Marketing Initiatives at Della Terra<br />Ryan McNulty<br />May 23, 2011<br />
Goal and Objectives 	<br />Identify our strengths and weaknesses<br />More Traffic at lunch and dinner. Lunch is a good st...
Sites to consider<br />Facebook<br />Twitter<br />UrbanSpoon<br />Groupon<br />Living Social<br />Opentable<br />Google- P...
Facebook Page<br />Our Base for social media<br />Posts on FB get sent directly to Twitter<br />Primary source for showing...
Twitter Page<br />Use more for promotions, everyone loves to win something <br />Example: “Every new follower during the m...
Urbanspoon		<br />Primary source of restaurant reviews<br />“Claimed” our page<br />Another Site to provide pictures on<br...
Living Social	<br />Great way to start and increase our following<br />Allows for deals on specific days we want to offer<...
Groupon<br />Similar to Living Social <br />Minimum amount in order for everyone to get the deal<br />As Living social doe...
Ideas for the Restaurant	<br />Prix Fixe menu<br />Wine Tasting and wine pairing recommendations, bring in a local master ...
Other Ideas<br />Signage<br />Google Offers-eventually will come to Buffalo<br />Daily Happy Hour.com<br />
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Della Terra Marketing Initiatives


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  • More traffic can be created by the promotional cards. Should have be produced weeks ago. Half way through summer now people are probably looking for something different, perfect timing? Website needs to be improved, it’s too slow, it uses flash allowing it to not be seen by some computers, ipads. It’s hard to read, it’s expensive. We have no control over it. It’s taken 2 weeks to update menus on it. Everything is working against us with this site. Could be done for half the price and we would have substantially more control over it. We must advertise. No one is coming in here to begin with because it is a hotel. Makes it more difficult for us, therefore we are going to have to advertise more or offer something in order to attract people to come in. Advertising should come in business first, buffalo news, (buffalo news.com), Google, Buffalo Spree, Artvoice, Facebook, Twitter, Flyers, mail, email-all of these can be paired with promotion. SIGNAGE. Why do we not have any signage, anywhere basically. The signage we have is difficult to read. Promotions-We have to offer the local population a reason to come in here. Currently we have: Coupon for a free app, Happy Hour hopefully soon, 10% off check in deal, lunch promo cards hopefully soon, 20% of next visit cards. Crab Cakes seem to be one of the most popular items-lets run with that and offer it for free. Free crab cake app at the bar when you purchase $20 worth of drinks. Or free crab cake app when you purchase a bottle of wine. Recently polled on FB to see which app people would most life for FREE. Future: Prix Fixe menu (TBD), Shea’s promotion, Lunch Specials?, Fish Bowl Giveaways, Twitter and Facebook promotions, Must encourage reviews to increase our online exposure. Any and all sites. Google Places site tracks them all. Routine Events- Wine pairing dinners, wine tastings, speaker dinners. Value: Are people getting there money’s worth at lunch and dinner? Service seems to be very good although there is always room for improvement (site my personal experience when ate dinner here), food quality is a non issue everything is good. Are we charging too much, have we priced ourselves out of every the business crowd for lunch and dinner? Can we afford to lower menu prices by 10%? Do we have high fixed costs that are going unseen?
  • Beanery-direct competition with Starbucks on Chippewa but we offer the same product with a more friendly business environment, no music, ample table space, opportunity to stay for dinner, book a conference room, drinks at the bar after work/meeting is complete. Not even starbucks has a loyalty program.Over 200 million people use FB on their phones and this number is only going to increase. Check in Deal- high traffic area downtown, people will see the coupon next to Della Terra when the GPS brings up their location. Going along with this sites such a groupon are on mobile phones are well. Can only have 1 of 4 types of deals at a time, individual, groups, loyalty, etc. Deals is a relatively new concept. We could lead the way. Facebook and Twitter sites will almost be one in the same, just catering to different people who prefer FB to Twitter or vice versa. Daily specials should be placed on the site no later than 4:30 to draw people to come in that day. Need consistency on the sites, everyday at 4:30, if we are going to have specials everyday. Gives people something to look forward too each day on our sites. No one has a check-in deal that I have found in downtown Buffalo, vey little if any. People are constantly on FB with all types of smartphones, (recent article about more people having smartphones than college degrees in America) all people would have to do is when they check into Starbucks for example, see that della terra offers ½ off coffee from 2-5pm (via the yellow tag next to us on the check in screen) or whatever deal we want to offer, they come to us instead. Crab Cakes seem to be our best item based on feedback I have received and read online, offer that as our ½ item or free, or free crab cake app when you spend 50$, etc. Reservations can now be made directly on the FB page through opentable.Potential to offer contest on Facebook. Salvatores has multiple contests on their site. Their site is professionally managed but yet I know everything they do and am capable of that and more.
