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Ruth witter component 3 service initiative part 1
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Ruth witter component 3 service initiative part 1


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Tumblebooks Service Initiative

Tumblebooks Service Initiative

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Ruth Witter<br />Component #3- Service Initiative<br />LIBS 6991 Professional Internship<br />Dr. Lana Kaye Dotson<br />Use of Public Library Resource Tumblebooks to help achieve Accelerated Reader goals<br />Part 1<br />Why I chose the topic of Public Library Resource Tumblebooks?<br />As is states in the article EBooks (and More) for Young Readers (Brisco, 2007), “TumbleBooks, TumbleTalkingBooks, and TumbleReadables fill the gaps that many teachers and librarians often face with students who need or want books in electronic or audio book formats. Through the innovative TumblePad, users of all can easily access and read books at all levels with or without assistance.” I think that Brisco hits the nail on the head with Tumblebooks, which is the primary reason that I chose to this resource. I worked at a Public Library in Fayetteville, NC where I first learned of this resource and I have been singing its high praise ever since. I think that they are relevant today and are an excellent segway to electronic formats for young readers, especially young readers with reading limitations. One of the awesome things about this is that it is available for use at school, the public library, and even at home. Other than a computer, there is nothing else required to enjoy Tumblebooks.<br />I think that Tumblebooks will appeal to teachers as a classroom tool to help some of their students achieve their Accelerated Reader goals. With classroom teacher’s time being stretched more than ever, Tumblebooks ease to use should allow for student use with very little assistance from the teacher or media specialist in the case that they are in the media center.<br />As the article also reiterates, I think that it will be a valuable tool for readers that are struggling that other special student populations who may be ignored by other programs. Some students may get more by watching, hearing, and reading the title making it appealing to all types of learners and different learning abilities. <br />Why is it important at Holley Navarre Intermediate School?<br />I choose this topic for HNIS for because for a few reasons. First being that the schools reading program is Accelerated Reader and the students ability to read and comprehend what he or she read, is measured by Accelerated Reader scores. This being said, it is beneficial to have Tumblebooks as a resource to complement the books that are already available for checkout. I believe that it will be a good resource to students that are not strong readers, students that may just enjoy electronic books and electronic readable books, and to teachers trying to teach students that may have difficulty comprehending read Accelerated Reader books. Secondly, this resource is already being paid for by the public library so it is free for use to the teachers and students. On this note, it increases awareness of public library resources. Lastly, I chose it because it highlights the skills of the media specialist by recommending a source that is both beneficial and doesn’t cost money. In such a time of budget cuts and program endangerment, it is a way to show that having a media specialist on staff pays for itself. This free resource may have otherwise not been honed in on.<br />What I did? Tumblebooks as an Accelerated Reader Resource<br />
    • Compiled a list of Tumblebooks, noted which one were accelerated reader, and their point value.
    • 2. First off I compiled a comprehensive list of Tumblebooks for the teachers. In this list I noted the reading level of each book, the point value. It is divided into sections of the type of ebook that it is, i.e. Tumblebook, TumbleTalkingBook, TumbleReadable.
    • 3. Power Point tutorial introducing and explaining Tumblebooks.
    • 4. Secondly, I created a Power Point presentation that gives an explanation of Tumblebooks. In this explanation, I stated what it was and why it was a valuable resource, how to use, and the type of student that it would appeal to.
    • 5. Made both available for teachers and students to use.
    • 6. Both the compiled list of Tumblebooks and the Power Point presentation will be made available to the teacher in two different ways if they wish to use Tumblebooks in his or her classroom. First they will be saved as files on the desktop of all teacher classroom computers. Next several copies of both will be printed out and catalogued for teachers and administration to be available for check-out.
    • 7. On each student computer there will be a shortcut on the desktop to get to Tumblebooks. There will also be a printed out list of the Tumblebooks for each classroom for students to consult while trying to choose a Tumblebook to read.
    • 8. Notification of new resource available will be e-mailed out to all teachers and administration and also added to the TV scroll theat runs throughout the school.
