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“We soon realized that                  Situation                                     The company needed a solution that
Microsoft platform,” says Nikunj Patel,      used for the application:
                        Director Business Applicati...
company’s business units. These portal      “Overall we anticipate significant
sites give the company the ability to      ...
Increased Employee Productivity               and surveys. The CEO’s section is
With corporate communications,            ...
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Lowe Lintas Case Study - Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd


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Prosares Solutions implemented enterprise portal for Lowe Lintas, India’s leading advertising agency. Leveraging Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007), Lowe now has an enterprise-wide platform for communicating with all employees; collaboration amongst employees; document and knowledge management; and a host of other requirements.

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Lowe Lintas Case Study - Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

  1. 1. Microsoft Office System Customer Solution Case Study Advertising Agency Simplifies Content Management, Gains Transparency and Collaboration with Optimized Intranet Portal Overview “Overall we anticipate substantial reductions in costs Country or region: India Industry: Advertising for specific areas. But more importantly we plan to leverage the platform to unlock the value within the Customer Profile Established in 1969, Lowe Lintas is a system.” successful agency which is inclined Pravin Savant, Chief Technology Officer, Lowe Lintas towards quality creative advertising and works for the benefit of its clients. Lowe Lintas, one of India’s leading advertising agencies, sought Business Situation To maintain its leadership position in a to support collaboration across its business in a fierce market of dramatically changing industry, Lowe global competition. Given the line of its business, creativity and Lintas wanted a way to better support its professionals. The company wanted collaboration is mission critical and therefore the company to improve internal communications wanted to enable employees to share information and and enable employees to collaborate effectively. collaborate easily across business units. To do that, it developed and deployed a central intranet portal called Lowe Connect Solution The company created an intranet based on Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007. The portal based on Microsoft® Office intranet improves user’s ability to access key documents, SharePoint® Server 2007. The solution supports collaboration and workflow streamlines operational workflow, and introduces greater processes, and makes it easy to share transparency into the company’s processes. This comprehensive up-to-date information. and highly successful information platform is unifying Benefits employees throughout the company, increasing the speed and  Decreased costs with fast ROI  Enhanced collaborative environment accuracy of collaboration and work processes.  Increased employee productivity  Streamlined content management  Improved communication
  2. 2. “We soon realized that Situation The company needed a solution that Established in 1969, Lowe Lintas, one of would make it easy for Top executives to we needed to develop India’s top advertising agencies, believes communicate directly to employees- the greatest service it can render is the other than the routine common e-mail an efficient portal power of a high value idea. A community route, a place to promote employee and environment that would of award winning talent across the team achievements, and a location that world’s established and fast growing would allow for multiple groups to enable us to share economies, Lowe Lintas provides manage and store information needed advertising and branding solutions to a by employees on a daily basis. information and host of corporate houses across various collaborate easily within industry verticals. “We soon realized that we needed to develop an efficient portal environment and across business Headquartered in Mumbai, India, it that would enable us to share inculcates advertising, media buying information and collaborate easily within units.” house, direct marketing, public relations, and across business units,” says Charles Charles Cadell, CEO, Lowe Lintas design consultancy, market research, Cadell, CEO, Lowe Lintas. “We wanted an events, rural communications and intranet that all employees could handle interactive communications. It is a easily and update themselves, and that successful agency which is inclined would accommodate live news feeds and towards quality creative advertising and other dynamic content. Including our works for the benefit of its clients. interesting creative work” Lowe Lintas prides itself on using the latest technologies to improve Solution operations and customer satisfaction. Lowe Lintas decided to implement a The company has built a reputation for solution that could satisfy a range of quality and innovative services, and it business needs. It needed to serve as a relies on a robust information knowledge management system that technology environment to help deliver provided the ability to easily publish what its customers need. Unfortunately, documents on the intranet, effectively employees were finding it difficult to search for information, and collaborate efficiently meet the needs of the many and share information among all business units and divisions. It was business units. difficult to share creative work across all offices in India in order to generate more It knew exactly what it needed to region wise ideas, brand building, accomplish its goals - Microsoft Office feedback, and launch national level SharePoint Server 2007. Designed to campaign. While most of the work done facilitate collaboration and content by creative individuals was brilliant and a management, to streamline business huge asset for the organization, there processes, and to enable easy access to was no central repository of the same for information from a wide variety of future reference or any other business sources, Office SharePoint Server was a usage. This limitation implied constraints natural fit. to collaborate and manage the knowledge effectively. “We chose to go with Office SharePoint Server 2007 because it satisfied all our criteria and we felt confident in the
