Using iPad and iPhone Apps for Learning with Literature:MCTE 2012 Presentation, St. Cloud


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Using iPad and iPhone Apps for Learning with Literature:MCTE 2012 Presentation, St. Cloud

  1. 1. Using iPad and iPhone Appsfor Learning with LiteracyRichard Beach, ProfessorEmeritus, University ofMinnesota, rbeach@umn.eduGoogle Docs Version of handout: iPad and iPhone Apps forLearning with Literacy Across theCurriculum
  2. 2. Affordances of iPads/iPhones Touch: ◦ Intuitive navigation of texts and virtual worlds Portability/storage/ownership ◦ Personal learning device Social reading/writing Multimodality Collaboration/communication
  3. 3. Wikipedia apps Qwiki ◦ includes videos, images, graphs, and entries for millions of topics Articles for iPad Wikipedia Mobile Wikipanion Plus Simplepedia iWiki
  4. 4. Accessing/AnalyzingInformation to Learn Search engine apps. Safari (bundled app), Google Search, Bing, Wolfram Alpha), Dolphin Browser, Opera Mini, Atomic Web Browser, Ask, Yahoo: Answers, Yahoo: Search, Shelfster, Knowtilus Pro (translates websites into 28 different languages)
  5. 5. News curation apps Pearltrees, Flipboard, Zinio, Flud, Google Currents, Evri, News360, LiveBinders,!, NetNewsWire (iPhone app, Fluent News Reader,, and
  6. 6. Social bookmarking apps . Diigo, Evernote Web Clipper, Yahoo! Bookmarks, Xmarks, Mister Wong jogtheweb.png icyte.png, Licorize, symbaloo.png, fav able.png, scrible.png, Digg, Stumbleu pon
  7. 7. Purpose: Acquiring and subscribing to/sharing information• Social Bookmarking and sharing links/tags• Sharing links in class Diigo groups• Adding annotations to online literary texts for sharing responses to literature
  8. 8. Using Diigo for adding a sticky- note response1. Add Diigo to your toolbar2. Find an online text3. Highlight sections of the text4. Click on the icon to add a Sticky Note response5. Have other students add their responses
  9. 9. “Womanhood,” CatherineAnderson She slides over When she enters, the hot upholstery and the millgate closes, of her mothers car, final as a slap, this schoolgirl of fifteen therell be silence. who loves humming & swaying Shell see fifteen high windows with the radio. cemented over to cut out light. Her entry into womanhood Inside, a constant, deafening noise will be like all the other girls— and warm air smelling of oil, a cigarette and a joke, the shifts continuing on ... as she strides up with the rest All day shell guide cloth along a line to a brick factory of whirring needles, her arms & where shell sew rag rugs shoulders from textile strips of kelly green, rocking back & forth bright red, aqua. with the machines— 200 porch size rugs behind her before she can stop to reach up, like her mother, and pick the lint out of her hair.
  10. 10. Highlighting and adding a StickyNote to the poem
  11. 11. QR reader apps QR Reader, QR app, NeoReader, Scan, QR Scanner, i-nigma, Optiscan, ScanLife, Quickmark, RedLaser-Barcord Scanner and QR Reader, or Qrafter. Create QR code images by entering in a URL in a QR create site such as Qrafter,, Kaywa, Tec-IT, QR-app
  12. 12. Comics apps Comixology Comics (for reading DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image, Boom! Studio comics; Comics+, myComics, Comic, Comicbl endr HD, Comic Zeal Comic Reader Mini (iPhone only, ComicBookLover (for reading/organizing comics).
