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  • 1. Introduction To BluetoothBluetooth was designed to allow low bandwidth wirelessconnections to become easy to use so even those whoare new to wireless can use them. Version 1.1 ofBluetooth describes a low power, short range wirelessnetworking technology that uses radio waves to senddata at rates up to 720 kilobits a second.The specification for Bluetooth provides for differentclasses of radio that allow transmission ranges ofup to 100 meters by boosting the radio power. Thetechnology of Bluetooth isnt limited to line ofsight transmission since it uses directional wavesthat are capable of transmitting through manyobstructions.Bluetooth is an industry standard communication ofwireless, meaning that it enables the connectionof other devices as well, such as cell phones,computers, digital cameras, and other types ofelectronic devices. The specification of Bluetoothdefines a radio system and a "stack" of protocollayers and profiles. The highest layer is theapplication layer, while the lowest layer is theradio.The wireless technology of Bluetooth is positionedto revolutionize the personal connectivity marketby providing freedom from inconvenient fixed typelines.The specification for Bluetooth eliminates the needfor cables by providing a small form factor, lowcost wireless solution that will link computers,cell phones, and other electronics. Bluetoothalso allows users to connect many ranges of devicesquickly and easily and expands communicationscapabilities as well.The size of the Bluetooth radio is amazing, as a
  • 2. Bluetooth radio can be built into one or two verysmall microchips then integrated into any electronicdevice where wireless operations would be anadvantage.Bluetooth also offers a robust link, which ensuresthat normal operating circumstances are notinterrupted by interference from other signalsthat are operating in the same frequency band.Also known for its worldwide operation, Bluetoothradio operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, whichis license free and available to any type ofradio system in the world. No matter where youare in the world, you count on Bluetooth to work.Security is also important. Offering advancedsecurity mechanisms, Bluetooth ensures a high levelof security. Therefore, authentification willprevent unauthorized acess to important data andmake it very difficult to listen in.Bluetooth also boasts power optimization. The radiois power friendly and the software for Bluetoothis very configurable, limiting the power consumptionof equipment. The radio itself only consumes asmall amount of power from a cellular phone.(word count 408)PPPPPVisalus