your Website
      • Amazon Product Ads puts your products in front of millions of customers. Your ads are displayed in highly targeted placements on so customers can click through to your website and purchase directly from you.
    • 11. Contextually relevant placements on Amazon
      On related product detail pages: Customers may see your ads when looking for similar products on
    • 12. Contextually relevant placements on Amazon
      In search and browse results: Customers may see your ads when looking for similar products on
    • 13. Unique products get their own detail page
      • If your product is unique to, we will create a new detail page
      • Customers see “Visit this site” in the Buy Box
      • Customers click-through to the product detail page on your website
    • 14. What does it cost?
      • No monthly fees, no minimum spend
      • You set your daily budget
      • Minimum CPC bids take in to account both product category and price
      Product Category Minimum Cost-per-Click Range Baby $0.10 - $0.60 Computers $0.20 - $0.70 Electronics $0.10 - $1.35 Health and Beauty $0.10 - $0.60 Home $0.10 - $0.80 Home Improvement $0.15 - $1.00 Jewelry $0.20 - $1.00 Office $0.20 - $0.80 Shoes $0.15 - $0.60 Sports $0.15 - $0.70 Toys $0.10 - $0.20 Watches $0.25 - $0.75 Baby Product Price between Minimum Cost per Click Baby Apparel $0.01 and $25.00 $0.20   $25.01 and $100.00 $0.40   $100.01 and up $0.60 Baby Bedding $0.01 and $25.00 $0.20   $25.01 and $100.00 $0.40   $100.01 and up $0.60 General Baby Products $0.01 and $25.00 $0.10   $25.01 and $50.00 $0.25   $50.01 and up $0.50
    • 15. What about conversion rates?
      • “ If you’re looking to expand your comparison shopping program and only have $1 to spend, I’d spend it on Product Ads.”
      • — Nicole Coyne, Online Marketing Manager,
      • SingleFeed ranks Product Ads the highest converting CSE (July, 2010)
    • 16. Is Product Ads right for you?
      • Open Categories : Baby, Computers, Electronics, Health and Beauty, Home, Home Improvement, Office, Sports, and Toys. Pre-approval is required in the Jewelry, Shoes, and Watches categories
        • Website requirements : To participate, your website will need a secure checkout and URL pointing to a detail page per product
      • Get started today with $75 worth of free clicks to your website !
      • Take advantage of Amazon’s holiday traffic by getting started with Amazon Product Ads. Register your account and get your first click before 12/31/10 and receive the next $75 worth of clicks for free.
    • 17. How Can SingleFeed Help?
      • Amazon Tip #1 : Provide high quality product data to help us categorize your products
      • Product Ads Feed has 5 required fields
      • 7 Strongly Recommended
      • 56 Recommended
      • SingleFeed has 28 fields pre-mapped
      • SingleFeed’s Amazon feed uses built-in engine mapping technology
      • Check feed delivery, ensuring products are successfully processed
      • Feed is up to date with Amazon’s requirements
      • Feeds delivered daily
    • 18. How Can SingleFeed Help?
      • Amazon Tip #2 : Maximize Traffic by Optimizing Product Titles
      • Limit titles to 500 characters
      • Include brand, model, manufacturer, model number, and product name
      • Do not include HTML tags, hard returns, quotations or special characters (e.g. $, &, and +)
      • Do not use promotional text such as "sale," or "free shipping”
      • SingleFeed has hundreds of formatting rules already in place to accomplish this for you.
      • Example : Acme 1000 Roadrunner Trap XL, Chrome
    • 19. How Can SingleFeed Help?
      • Amazon Tip #3 : Use the Performance by SKU Report
      • Seller Central > Reports > Performance by SKU
      • Use SingleFeed Reports to track SKU-level conversion.
      • One-click SKU-suppression for poor performing products.
      • Compare click and conversion trends for multiple products, side-by-side.
      • See “spark-line” trends for top products.
      • Export functionality to further slice and dice your data.
      • Track Conversions & Revenue!
    • 20. How Can SingleFeed Help?
      • Amazon Tip #4 : Manage Your Notifications
      • Seller Central > Settings > Account Info
      • Feed processing summary
      • Daily budget exceeded
      • Missing bids reminder
      • SingleFeed Full Service clients can have their Account Manager monitor this for you.
      • SingleFeed can correct any errors specific to the data feed itself
    • 21. Amazon Product Ads Tips
      • If you’re not already using Amazon Product Ads, get started today and receive $75 in free clicks!
      • Once you’re up and running on Product Ads…
      • Submit as many fields as possible
      • Optimize your product titles
      • Monitor SKU level performance
      • Manage your notifications
    • 22. Question & Answer
    • 23. Contact Us
      • SingleFeed
      • Brian Smith - [email_address]
      • Ryan Douglas - [email_address]
      • Call us directly: 800-705-8852 x2
      • Amazon Product Ads
    • 24. Conclusion
      • Visit our blogs to view the webinar recording
      • Twitter: @singlefeed