Direct Mail and New Technologies


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Have you tried using new technology as part of your direct marketing campaigns, such as QR codes, videos or augmented reality? Your peers have, and they are getting a better return for their marketing dollars as a result. 

Watch the recorded webinar here.

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  • Polling Q after this slide
  • Polling Q 2- Have you ever used your smartphone at access an augmented reality experience?
  • Visualizing Siri
  • Could have driving directions,
  • Mobile coupon users are 3x more likely to scan a QR code for a coupon than respond to an SMS text.
  • USPS discount in the USAMention TAGInfluence ratingQuestion on QR codes
  • My fitness pal- power bar…
  • Let budget steer you- don’t invest in all new tech
  • Direct Mail and New Technologies

    1. 1. +Magic!MailDirect Mail:Coming to Life & Increasing ROI with NewTechnologies!
    2. 2. 2Some housekeeping Everyone is mutedAudio testFor best results use a headphone connected to your computerCopy of presentation will be sent to all attendees
    3. 3. 3Q&AAny questions?Please type yourquestion in thequestions panel.Twitter hashtag:#DMworksor
    4. 4. 4PresenterMatt HaskellSocial Media MarketingManager, SourceLink
    5. 5. 5About SourceLinkSourceLink is an industry-leading marketing servicesprovider focused on direct marketing utilizing customerintelligence, database marketing, and modeling & analytics.SourceLink operates out of six facilities with cutting edgeprint and inserting machinery to service all print andstatement needs, in addition to database and CustomerIntelligence offerings.Find SourceLink on Twitter (@SourceLink), LinkedIn andFacebook.
    6. 6. +Magic!MailDirect Mail:Coming to Life & Increasing ROI with NewTechnologies!
    7. 7. 7With all the technology options, why choose direct mail?People Open Mail!• Direct mail boasts a4.4% responserate, compared toemails averageresponse rate of0.12%*• That is roughly 30xhigher*Direct Marketing Association 2012 reportWhy Direct Mail?
    8. 8. 8Direct Mail is competing with other technologies• Email• Social Media• Video• Mobile• TelevisionHowever…
    9. 9. 9Or is it?
    10. 10. 10Direct mail works best paired with other technologiesMultichannel ApproachVideoAugmented RealityVariable-data printing / QRDirect Mail- Jack of All TradesOther emerging technologies
    11. 11. 11AugmentedReality
    12. 12. 12Augmented RealityIn a nutshell: a type of virtual reality that aims toduplicate the worlds environment in a computerUsing a webcam, acomputer can display animage based on theprinted piece
    13. 13. 13Augmented Reality
    14. 14. 14Augmented RealityMarketing
    15. 15. 15AugmentedReality/PersonalizationLacta Chocolates,Greece
    16. 16. 16Augmented RealityPractical uses with Direct Mail• USPS- which box fits your shipment?• Product features from direct piece• Automotive marketing• Image matching (catalog usage)• Enhanced features from print (video, etc)
    17. 17. 17Google GlassGoogle Glass is awearable computer withhead-mounted display• Geolocation plays a hugepart• Direct mail feasibly couldevolve alongside Glass• Product info/websitedirectly from mailings• Enhanced features fromprint
    18. 18. 18VideoAlongsidePrint
    19. 19. 19Video Integrated with PrintElements of print alongside elements of videomake for a stronger overall messageWith moderntechnology, you canliterally embed video onyour mailpiece!
    20. 20. 20Video Integrated with Print
    21. 21. 21Video Integrated with Print
    22. 22. 22Video Integrated with Print
    23. 23. 23Video and printPractical uses with Direct Mail• Causes audience to interact with piece• Piece becomes keepsake• Pushes to other channels- stickier• Video on landing page, personalizedwith PURL technology
    24. 24. 24QR CodesAnd VariablePrint