  13. 13. Digital mapping iPad apps: iBrainstorm, MindMeister for Ipad,, Sundry Notes, Idea Sketch, Total Recall, inShare, iMindMap MindNode, iThoughtsHD, Popplet Lite Hierarchical/logical relationships between key concepts Issues of definitions: “unhealthy” foods
  14. 14. Note-taking apps Notes (IOS apps), Evernote, Penultimate, Notes Plus, Simplenote, NyNoteIt, SoundNo te, SpringNote, Notability, UberNote, NotePad Pro PaperDesk LITE, SmartNote
  15. 15. EverNote (and Skitch), NotesPlus (Alison) Evernote use in schools Evernote for clipping webpages Skitch for visual annotations Notes Plus (handwriting)
  16. 16. Mind-mapping apps Inspiration, iBrainstorm, MindMeister for Ipad,, Sundry Notes, Mindjet for iPad, Idea Sketch, Total Recall, iMindMap, MindNode, iThoughtsHD, Popplet, SimpleMind+ for iPad, Maptini
  17. 17. Uses of mapping for responding to literature• Visually portray performances according to three units of analysis: o Events | o Spaces | o Social worlds/systems
  18. 18. Map of “Womanhood”
  19. 19. Blogging apps BlogPress or Blogsy to export their blog posts to Blogger, Wordpress, Posterous, Edm odo, Live Journal, Private Journal, KidBlog Tumblrita to export their posts to Tumblr
  20. 20. Twitter apps Twitter Apps such as Twitter, TweetCaster Tweetbot, Tweetdeck, Twitteriffic, Hoo tSuite
  21. 21. Twitteriffic
  22. 22. HootSuite
  23. 23. Extended writing apps Pages, IA Writer, My Writing Spot for iPad, PlainText, Manuscript for iPad, Notebooks, Clean Writer, Storyist iPad, DraftPad OnLive Desktop, DocumentsToGo CloudOn (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint editing)
  24. 24. Collaborative writing/datacollection: Google Docs forms 5th graders: Weaver Lake School, Osseo, MN Data on parasite presence in Monarch butterflies 49% had parasites
  25. 25. Story/children’s book writing StoryKit, Storyrobe, Book Creator, Bookemon Mobile, Picture Books, Writers Studio, StoryPatch, Demibooks® Composer, StoryBuddy, My Story, MoglueBooks, myebook, StoryJumper (for younger students), Tikatok
  26. 26. Comics/graphic novels Comic Life, Strip Designer, ComicStrip CS S, Comics Creator, PhotoComic, Comic Touch Lite
  27. 27. Dictionary/grammar apps Dictionary for iPad, Merriam-Webster Dictionary HD, WordWeb Dictionary Dictionary and Thesaurus, Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus ◦ Students can speak words for dictionary searches Grammar App HD, English Grammar, Grammar Up, Word Study & English Grammar, iGE Lite: the interactive Grammar of English from UCL
  28. 28. Apps for Sharing/PublishingWriting ePub: Mac Pages (soon to be on iPad Pages) Apple Author (requires OS Lion): iBooks Dotepub or Inkling books ◦ Human Biology Inkling textbook MoGlue Books ebooks for reading on eReaders by submitting properly formatted Word files to, Bluefire Reader App, or Book Creator
  29. 29. Dictation apps Dragon Dictation/Search/Go Siri Remote Dictate ◦ dictate text that then appears on their PC Word or other word-processing application—transfer facilitated by the free, Air Mouse Server Google Translate
  30. 30. Voice search: Requiresvocabulary Google Search Siri iPhone 4S older IPhones: Voice Ask app ChaCha Merriam Webster dictionary Assessing information literacies TRAILS
  31. 31. Small-group discussions: CMSplatform options Pearson’s OpenClass (free; linked to Google Apps) ◦ 1 Edmodo (free; also an app) ◦ Schoology ◦ rcampus (cloud-based) ◦
  32. 32. Collaborize Classroom Free platform for classroom discussions Web-based Extensive curriculum resources Focus on fostering students collaboration Professional development on leading discussions
  33. 33. Backchannel apps TodaysMeet, Soapbox, Backchannel, Buro Zero Backchannel, Donahue, Read Chatz, or
  34. 34. VoiceThread: Multipleaudio/written comments on sameimage
  35. 35. Produce image tutorials forpeers: Doodles and audio voice-over ShowMe, Explain Everything, VoiceThread.ed, Screenc homp, Educreations, Interactive Whiteboard, ReplayNote, Skitch Show Me: 5th grade science pgu VoiceThead: Literary terms 28998.i7556980
  36. 36. Google Images/Earth/Lit Trips
  37. 37. Video/audio conferencing iChat, Skype, Facetime, Google+ Hangout, Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, Skype for iPhone and iPad, as well as a distinct Skype for iPad,), Share Board (up to 4 users), Fring: Video Calls + Chat (up to 4 users), BT Chat HD, ooVoo Video Chat, Vtok: Google Talk Video, Chat for GoogleTalk
