SPS Kansas City - MS-Access and SharePoint - The new old thing - November 2013

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  • 1. SPS EVENTS KANSAS CITY 2013 Access The New (old) Thing for SharePoint Ruven Gotz - Avanade
  • 2. Thank You for being a part of SharePoint Saturday Kansas City! • Please turn off all electronic devices or set them to vibrate • If you must take a phone call, please do so in the hall • Wi-Fi is available, you will need your Guest ID/password (at registration desk) • Feel free to tweet and blog during sessions. Remember to follow @SPSKC and tag #whattheheck in your tweets!
  • 3. Thanks to our Sponsors!!!
  • 4. About me @ruveng spinsiders.com/ruveng ruven.gotz@avanade.com Ruven Gotz
  • 5. Buy the Book (or Kindle): http://amzn.to/JnxlcC
  • 6. A little history Microsoft Certified Trainer for Access Teaching development in Access Basic Doing independent consulting with Access Solutions
  • 7. It was capable of a lot
  • 8. But it was a dangerous tool
  • 9. IT Guys hated it
  • 10. Ugly data entry forms (This is one of the better ones)
  • 11. Backup often planned
  • 12. But recovery: Not reliable
  • 13. Mission Critical Data: Lost!
  • 14. Microsoft went back to the lab…
  • 15. Access 2010
  • 16. What was the goal?
  • 17. Industrialize it…
  • 18. Tried to use SP as the database
  • 19. A real breakthrough (hopefully)
  • 20. Turned out weak
  • 21. Who is the target audience?
  • 22. My Assumptions • We are looking at Access as a power-user tool • We are not looking at manipulating the underlying code for Access • In today’s talk, I am examining the likelihood that you will want to use Access to build solutions or to release to your power users to take the load off of IT
  • 23. Microsoft went back to the lab… AGAIN
  • 24. Access 2013
  • 25. A new architecture Classic Desktop Architecture Jet Desktop Database File Based Requires Access or Access Runtime Access Services Architecture SQL Server Database Runs in Browser Redistributable as an App
  • 26. The new architecture View and Edit Data Database Design Advanced Reporting & Integration • • • • • Desktop Access Reports Excel Power View Crystal Reports Custom Websites (.NET, PHP, etc.)
  • 27. The new layout structure 2. Choose view 1. Choose table 3. Search and filter 4. Add and edit items Presents a polished, consistent interface. But flexible?
  • 28. Access services on Office 365 O365 Browser Browser Browser runtime Web app 1 Web app 2 design Web app 3 Access IDE … SQL Azure
  • 29. Access services on premises SP On Prem Browser Browser Browser runtime Web app 1 Web app 2 design Web app 3 Access IDE … SQL Server
  • 30. Getting Access Services setup onprem is REALLY, REALLY HARD
  • 31. Getting Access Services to work in Office 365 is REALLY, REALLY EASY
  • 32. Let’s do a walkthrough • What’s it like to interact with Access Services • What are the pluses • What are the limitations
  • 33. A brief glimpse at a custom app • Tracking the boats and races at the yacht club.
  • 34. Customization example
  • 35. What is good about Access? • Microsoft has created a really slick tool • They tried to protect the user from him or herself • Very structured page layouts • It uses SQL Server for back-end safety, management and performance  HUGE • Comes with a bunch of pre-built objects that can be very quickly snapped together and slightly modified • It RUNS in most BROWSERS  HUGE
  • 36. What are the downsides • Very difficult to change things from the Microsoft design template • The pre-built items have capabilities that are very difficult to figure out: Creating your own custom entities has limitations • You can’t read/write to SharePoint lists (read-only) • Can’t run SP workflows, can’t send an email from an action
  • 37. My hope: Squeeze some additional juice out of SP • Access would be a great ‘form builder’ tool for power users, allowing them to create good looking forms with relational lookups, enhanced validation, parent-child relationships, etc.
  • 38. Meeting the burden: • I said to you up-front: In today’s talk, I am examining the likelihood that you will want to use Access to build solutions or to release to your power users to take the load off of IT
  • 39. Sorry • No
  • 40. Conclusions • I contacted a few MVP’s and others and asked them: Do you see great use-cases for Access Services in SharePoint? • It’s too disconnected from SharePoint • It’s too unintuitive for power users to figure out without wasting a lot of time • As is, it’s just not ready to be a broad-based enduser or even power-user tool for
  • 41. But • Don’t lose faith • Microsoft is hearing us • The ‘cadence’ of delivery is changing • New SP capabilities & features are rolled out all the time • I am hopeful that Access will, in the not too distant future, be the tool we always hoped
  • 42. Thanks! @ruveng spinsiders.com/ruveng ruven.gotz@avanade.com Ruven Gotz Download this deck from: www.slideshare.net/ruveng Special thanks to: Reza Alirezai, Laura Rogers and other unnamed experts for help and insight in the creation of this deck