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BridgeStreet Worldwide Electronic Brochure

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Electronic Brochure

  1. 1. Bridge_CorpCatFold_113a 12/1/04 3:24 PM Page 1 C Easy to... O R P O R A T E Choose do Business with U S 1 . 8 0 0 . 2 7 8 . 7 3 3 8 b r i d g e s t r e e t . c o m Stay with E U 4 4 . 2 0 7 . 7 9 2 . 2 2 2 H O U S I N G M A D E E A S Y B R I D G E S T R E E T ’ S P R O M I S E B R I D G E S T R E E T SATISFACTION GUARANTEED IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH YOUR FURNISHED APARTMENT WITHIN THE FIRST 24 HOURS OF MOVE IN, W O R L D W I D E WE WILL BE HAPPY TO MOVE YOU TO ANY OTHER AVAILABLE APARTMENT OR WE WILL REFUND YOUR RENT.
  2. 2. Bridge_CorpCatFold_113a 12/1/04 3:24 PM Page 2 B BBR RI ID DG GE ES ST TR RE EE ET T R S ST TO OR RY Y “We implemented BridgeStreet’s I D OUR ROOTS G Perseverance, strategic partnerships, and entrepreneurship. customized plan, which E Forged from the combined drive, talents and assets of individual businesses, BridgeStreet Worldwide evolved. Today via our Global Partnership program BridgeStreet continues to grow and transform the S corporate housing industry. saved time and T OUR SPIRIT An entrepreneurial spirit and international approach supported by state-of-the-art technology and man- money R agement programs define BridgeStreet. E BridgeStreet is a company that’s built to serve. It starts with the commitment to provide the finest quality corporate housing available to travelers all over the globe. This comprehensive service foundation E permeates our business down to each interaction with our customers. T OUR PEOPLE Our Team Values are Customer-driven and centered on the concept that any successful business is only as successful as the people who make it work. Recognizing our most important asset, we provide for our company while W every Associate the opportunity to excel. PROMISE TO YOU O When it comes to fully furnished apartments - we have no equal. Consider our promise: your expectations will be exceeded staying with BridgeStreet - guaranteed. delivering exceptional associate R We do what we say and we follow through. This is how we earn your business and your trust. L satisfaction levels.” D W I Vice President Corporate Se r vices D E B R I D G E S T R E E T S T O R Y
  3. 3. Bridge_CorpCatFold_113a 12/1/04 3:24 PM Page 3 B R EE AAS SY Y T O T O c c HHOOOOS SE E I “I always use D LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION BridgeStreet G We know how important it is to have housing options where you want them - close to your office, to E downtown and prime residential areas. Our associates have the flexibility to give you a choice of for our relocating executives. locations, so you’re sure to find one where you need to be. S ONE CALL T With BridgeStreet and our partners, you have access to apartments in major metropolitan areas across the globe. And if there’s a destination we don’t cover, our dedicated team of experts will find your R group housing there. It’s all part of our goal to offer you “one stop shopping” for all your corporate housing needs. I was thrilled to learn they have E BILLING YOUR WAY E With over thirty years of experience, we understand the intricacies of the billing process and offer options T standardize invoicing that is clear and simple. If our standard billing system does not meet your specific requirements, we can quickly customize a solution that works best for you. BUDGET OPTIONS for our intern program as well.” W In today’s economy, managing expenses is more important than ever. With BridgeStreet, you’ll enjoy real flexibility and value by choosing high quality corporate apartments available within a range of budget options. O C o r p o r a t e Tr a v e l C o o r d i n a t o r R L D W I D E E A S Y T O . . . C H O O S E
  4. 4. Bridge_CorpCatFold_113b 12/15/04 11:04 AM Page 1 B EEA AS SY Y T TO O D DO O R BBU US SI IN NE ES SS S W I W IT TH H I D POINT OF CONTACT project went off G No one wants to spend hours tracking down temporary housing. To make it easier, we provide a “My E dedicated representative to each client. Our associates quickly learn your company’s specific needs, allowing them to promptly find the accommodations you’re looking for. without a hitch. S A CUSTOM FIT T We understand that each of our customers has unique goals and requirements. That’s why we tailor our approach to fit your needs - whether it’s customized reporting, special touches for VIP guests, or R simply understanding how we can make your world a little easier. E LONG OR SHORT STAYS We realize that not every stay is for 30-days or longer; we’ve become the industry leader in From our arrival until the project E delivering flexible programs for both short and long-term stays. T RELY ON OUR EXPERTISE When it comes to dealing with temporary housing, you need a partner you can trust. At BridgeStreet, we combine years of experience with our knowledge of industry developments to ensure that every was complete, BridgeStreet’s W detail will be handled just the way you want it. Put our resources to work for you with our full outsourc- ing capability and free up time to spend on your primary mission. professional staff O R exceeded our L D expectations.” W I S e n i o r P r o j e c t M a n a ge r D E E A S Y T O D O . . . B U S I N E S S W I T H
  5. 5. Bridge_CorpCatFold_113b 12/15/04 11:04 AM Page 2 B R EE AAS SY Y T O T O SS T TAAY Y W I W I T H T H I D G GUESTS COME FIRST Making guests happy is priority #1. It starts with our beautiful apartments, appointed with only the E highest quality furnishings. From there, we focus on the little things - extra services and amenities like “BridgeStreet Concierge” to make guests feel attended to and even pampered. “Moving to a new city was quite S EXPERIENCE EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE T Our comprehensive approach to guest services begins with determining specific needs before a guest arrives. Our unique programs cover the full breath and depth of an individual guest’s stay - from initial an adjustment for our family. R welcome call to post departure follow-up. E happy that our To reinforce our commitment to superior service, our associates participate in a recognition program, BridgeCare, where they are encouraged and rewarded to go “the extra mile” for every guest. I’m E LISTENING, UNDERSTANDING & RESPONDING T Guests can expect rapid response and prompt follow-up to their requests. To ensure thorough handling of all requests, our guest services team is enabled by the latest communications technology. Hospitality enhancements are proactively developed using our guest service systems. BridgeStreet apartment offered all the W PEACE OF MIND Put simply, if a guest is not completely satisfied with their furnished apartment, within the first 24 hours comforts of O of move in, we will be happy to move them to any other available apartment or we will refund the rent. R home.” L D Re l o c a t i n g S p o u s e W I D E E A S Y T O . . . S T A Y W I T H
  6. 6. Bridge_CorpCatFold_113b 12/15/04 11:04 AM Page 3 B R I D “ I don’t have time to shop. G One call to E S BridgeStreet T R E and I can find housing E in Chicago, New York, London... T anywhere I need it.” W O Re l o c a t i o n M a n a ge r R L D W I D E