  38. 38. Google+ Handout: Up to 10people
  39. 39. Teen texting: Pew Research 63% text daily versus 39% cell phones, 35% face-to-face socializing, 29% social-networking messages, 22% IMing, and 6% emailing. The median number of texts sent daily was 60 in 2011. The heaviest texters (more than 100 texts a day) are also the heaviest talkers; 69% of heavy texters talk daily on their cell phones versus 46% of medium texters (those exchanging 21- 100 texts a day)
  40. 40. Texting/message apps iMessage (iPad or iPhone), Messages (Mac), AK Messenger!, textPlus Free Texting + Group Text, Textie™ Messaging, Textfree, TextNow + Voice - Free Texting and Calling, iPushIt,, Text Me!, gText Classroom-based texting systems: Class Parrot, Kikutext, WeTxt, Remind101, Sendhub, Class Pager
  41. 41. Text to speech apps vBookz (reads aloud books) vBookz PDF Voice Reader (reads aloud PDF files), Write & Say (reads aloud text in 52 different voices (including a 3D avatar) and in 50 different languages), Speak it! (four different voices: American Male, American Female, British Male, British Female), Voice Reader Text to Speech (21 languages using 32 different voices, includes PDF files), Talk to Me (hear words spoken to them as they are writing)
  42. 42. Creating podcasts GarageBand,Voice Memos for iPad, SoundCloud (export into Garageband for editing)
  43. 43. Accessing videos YouTube EDU (free educational videos from universities, PBS, TED, and other educational sites), YouTube for Schools (students create/share videos), Google Videos, Vimeo, Redux, Yahoo Videos
  44. 44. Producing videos:Scripts/storyboards. Celtx Script, ScriptWrite, Storyist, Storyboar d Composer 2012 updated iMovie app: a storyboard feature for planning a video Recommend using Comics apps such as Comic Life for storyboards
  45. 45. Creating animation videos Animation Desk™ for iPad, Animation Studio, Toontastic, Puppet Pals HD, Sock Puppets, Animation Creator HD Lite, FlickmationLite, DoInk Animation & Drawing, iAnimator, Pop My Video videos made with iMotion MCnn0gztA
  46. 46. Game apps Tiny Tower, CityVille Hometown, My Town 2, Trade Nation, Farm Story, Epic Citadel (medieval fantasy town with a cathedral). Students creating characters and stories based on the Epic Citadel medieval setting
  47. 47. Interactive fiction Zenonia series Terra-Eternal Chaos, Vanquish: The Oath of Brothers Rimelands series Fighting Fantasy series Gamebook Adventures series LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Hunger Games: Girl on Fire Avatar
  48. 48. Role-play games (RPGs) Saturday Morning RPG ◦ a high school student must make decisions to cope with the threat of an evil villain to attempt to save the world, a game that draws on Saturday morning cartoons Surviving High School ◦ a new female high school student coping with getting to know students in her school or a male assuming the role as a member of the high school football team
  49. 49. Jotly: An app to rate anything
  50. 50. Self-assessment forms Google Docs Forms iResponse
  51. 51. Screen-casting feedback Text/PPs/images: VoiceThread, ExplainEverything, Scre enchomp, ShowMe, Educreastions Video response to writing: Jing Speeches/drama: Formative Feedback for Learning http://formativefeedbackapp.blogspot. com
  52. 52. Open-ended feedback Essay Grader Easy Assessment Collaborize Classroom Pro ◦ student online discussion participation
  53. 53. Record keeping/grades The TeacherTool, Super Duper Data Tracker, Teachers Assistant Pro: Track Student Behavior, Easy Assessment, TeacherPal, PowerTeac her Mobile, Gradekeeper, iHomework Students’ reading performance: Reading Log, Reading Record iPad ◦ recording changes in students reading scores over time.
  54. 54. e-Portfolio apps Three Ring Teachers Wire Use blogs, wikis, websites
  55. 55. ELA professionaldevelopment NCTE’s Connected Community English Companion Ning National Writing Project Connect/Digital Is Classroom 2.0 Curriki IRA’s Engage ReadWriteThink School 2.0 Sophia #EngChat (Twitter feeds)
  56. 56. App uses/recommendations EdReadch channel (MobileReach, MacReach) Appy Hours 4 U ◦ The TechChef4u app The iPad Show The Daily App Show TWIT channel Tech Chick Tips