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Evaluation for A2 Media portfoilo


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2017ryan Cheale

  1. 1. 2017ryan_cheale A2 Evaluation
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? What have you learned from audience feedback? How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Overall Performance.
  3. 3. Video i) Elements ii) Comparative CD Website
  4. 4. Video 1. Demonstrates genre characteristics 2. Relationship between music & visual and lyrics & visual 3. Record Label Demands 4. Voyeuristic treatment of the female body Back To The Question
  5. 5. Demonstrates genre characteristics The rock genre generally consists of these characteristics: Lead Singer Shots Early Character Discovery Back To The Question
  6. 6. Relationship between music & visual and lyrics & visual These are the link my video create between music & visual and lyrics & visual Fast paced music coincides with fast cuts Lip syncing Visual link with lyrics Back To The Question
  7. 7. Record Label Demands The record label demands consist of the vast majority of shots to be of the lead singer for marketing reasons, here my video demonstrates meeting the demand. Back To The Question
  8. 8. Voyeuristic treatment of the female body For the song I chose, this wasn’t feasible to implement as the song is quite depressing thus voyeuristic treatment of the female body would not be appropriate within the video. Back To The Question
  9. 9. Here are the graphs for three Shot Breakdown different bands videos and My one, in comparison mine comes quite close to the frequency of shots Papa Roach, roses on my grave (my version) Rise against, prayer of the refugee The all American rejects, dirty little secret Rev Theory, Hell yeah Back To The Question
  10. 10. CD From these examples we can see that the common covers consist of shots from a live playing or rebellion. Back To The Question
  11. 11. Original piece Initially I decided to conform to the conventions of real world media products. After finding out images needed to be original, I rethought my design ideas and what I wanted to achieve. Back To The Question
  12. 12. Challenging This is the idea I came up with, one which challenges the normal conventions of the Covers. Challenging it allowed me to conform to the ideas of what make a CD ‘good’. Back To The Question
  13. 13. What makes a CD ‘Good’ From research I came up with two elements which are key to making a CD cover ‘good’ 1. Recognisability 2.Reflection Back To The Question
  14. 14. Recognisability Recognisability, by this we mean if it’s likely to be remembered by the consumer or is it just going to be forgotten. In my covers instance I think it is unique and quite memorable and stands out from others, from feedback it was extremely popular with ratings on average 9/10 and which something would catch their eyes this makes the CD cover recognisability which in turn can help sell. Back To The Question
  15. 15. Reflection Reflection, this is where the cover tells the story with just images, it allows the consumer to know the genre and the type of music to expect. I think in mine the rose is a reflection of the grave and the effect portrayed gives a good idea of what the song is about, along with recognisability I think this is what has made it a very strong cover and an effective one at that. Back To The Question
  16. 16. Website Elements The key elements which make up a website or that make it ‘good’, are: Credible Valuable information Accessibility and usability Design Purpose Domain (N/A) Back To The Question
  17. 17. Credible valuable Information Using information taken directly from the source, (http://www.pap aroach.com) enabled me to get credible valuable information as it was information which was true. Back To The Question
  18. 18. Accessibility and usability In terms of accessibility and usability the website hits these well, information is in it’s own ‘housing’ making information easy to see. The navigation bar shows the current location thus allowing the consumer know directly where they are. Back To The Question
  19. 19. Design The design, I think that the site has a very clear and stylish design it’s clean and professional looking and in my opinion that makes a good design Back To The Question
  20. 20. Purpose Purpose, the purpose of the site is to provide information to the masses regarding the updates and information on papa roach, with the credible, valuable information I have on my site I feel it meets this purpose and is accepted as a band website. Back To The Question
  21. 21. How effective is the combination of the main product and the ancillary tasks? Video  CD CD  Website Website  Video Video  CD  Website
  22. 22. Link between Video and CD I think that this creates the best link between my media products, the CD cover clearly and adequately tells the story of the music video I think they go together extremely well. Back To The Question
  23. 23. Link Between CD and Website The link here is quite visible, they are both clean, clear and professional looking Documents which makes them have an effective link. The same font use and the same band logo creates a strong link between them. Back To The Question
  24. 24. Link Between Website and Video This in my opinion is the worst link, there isn’t much to link the site to the video par the video being on the site under the video tab, thus making it the worse link. Back To The Question
  25. 25. Link Between Video, CD and Website The three media products do link quite well, the most prominent link is the CD sleeve as this has strong links with both the website and the video. As it is something which would be sold in a shop this makes it an effective way to attract the consumer to the different media products. Back To The Question
  26. 26. What have you learned from audience feedback? CD Video
  27. 27. Questions for CD These are the questions I used for people to give me feedback on my media product. Back To The Question
  28. 28. Comparison to the target audience •For the first three questions it allowed me to compare the results with my potential target audience, I know that people ages between 16 – 24, typically male and into the rock genre would be my prime audience. •Sadly there was just one male in the 16-24 category at hand who’s preferred genre was in pop and r’n'b but despite this he still awarded my CD cover a 10/10. •Like the music video the people I had at hand were all out of the target audience (par a few in the age part) so that I couldn’t get perspective of my sleeve from my target audience, but •Despite this the general view from the range of the audience was extremely positive which in fact averaged at a 9/10 this leads me to believe the sleeve is effective in attracting a wider range of audiences then previously presumed. Back To The Question
  29. 29. General Consensus •All of the feedback for the video made people feel sad, which as this video is representing a death I feel this is the correct emotion I wanted people to feel. •From the music video feedback I also identified that there was a confusion in the narrative of the story, many were believed that there was a love triangle due to the late decision to change the story which in effect had a noticeable effect on the story as it was previously meant to show the grievance of the main character. •The majority of people enjoyed the video and enjoyed the array of shots, despite me not getting the full array I wanted I feel I have achieved my goal of shot variety. Back To The Question
