An Inbound Resume


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Love it? Share it! This is my spin on an inbound inspired resume. I hate those boring resumes, and I have this feerling that hiring manager do, too. I wanted to tailor my resume to the people who are reading it.

The result? An eBook structured, content marketing portfolio showing my ability and personality.

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An Inbound Resume

  1. 1. Ryan Axford 978.302.9802 an inbound styled resume 32 Holten St. 2R Danvers MA 01923 @ryan_axford
  2. 2. What you need to know (Twitter style) Experienced in inbound, targeted marketing and outbound email campaign building. Focused on #contentcreation and #leadgen
  3. 3. What others are saying (Linkedin style) “I have known Ryan for approximately 4 years and found him to be highly motivated, intelligent and very creative as well as very personable. He has great people skills that come from his ability to make genuine connections. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him highly.” February 16, 2011 Ella Carlson, Instructor, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, advised Ryan at University of Massachusetts “Ryan was always bringing a positive attitude to the work environment and providing creative new solutions to the fast paced atmosphere at Transportation Services. Ryan was always responsible and involved at his job. It was a pleasure to work with him and would love an opportunity to do so in the future.” October 20, 2011 Alex Chaves, Team Leader, Supervisor, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, worked directly with Ryan at University of Massachusetts Lowell Transportation Services “Ryan actually worked at Merrimack Repertory Theatre twice. While he was a student at UMass Lowell he interned at MRT, and I found him to be mature, outgoing, and creative. In the fall of 2011 the theatre needed to start an in-house telemarketing effort following the failure of an outsourced campaign. Ryan was the first person I thought of for the job, and we were very lucky to be able to bring him back. Despite never having managed such a campaign before, Ryan was about to develop call scripts, hire and manage a small team of callers, and deliver a campaign that produced a positive net for MRT. Ryan works hard, has a great attitude, and is unafraid of new challenges. I highly recommend you consider hiring Ryan if he is interested in joining your organization.” September 11, 2012 Dan Berube, Director of Marketing, Merrimack Repertory Theatre managed Ryan at Merrimack Repertory Theatre
  4. 4. Social Endorsements >> view the rest
  5. 5. I am a certified marketing professional dedicated to digital content creation and optimization using inbound marketing tactics. I have experience managing content and web development, graphic design, and email campaign design and construction. In my current position as Inbound Marketing Specialist at SmartBear Software, I work on a team building CTAs and eBooks, along with complete campaigns for email, webinars and promotions. Most recently, I have taken over the management of our social presence to give a complete overhaul on how we interact with customers on a personal level. Additionally, I track metrics on A/B tests such as click-through rates, conversions, ect. I utilize programs including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and am comfortable reading HTML and CSS. In my free time I blog on inbound practices.
  6. 6. Work Experience Inbound Marketing Specialist: SmartBear Software Lead Generation Team Beverly, MA | December 2012 - Present Successes include: • Worked to achieve 136% of our base plan goal in our toughest quarter to date • Assisting the organization to drive leads from our inbound sources, including our blog and website which drive over 1,000,000 visits each month • Executed the production of over 30 eBooks and emails in the last three quarters • Increasing our reach and customer interactions through our social channels Marketing Coordinator: The Real School of Music Burlington, MA | January 2011 - December 2012 Successes include: • Driving lead generation up 22.2% during our slowest months • Increasing traffic generation from 16,500 to 30,000 • Increasing organic search to lead by 30% during our slowest months • Designed and implemented an email campaign which led to the company’s highest sales and visits in the summer months • Engineering two full years of digital video content to be released every week in just a month, which after just the first video began converting leads
  7. 7. The academics (and other super skills) Bachelor of Arts in English Writing Minor in Business and Marketing University of Massachusetts, Lowell; 2011 Cum Laude TECHNICAL: Copy writing • Proven ability to improve visit-to-lead conversion • Marketo • Salesforce • HubSpot • Adobe Suite • Final Cut Pro X • Google Analytics DIGITAL: Email campaign production • eBook development • Online content optimization • Blog creation • Keyword analysis and selection • SEO management NON-TECHNICAL: Strong leadership • Multitasker • Self-starter • Efficient • Totally easy to get along with
  8. 8. Some things I’m good at. In Marketo I am experienced in creating new campaigns and designing the emails and landing pages for them. In the last three quarters I have built emails for our outbound content and promotion campaigns. Download a sample. Marketo Experienced In the summer of 2012 I attended the #Inbound12 Conference in Boston. I passed the certification exams and am now full funnel certified. I take that knowledge and focusing it directly on eBook creation. I am fluent in the ways of InDesign, which I use to compile the eBooks I write. I love to utilize master pages to distinguish the branding of the company, and generate CTAs with InDesign’s links system. It’s a great way to drive prospects to a website. Most of my current days are spent in Illustrator. Much of what you see in this eBook was created in Illustrator, then brought into InDesign. HubSpot Certified InDesign Advanced Illustrator Advanced My interest in the Adobe applications began with Photoshop. While my early creations with Photoshop were pushing the limits of what filters could do, my more recent work is focused around capturing the beauty that already exists in our world. Photoshop Advanced
  9. 9. How I use these tools At SmartBear Software I use four different tools to run a variety of analytics: Marketo, Google Analytics, HubSpot and Wordpress. In Marketo • • • • • Email open rate Open-to-click Click-to-conversion Landing pages conversion A/B tests in email and landing pages In Google Analytics • Traffic visits • PPC advertisement analytics and A/B test results In HubSpot and Wordpress • • • • • Visit-to-lead conversions on the blog Organic search to lead conversions The amount of traffic the blog is driving Which kinds of articles are yielding the highest number of conversions Which kinds of secondary offers on the blog are driving the most conversions
  10. 10. Download a Whitepaper Copy of my Resume Download Resume Now 978.302.9802 @