  • Getting people into the restaurant, while at the same time expanding our social network. Simple as 1 click for the user to “follow us”, yet it provides us with a wealth of information and exposure. Other promotional ideas for Twitter or FB, first 20 people to retweet to tweet @us receive X% off their next visit, or receive X item. (Do same on FB, because as of now more followers on FB). Easily track-able- I get a notice every time someone new follows us, could simply make a database of all of these new followers and check them off a list as they come in.Offer a drawing via FB, Twitter or a fish bowl of business cards, $100, $200, gift cards to a pool of people that tweet us, FB us, whatever, select from the pool of people, we could even post a video of the drawing on FB and Twitter giving people another reason to come back to the page/site and watch to see if they won. “Check back later to see if you won!” An opportunity to introduce staff as well, offers a welcoming environment at the restaurant and hotel. Videos of chef cooking or providing tips for plate presentation, seasonal ideas for dishes. Endless possibilities really.
  • 54%approval rating is low comparable to other local fine dining, but we still have low participation overall. We are not in the top 100 list, so unless people already know our name or the hotel, they are not going to come. Personally, I have looked at the list and simply picked a restaurant from the top 100 to go simply because I haven’t gone there yet. Tell people to rate us on this site or Yelp or whatever it may be, IN GUEST CHECKS when they leave, everyone has to sign their bill so they have to see it. Even consider putting it permanently in each guest check book. Word of mouth is more difficult, and telling them to go to urbansppon or facebook page will lead to more exposure. Reviews on facebook available as well. I have already uploaded pictures of past specials to the urban spoon site, and do so every time there are specials.
  • *Has a commission fee for using their platform. Minimum of 50% off an item. 115,000 subscribers in Buffalo. Scotch and Sirloin generated over $30,000 in revenue from it, ½ taken from living social.Using the average guest check as $42 , we could figure out if it would be worth it. $82(dinner for 2)-$12.50(Taken by LS)-$25(Amt we are giving away)= $44.50 in net revenue per check. Our net revenue =54% of the total amount of the guest check. Assume a 35% food cost, and X% labor cost %, must think about the opportunity cost if not done. If we did $30,000 in sales because of LS, we generate $15,000 in net revenue, the opportunity cost of not doing it is $15,000+ whatever $ amount of future business we get from these customers. Looking at the 54% of the total amount of the guest check, LS essentially amounts to a 46% discount. Can directly link Living Social deals to the facebook page, making people that are not a part of living social aware of the deals.Meeting with someone at the hotel Wednesday July 13th about what they can offer us.
  • Seems to have similarities and differences from Living Social**Groupon takes a portion of each “groupon” that is sold. Minimum amounts of “groupons” sold is also a factor. If we set the number of groupons we want sold at 100 and it does not reach 100, no one gets the deal. This of course encourages people to share the deal with friends via social media, adding to our exposure. Groupon provides a list to track customers as they come into the restaurant with their “groupon”.40 million subscribers in the United StatesGet a person from Groupon as a representative, already in contact with Groupon, local rep waiting to hear back from. Can directly link the facebook page with groupon allowing people not affiliated with groupon to sign up to get the deal. Can waive the 2.5% credit fee if we do this quickly basically, Julie said on 6/8/11. We get paid 1/3 of total rev after 5 days, 1/3 after 30 days, 1/3 after 60 days.