  30. 30. Improvements •There wasn’t much feedback in the way of people disliking the video, par two incidents. • one which was the violin being out of sync which, I think, was ever so noticeable as the different speeds the instruments kept playing through the piece, again if I had time this is something I would tweak and try and get the violin matched. • The other bit was about the lighting, I think this in relevance to shots which were situated outside which I had to edit to make it darker. Back To The Question
  31. 31. Summary All in all I feel I gained a lot of positive feedback with some corrections which I would of liked to of corrected to gain the approval of everyone I got feedback from. I think for future use I will leave more time so I can go back and re-edit the piece to produce a better music video. Back To The Question
  32. 32. Questions for Video These are the questions I used for people to give me feedback on my media product. Back To The Question
  33. 33. Comparison to target audience •For the first three questions it allowed me to compare the results with my potential target audience I know that people ages between 16 – 24, typically male and into the rock genre would be my prime audience. •Sadly, there was only one male between 16-24 but he was into the pop and r ‘n b genre style of music . This didn’t pose a problem as he still ranked it 9/10. •Surprisingly females in the same age category who were also into pop, r ‘n’ b and indie also found the video to be very good, emotive and well pieced together. •I also had two older people view the video one male and one female who, again quite surprisingly, enjoyed the video and wanted to watch it again, which shouldn’t of happened as they out of the range for my potential target audience. Back To The Question
  34. 34. General Consensus •The general consensus for the initial thoughts of the sleeve were all positive. •From being emotive to a clean design. •People like it straight away due to the striking image I used which seemed to paid off and gained positive views of it. •Sadly all these positive views I cannot comment on the bad points. Back To The Question
  35. 35. Summary •Everyone’s favourite part was the main image, the rose, again I think this was due to the link with title of the song. I too like the rose, especially since I took the picture and edited it. •There was one or two suggestions for the cover, which was to have the band shot on the back of the CD , I think blank space kept it clear and sharp rather then being overloaded with images. •Overall, surprisingly for feedback on the product there was little to no critique of the CD cover with all feedback being of a positive nature. Back To The Question
  36. 36. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Media Technologies Research and planning Construction Evaluation
  37. 37. Media technologies •Photoshop CS4 •Digital Recording Camera •Flash CS4 •Green Screen •Final Cut Pro •DVD •DSLR Camera Back To The Question
  38. 38. Research and planning •During the research and planning stage I made use of the internet and a variety of sites, this can’t really be deemed as new media technologies as it’s been around for nearly 40 years but it still the best source of information available to the masses. •I also made use of DSLR cameras for the researching of locations and props, this was so I had a visual idea at all times for choosing the location and props. •For planning some of the artistic pieces I made use of Photoshop for designs and Final Cut Pro for video planning •The majority of pre planning was done by pen and paper, this was the easiest method of producing my ideas for view. Back To The Question
  39. 39. Construction During the construction stages of the media products I made heavy use of; •Photoshop CS4, this was primarily for the CD Sleeve and the website layout design, as I had used Photoshop in the past for a variety of projects i decided this would be the best method for constructing my media pieces. •Flash CS4 for the construction of my website, after the use of Photoshop CS4 to produce the layout I took advantage of my knowledge in action script to provide advanced animation effects. •Final Cut Pro for editing the music video, a non linear editing process, this is one of the best programmes to use as it is easy to navigate despite the power of the programme. Back To The Question
  40. 40. Evaluation •In the evaluation stage, I first did a written essay as I felt this was the best way to describe everything i had done. I was then informed I needed to make use of technology to provide a way of showing my evaluation. •I decided on doing a slideshow as I felt I would be able to produce an advance slideshow whilst making the presentation professional and clear. •The main idea of the slideshow is to display key points. •Making use of transition effects through slides, animation for specific objects, master slide to set a custom theme throughout the project. •Using a mix of video and pictures allows an easily understandable format for the evaluation. Back To The Question
  41. 41. Overall Performance Research and Planning Construction Evaluation
  42. 42. Research and planning •I feel that this was the strongest area for me, i started off strong and kept within the deadlines. •Doing in depth research gave me a lot to work off to produce a music video in the record label style. •Planning early and planning along with the research allowed everything to be concise and keep within specific characteristics. •Having the strong research allowed me to refer to it when planning rather then searching around. •Overall the research and planning went extremely well and I'm pleased with the productivity increase and the noticeable detail increase compared to my AS portfolio. Back To The Question
  43. 43. Construction •The construction stage for me was the worst; •The video construction took longer then expected and as I had to edit the entire video myself it took much longer due to me not being able to have access to the MAC all the time. •Despite this, I feel I produced an effective piece which displayed the characteristics I felt I wanted it to produce. •It also met with the record label demands which because I previously researched that I knew what they were. •For construction of the ancillary tasks I feel I performed well, i had drafts done on time, and all was complete on time. I did run into a problem initially for my CD cover which lead me to create a better piece which i am proud of. •The website was fun to make making use of both Photoshop and Flash and even FCP for my music video, this collaboration of software made for an effective media piece. Back To The Question
  44. 44. Evaluation •I initially started did my evaluation as a written essay, but due to being told this wouldn’t allow me to access the higher marks as i hadn’t made use of technology I decided to produce this slideshow which makes use of video, images and animation to which, I think, creates a professional looking and understandable evaluation •Making use of the bullet points made sure I used key information and to back the information up I made use of either images or video of my work which made the information credible and valuable. •Having the essay as well made this easier to produce as I had the evaluation all ready and it was just a matter of picking the key elements out to display to give the general idea of what I wanted to portray. Back To The Question