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Invisible Coaching is coaching in the moment, with just the right word at just the right time. …

Invisible Coaching is coaching in the moment, with just the right word at just the right time.
The first module is Coaching on a Credit Card

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  • 1. Invisible Coaching® “Coaching in the moment” Corporate Coaching www.invisible-coaching.com Programs
  • 2. The Power of Words www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 3. Invisible Coaching Workshop An introduction to Coaching on a Credit Card Corporate Coaching www.invisible-coaching.com Programs
  • 4. What is coaching? Coaching is the art of facilitatingthe performance of another www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 5. What is coaching?Coaching raises awareness, which in and of itself is transformative. www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 6. What is coaching?Coaching empowers individuals todiscover their potential and identify how they can achieve it. www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 7. The challengeTeaching the fundamentals of coachingto ‘ordinary’ people: Managers Entrepreneurs Sales people Parents www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 8. Coaching for ‘ordinary’ people“It sounds to me asif it is ‘invisible’coaching!”Gabriele PrestidgeCo-mentor to Richard Winfield www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 9. What is Invisible Coaching?Invisible Coaching is coaching in themoment, with just the right word at just the right time. www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 10. What is Invisible Coaching? Invisible Coaching just happens: without formally deciding to, younaturally behave in a way the helps people to change. www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 11. Invisible Coaching Workshop The coaching journey www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 12. The coaching journey• Coaching on a Credit Card® – One day course and e-course• Invisible Coaching® – Three day course and e-course• Inspiring Leadership – Three day course and e-course• ASEC Coach Certification Program – Four workshops, 18 months www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 13. Invisible Coaching®20 years of study distilled intothree modules: Coaching on a Credit Card Sailing the Seven Seas ThreeTicks Coaching Model www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 14. Coaching on a Credit Card©What is coaching?Opportunities for coachingAsking good questionsBeliefs that support coachingGiving specific feedbackAffirmations for coaches www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 15. Feedback“You will feelinspired, challengedand ultimately moreopen and confidentabout facing theworld.”Sanjiv Dhain www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 16. Sailing the Seven SeasThe seven Cs of coachingRaising your awarenessSetting positive goalsBuilding rapportEight question success strategy www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 17. Feedback“It will transformyour life, set yourawareness to yourgoals and makeyou be the changeyou want to see inthe world.”Ngozi Nnaedozie www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 18. ThreeTicks Coaching ModelNLP communication modelBuilding deep rapportThe coaching journeyWhat makes people tickModel of a natural coach www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 19. Invisible CoachingHaving completed the three modules youwill have a deep understanding andappreciation of the power and applicationof coaching, together with a set ofinterpersonal skills that can addtremendous value in your personal andprofessional lives. www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 20. Invisible CoachingYou will always know just the rightquestions to help someone, and will noticethat life gets easier, as you become moreeffective with less stress. www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 21. Richard WinfieldFounder of Brefi Group - 1982 Systems – structure & clarity BSc, MSc, MSc Transportation planner Founded Brefi Group 1982 Newspaper publisher Automotive industry International trainer/facilitator Corporate Governance Coach training programs Masterclass e-books www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 22. Richard Winfield"Im the guy to call whenyou want to bring structureand clarity to your thinking.“I can help you identify coreissues and make thecomplex simple, holding thespace for you to create yourown solutions." www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 23. Gabriele Prestidge“I help individuals andteams become moreeffective by improvingtheir communications andrelationship skills.” Social enterprise Relationships coach Trigger trainer Human Design German language and culture www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 24. Coaching on a credit card® www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 25. Coaching on a postcard www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 26. Fundamental coaching question“What would be the mostuseful question for me to askyou now?” www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 27. “I don’t know”“What would it be ifyou did know?” www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 28. “I don’t know.”“Make a guess.” www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 29. Wandering off track“How does that relate towhat you said you wanted?” www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 30. Need to challenge or stretch “What would be even better than that?” www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 31. “I don’t want …”“What do you want instead?” www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 32. Not achieving the outcome “What stops you?” www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 33. Closure/commitment“What will you do?” www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 34. Invisible Coaching Workshop Demonstration www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 35. Invisible Coaching Workshop Experience www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 36. Invisible Coaching Workshop Feedback www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 37. Invisible Coaching Workshop Application www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 38. Invisible Coaching Workshopwww.Invisible-Coaching.comwww.CorporateCoach.co.ukwww.KnowYourProfile.com www.BrefiGroup.com www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 39. Invisible Coaching Workshop Celebration www.invisible-coaching.com
  • 40. Thank youRichard WinfieldBrefi Group LimitedOne Victoria SquareBirmingham B1 1BDUnited KingdomTel: +44 (0) 121 288 3417www.brefigroup.com www.invisible-coaching.com