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    Mike Baratta, Jess Bellia, John Blaisse, Emily Boylan, Rose Corcoran, Amanda Giuffrida, Michelle Walsh
  • 2. Judah Heading for disaster
    Jews abandon God
    Build pagan shrines
    Josiah emerges to reform…
  • 3. Josiah
    Finds an old copy of the Book of the Law
    Reforms Judah by following the book
    Josiah’s son Jehoiakim undoes his changes
    Deuteronomists and pre-Exile prophets wanted to continue reform
  • 4. “The Remnant”
    God will punish the unfaithful
    Impoverished, humble, and lowly people will become the “remnant,” a new chosen group from whom God will build the new Israel
  • 5. Jeremiah: A Reluctant Prophet
    God calls Jeremiah at the age of 20
    He feels he is too young but he trusts God
    Preaches to the falsely secure Judahites
    Communicates God’s message through a life of struggle
    His message is rejected
    Persecuted by others despite his attempts to help them
  • 6. Jeremiah’s Visions
    Almond Tree
    Almond tree was often called a “watching tree”
    Symbolized that God was watching the Jews to see if they changed
    Boiling Cauldron
    Boiling pot of water tipped onto a fireplace
    Symbolized that god will “extinguish” Judah if it doesn’t change
  • 7. Jeremiah’s Warnings
    God will give Judah and Jerusalem the punishments they deserve
    The Temple is a “den of robbers”
    God won’t even be present in the Temple if Jews don’t change their ways
    Jeremiah’s warnings are rejected and the people punish him
  • 8. Jeremiah’s Inner Struggle
    Feels tricked by God into a life of persecution
    Upset with God but realizes that the Lord is with him
    His suffering brings him a close relationship with God
    Faithfulness is never easy
  • 9. The First Exile
    Babylon attacks Jerusalem and some Judahites are forced into Exile
    Jeremiah tells the exiles to go willingly and make the most of the situation
    The new king Zedekiah wants to listen to Jeremiah and be saved by God
  • 10. The New Covenant
    The only way Judah can repent is by being exiled
    When they return, God forms a new covenant with them
    The covenant is written on their hearts, not on stone tablets
    God forgets their sin and forgives their evil
    Turning point for Israel that gives hope for a new relationship with God
  • 11. The Second Exile
    Babylonians return to Jerusalem and destroy the Temple
    King Zedekiah is captured and taken away
    Jeremiah tells the Judahites to stay put and surrender, but they disobey
    Jeremiah flees with the people to Egypt
    Jeremiah disappears and is believed to have been murdered
  • 12. Ezekiel
    Prophet in Jerusalem before the Exile
    Told Israelites that God’s patience was almost up
    Spoke with a strong passion that made some think he was possessed
    Used many examples to show the people that they needed to realize God was mad with them and that they would soon be exiled
  • 13. The Vision of the Dry Bones
    Exiles complain that they feel lifeless
    Ezekiel has a vision of dry bones, in which God tells him to bring flesh back to them and then fill them with life
    The dry bones returning to a living animal represents the exiles soon returning to God’s love and life
  • 14. Second Isaiah
    Prophet who wrote part of the Book of Isaiah
    Had challenge of raising the hopes of the exiles for the day when they would return to Jerusalem
    Most original exiles were dead and only a few Jews returned to Judah and Jerusalem after the Exile
    Chapters in Second Isaiah are full of excitement for the return to Jerusalem and the Messiah
  • 15. The Suffering Servant
    Mysterious man who is innocent yet suffers greatly
    Punished to save others from their sins
    4 Songs of the Suffering Servant
    1st song – Chosen one sent to bring justice
    2nd song – Prophet called to restore Israel
    3rd song – Servant is beaten but endures his abuse
    4th song – Servant will pardon the sins of many
  • 16. The Tenderness of God
    God responds to Jerusalem’s complaints with a beautiful passage
    God is a woman in labor trying to bring forth Israel as a “reborn nation”
    Second Isaiah ends with a hymn in which God promises peace to the hope-filled exiles
  • 17. The Fruits of Exile
    Prophets guide Israel through its purification
    With few Jews returning to Jerusalem after the Exile, it was clear that Judaism was no longer tied to one region and that it had become a portable religion
  • 18. Feminine Images of God
    God is referred to as a “father,” but he is pure spirit and is neither male nor female
    Men and women are created equally in God’s image
    Isaiah’s image of God as mother reminds us of God’s intimate care
  • 19. Journal #15 1/21/11
    Jeremiah’s preaching was often rejected and despised by his fellow Jews, despite the fact that it was the truth that the people needed to hear. Write about a time when you felt as though your voice wasn’t being heard, even though it should have been.