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Brief lesson provided through PowerPoint on Green Career opportunities that was developed and utilized for 11th grade Career Prep classes.

Brief lesson provided through PowerPoint on Green Career opportunities that was developed and utilized for 11th grade Career Prep classes.

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  • 1. Go Green 11th grade Career Prep
  • 2. Objective:  After a brief introductory lesson on green career opportunities, students will identify and summarize a career choice that is related to a green company. 100% participation is required and will be gauged by the quality of student research, information, and summarization skills.  Students will:  Find and investigate a Green Career Choice of interest on: http://www.greencareersguide.com/Good-Green- Jobs.html  Summarize in a 1 page double-spaced report what their career entails  Upload their findings to the Student Share folder to be critiqued by their peers, then to be added to the high school website
  • 3. Lesson Content  Emphasis on “Going Green”  Overview of green career opportunities Wind Power  Solar Power  Geothermal Power  Hydropower   Brief overview of other green careers available  Additional Resources  CNN News Clip on Wind Mill Manufacturing Plant  Green Careers Guide Online
  • 4. Outlook  Emphasis on “Going Green”  Government is promoting Green Companies through funding and legislature  New jobs are being created in all areas  Production Labor  Design/Engineering  Business Related  Marketing  Finance  Management and more
  • 5. Careers: Wind Power  Wind Analyst  Meteorological Professional that uses advanced technology  Wind Power Turbine Installer  Uses applied science and knowledge of physics and science of turbines  Wind Energy Technician  Maintain turbines on wind farms – very high demand that is only increasing
  • 6. Careers: Solar Power  Solar Hot Water Installer  Installs and maintains hot-water systems that harness the sun’s power  Solar Sales  One of the newest and most lucrative green opportunities  PV Solar Panel Installer  Installs the panels convert solar energy
  • 7. Careers: Geothermal Power  Geologist  Studies the physical workings of the earth  Geothermal Installer  High demand – geothermal energy is in endless supply and companies are looking for more capable installers  Hydrologist  Studies water, the way it moves and the way it works – provides nearly endless opportunities
  • 8. Careers: Hydropower  Micro Power System Installer  Using water to generate electrical energy  Electrical Engineering  For those who love science, this is a very rewarding, challenging, and well paid field of work
  • 9. Careers: Miscellaneous  Environmental Science  Holistic Alternative Medicine  Mass Transit  Building Retrofitting  Energy Efficient Automobiles  Organic Farming  Nature Building (To find more, see Green Careers Guide link on next slide)
  • 10. Additional Information  CNN News Clip http://snackfeed.com/videos/detail/b3e23f10-58bd-102c-a525- 00304897c9c6/Green-jobs?_s=s  To find out more about green careers, visit Green Careers Guide Online: http://www.greencareersguide.com/Good-Green-Jobs.html
  • 11. Activity  Select a Green Career choice that suits your interests and capabilities  Summarize what skills and abilities are needed to be successful in your career choice  Save your summary to the student share folder for peer review  See the teacher to receive assigned review partner  Upload reviewed summary to the school website for others to be able to review
  • 12. Results  Students enjoyed learning about interesting career opportunities in a successful, growing field  Students were exposed to a variety of strong career choices through summary writing and peer review  Students were engaged and interested throughout the assignment  Downside:  Writing assignment took some students longer than others due to lack of keyboarding skill – this delayed the entire class  Some students need crash course in summary writing skills prior to being asked to do this assignment
  • 13. Question & Answer All questions, comments, & thoughts are welcome and appreciated!