jetBlue Social Media Strategy


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I am not an employee of jetBlue and this presentation is not a confidential jetBlue document. This is just an exercise by me.
This is a slide deck put together describing what jetBlue SHOULD be doing now in terms of social media, in terms of a social media campaign that benefits from gamification.

If you have any queries, requests for autographs and job offers, Please email me at

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jetBlue Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. JetBlue Social Media Strategy & “JetPlay” | @rvnrahul | | | +1 416 566 8934
  2. 2. Status Check On-time Performance Low Cost (Efficiency) Market Research (Netnographic & Traditional) provides the brand Associations of Existing Marketing Channels jetBlue include traditional advertising, website, call center and emailFamily & Fun High Customer marketing. Orientation Service: Baggage, Complaint handling, Flexibility Opportunity | @rvnrahul | | | +1 416 566 8934
  3. 3. Social Media Strategy Planning Brand Market Awareness Penetration Determine & Record the current page Determine views, customer satisfaction results,Marketing Brand Existing & transactions and revenue generatingChannels Perceptions Aspirational channels. Net Promoter Level of Score Engagement Set Target for the Metrics to measure the various social media campaigns at various stages. | @rvnrahul | | | +1 416 566 8934
  4. 4. Social Media Strategy Roadmap Why What How Retain and Establish Establish a long translate key Presence in term social brand multiple online media strategy. associations Channels. Launch an initial online. Deliver a campaign to Maintain consistent promote and jetBlue’s message to create competitive consumers awareness for advantage. online. the new media Improve Personification of channels. customer the brand and Monitor and satisfaction interacting with Manage the through consumers. various social increased media channels engagement. to engage customers. Monitor ROI of the Campaign | @rvnrahul | | | +1 416 566 8934
  5. 5. Social Media Strategy: Channels• Opportunity for the • Highly effective • Connect with fans • Upload brand to promote its customer service online & Provide advertisements, pro campaigns, work management tool. options to motions and other culture and • Monitoring tool for consumers through video content Messages. brand mentions and microsite. relevant to the• Attracts resources brand perceptions. • Apps provide industry. who believe in the • Set benchmarks on opportunity for a brand. time taken to reply customized• Destination for to a tweet. engagement in a material on social sphere. travel, aviation and (Benchmark VW interact. suggesting models based on user profiles) All the Channels have to be integrated with the website driving traffic intrinsically. Message across all channels to be reinforce the key associations of the brand. | @rvnrahul | | | +1 416 566 8934
  6. 6. Social Media Strategy: Tactics•Allow all employees to •Dedicated team to Monitor •Connect with fans online. •Upload advertisements, create & post content. & respond to queries •Effectively utilize landing promotions and other video (Benchmark: Southwest online. pages to promote content relevant to the Airlines) •Team to be trained in CRM campaigns to new users. industry.•Relevant posts about functions. •Quality content creation & travel, routes, working at •Effectively use #hashtags. posting to retain and jetBlue & new campaigns. •Periodical quality content engage fans. creation. By offering freedom to create content, jetBlue would be able to monitor & manage its social media strategy with minimal resource allocation. (Benchmark: Southwest Airlines, 5 Employees) | @rvnrahul | | | +1 416 566 8934
  7. 7. Video Game Design Elements Risk Video Games command the highest engagement among target consumers. VideoDifficulty Game Reward Design jetBlue to use the elements of Loss video game design to create an online Game. Reward: Round Trip, discounts, miles etc. Difficulty: Varying (To engage the casual & frequent traveller) Use the Campaign to create Risk: Users log into the game with their awareness for the New jetBlue facebook / twitter id. Social Media Channels. Loss: Loss of reward. | @rvnrahul | | | +1 416 566 8934
  8. 8. The CampaignQuestions include identifying the cities jetBlue has a presencefrom pictures, commenting on a Fun, Interactive and relevant. topic on jetBlue’s facebook page, watch a video on their YouTube channel. The Game, at the right answer Create subtle provides details about jetBlue’s awareness about service to these points. the routes. The Game directs consumers Promotion & generate to jetBlue’s new social traffic to all the channels channels and promote them.A fun, interactive and engaging game (jetPlay) built on the fundamentals of game design theory,connecting and promoting the social media channels jetBlue launches to increase engagement and improve interaction. | @rvnrahul | | | +1 416 566 8934
  9. 9. Monitoring & ROI Some Tools for Monitoring, Scheduling &• Non-financial: Visitors, WOM, Page Analyticsviews, Fans, Followers, Brand mentions,unaided brand awareness, loyalty Metrics, )• Financial: Sales, Revenue, Transactions,Coupons)• Activity Timelines: Record all activities bythe brand on all channels, Also recordexternal events that might have a positive/negative impact on the brand.• Performance Indicators: To process theAnalytics report and compare with the StartStatus. | @rvnrahul | | | +1 416 566 8934
  10. 10. Thank You | @rvnrahul | | | | @rvnrahul || | +1 416 566 8934 +1 416 566 8934