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Social Studies Powerpoint, 9.1 And 9.2, Rajprasanth Varatharajah

Social Studies Powerpoint, 9.1 And 9.2, Rajprasanth Varatharajah







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    Social Studies Powerpoint, 9.1 And 9.2, Rajprasanth Varatharajah Social Studies Powerpoint, 9.1 And 9.2, Rajprasanth Varatharajah Presentation Transcript

    • A Story from around Turn of the century Australia which talks about the life of a young boy, being raised by a poor family. A typical working class story. The text of the story is in red and the history content is in orange. is
    • Born to a working class family baby Greg, wasn’t brought up with the things we take for granted. Greg had a mother who didn’t work and father who had to work most of the day and the family never had enough for a house hold of 4. In turn of the century Australia, majority of the families were what is known as working class. Where usually one person (male most of the time) would be working for long parts of the day for little money. Women also had little rights which really made it hard for working class families.
    • Friends are something Greg couldn’t choose, because of Greg’s great ability in sport he was never able to choose his friends as allot of the big bad boys of the school adopted him into their ways of life. This forced Greg out of his comfort zone and he couldn’t say no either because all the attention he was receiving was to tempting at the time.
    • Like Most Children for Turn of the century Australia Greg’s schooling wasn’t particularly great. Greg didn’t go to a good school and was often influenced by friends to take part in rowdy behavior. While at this time Greg’s parents where to busy to look after him and he had siblings that had to go to work, because of the family condition.
    • In year 10, Greg was asked by his parents to leave school and start working because of the family state. So then Greg Decided to take up being a paper boy, where things weren’t to flash either, he was involved with bad work mates there as well. In turn of the century Australia, allot of kids who were in working class families would often drop out of school to work for the family.
    • Greg and his friends were always up to mischief, whether it was theft, abuse, gang fights or rape. Greg and his friends were always in the thick of things when it came with the police. Now although Greg wasn’t apart of this he was getting stick at home. But he couldn’t leave or else trouble would have been awaiting him.
    • One day, along came a person of the same age as Greg same size as Greg, but different color, he was black. He moved into the area and was being tortured by everyone. Greg didn’t really know what to do because Greg was feeling for the Aboriginal boy.
    • The black man was always discriminated. He was always hit bruised and never helped in any way. Greg would have liked to help, but he didn’t know whether he would get hassled by his mates or not. So that put him an uncomfortable position. But one day when the Aboriginal man was forced into walking in the streets without clothes, that really angered Greg. He helped the Aboriginal man and made sure he was in a better place.
    • Greg and the black man were being chased day and night. They were both on the run. Greg made sure that the Black man was on a ship that took him to a place where he would be accepted.
    • Greg felt that he needed to start help fighting for the rights of black people. But all of his larrikins friends thought otherwise because Greg came from a poor family background couldn’t get protection and therefore was taken advantage of, his family became the victims of rape, slaughter and slavery. This was starting to take toll on a family that died through the lake of resources such as food and water.