  • Prix Fixe menu offer a glass of wine, option for either a salad or dessert, and entrée. Don’t force dessert on people and then just take it out of the fridge. $36-40 is fair around town. Cecelia’s $25 two course meal with choices and a glass of wine (only on Tuesday though**) 31 Club has 35$ Thursdays- Choice of 6 entrees soup or salad and dessert. I think glass of wine is more appealing. Rue Franklin- Tues-Thurs. 29-34$ (dessert). Possibly bringing in a master sommelier to talk about wine. I experienced this in Aspen while working and it was very informative and I believe did not cost the hotel too much money. Could be beneficial for staff as well. Only 250 ish master sommeliers in the world, so I am not sure if there is one in Buffalo. Shea’s, huge opportunity for pairing Shea’s tickets with a prix fixed dinner or offer a discount. Provide transportation as well. 31 Club does transportation to HSBC as well, for concerts, events, Sabre’s game. Could lead to potential Rooms business as well. Cooking classes will always be popularHigh demand for delivery service especially at lunch, Catering opportunities as well. Shea’s-Spoke with Reggie (Server), has season tickets to Shea’s and said other restaurant’s chophouse, 31 club, and others advertise in the Playbill. Take you ticket to X restaurant and get a % off. 31 club provides transportation, chop house has the discount on the back of the ticket. If we could steal some of the business from 31 club and chop house, places most people who eat out in fine dining have already been, could lead to more business in the future if we impress them. Must make staff aware.Shea’s we could even offer guests the option to come back after dinner for drinks or dessert or if they do not want to commit to a full dinner we could offer options with regards to the Shea’s deal, one drink + ticket, app + drink + ticket. We buy he tickets and provide transportation, less hassle for them. Speaker Series Idea, could be doen through marketing or Sales/Catering. Could even ask prominent business guests who already stay here regularly from out of town.
  • Staff must know what type of promotions we are running at all times to 1) avoid confusion and embarrassment for both staff and guests, 2) to amp up service when specific groups come in, Shea’s might have an older crowd that expects better service. Check-in deals expect younger people because you must have and use a smartphone with facebook. With Shea’s could run into a time frame issue with people getting to the show on time, should recommend earlier reservations, unless guests plan on coming after the show, however I would not recommend that be offered with regards to staff staying later than needed (waiting around for the Shea’s people to come) If we pursue the groupon and living social deals, must make staff aware and tell them a little bit about each deal. I could personally due that based on my research of the sites. Signage –Need something, next to Uniland sign, which is bad looking. Need some attractive that shows all the details of what we can offer. Free Valet, lunch, dinner, patio, happy hour, any other promotions….The patio is hiding and can’t even been seen from the street.
  • Transcript of "Della Terra Marketing Initiatives"

    1. 1. Marketing Initiatives at Della Terra<br />Ryan McNulty<br />May 23, 2011<br />
    2. 2. Goal and Objectives <br />Identify our strengths and weaknesses<br />More Traffic at lunch and dinner. Lunch is a good start<br />Improve the Website<br />Advertise<br />Pull Strategy<br />More local promotions<br />Avoid the “hotel restaurant” negative connotation <br />Encourage reviews of our restaurant<br />Achieve Loyalty <br />Establish some routine events<br />Must offer Value <br />
    3. 3. Sites to consider<br />Facebook<br />Twitter<br />UrbanSpoon<br />Groupon<br />Living Social<br />Opentable<br />Google- Places and Offers<br />
    4. 4. Facebook Page<br />Our Base for social media<br />Posts on FB get sent directly to Twitter<br />Primary source for showing pictures of food<br />Daily specials Updates with pictures<br />Check in Deals- currently 10% off total bill<br />Where most consumers will look first<br />FB will serve as the “hub”<br />Events section on FB page<br />
    5. 5. Twitter Page<br />Use more for promotions, everyone loves to win something <br />Example: “Every new follower during the month of June receives a complimentary drink.”<br />“First” to tweet, retweet, reply, or post gets promotion X<br />Drawings/Wine events/Cooking Classes<br />Use of Video, leading to more site views<br />FourSquare-Similar to FB Check-in<br />Contest article: Contests<br />
    6. 6. Urbanspoon <br />Primary source of restaurant reviews<br />“Claimed” our page<br />Another Site to provide pictures on<br />Ranks restaurants in Buffalo<br />54% approval rating currently<br />Advise customers to rate us when they leave <br />We should encourage people to review us on this site, something in guest check<br />
    7. 7. Living Social <br />Great way to start and increase our following<br />Allows for deals on specific days we want to offer<br />50% minimum off as the “deal”<br />50% commission from LS, and they mail a check<br />Jason-contact person in Buffalo, call and meet if we want to pursue <br />
    8. 8. Groupon<br />Similar to Living Social <br />Minimum amount in order for everyone to get the deal<br />As Living social does, they send a check<br />40 million US subscribers <br />High costs <br />
    9. 9. Ideas for the Restaurant <br />Prix Fixe menu<br />Wine Tasting and wine pairing recommendations, bring in a local master sommelier <br />Cooking classes<br />Delivery services/Catering Opportunities<br />Express Lunch Menu<br />Shea’s, Sabres Games<br />Speaker Series <br />
    10. 10. Other Ideas<br />Signage<br />Google Offers-eventually will come to Buffalo<br />Daily Happy Hour.com<br />
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