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Pump Up the Volume! Product Analysis
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Pump Up the Volume! Product Analysis


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1.
  • 2. “ Obsessed with sound, Relax with great music.”
  • 3.
    • DCM278/37 Philips Micro Hi-Fi System.
    • I currently own one.
    • I use it to play music for leisure in my room.
    • The form and function of this product is very well-balanced, although it is not the newest model in the series.
    • The edges are curved and very elegant
    • Besides CDs, users can also connect to the speaker with their iPods, mp3 music players or even USB.
    • The sound of the speaker is very clear and heavy on bass to make the music sound vibrant and more entertaining and interesting.
    • This design is very honest and is very user-friendly, given that I have used it before.
  • 4. “ bigger, better, louder, cooler”
  • 5.
    • 500XL™ is a speaker design that shares similar aesthetics quality as an Apple brand earphone. The only appearance-wise difference is its scale compared to the original model.
    • The large space that this product takes up allows it to become a very functional speaker.
    • There is a great balance of form and function in this product. The surface texture is very polished and well-crafted, making this product very desirable and aesthetically pleasing for a wide range of audience.
    • Also the fact that it took another idea and changed it makes the product idea very interesting for consumers and more desirable.
    • This product is unobtrusive and honest, as user can clearly see what the designer intends to design for people.
  • 6.
  • 7.
    • The GLA-55 system uses digital signal processing (DSP) to optimize sound quality.
    • The designers valued more on the form of the product than the functionality of it. The design is based on the concept of a diamond skull, and is transparent. The speaker can also provide satisfying sound quality despite its unique design style.
    • This design is very simple and can appeal to a wide range of audience.
    • The lean back structure/form of this design is also very aesthetically pleasing. The slant also make the sound diffuse better when playing, as sound travels upward.
    • This design is a good design as it is very unobtrusive.
  • 8.
  • 9.
    • This design uses a traditional symmetrical design with dual drive speaker set.
    • The design is very layered with four membranes on each side.
    • This product values more on form than on functionality.
    • (I think that) this design is slightly overdone and various parts of the product seems to be a bit unnecessary, like the middle section.
    • Overall I think this is an aesthetic and useful product design.
  • 10.
  • 11.
    • The Zeppelin Air incorporates a well balanced form and functionality.
    • The design is very symmetrical and the use of curves is really aesthetic.
    • The stand which elevates the iPod/iPhone is also very understandable, as users can predict what they can do with it straight away when they see it.
    • The curved surface make the sound quality of this product even better because the sound can travel in more directions, enhancing the quality and satisfaction of the sound.
    • This product is very innovative, aesthetic and understandable.
  • 12.
  • 13.
    • This is a speaker design that has a very rich cultural element in it. It is styled based on a Japanese setting.
    • The compartment on the top of this speaker design allows users to put plants in.
    • This design is very environmentally friendly and also promote awareness on our environment.
    • The fact that any plant can be on the top of this speaker design also make the users able to interact with the product.
    • Overall, this product is very rich in culture, is eco-friendly and also very innovative and unique.
  • 14.
  • 15.
    • This product heavily enforces its form and appearance rather than its functionality.
    • The product uses a refreshing cool blue light to make the product very attractive.
    • Given its portable and compact size, users are able to conveniently carry it around when traveling.
    • The sound quality is okay given its small size.
    • This product is very useful and understandable.
    • Product is a creation by the company, Brando.
  • 16.