    Due to limitation in time, there is no time to do a formal training meeting for all staff at the same time. I do feel that this is the best way to get the word out because this is how they currently are notified about new things in the media center. However, I will encourage all staff that are interested and need help, to come down and I would be glad to walk them through the process.<br />Contribution<br />I think that this project contributed by putting two things together that may have otherwise not been put together, Tumblebooks and Accelerated Reader. Tumblebooks are great resource and even though on the Tumblebooks site there is Accelerated Reader information, you have to click on each book individually to get the information. Sometimes it is missing or even incorrect. This project puts them in a user friendly list that is readily accessible. Also the teachers may not appreciate the resource if it did not help achieve Accelerated Reader goals. I don’t know if all the teachers will get a meaningful use out of this but I think that the teachers that are looking for something different to reach students or even something that is right there in the classroom, this is a pretty good, handy, already paid for resource. I think that the reading teachers would definitely appreciate the resource too, because there are some lower level titles available.<br />I am not sure of the longevity of this service-initiative. I think that it would depend on the success of its use and if it is actually helping in the classroom as a practical resource. It is definitely something that would require some maintenance, because as new titles are added a new list would need to be compiled.<br />Below is the compiled list of Tumblebooks with Accelerated Reader Information:<br />With Accelerated Reader InformationThere are three types of media listed in this collection:TumblebooksThese are animated talking picture books. They use narration, music, and moving graphics to tell stories.TumbleReadablesThese are readable print books. They can be read aloud and the sentence can be highlighted as the sentence is read.TumbleTalkingBooks. These are online audio booksTumblebooks, TumbleReadables, and TumbleTalkingBooks are an excellent way to achieve Accelerated Reader points. Below in each collection you will find the Accelerated Reader Book Level and Point Value. If there is no level or value listed, the book is not known Accelerated Reader.Here is the complete list of all the TumbleBooks in the collection: TumbleBook TitleAuthorBook LevelPoint Value1 50 Below Zero Munsch, Robert   2.4  0.52 ABC Letters in the Library Farmer, Bonnie   2.7  0.53 Abra Cadabra and the Tooth Witch Karlin, Nurit     4 Ace Lacewing: Bad Bugs Are My Business Biedrzycki, David   3.2 0.55 Ace Lacewing: Bug Detective Biedrzycki, David   3.5 0.56 All Aboard The Dinotrain Lund, Deb     7 Always McGhee, Alison     8 Animals Black And White Tildes, Phyllis Limbacher     9 Animals in Camouflage Tildes, Phyllis Limbacher   3.0 0.510 Art's Supplies Tougas, Chris   1.9 0.511 Bad For Them, Good For Me Zevy, Aaron     12 Bears We Know, The Silsbe, Brenda   2.7 0.513 Beautiful Moon Jeffers, Dawn   1.7 0.514 Bebe Goes Shopping Elya, Susan Middleton   2.3 0.515 Best Excuse, The Feinman Moss, Ellen     16 Best Mariachi In The World, The Smith, J. D.     17 Big Or Little Stinson, Kathy     18 Biggest Job of All, The Ziefert, Harriet   1.7 0.519 Bintou's Braids Diouf, Sylvianne   3.3 0.520 Biscuit Capucilli, Alyssa Satin   1.4 0.521 Block the Sun, Not the Fun Feinman Moss, Ellen     22 Boomer Goes to School McGeorge, Constance   2.3 0.523 Boomer's Big Surprise McGeorge, Constance     