Romanian Legends


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Romanian Legends

  1. 1. Save the PAST, live the PRESENT,Save the PAST, live the PRESENT, imagine the FUTURE (PPIF)imagine the FUTURE (PPIF) Romanian LegendsRomanian Legends ŞŞcoala Gimnazialcoala Gimnazialăă nr.1 Snr.1 Săăveniveni Romania 2Romania 2
  2. 2. ‘‘The cultural identity of a nation may beThe cultural identity of a nation may be reflected by the myths and legends thatreflected by the myths and legends that accompanied it through its development.’accompanied it through its development.’ (unknown author)(unknown author) Romanian culture is strongly connectedRomanian culture is strongly connected to religion; therefore, there are a lot of mythsto religion; therefore, there are a lot of myths and legends that explain mysteries like: theand legends that explain mysteries like: the creation of the world, how man appeared,creation of the world, how man appeared, the fight between Good and Evil, and so on.the fight between Good and Evil, and so on. Let’s see one such myth…Let’s see one such myth…
  3. 3. The Myth of the Tree and the SnakeThe Myth of the Tree and the Snake It is said that, being veryIt is said that, being very upset, God threw His hatchet intoupset, God threw His hatchet into the water and from there a treethe water and from there a tree appeared, under which the Devilappeared, under which the Devil lay.lay. It is believed that the tree wasIt is believed that the tree was actually a fir tree.actually a fir tree. That tree is the pillarThat tree is the pillar of the world, aroundof the world, around which the wholewhich the whole universe is made.universe is made. The Devil, as aThe Devil, as a snake, existed beforesnake, existed before the creation of thethe creation of the universe…or so theuniverse…or so the myth says…myth says…
  4. 4. The Legend of DochiaThe Legend of Dochia A very long time ago,A very long time ago, the people who lived on thisthe people who lived on this territory were calledterritory were called Dacians, and their country,Dacians, and their country, Dacia. They were ourDacia. They were our forefathers.forefathers. The Dacians wereThe Dacians were conquered by the Romansconquered by the Romans in 106. The legend saysin 106. The legend says that to escape slavery, thethat to escape slavery, the king’s daughter, Dochiaking’s daughter, Dochia,, turned herself into a, whichturned herself into a, which exists today in theexists today in the Carpathians.Carpathians.
  5. 5. The Legend of Zamolxis – theThe Legend of Zamolxis – the Man-GodMan-God Zamolxis was a very lovedZamolxis was a very loved god by the Dacians. And theygod by the Dacians. And they believed he had amazingbelieved he had amazing powers, being able to changepowers, being able to change his appearance. He also usedhis appearance. He also used to wander through Polovragito wander through Polovragi Cave and come atCave and come at Sarmizegetusa City, the capitalSarmizegetusa City, the capital of Dacia.of Dacia. Those who tried to findThose who tried to find the Dacian gold atthe Dacian gold at Polovragi Cave have died.Polovragi Cave have died. It is said that the causeIt is said that the cause was Zamolxis’s curse…was Zamolxis’s curse…
  6. 6. The Legend of Master ManoleThe Legend of Master Manole It is a legend of humanIt is a legend of human sacrifice for the sake ofsacrifice for the sake of creation. Ana, the Master’s wifecreation. Ana, the Master’s wife is built inside the Curtea deis built inside the Curtea de ArgeArgeşş Monastery’s wall, so itMonastery’s wall, so it won’t collapse over and overwon’t collapse over and over again.again. Manole finds his death whileManole finds his death while flying down from the roof of theflying down from the roof of the Monastery…Where he died, aMonastery…Where he died, a fountain remains as a sign that hisfountain remains as a sign that his genius is immortal.genius is immortal.
  7. 7. The Legend of the ‘SThe Legend of the ‘Sâânziene’nziene’ A few days after theA few days after the summer solstice,summer solstice, Romanians celebrate theRomanians celebrate the night of love and thenight of love and the hottest day of the year. Ithottest day of the year. It is the day of theis the day of the ‘S‘Sâânziene’, on June 24nziene’, on June 24thth .. The name comes from aThe name comes from a wild flower.wild flower. The celebration isThe celebration is dedicated to the Sun anddedicated to the Sun and Moon, to water and fire.Moon, to water and fire. Men liMen lighght great fires,t great fires, and young women batheand young women bathe in dew. The most beautifulThe most beautiful girl of the village isgirl of the village is chosen to bechosen to be ‘Dr‘Drăăgaica’,and she isgaica’,and she is dressed as a bride. Then,dressed as a bride. Then, she and her followers goshe and her followers go to the fields, bringingto the fields, bringing fertility to the land.fertility to the land.
  8. 8. Myths and legends show theMyths and legends show the world who we are, where we comeworld who we are, where we come from and what defines us as afrom and what defines us as a nation.nation. T h a n k y o u !T h a n k y o u !