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Rx Care
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  • 1. You need IT !
  • 2.
    • To retain your existing clients
    • To establish a “personal touch” with the patients
    • Key benefits to the Doctors
      • Maintain & Manage Patients Information
      • Manage time efficiently
      • Multi User support
      • Manage referrals
      • Send SMS using your own Name
      • Analytical Reports
    • RxCare is a Tool especially designed keeping in mind the Doctors’ needs.
    • The key highlights of RxCare
      • Simple to use
      • Affordable
      • Robust
    Built on the fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management “CRM”; RxCare helps Doctors in sustaining a Relationship with his / her Patients Why RxCare?
  • 3.
    • Send SMS to Patients Using your own Name (eg LM- Dr Gupta)
    • Establish a personal connection with the Patients
    LM-Dr GUPTA Dear Amit, your appointment has been scheduled for 04/02/2011 with Dr Gupta at 11:00 hour Scheduling Appointments Sends SMS to the patients for their next appointment. Option to remind patients on the day of the appointment
    • Know your daily / weekly appointments
    • Schedule/ Reschedule / Cancel appointments
    Your time is Precious…
  • 4. Built on the fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management “CRM”; RxCare helps Doctors in sustaining a Relationship with his / her Patients
    • Address your patients with their name
    Establish a personal touch…
  • 5.
    • Enquire about well being of past illness
    Typical Patient behavior ” Dear Doctor, You prescribed me a medicine last time. It was great…Can you prescribe the same one again.. I do not have the last prescription/ and also don’t remember the medicine name” 28 Feb 2011 10.15 Service: Check-up 24 Feb 2011 18.10 Service: Consultancy Avaneendra Mishra Continue same drug, Refer to Surgeon Dr Gupta You Care….
  • 6. Blood Group Appointments Partner List Partner Reconciliation Registered Patients Patients Profile Periodic Appointments Prescription Detail Service Cost Report View Reports
    • Track Partner Referrals
    • Track your billing
    Efficient Management….
  • 7. RxCare : An Overview
    • Establish a personal connection with the Patient
    • Organize your self better
    • Manage Your patients
    • Manage your Partners (Pathologies/ Doctors/ Hospital)
    • Easy to use
    • Simplistic design
    • Robust IT Architecture
    • SMS at a click
    • Multi User support
    • Retain your existing Clients
    • To keep your self updated
    • Improve your Efficiency
    • Increase Productivity
    • Increase visibility on the Internet
    Why you need IT How RxCare helps you RxCare Highlights Key Features
    • Patient Information & Management
    • Appointment Scheduler
    • Pathology / Hospital / Medical Store referrals management
    • Intelligent Analytical Reports
  • 8.
    • Visit our Medical Information website for Patents; and Professional Networking forum for Doctors
    • Register now and get visibility online Contact Us Email [email_address] Call 0120 - 4101680 Online Visibility Corporate Website