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Autofusion is a leading provider of e-commerce products and services for the automotive industry. With a core performance enhancing suite consisting of complete website solutions, SEO and SEM, Autofusion delivers a proven increase in website traffic and lead conversions by 30% or more. Other traffic boosting elements offered include facebook inventory plugins, mobile websites and craigslist postings along with call tracking, managed chat, 24 hour call center services and more.

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Who is Autofusion

  1. 1. Autofusion Car Dealer Internet Solutions<br />SELL MORE CARS<br />Take the busy work out of the dealership, and focus on selling more cars.<br />Managed by<br />Contact us today<br /> info@autofusion.com<br />Visit us on the web<br /> www.autofusion.com<br />
  2. 2. How do we help YOU compete?<br />By allowing you to focus on what you do best…<br />Sell to the buyers we bring to your door. <br />Autofusion manages your website and…<br />Increases your online traffic by 30% or more.<br />Increases your lead conversions by 40% or more.Allocates your budget dollars more efficiently.Provides a multitude of services under one roof.<br />Automates everything possible to reduce your workload.<br />We offer the BEST RESULTS available for LESS THAN (or as much as) our competitors.<br />
  3. 3. Honda Sample Reporting<br />Value Proposition<br />More Traffic & More Leads = Highest Visibility<br />Superior SEO & Google places tactics<br />Automation & Integration = Maximized Sales Efforts<br />Automation on every service where it is possibleEliminatemanual data entry<br />Lowest Cost Per Lead = You Pay Less<br />Optimized SEM: higher quality score / lowest cost per click<br />Overall unbeatable rates per service<br />Less Vendors & Great Service = Minimized Workload<br />Multitude of superior services under one roof<br />
  4. 4. Sales Driven Products and Services<br />Autofusion proprietary products, dealer expertise and unparalleled customer support propels you ahead of your competition.<br />
  5. 5. Honda Sample Reporting<br />Advanced Website Solutions<br />Best Performing Websites<br />Built from the ground up for SEO optimization<br />Integrated incentives, rebates, and specials<br />Exact vehicle options<br />Discounts on inventory details pages<br />Automated new car inventory configuration<br />Customized look and feel – not templated<br />
  6. 6. Honda Sample Reporting<br />Google SEO - Keyword Report<br />BEFORE<br />34 listings on the first page of Google<br />GREAT RESULTS IN AS <br />FEW AS 6 WEEKS!<br />AFTER<br />204 listings + Highest Rankingon the first page of Google<br />Autofusion consistently produces compelling search engine improvement in the first 45 to 90 days.<br />
  7. 7. Honda Sample Reporting<br />Google SEO - Keyword Grid Report<br />= Autofusion Dealer<br />DEFEND YOUR PMA<br />Dominate your dealership search terms and keywords in your primary market area.<br />Keep neighboring dealers out of your local search results.<br />Autofusion will allocate your online SEO marketing dollars to yield the best value with the greatest results.<br />
  8. 8. Honda Sample Reporting<br />Pay-Per-Click<br />High Yield SEM Pages<br />Outperform the competition by 20% or more.<br />Clear calls-to-action<br />Content specific landing pages<br />Rich in detail <br />Transparent fee structure<br />Google quality score optimized<br />
  9. 9. Honda Sample Reporting<br />Enhanced Pay-Per-Click<br />SUPERCHARGE YOUR SEM RESULTS with our Minimal Loss System™<br />No need to chase down your customers twice.<br />SEM STRAIGHT TO APPOINTMENTS<br />LIVE CHAT and CALL CENTER services:<br /> Integrated U.S. based calling<br /> Real car people - not generalists<br /> Always an answer - 24/7 <br />Appointment setting services available<br />Data pushed directly into your CRM<br />Statistics show that 36% of customer internet inquiries remain unanswered after 24 hours.<br />You can ELIMINATE THIS PROBLEM with the Autofusion Minimal Loss System™.<br />
  10. 10. Analytics Tracking<br />
  11. 11. Managed Services = Satisfied Dealers<br />Increase Your Sales<br />Multiple Sales Enhancing Products Under One Roof<br />Most Advanced SEO/SEM Techniques in the Industry<br />Automated Rebates, Incentives, Specials and Real Options<br />Minimize Workload and Stress<br />Automation and Integration Eliminate Manual Data Entry<br />Full-Time Dedicated Customer Support Staff<br />No Multiple Vendor Issues<br />Best Value Guaranteed<br />Unbeatable Pricing Structure<br />No Long Term Commitments or Hidden Fees<br />Free Upgrades, Support and Maintenance<br />
  12. 12. Exceeding Car Dealer Demands<br />Large Volume Dealers use Autofusion<br />Fremont Toyota -Largest Toyota volume dealer in Northern California.<br />Toyota of El-Cajon - Founded in 1990. Over 500 vehicles on the lot.<br />Toyota of Escondido - Founded in 1981. Just under 500 vehicles.<br />Large Dealer Groups use Autofusion<br />Group 1 - West and Central Regions<br />LAcarGuy - 38th Largest Dealer Group By Sales<br />Victory Automotive Group - 18 Dealers<br />Affinity Groups use Autofusion<br />AAA– Used Car Inventory Display<br />AffiliatedPhotographers:Virtual Dealer AutoSelect<br />ProMotion<br />Picstar & more…<br />We work with the top consultants as well as manage internet strategies for the most discriminating and largest dealers in the U.S. and Canada.<br />
  13. 13. Honda Sample Reporting<br />Featured Dealer Portfolio<br />View featured Autofusion dealers online…<br />Toyota of Hollywood<br />Manhattan Beach Toyota<br />Gosch Toyota<br />Toyota of El Cajon<br />Rancho Ford Lincoln<br />Fuller Ford<br />Simi Valley Ford<br />Ron Bortnick Ford<br />Nissan of St. Augustine<br />Anderson Nissan<br />Tipton Honda<br />Fuller Honda<br />BMW of Beaumont<br />BMW Concord<br />Scott Volkswagen<br />Ertley Kia<br />Fuller Kia<br />Team Kia El Cajon<br />Kia of Raleigh<br />Quality Chevrolet<br />OBX Chevrolet - Buick<br />Fairway Mazda<br />Panama City Mazda<br />North County GMC<br />Bob Howard GMC Buick<br />Coming soon<br />Planet Hyundai<br />Gosch Hyundai<br />Mike Kelly Hyundai<br />Mercedes-Benz<br />Fisker<br />Audi<br />Porsche<br />Group Sites<br />Mercedes-Benz of Baltimore<br />Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills<br />Mercedes-Benz of Escondido<br />Fisker Santa Monica<br />Group 1 Automotive<br />Victory Automotive Group<br />Gosch Auto Group<br />LAcarGuy<br />Pacific Audi<br />Circle Porsche<br />Pacific Porsche<br />
  14. 14. Get Autofusion Website Solutions Today<br />CONTACT:<br />Roy Van Beaumont, CEO<br />Office 858.270.9444 x 206rvanbeaumont@autofusion.comTo view more of our dealer websites visit:http://www.autofusion.com/portfolio/<br />Thank you for the opportunity!<br />Please visit the next few slides to learn more about the company.<br />