Positioning in Social Media


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Positioning in Social Media

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Positioning in Social Media

  1. 1. Positioning with Social Media Consumers want to be in the boardroom for co-creation of products & marketing. @SwamiSchulich | @rvnrahul
  2. 2. Questions Does Classical positioning still have merit in the world of social media• Is Social Media an enabler or main driver of business• My business is well on track-Why should i reinvent• How will social media impact sales/bottom-line• Marketing Resources are limited-Other channels are time tested- WIFM( what’s in for me)• What are the risks of not leveraging Social Media• Paradoxes exist like Walmart, Berkshire Hathaway Social Media must not remain part of Marketing Strategy but should be a component of Corporate Strategy.
  3. 3. Social Media - Changing Perspectives No Longer constrained by demographic orChanging Segmentation rules psychographic rules. Governed by passion, interest and other tribal characteristics Consumer voice/ Emotions/ Grievances/ opinions/ Engaged Customer perceptions/ biases Convergence of media/ Social media at the forefront of decision making for education/ relationships/ Buying behavior/ Personal brandingcommunication/ ecommerce Speed and relevance Internet & Globalization Traditional marketing are based on attribution theory. Risks of missing the boat The effect can be devastating- Marketers fear of loosing control Netnography-Ethnography & other metrics-Audience Is it measurable engagement, Share of voice, Conversation reach
  4. 4. The FundamenTals oF posiTioning haven’Tchanged. The Rules of Engagement have.
  5. 5. Know Thy AudienceAudience is no longer limited byboundaries or demographics.
  6. 6. Need - Its not Just Product Anymore The Brands need to understand ‘the needs of the many’ in the changing environment.
  7. 7. Discernible Frame of ReferenceWith boundariesdiminishing, Brandsmust now compete inGigantic and intricateframes of reference.
  8. 8. Refreshingly Different Brands need to be as distinctive as possible to be able to attract and engage consumers.
  9. 9. Passionate BeliefBrands to consistentlyprove their passionand product forconsumers to believe.
  10. 10. Social Media Positioning Process Positioning Strategy Strategy Identify IT Governance Short Term Social Media Issues Tool Long Term Social Media Key Issues UsesAnalysis Facebook ExternalSWOT TwitterCompetitor Internal Custom BlogsCost-Benefit
  11. 11. Benefits of EngagementBuild Knowledge Base• Have latest and relevant information at your DashboardGenerate New Ideas• Discuss, share and vet new ideas  bring new ideas to market fasterConnect the Pack of Stakeholders• Connect product teams and distributors with customers.Employees-Informed & Connected brand ambassadors• Keep employees connected at work and at a personal level; spreading positivityOnline awareness & Crisis handlings• Stay in touch with brand communities & create new consumer segments• Avoid United Airlines - like situations• 90% of online users are lurkers, 10% spreaders, 1% creators• Lack of control – Butterfly effect and long tail effect
  12. 12. Starbucks High Customer Engagement on facebookLocation based loyalty promotion through foursquare
  13. 13. Starbucks – Social Media Campaign• High level on consumer engagement – Starbucks customers for an active and passionate Tribe.• The customers form an important part of the community.• The dialogue online is interactive rather than one sided.• The Channels are used for engagement rather than promotion.• Location based promotion incentivises Tribal Behaviour.• Consistent Positioning across All Media.
  14. 14. Coca Cola“The most effective strategy to drive revenue for a business is tobuild the community, earn members’ trust and delicately ask fortheir permission to market your services”, Seth Godin.
  15. 15. Coca Cola – Social Media Campaign• Coca Cola Embeds within the community. The page that was created by its fans was made official while letting the creators retain control. The page doesn’t just listen but it gets the community involved.• Digital engagement matched by Offline engagement.• Consistent Positioning across All Media.
  16. 16. Customers want to be involvedwith companies. Bring them inthe boardroom to improve the Venkata Naga Rahul, Ranirelationship. @rvnrahul rvnrahul@gmail.com http://ca.linkedin.com/in/rvnrahul http://www.flickr.com/photos/rvnrahul/ Swaminathan Sundarrajan @SwamiSchulich swami.iyers@gmail.com Linkedin: swaminathan sundarrajan CONVERSATIONS 44%