The wrath of the Holy Ghost


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The wrath of the Holy Ghost

  1. 1. The Wrath of the Holy Ghost By Marjorie Walls
  2. 2. Pentecost is the beginning of the Harvest of God’speople. It points to the fiery birth of the first fruit. They are the Lord’s firstborn with the birthright of many colors. They escaped death in the end of the Latter days, sealed with immortality. They are the servants of the Lord--the 144,000 of the Household of Israel.
  3. 3. 144,000 They will declare the real truth about Jesus Christ and the “Everlasting Gospel” to their brothers and the congregation to be harvested before the first resurrection.
  4. 4. Pentecost This event will include the resurrection of the dayand the star and the fulfillment of the scriptures and the teachings of of Jesus Christ. Pentecost is theRains of final preparation of the Holy Ghost for thethe Holy immortality of the Children of God, when theyGhost receive the rain, the former rain and the latter rain of fire. It is Zion’s victory!
  5. 5. But there are two sides to the Holy Ghost. Hehas a two edge sword as the Son and the Father 2 Sides to of God as well as the mother of the universe. the Spirit The Holy Ghost is the the third God head the “Almighty Power” of the Father. He quickens of Truth with life with all things that move with energy and fire , in things common and divine. Which were created by Jesus the first born son of the Father
  6. 6. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth to convince you of sin and righteousness. However Christ gives us a warning Convince: concerning this God. Matthew 12:31-32. If To persuade or satisfy the mind you blaspheme against the Holy Ghost by evidenceyour sins will not be forgiven in this world or the world to come . Mark 28: 29.
  7. 7. When grace and mercy is fulfilled in your time periodDoorway to and you are not convinced to obey theGrace and commandments of God the doors of mercy is closedMercy to you by the Holy Ghost. In his wrath you you will not enter into his rest but will receive his anger.
  8. 8. All these disasters are a form of chastisement upon the nationsfor sin. The Lord will trouble them with fire and water, withearthquakes, floods with winds, storms with avalanches andmudslides with heat and diseases and then climaxing with theshaking of the heavens.
  9. 9. It is the great sorrows upon the earth in the latter days . It is the the knocking down of things that built that took many years to make. Joy and common good cannot continue because of the wrath of the Holy Ghost
  10. 10. When the troubles have abated for a little while, theywill attempt to rebuild and repair losses. But whatthey attempt to restore is weak and withoutstrength, and will not have a long lasting affect ofmany years as before. The Holy Spirit will comearound again and tear down what they just built.
  11. 11. Before, the building was done with patience and joy without the threat of losses and fear. There was a spirit of newness and hope for settling down and raising families for many generations to come in time of peace. But these new disasters in quick succession are troubling the world.