    25. 25. 25QR Codes / Variable PrintRecognize this code?• 37% of consumers 18-34 report scanning aQR code on a mail piecein the last year• Consumers were muchLESS likely to scan QRcodes on TV screens,emails and websites
    26. 26. 26Not all QR codes are created equal
    27. 27. 27QR Codes in direct mail
    28. 28. 28QR Codes and Location Marketing
    29. 29. 29“Sunny Days” sale QR codes
    30. 30. 30QR Codes / Variable PrintPersonalized web addresswith content specific torecipient using PURLtechnologyVariable data QR codeprinting to allow easytrackability and real-timeconversion statistics
    31. 31. 31Variable PrintBec o me a memBer o f Sa f To d ay!Call us at 1-800-800-8000 or visit www.websitehere.comKatie Sample123 Any St.Apt 1010Dayton, OH 10110-0045Kat ie,I ’m Sissy, andI need a home...Join SAF and help assist thewelfare of animals like Toby.Dear Katie:As a lover of kittens, and a past supporter of local Animal Shelters you should know that in 2012, we nosanihictorumquam sandiatur, atem quiae perum andam, cum adiaecae. Namet aut ipitaturepe imagnam usdaectatur a dolumare the answers:Here is a list of the local animal shelters within 30 miles of your address. Denotes closest shelter.A. Dayton Animal Shelter - 1456 County Road, City, State, ZipB. Sara’s Shelter - 1456 County Road, City, State, ZipC. Animal Awareness - 1456 County Road, City, State, ZipD. Heaven City Shelter - 1456 County Road, City, State, Zipwe nosanihic torumquam sandiatur, atem quiae perum andam,cum adiaecae. Namet aut ipitaturepe imagnam usdaectatur adolum asitaquia cus quo quunt re optat laut dolende nditat ettorumquam sandiatur, atem quiae perum andam, cum adiaecae.Namet aut ipitaturepe imagnam usdaectatur a dolum asitaquiacus quo quunt re optat laut dolende nditat et restorrum velicSincerely,Kris T. WellsDirector of Donor ServicesP.S. nihic torumquam sandiatur, atem quiae perum andam, cum adiaecae. Namet autDayton, OH Animal Shelters, andkittens like Sissy, needYOURHELP!Join SAFthe over 400 cats and kittens in yourarea that need a home.3303 W. Tech RoadMiamisburg, Ohio 45342Katie Sample123 Any St.Apt. 1010Dayton, OH 10110-0045$15 $25 $40 OtherMy gift is enclosed, payable to Sourcelink Animal FoundationPlease charge my gift to (select one):VISA MC AMEX DISCPersonalized messagingthroughout piece with digitalcolor“Hyper-personalized”messaging with map locationsclosest to recipientBody text reflecting pastgiving habits, demographicalattributes, generational andage cohorts
    32. 32. 32QR Codes – Mobile CouponingMailpiece containsan offer-specificQR codeForm capturesinformation forfuture marketingeffortsCoupon is deliveredand stored onmobile device
    33. 33. 33QR Codes – Social MediaThe social map linksinfluencers across thenationShare onlanding pageLanding page capturesinformation, leads tosharing page to redeem offerMailpiece hasvariably printed QRcode and PURL
    34. 34. 34OtherEmergingTechnologies
    35. 35. 35Emerging TechnologiesNear-field Communication (NFC)• Toll-booth speedpass/mobile wallet• NFC smart tag/microchip on piece• Information transmitted from piece tophone• Mobile coupon• Directions/map• Product brochure
    36. 36. 36Considerations to Remember• Technology must behelpful/useful• Consider Mobile usage• “Cool Factor” important, but noteverything• Makes sense for mail/medium• Ask your audience• Adopt over time- test and learn• Part of multichannel – shouldn’tstand alone• Let budget steer you
    37. 37. 37• Emerging technologies work best with existingdirect mail and email campaigns• Research your audience’s mobile usage habits…or just ask them!• Understand how the mediums work• If you are unsure of how to properly utilize a newtechnology, work with a marketing servicesprovider• Have Fun!Key takeaways
    38. 38. 38Q&AAny questions?Please type yourquestion in thequestions panel.Twitter hashtag:#DMworksor
    39. 39. 39Thank You for Attending!info@sourcelink.com1-866-947-6872