01 Good Passwords

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  • 1. Passwords ARE Important… …and why should you make good ones? Spiritwood High School
  • 2. What Makes a Good Password?
    • The best password is one that is
    • “ Easy to remember but hard to guess”
    Spiritwood High School
  • 3. How to Make a Good Password Spiritwood High School
  • 4. How to Make a Good Password
    • DON’T use any information that is easy to find about you. This includes:
      • Your name (first or last)
      • The name of any of your family members (including pets)
      • Your address or phone number
    Spiritwood High School
  • 5. How to Make a Good Password
    • DO use a password with a mixture of upper-case and lower-case letters. These are tougher for people ‘looking over your shoulder’ to guess
      • These are good examples:
        • ScHoOl, iNTerNeT, teAcHer, sPIritWoOd
      • These are poor examples :
        • school, INTERNET, teacher, spiritwood
    Spiritwood High School
  • 6. How to Make a Good Password
    • DON’T EVER use a blank password
      • That’s just silly. It’s like leaving your brand new iPod-Touch sitting in your locker with no door on it.
    Spiritwood High School
  • 7. How to Make a Good Password
    • DO use a mixture of different types of characters.
      • A character is a letter, number, or special symbol (like #,$,%,&,*,!,etc)
      • These are good examples :
        • jell0, m1ce, 2cool4u, happy#789, shs#123
    Spiritwood High School
  • 8. How to Make a Good Password
    • DON’T use a password that is too short
      • A password less than 5 characters should be avoided because it may easily be seen by others as you’re typing it in the computer
  • 9. How to Make a Good Password
    • DON’T make a password that’s all numbers or letters
      • These are easy to find out if somebody is looking over your shoulder
      • Some hackers may make programs that will try all the words in a dictionary until it finds your password
  • 10. How to Make a Good Password
    • DO make a password that you can type quickly. This makes it tougher for somebody ‘looking over your shoulder’ to guess it
      • Remember to make it longer than 5 characters
    Spiritwood High School
  • 11. Good Tips Spiritwood High School
  • 12. Good Tips
    • After you’ve made your new password, DO use it as soon as possible
      • That way, you’ll remember it easier the next time
        • To remember it even better, log out and log on within 30 minutes
    Spiritwood High School
  • 13. Good Tips
    • DON’T share your password with anybody.
      • Somebody you don’t want may get the information and get you in trouble
    • If you lose your password, DO talk with Mr. Hackl . He can make you a new one
      • Don’t share your password with friends, thinking that’s the best way to remember it
    Spiritwood High School
  • 14. Good Tips
    • It’s best NOT to make a new password just before a vacation
      • When our minds are on other things (like vacations), we’ll probably forget the password anyways
        • If you do forget it, talk with Mr. Hackl; he can get you a new one
    Spiritwood High School