Technical University Eindhoven: Masters Module-Vedute-feb2014
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Technical University Eindhoven: Masters Module-Vedute-feb2014



Introduction ...

The Vedute Foundation, founded in 1991, aims to build up a library consisting of so-called spatial manuscripts. These manuscripts are three-dimensional objects in which the concept of 'space' is made both visual and accessible.
The Vedute Foundation invites artists, designers, architects and practitioners of other disciplines to visualize Space within the physical constraints of 44 x 32 x 7 cm. Contrary to books, spatial manuscripts reveal their meaning and content purely visually; the possibilities are well-nigh unlimited.
By means of the manuscripts the Vedute Foundation wants to give an incentive to the discourse about contextualized and philosophical space at large.
As extended loan the Vedute collection is part of the collection of the New Institute for architecture, design and digital culture in Rotterdam. Regularly they are presented at the Boymans van Beuningen in the same city.
So far 195 spatial manuscripts have been collected. During the period 2013-2014 the foundation will pass the magical 200-boundary by means of a special project aimed at the art and design schools in the Netherlands.
This project will address the foundation's goal to a younger generation of makers; students who are in the heart of their formative years. Compared to students in the 'regular' art and design schools, the ID Master students, being future Industrial Design Engineers, might be able to add a radically different angle to what Vedute's spatial manuscripts entail. A jury consisting of the lecturer and two board members of the Vedute Foundation will be present. The most successful manuscripts will become part of the Vedute Foundation collection and will be presented nationally at several venues.

Learning objectives
Within a 40-hour time frame a concept will be developed for a spatial manuscript for the Vedute Foundation. A sound balance needs to be developed regarding idea and concept development and the production of the spatial manuscript. Each student individually will develop his own manuscript. Therefore it is very much up to him/her how to approach and develop this module.

Learning activities
Developing ideas and concepts for a spatial manuscript and materializing these concepts into a presentable prototype.

A spatial manuscript, according to the Vedute Foundation's rules and regulations.
During the final presentation two representatives of the Vedute Foundation will be present as part of a jury, consisting of Ronald van Tienhoven (lecturer and maker of a Vedute manuscript, Daan Bakker (Vedute board member 1) and Peter van der Heijden (Vedute board member 2).

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Technical University Eindhoven: Masters Module-Vedute-feb2014 Technical University Eindhoven: Masters Module-Vedute-feb2014 Presentation Transcript

  • 44 x 32 x 7 cm
  • Ronald van Tienhoven Manuscript 0153
  • The concept and idea are different. The former implies a general direction while the latter is the component. Ideas implement the concept. ! sol lewitt
  • Marcel Duchamp La Boîte-en-Valise ! 1945-1968
  • paramedic kit exorcism kit for priests
  • some manuscripts
  • Wim Quist
  • Roel van Timmeren
  • In recent years most of my work in the public space has been of a temporary nature. Because the spatial manuscript is to be incorporated in Vedute’s collection, a temporary work initially seemed out of the question. Nevertheless, I wanted to remain true to my artistic intentions. I decided to make a temporary building that would fit inside a box measuring 44 by 32 by 7 centimetres and was made of material that would last. I decided that the temporary building would take the form of a tent and that plastic carrier bags would be eminently suitable as a building material. A plastic bag is far more durable than that which is carried in it. Treated carefully, they can last forever. The hysterical way in which the bags continue to communicate with the outside world when discarded is tragic. So I sewed white plastic over all the texts on the bags, like typex in a manuscript. I then sewed the bags together to make a single-person tent, with a zip fastener, guy ropes, tent pegs and tent poles. A separate space was reserved for this. When folded in a certain way, the whole thing measures 44 by 32 by 7 centimetres, but that’s a coincidence.
  • Catalogtree
  • Turn your radio on And listen to the music in the air Turn your radio on And glory to share Turn your lights down low And listen to the Master’s radio Get in touch with God Turn your radio on (Albert E. Brumley - 1905-1977) 1. Connect the telephone receiver (A/B) with the sockets C en D. Polarity does not matter here. 2. Connect the brown wire to a suitable ground point such as a cold water pipe or a ground rod hammered into damp soil. Connect the plug with socket E. 3. The reel of thin white wire should be unwound and the end raised as high as possible off the ground but read the safety instructions first! 4. Connect the antenna with socket F. 5. Use the variable capacitor for fine tuning. 6. Lift up the receiver. 7. Listen closely.
  • Dinie Besems
  • program /sessions! ! monday:! pressure cooker! plenary feedback between 14.30-17.00! ! tuesday! research, development, prototyping! ronald NOT present! ! wednesday! individual feedback - space 4.57! individual feedback between 10.45-17.00! ! thursday! plenary feedback between 10.45-13.00! individual feedback between 13.00-17.00! ! friday! final fine-tuning! individual feedback between 10.00-12.00! final presentations between 13.00-17.30! ! !