Target Audience Survey Feedback


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Target Audience Survey Feedback

  1. 1. Target Audience Survey Feedback
  2. 2. Gender Male Female As this graph shows, my target audience will be primarily female. However as this is a promotional video I will need to try to make it appeal to males as well, so there is a bigger audience to bring in sales.
  3. 3. Age 15 10 Age 5 0 16 17 18 19-25 As this graph shows, my target audience will be around 17 years old between 16-18 years old. This means the topics used in the video should not be too graphic or promote anti-social behaviour such as drinking or drug use as audiences of this age are more vulnerable than older audiences to influences from the media.
  4. 4. Interests Interest the audience spends most money on Interests Sport Music Literature Films Gaming Sport Music Literature Films Gaming As these graphs show, my target audience have varied interests, but share the common interests of music and film. This suggests I should add some elements of film to my music video and I may do this through the style of video or through the shots used. My target audience spend the most of their money on music. This shows the importance of getting my promotional video right to attract them to buy the music.
  5. 5. Preferred Genre of Music Pop Rock Indie Punk Dance Hip-Hop R&B According to the survey results, my target audience prefer the indie genre of music, therefore when I choose a song to promote I shall use something from this genre. This will increase the audience attraction to my product.
  6. 6. How often are music videos watched? Often Sometimes Rarely Never This graph helps to show that the target audience for my music video are those who regularly watch music videos, so they are more likely to be looking for a new and exciting concept or narrative.
  7. 7. Where are music videos watched? Online TV This graphs shows that the target audience watch music videos mainly online. As there are lots of music videos on this platform my promotional video will have to stand out from the rest to catch the attention of the audience. My video will also need to be suitable for TV showings as well, as this is still a major viewing platform.
  8. 8. What type of music video is most popular? 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Narrative Performance Concept The results for this question on the survey were interesting. As I had predicted earlier based upon their love of film my target audience enjoy narrative videos the most. They are also very interested in concept videos. This could be due to their viewing methods (e.g online) where original concepts will stand out more and make a stronger effect on the audience.
  9. 9. What would you like to see in a music video? Narrative Interesting Location Dance Routines Unique Concetps Unusual Filming Style Props The top three features that my target audience would like to see in a music video are narrative, interesting location and unique concepts. To attract my target audience successfully I need to include as many of these things as possible.
  10. 10. Favourite Music Video For the final question of the survey, I asked the participants if they had a favourite music video and if they did, why was it their favourite video. I got some interesting responses and I will be watching the videos mentioned to see if there are any elements of them I would like to use in my own video.