Charts of the week stocks bonds forex by pro actinvest 020612


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Charts of the Week for stocks, bonds and investment securities by for February 6th, 2012 is a video that reviews the moves of the stock market from a technical analysis perspective, tracking key movements in the stock market by technology stocks (QQQ), semiconductor stocks (SMH), midcap stocks (MDY) and smallcap stocks (IWM) and reviews which fixed income ETFs look especially interesting. We also review forex charts of the USD/Euro and discuss the Federal Reserve's monetary policy and its impact on the real estate market and the financial markets. The video also touches on current events and developments in the Middle East and in Europe.

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Charts of the week stocks bonds forex by pro actinvest 020612

  1. 1. Charts of the Week Stocks Bonds Forex by ProActInvest.netfor Feb 6, 2012Charts of the Week Stocks Bonds Forex for Feb 6 2012 by YouTube video link CHARTS of the WEEK for + Actions - 02/06/12 Very quiet in terms ofON TAP economic stats and earnings reports this week International relations stories taking center stage: Middle East developments (Syrian uprising, Iran-Israel) Euro currency crisis – dealing with Greece and Portugal
  2. 2. Dow approaching key target resistanceSTOCKS level of 13,000 still within shooting distance Stocks bounced off lows today suffering a minor set-back on Euro / Greece worries overlays The fear factor regarding FXE vs EMB Europe and the Euro is gradually subsiding – a LQD vs CSJ broken record? US economy added 243,000 last month, FXE stabilizing, not dropping the cratering TLT – where’s the unemployment breakout? rate down to 8.3% If this trend continues, the Fed will not GLD – still a fear safe- engage in QE3 haven? later this year. Watch Occupy Wall Street protests as a litmus test for degree of domestic unrest as well.sectors BRICS leaning towards monetary easing MDY XLU mode in general QQQ Central banksBONDS intent on overlays accomodative monetary FXE vs EMB policy in the
  3. 3. wake of potential crises LQD vs CSJ credit bond munissectors funds coming Munis on a tear but should still attractive off the boil you buy them up here? Commodities out of favor for nowCommodities metals stuck inmetals a range, lackluster Crude oiloil pulling back a bit USD/Euro appears to be FXFOREX 129.50 key support stabilizing E above 126.00 Should convertible VCVSXSubscriber CWB CHY bonds be a big FCVSX part of my overallquestions asset allocation? Which equity style box has the highest reward/risk (Sharpe)
  4. 4. ratio?To view the YouTube version of this video, please click here.Tagged as: "saving for retirement", "technical charts", 401K, Bernanke, Case-Schiller index,central banks, charts of the week "stocks" "bonds" "technical analysis", Dow Jones Industrials,emerging markets, ETF trading, fixed income, forex, FXE, gold, investing, investments, IWM,macroeconomics, market timing, monetary policy, QQQ, real estate, Roth IRA, S&P 500,semiconductors, silver, SMH, SPY, tech stocks, U.S. dollar/ euro, US T-Bonds