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    Web 2.0 For Administrators Web 2.0 For Administrators Presentation Transcript

    • Web 2.0forSchool Administrators
      Dr. Richard Voltz, Associate Director
      Illinois Association of School Administrators
      Nadine Norris, Technology Coach
      Palatine School District
    • Objectives of Academy
      To become aware of the changing educational technology landscape
      To sharpen your skills about how technology can increase your productivity, communication, leadership and student achievement
      To encourage you to critically evaluate your paradigm for education
    • Webpage for technology for administrators is
      Webpage containing tutorial for various technology functions is
    • The single most important factor in a student's achievement is the quality of his or her teacher.Reports by:The National Council on Teacher Quality ("Increasing the Odds," 2005) and The New Teacher Project ("The Widget Effect," 2009)
    • And this…
    • Senior Emily Smak, 20, tries out the treadmill workstation in one of the study lounges in the new Education and Human Services Building at Central Michigan University. There is a new iMac computer attached to it so students can get a little exercise while doing homework or other things on the computer.
    • Do you think students are more engaged outside of school than in school?
    • What is your school doing about it?
    • Did You Know 4.0
    • Change is difficult…make it fun
    • Infrastructure & Connectivity
    • What do schools need to do?
      Get infrastructure in place
      Make a plan
      Do not spend $ and still teach the same
      Determine plan for teacher training
      Administrators need to be leaders by example
      Technology costs…where can you save?
      Determine what works…
      Remedial software
      Response generators
      Students in charge of their own learning
      Collaborate learning
      Integration of various disciplines
    • Will paper copy library books ever be replaced with digital books?
    • How close are we to 1:1 classroom computing?
    • Intermediate School Increases Math Scores in 1:1 Program
    • Virtual Textbooks
    • This month, the Texas Education Agency is taking the first step by calling for bids for online material from both traditional publishers and online content providers. Officials there expect to have the first open-source textbooks and other materials online for students next fall.
    • Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/09/education/09textbook.html?_r=2&ref=education
    • At Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, a select group of freshmen received Kindles, an online book reader, instead of the textbooks.
    • Would you allow students to have their own mobile devices in school?
    • English Via Cell Phone
    • Marzano Study
      Evaluation Study of the Effects of Promethean ActivClassroom on Student Achievement
      Results clearly show that technology … makes a positive impact on learning
      Content, and knowing what you're trying to teach, is key.
    • iTunesU
    • Should we teach differently today because students learn differently?
    • What is this?
    • Virtual Book Study
    • How young professionals say they learn.
    • “I can look it up on-line, find an expert and then collaborate with that person on a solution.”
    • When I was growing up, my parents told me, “Finish your dinner. People in China and India are starving.” I tell my daughters, “Finish your homework. People in India and China are starving for your job.”
      ---Thomas Friedman, 2005
    • A Classroom Today
    • Scribes Team:Have students use Google Docs to take class notes
    • Google Documents
    • How would you use Google Documents?
    • Google Documents
      Staff meeting agendas and follow up notes
      Grade level or subject area team planning
      Share a template for classroom observations
      Weekly Announcements
      Shared listing of upcoming school events
      Revise long documents where each teacher edits one particular section
      Back up important documents
      Save a tree and turn in an assignment using Google Docs instead of printing. Easy for the teacher to make comments - just go to Insert / Comment.
    • Google Forms
      Principal's use forms for classroom observation with entry from an iPod Touch.
      technology inventory
      feedback on mentoring and lead teacher programs
      staff development surveys
      Forms for morning lunch count, students enter selections and teacher sees totals.
      Business Manager is working on one for her OSHA building walk-throughs.
      To do list: enter jobs for my assistant as I identify what needs to be done... all of the assignments are in one place.
      Collect data before a workshop:
    • Research team:Use Googleand AltaVista for students to do research
    • Tutorial Team:Students and teachers can use Jing toCreate Screencasts
    • Jing
    • Mathtrain-1.TV   Probability with Ben and Jerry
    • How would an administrator use Jing?
    • Teachers can make screenshot tutorials
    • Teachers can record lessons
      Put on web site
      Absent students can view
      Students on homebound instruction can view
      Students who need to see and hear for further understanding can view
      When teacher is absent, real teacher is actually teaching
    • Record Lecture Using ProfCast
      Save to GarageBand
      Embed in iWeb
      Upload to WebPage
    • Curriculum Team:Have Students Make Video and Audio Podcasts
    • YouTube
      Started in February 2005
      Bought by Google in November 2006 for $1.65M
      Already has more content than TV and TV started in 1940’s.
      If TV played 24/7 since inception, YouTube still has more content.
    • Digital Education The Hollywood Treatment at NECC
    • Administrators Can Make Video Podcasts
    • Carmel Clay IN Superintendent
    • Administrators Can Make Audio Podcasts
      Make An Audio Podcast
    • How would you use audio or video podcasting?
    • Start Your Own Blog
    • Would you blog?
    • Read Blogs
      Look for blogs written by people who share your interest
      Who do these bloggers follow?
      Who comments to these blogs?
      Comment to the blog yourself
    • Blogs to Read
    • Superintendent BloggingMark J. StockThe School Administrator; August 2009 Number 7, Vol.66
      You can get news out more quickly.
      You can respond to traditional media.
      Your message can be accessed by readers on their schedules.
      You can increase coverage in the traditional media.
      You can build a sense of community.
    • Administrators, Teachers and Students can make their own web pages using Ning, Wiki, WordPress, and others
    • Ning
    • http://iasa4u.ning.com/
    • Wiki
    • http://iasa.wikispaces.com/
    • Global team:Teachers can use e-pals and Skype to connect to others all over the world.
    • Teachers can use Skype
      In their classrooms
    • How could administrators use Skype?
    • How does digital text (hypertext) change education?
    • YouTube - Hudson Flight 1549 HD Animation with audio for US Airways Water Landing-1
    • Poll Everywhere
    • How open should the Internet be for teachers?
    • How open should the Internet be for students?
    • Social Networking in School
    • NSBA Survey (July 2007)
      52% of schools prohibit social networking
      Problem is student safety on-line
      List of Educational Networking sites at http://www.educationalnetworking.com/List+of+Networks
    • Add Twitter To Your Communication
    • Follow me on Twitter at rvoltz and IllinoisASA
    • Teachers use Twitter
      To communicate with students and parents on homework and class activities
      To link up with other teachers in a type of professional learning community
    • http://www.cellphonesinlearning.com/
    • Encourage teachers to engage students in their own learning
    • “We should instead use technology funding to bolster new learning models and innovations, such as online-learning environments, to level the playing field and allow students from all walks of life -- from small, rural communities to budget-strapped urban schools -- to access the rich variety that is now available only to children in wealthy suburban districts.”
    • Inspiring Idea