Dreamforce - "You got your social in my CRM"


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Dreamforce presentation showing our implementation of social with CRM to improve Customer Care business processes.

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  • - Royal Canin is a global manufacturer of specialty Health Nutrition products for cats & dogs.
    - Knowledge & respect: encompasses our truly cats & dogs first philosophy – to provide the most precise nutritional answer to the specific needs of each cat & dog through scientific knowledge & professional networks.
    - Nutritional philosophy: supported through research, nutrient profiles, kibble science, digestibility & palatability.
    - Health benefits: support for physiological issues, healthy body functions, predispositions & age requirements.
    - Quality & food safety: hold certification in ISO 9001 Quality & Management System & ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.
    - Sustainable development: through people as activate players, thinking globally acting locally & innovation.
  • - 1967: founded in the south of France by Dr. Jean Cathary, a veterinary surgeon.
    - 1999: comes to Canada.
    - 2002: joins Mars Group.
    - 2008: Canadian manufacturing facility opens in Guelph, Ontario – about 45 minutes outside of Toronto.
  • - We distribute through 3 distinct channels, each with dedicated product lines, sales & marketing teams.
    - Canadian pet food market is a $1.5B industry.
    - Market share breakdown by channel: 60% grocery/mass, 25% pet specialty & 15% veterinary. There is still room for specialty categories to grow.
    - Ownership dynamics: Canada has 35MM households, with 8.7MM owning a cat & 6MM owning a dog.
  • - Social Customer Care: value through reduced customer response time, increased service levels & efficiency of business processes.
    - Marketing Campaign Management: value through ensured engagement with each campaign mention, capability to better serve customers with additional/customized content & greater reach via social conversation.
    - To manage workflow, we have created rules in the social hub to help triage the posts into the right Salesforce case queue.
  • - Initial post happens on our Facebook managed account.
  • - Radian6 listens to all Royal Canin Canada Facebook activity using a Topic Profile set up exclusively for customer enquiries on our Facebook page.
  • - Social case lands is into a Salesforce case queue created for Customer Care & based on a set of simple workflow rules.
  • - Customer Care opens the case & triages, assigns or collaborates on a resolution using Chatter.
  • - Reply to last post is used to provide resolution to Facebook post directly from Salesforce.
    - The case is the run through normal process by Customer Care to continue engagement or close & catalogue.
  • - Finally, the resolution response lands in Facebook, resulting in great support for our loyal customer!
  • - Social for us was initially jumped into without a clear vision, which quickly turned into a place to support customer enquiries.
    - Through this effort we have seen results far exceeding our initial expectation of light brand conversation.
    - We’ve provided another touchpoint to service customers & a platform for customers to share testimonials on life-changing product experiences.
    - More recently we have embarked on using Facebook & Twitter as a means of distributing marketing communications & extending brand reach through individualized conversations.
  • - Start small: activating numerous use cases at the same time can become complex. Start with 1 & make sure you nail it before rolling out to other units.
    - Start small: ensure your use case is compliant with social platform policies on posting content, frequency & direct messaging.
    - Expanding: creating unique use cases for marketing teams to drive performance.
    - Data quality: creating fields for case users to collect greater information on the contact & their pet.
  • Dreamforce - "You got your social in my CRM"

    1. 1. Nigel Blackwell IT Manager @nigelblackwell mobro.co/nigelblackwell Ryan Smith Digital Marketing Manager @ryahmic mobro.co/ryahmic
    2. 2. Royal Canin at a glance Sustainable development Sustainable development • • • Knowledge & respect Knowledge & respect • • People Planet Performance Quality & food safety Quality & food safety • • • Innovation based on observation & science Tailor-made Health Nutrition Nutritional philosophy Nutritional philosophy • ISO 9001 & ISO 22000 Supplier audits & validation Raw material validation Precision & delivery of nutrients Health benefits Health benefits • Precisely adapted nutritional solutions
    3. 3. A brief history of Royal Canin Canada
    4. 4. Our Canadian business 2,700 clinics 56 dedicated associates 2,300 specialty stores 45% KA’s, 55% independents 48 dedicated associates 2,500 breeders 80,000 puppy/kitten kits 25,000 pet owner contacts 11 dedicated associates
    5. 5. How we integrate social with Salesforce Since spring 2013, we have been utilizing Radian6 to Salesforce integration for 2 use cases:  Social Customer Care • Listen to our brand Facebook page – Royal Canin Canada • Create cases for customer enquiries • Engage & resolve cases  Marketing Campaign Management • Listen to all social media channels for campaign mentions • Create cases for on topic conversations • Engage & drive reach of campaign messaging
    6. 6. How it happens (social post)
    7. 7. How it happens (Radian6 listening)
    8. 8. How it happens (Salesforce case creation)
    9. 9. How it happens (internal collaboration)
    10. 10. How it happens (reply to last post)
    11. 11. How it happens (Facebook response)
    12. 12. How it happens (Salesforce measurement)
    13. 13. The power of social
    14. 14. What’s next We’re just getting going, but have gained some solid learnings from our pilot projects:  What we can recommend: • Start small to ensure success & service • Have a bold vision of creating your social enterprise  What we’re working on: • Expanding roll-out to more business units • Increasing data quality & meaningfulness of social contacts • Service ratings by case
    15. 15. All about Royal Canin Canada Royal Canin is a global manufacturer of premium Health Nutrition products for cats & dogs. The business has been operational in Canada since 1999. Social Customer Service has enabled us to:  Reduce response time for customer social enquires  Increase service levels  Improve efficiency of Customer Care business process for social cases  Extend brand reach through high-quality, one-to-one social engagement