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Social Crm With Clearvale
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Social Crm With Clearvale


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  • 1. Social CRM with BroadVision Clearvale January 2010
  • 2. Agenda
    • Social CRM
      • Objectives
      • Applications
      • Common concerns
      • Relationship to other sites
    • Best Practices
      • Key capabilities of a social CRM
      • Seven habits for successful adoption
  • 3. Objective of a Social CRM
    • Unhappy / unengaged customers
    • Happy / engaged customers
    • Customer Advocates
    • Customers For Life
  • 4. Applications of Social CRM
    • Community building
      • Establish a sense of community around a company’s products
    • Customer support
      • both via the customer services team, and community-powered support, where customers help each other resolve problems.
    • Account management
      • Improving communication between major customers (particularly B2B) and the account team servicing them
    • Driving repeat business
      • Engaging customers so that their next purchase or renewal becomes as easy and as logical as possible.
  • 5. Target industries
    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Hi-tech
    • Retail
    • Automotive
  • 6. Example: Mobile1to1 Connections
    • Mobile1to1 is a B2B and B2C vendor of mobile electronics
    • They are creating a new “Mobile1to1 Connections” site to complement their existing eCommerce site
  • 7. Account management widget from eCommerce application Personalized product feed from eCommerce application
  • 8. Customer Support
    • In the past, customer support has typically taken two forms:
      • Customer-to-company
      • Customer-to-customer
    • Social CRM combines the two
      • Make knowledge base more accessible
      • Helps customers solve their own, and each other’s problems
  • 9. Discussion File repository
  • 10. Private community management Event calendars Employee performance tracking Announcements
  • 11. Multimedia content Customer surveys Ephemeral community of interest microsite
  • 12. Account Management
    • Whereas customer service is typically reactive, account management needs to be more proactive
    • Establish trusted advisor relationship
    • Usually needs to be conducted in a private area
      • Public “hub”, private “spokes”
  • 13. Direct access to account team and senior management
  • 14. Driving sales
    • Social sites are “stickier” than transactional sites
    • Great opportunity to drive new & repeat sales, upgrades and renewals
    • Must not be too hard-sell, will drive customers away
    • Present targeted, relevant products
  • 15. Relevant products from eCommerce application
  • 16. Products details from eCommerce application & buy now link Product reviews and ratings
  • 17. Common concerns
    • What if my staff make inappropriate comments to customers?
    • My customers don’t want to collaborate with each other, as they are competitors
    • I don’t want negative comments about my company on a site I run
    • Can’t I just add social features to my existing eCommerce site?
    • Can’t I just use a Facebook page for this?
  • 18. Key capabilities of a social extranet
    • Connect
      • Enable customers to join the network and establish professional relationships with people they know and respect.
    • Communicate
      • Enable two-way discussions between the company and customers, and between customers groups.
    • Collaborate
      • Enable groups of users to come together in a shared space to work together.
    • Cultivate
      • Educate customers and employees on how to make best use of the capabilities the network provides.
    • Create
      • Enable the community to create something better than the sum of the individual parts.
  • 19. Seven habits for successful ESN adoption
    • Mandate
      • Must be part of official web strategy
    • Strategy
      • Clear idea of objectives
    • Expectations
      • Be realistic
    • Participation
      • The value of the network increases as the number of members increases
    • Contribution
      • Don’t slip back into a “broadcast” portal
    • Reward
      • Recognise valuable contribution
    • Perseverance
      • If at first you don’t succeed…
  • 20. Project implementation
    • Planning
      • Clearvale Strategic Planning Service
      • Clearvale Discovery Service
    • Construction
      • Network Configuration
        • Personalization Configuration
        • Community Configuration
        • Network Appearance and Branding
      • Data Uploading
        • User Uploading
        • Content Uploading
      • Network Review and Handover
    • Optional/Integration
      • Teamwork Implementation
      • User Directory Integration/SSO
      • CRM/Support Integration
      • Content Integration/Syndication
    • Training
      • End User Training
      • Administrator Training
      • Teamwork Training
  • 21. Summary
    • Customer for life
      • Social CRM turns unengaged customers into engaged customers, happy customers into advocates
    • Four main components
      • Community building
      • Customer service
      • Account management
      • Driving sales
    • Main challenges are organizational, not technical
    • BroadVision Clearvale is an Enterprise Social Networking suite providing all the capabilities required to create Social CRM