Prototype for KC; PR professional in LA


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The purpose of this project is for the PR professional to obtain her Dream Job in LA, a market about which she knows little. We decided to have her practice her skills by actually learning about local issue and writing a blog as well as a hard copy newsletter.

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Prototype for KC; PR professional in LA

  1. 1. Problem Statement: Unemployed, bright PR professional needs a way to demonstrate her skills in a new market. She feels her education has not guaranteed her an adequate and rewarding career. Favorite Idea: Research issues locally, creating an information outlet for her neighborhood or immediate area, thereby establishing herself within the community and exposing herself to local issues and becoming an advocate for local issues.
  2. 2. Interview Questions for Locals:  Do you need a way to understand local happenings?  Would you appreciate someone doing the research about local happenings and publishing it online or hardcopy?  What would you like to see?  What do you not want to see in a local periodical?  Would you be more likely to read something posted online or hardcopy?  What are the barriers to you reading this type of product?
  3. 3. Interview Findings (1 of 2): NEWS PEOPLE WANT: • Calendar of events • Parties • Services – Medical, Dental, Babysitting • “Inside scoop” on movie production and needs for extras • Gossip on local celebs and their hangouts • Restaurant Reviews
  4. 4. Interview Findings (2 of 2): ISSUES TO ADVOCATE: • ESOL needs • Traffic-calming • Animal living conditions ALSO: • Matchmaking • Meet-up Groups Info • Hairdressers’ Ads WHAT THEY DON’T WANT: • Ads from lawyers
  5. 5. Pretotype I: Electronic Blog as News Outlet Pros • Low budget • Quick to produce or change in case of error • Interactive • Immediate feedback Cons • Does anyone need another blog? • Immediate feedback -- some people are rude and hit “send” before thinking about it • You may end up policing comments, which could take up a lot of time • Liability issues?
  6. 6. Catchy Name. Use general template for speed and ease. Neighbor- hood seal to build allegiance DATE Statement of Purpose, contact information and your picture below: Catchy News Item #1 Calendar of local events
  7. 7. Pretotype II: Hardcopy Newsletter as News Outlet Pros • People do read things in their hands • Lying on a counter, people will refer to it and be likely to call phone numbers in front of them Cons • Liability issues? • Higher budget • Hard to print and unable to rescind issues quickly • Not interactive • How would you know if you are doing anything but selling ads?
  8. 8. Catchy Name. Use general template for speed and ease. Neighbor- hood seal to build allegiance DATE Statement of Purpose, contact information and your picture below:Catchy News Item #1 Calendar of local events Hyperlinks not available, so insert additional clever graphics with appropriate fonts and news items.
  9. 9. Interview Process of building residents Discussing pros/cons of each approach More time to actually write up a blog and newsletter and test these in two markets – maybe 8 weeks This is also a good approach for subject to improve her acumen publishing both on-line and in hard- copy. There is a lot to learn using Prezi and other applications, making her more marketable.
  10. 10. Reflection We only got as far as interviewing people and coming up with ideas of soft-copy vs. hard-copy. Conversations led to more discussion, and we realized this is a big deal and more “soul searching” would need to be done by the subject. What is she willing to invest to find her Dream Job? I also don’t trust the self-reported statistics from those interviewed. Do people really read blogs? Would they really care? My instinct on this is that people may intend to read a blog, but it would need to be really catchy and clever for people to continue. Past experience (and research) shows that more people will read a hard-copy newsletter if packaged well and produced in a reliable timeframe. There is a lot more to do, but I think the subject just needs to begin and learn as she goes along.