Traditional cuisine


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Traditional cuisine

  1. 1. The Traditional Cuisine of Romania Scoala Gimnaziala nr.1 Saveni Romania 2
  2. 2. Romania has a rich and varied cuisine, with Turkish, Serbian, German, Bulgarian and Hungarian influences. Despite this blend of traditions and cultures, Romanian cuisine has its strong character.
  3. 3. The hospitality of the Romanians is mainly translated into their cuisine. A guest will be happily served with delicious dishes, which are full of flavour! Let’s see some of the most common ones!
  4. 4. The soups Usually, Romanians prefer sour soups, named ‘ciorbă ’. These may be meat and vegetable soups, or fish soups, all of them being soured with lemon or sauerkraut juice, vinegar, or the traditional ‘borş ’.
  5. 5. Meat dishes There is a wide variety of meat dishes, made of pork, beef, poultry, or fish. In some areas, people also eat venison. Some of the meat dishes are: - cârnaţi - a garlicky sausage - pârjoale- a type of meatball covered with a flour or breadcrumb crust
  6. 6. Meat dishes - mititei (mici) - grilled minced-meat rolls - tobă - sausage (usually pig's stomach, stuffed with pork jelly, liver, and skin)
  7. 7. Meat dishes - tochitură - a Romanian-style stew - sarmale - minced meat with rice, wrapped in pickled cabbage or vine leaves.
  8. 8. Fish dishes Fish makes an exquisite dish, and here are some examples: - salata de icre - roe salad with onion - saramură de crap carp in brine - ghiveci cu peşte vegetable stew with fish.
  9. 9. Vegetable dishes Vegetables are cooked in many ways, and the results are always excellent! Some of these dishes are: - ardei umpluţi - stuffed bell peppers - dovlecei umpluţi stuffed zucchini
  10. 10. Vegetable dishes - ghiveci - vegetable stew - mămăligă - cornmeal mush, also known as Romanian-style polenta - pilaf - rice, vegetables, and pieces of meat.
  11. 11. Salads In summer, Romanians prefer fresh vegetable salads, like: - tomato salad, with cucumber and onion - salată de vinete - eggplant salad, with eggplant, onion, oil and mayonnaise. In winter, we like to eat pickles: - castraveţi muraţi - pickled small cucumbers - gogonele - pickled green tomatoes - salată de murături - a combination of pickled vegetables.
  12. 12. Cheese There are many varieties of cheeses, made from cow’s or sheep’s milk. Some of them are: - caş - a semi-soft fresh white cheese, unsalted or lightly salted - caşcaval - a semi-hard cheese made from sheep's or cow's milk - telemea - cow's or sheep's milk white cheese, similar to feta.
  13. 13. Desserts Romanians have a sweet tooth. Our grandmothers prepare a lot of: - cozonac - a kind of Stollen made with leavened dough, poppy seeds, nuts, or Turkish delight - mucenici - sweet cookies (shaped like "8", made of boiled or baked dough, with walnuts, sugar or honey, eaten on 9th March) - papanaşi - Romanian doughnuts.
  14. 14. Desserts Modern desserts include: - clătite – pancakes - turtă dulce – gingerbread - chec - coffee cake - şarlotă - a custard made with milk, eggs, sugar, whipped cream, gelatin, fruits, and lady fingers - cremă de zahăr ars – crème brulee.
  15. 15. Drinks Romania has always been known for its wines and beer. Also, Romanians enjoy: - ţuică, pălincă or rachiu, a brandy made of fruit, mainly plums. Other drinks include liquers made of - blueberries – afinată - sour cherries – vişinată - raspberries – zmeurată.
  16. 16. Special dishes for special holidays The two most important holidays for the Romanians are Christmas and Easter. And we like to eat like kings on these occasions. So, we prepare dishes like the following.
  17. 17. Special dishes for Christmas In the rural regions, a pig is sacrificed before Christmas. The foods made from that pig are: - cârnaţi - caltaboş – sausage made of liver - tobă - tochitură - piftie – the tail, feet and ears of the pig, spiced with garlic and served in aspic. For the sweet part of the meal, women prepare cozonac.
  18. 18. Special dishes for Easter The star of the Easter meal is lamb. And it is prepared in various ways: - borş de miel - lamb sour soup - drob de miel – a Romanianstyle lamb haggis made of minced offal (heart, liver, lungs) with spices. The Easter cake is pască, a pie made of yeast dough with a sweet cottage cheese filling.
  19. 19. Thank you for watching! We hope you enjoyed our culinary feast!