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Some ideas, advice, pitfalls and attitude approach as you take your career to the next level.

Going from an intern to a vice president quickly is through my personal lens. This information applies to anyone who wants to grow and advance in their career by applying some simple ideas.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss further. rwiebusch@OmahaTitle..com

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  • Opening thoughts…What steps are you taking today which will get you where you want to go in your career.
  • No work is ‘beneath you’. Be the person that takes on projects that others scoff at.
  • What are you doing within your current position to draw attention to yourself in a ‘positive way’?
  • Who has regular conversations with the leader of your organization? How do you get on their radar? How can you align yourself with that person? The respect of the leader is great but it can mean little to nothing if you aren’t earning the respect of your peers and those you are responsible for.
  • All organizations have a gap. Some that are known and some that are not. What are you doing to seek out the gaps in your organization and how are you positioning yourself to fill a given gap?
  • Are you a good steward of the company money? I guarantee the person at the top of an organization cares about how the money is spent. If it was your money, would you spend it?
  • Who you are can often spill over into who you are in the office. The naïve people in the room believe that what happens on these sites doesn’t cross the desk of HR or the leadership of your company.
  • How do you present yourself each day? Are you intentional with the way you dress and does it reflect in your confidence and attitude?
  • More careers are ended at office holiday celebrations than they are within the office. Do not under any circumstances be this guy when it comes time to celebrate with your whole company.
  • Leaders have to be able to multi task. Your ability to handle the unknown and still keep your focus and cool will take you far in your given organization. Leaders often time throw overwhelming tasks and deadlines at a person just to see how they react.
  • Things, Money and your career can end up owning you. Take control of the balance in your life. You will be much more effective in your career if you maintain a sustainable pace and your impact at work will be much greater when you are focused and not burnt out.
  • Which direction do you go when someone in your workplace takes the low road? Do you play their game or do you rise above it and stay focused. The boss is not a fool and most of the time can spot the motivation of those that are trying to under-cut you. Rise above and stay on the high road.
  • The learning just begins when you get to your current position. Always be learning and sharpening your skills and thoughts. Then apply what you learn to shine in the workplace.
  • When a leader in your organization comes to you with an opportunity you need to be ready to make that stretch move. If someone approaches you for that next level, they are counting on you to step up to the plate. A willingness to leave your comfort zone is priceless.
  • Every single day you enter your given workplace is an interview. You are essentially being judged, watched and interviewed for your next position. Treat each day as if it is your first and remember the energy you had to make a great impression. Your leaders are watching you, having conversations about you and wondering if you are ready for the next level.
  • Who sits on your ‘Board of Directors’? You may already have your own personal board of directors and not know it. Who do you want to have on your personal board of directors? Surrounding yourself with the right people who provide the right advice is priceless. Be intentional with this!
  • What is on your calendar now that can be eliminated and replaced with something that will raise your clout within your organization? You can glean all kinds of good ideas from organizations outside of work that can then be taken into the work place and applied.
  • The job of a YP is the challenge the status quo. Businesses need us to challenge the way things have always been done. Be the person in the room that bring a fresh perspective or the person you looks at a problem from a different angle. You can add incredible value if you do this.
  • That guy on the left said something that I carry with me each day. ‘Be Fu@!ing Awesome’ Career, Community, Family, Whatever it is that you do each day, be awesome.
  • This Summit, for many of you, may be your first step to getting involved in a community organization. I congratulate you on taking that step and challenge you to engage in your community in ways that have a positive impact.
  • 20 x 20 Session Omaha YP Summit - Wiebusch

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