  3. 3. Microsoft platform,” says Nikunj Patel, used for the application: Director Business Applications, Lowe  MOSS Server (Server Farm): Along with Lintas. “With Office SharePoint Server the MOSS Server farm, IIS server will 2007, we not only receive a great deal of act as the Web and Application server. value for our investment, but we were  Database Server (Primary Transaction also able to put effective, usable Server): SQL Server 2005 will be used technology into the hands of our for database operations as there is a business users.” requirement for clustering for failover mechanism. To implement the solution, developers  Secondary Server (Backup): In a cluster worked with consultants from Microsoft environment a set of nodes are tied India and strategic partner Prosares together, such that the end users and Solutions Private Ltd. to create Lowe applications perceive the nodes as a Connect, a metadata-based content single server resource. Every node has storage and retrieval tool that exposes a a subsystem designed to incorporate wealth of information, applications, and redundancy. These redundant efficiency-enhancing tools and puts subsystems take charge when the them at employees’ fingertips. It delivers primary system fails. The Resource frequently updated information, Group Manager controls the clustered including corporate and industry news, environment, and also the application and its ease of customization enables running in it. users to own and manage their content from end to end. In addition to the above, the application hosted in both the MOSS servers will Physical Architecture interact with an e-mail server. These Physical Architecture The following physical infrastructure is servers may be physically resident on the Data Transaction server or the Primary Application server. Solution Overview The various services provided are channelized into following dimensions:  Communication: It includes top management communication, internal news & communication, industry news of interest & client specific and creative library with updates on new creative work.  Interaction: It includes discussion forums, blogs, office communicator chat, polls, surveys, and brain food.  Transactions: It includes leave records, and links to various key applications. From within Lowe Connect, employees can access departmental sites, which are individually managed by each of the
  4. 4. company’s business units. These portal “Overall we anticipate significant sites give the company the ability to reductions in operational costs by disseminate department-specific introducing various workflows for information. transactions and also utilizing ready to use features like Poll/Survey etc,” says Nikunj Patel. Benefits “To us, Microsoft Office SharePoint Enhanced Collaborative Environment Server 2007 represented a powerful, Given the line of its business, creativity flexible means to increase collaboration and collaboration is mission critical for and to provide our users with a highly the company. Lowe Connect is a key efficient and cutting-edge technological platform to help facilitate the same. It is tool to assist in day-to-day business primarily designed to give users a single activities,” says Pravin Savant, Chief unified platform to collaborate. Being on Technology Officer, Lowe Lintas. “We a Microsoft platform for mailing as well wanted to leverage the features of the as office communications, it means it’s a platform to create a unified information seamless connect from the intranet to base which can be leveraged for business start interaction over e-mail or chat. benefits. In the immediate phase we will leverage the platform to capture new The discussions forums help collaborate business leads and key customer while keeping a complete thread which contacts. We will also use this as a can be retrieved for any future reference. primary means to disseminate useful In addition, the regional office teams find information with the customers. The it much easier to keep in pace with decision to adopt a solution based on what’s happening around the Office SharePoint Server 2007 has organization. improved operational efficiency, streamlined processes, and reduced The Brain Food section helps retain and costs thereby strengthening our industry share useful information, which can be position and encouraging ongoing eventually developed as knowledge success.” management. Decreased Costs with Fast ROI Pravin Savant explains, “As a company, The implementation of Office SharePoint we’ve always felt that collaboration Server 2007 provides better service and contributes a great deal to our success. comprehensive functionality to the We’re empowering our users through the company’s work force. The intranet intranet because we’ve given them an portal helps utilize many ready to use extremely effective tool that they are features saving time and cost. For using to share their knowledge. The example, an organization wide survey or response has been quite positive with poll would have demanded higher cost 100 percent unique access rate and close and time apart from logistics challenges. to 70 percent regular access. The ease However, with the new solution, the and efficiency with which employees can company is able to implement it with gather information has made us more complete ease. effective and productive as a company.”
  5. 5. Increased Employee Productivity and surveys. The CEO’s section is With corporate communications, regularly and personally updated by CEO documents, and employee information - Charles Cadell himself and it helps consolidated and made easily searchable reach out to users on important on Lowe Connect, employees spend developments. much less time finding information and more time putting it to use. “Valuable The unified platform and in-built alerts time is being used to gather and pursue mechanism in Office SharePoint Server leads,” says Nikunj Patel. “With 2007 helps the company in employees spending less time searching communication flow. Given the single for information, we estimate that their sign on with Microsoft Exchange mailing productivity is up.” platform and the Office Communicator for instant messaging, the overall Streamlined Content Management process is very smooth for the end user. Their key deliverable is the high value idea which is in TV commercial and news print format. With the Office SharePoint Server 2007–based content management system in place, there is a structured repository of this content with metadata details, which implies easy access to the same and ease of connecting with the quality product. This happens to be the most frequently visited area at the portal. Office SharePoint Server 2007 is a key part of Lowe Lintas technical infrastructure. With the new workflows, content owners in different business areas can take more control over managing their content. Improved Communication Lowe Connect is employees’ primary source for information. The company relies on it for centralized storage of documents and data, and as a communications vehicle for delivering news and alerts to nearly 600 people in real time. The intranet provides the ability to have multi dimensional communication across various offices. At one level it helps deliver policies and other announcements while at the other level it provides feedback with the help of polls
  6. 6. For More Information Microsoft Office System For more information about Microsoft The Microsoft Office system is the products and services, call the business world’s chosen environment for Microsoft Sales Information Center at information work, providing the (800) 426-9400. In Canada, call the programs, servers, and services that help Microsoft Canada Information Centre you succeed by transforming information at (877) 568-2495. Customers in the into impact. United States and Canada who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can reach For more information about the Microsoft text telephone (TTY/TDD) Microsoft Office system, go to: services at (800) 892-5234. Outside the 50 United States and Canada, please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access information using the World Wide Web, go to: For more information about Lowe Lintas products and services, call +91 022 6636 1577 / 6622 8900 or visit the Web site at: Software and Services  Services  Microsoft Office − Microsoft Services − Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published May 2010