24 Boy In The Drawer, The Munsch, Robert   2.7 0.525 Boy Soup Lesynski, Loris   4.0 0.526 Bugs, Bugs, Bugs Barner, Bob     27 Bumblebee Queen, The Sayre, April Pulley   3.4 0.528 Burro's Tortillas Fields, Terri   3.0 0.529 Caillou & Gilbert Sanschagrin, Joceline   2.4 0.530 Caillou Tidies His Toys Sanschagrin, Joceline     31 Camping Spree with Mr Magee, A Van Dusen, Chris   3.8 0.532 Castle On Hester Street Heller, Linda   3.6 0.533 Champion: The Story of Muhammad Ali Haskins, Jim   5.4 0.534 Cinnamon And The April Shower Johnson, Amy Crane   2.7 0.535 Clever Beatrice Willey, Margaret    36 Clever Boy and the Terrible, Dangerous Animal, The Shah, Idries     37 Clever Rachel Waldman, Debby   3.70.538 Clever Trevor Albee, Sarah   2.60.539 Coriander The Contrary Hen Chaconas, Dori   2.90.540 Crab Moon Horowitz, Ruth   4.4 0.541 Crazy For California Bell, Josh     42 Crazy For Canada Schwartz, Noa     43 Dad Runs Away With the Circus Keret, Edgar   3.1 0.544 Daisy Diaz Shakes Up Camp Harkrader, Lisa   2.60.545 Dear Peter Rabbit Ada, Alma Flor   4.2 0.546 Diary of a Fly Cronin, Doreen   3.2 0.547 Diary of a Spider Cronin, Doreen   2.5 0.548 Diary Of A Worm Cronin, Doreen   2.8 0.549 Dinosailors Lund, Deb   2.4 0.550 Dinosaurs Roar, Butterflies Soar! Barner, Bob   5.3 0.551 Dolphins De Medeiros, James   4.30.552 Don't Forget to Come Back Harris, Robie H.   2.4 0.553 Doors Munro, Roxie     54 Dot, The Reynolds, Peter   1.9 0.555 Down to the Sea With Mr Magee Van Dusen, Chris   4.2 0.556 Duck! Rabbit! Rosenthal, Amy Krouse     57 Edgar, Allan, and Poe, and the Tell-Tale Beets Rompella, Natalie     58 Enemy Pie Munson, Derek   3.2 0.559 Fire Station, The Munsch, Robert   2.6 0.560 First Day Jitters Danneberg, Julie   2.4 0.561 Fluffy: Scourge Of The Sea Bateman, Teresa   3.9 0.562 For Just One Day Leuck, Laura     63 Frank and Izzy Set Sail Kvasnosky, Laura McGee   2.8 0.564 Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance Graves, Keith   1.5 0.565 Franklin Goes To School Bourgeois, Paulette   2.9 0.566 Franklin's Class Trip Bourgeois, Paulette   2.5 0.567 Game Day Barber, Tiki and Ronde Barber   3.4 0.568 Go Back To Bed! Guy, Ginger Foglesong   2.40.569 Gotcha! Dussling, Jennifer   3.10.570 Hannah is My Name Yang, Belle   4.2 0.571 Have You Ever Seen a Duck in a Raincoat? Kaner, Etta   2.60.572 Have You Ever Seen an Octopus with a Broom? Kaner, Etta     73 He Came With the Couch Slonim, David   1.5 0.574 Hello Sun Wilhelm, Hans   3.3 0.575 Helping Out Is Cool Feinman Moss, Ellen     76 Hockey Card, The Siemiatycki, Jack and Slodovnick, Avi   3.5 0.577 Home for Pearl Squirrel, A Johnson, Amy Crane   3.9 0.578 Hoover's Bride Small, David   3.9 0.579 How I Became a Pirate Long, Melinda   3.1 0.580 I Am Dead At Recess Crone, Neil     81 I Got Two Dogs Lithgow, John   1.9 0.582 I Have To Go! Munsch, Robert   2.9 0.583 I Love Saturdays y Domingos Ada, Alma Flor   3.2 0.584 I Miss Franklin P. Shuckles Snihura, Ulana   2.2 0.585 I Wish I Had Freckles like Abby Heling, Kathryn and Deborah Hembrook   1.5 0.586 I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa Heling, Kathryn and Deborah Hembrook   1.3 0.587 I.Q., It's Time Fraser, Mary Ann   3.2 0.588 I'm A Manatee Lithgow, John   3.4 0.589 Into the Tub Beaver, Laura J. and Nolen, Jill P.     90 Ish Reynolds, Peter   2.1 0.591 Jack And The Beanstalk       92 Jeffrey And Sloth Winters, Kari-Lynn   2.90.593 Jessie's Island McFarlane, Sheryl   4.2 0.594 Journey of Oliver K. Woodman, The Pattison, Darcy   4.2 0.595 Just Like Josh Gibson Johnson, Angela   3.2 0.596 Keesha's Bright Idea May, Eleanor   2.70.597 La Vraie Histoire De Léo Pointu (French) Rogé     98 Lewis Cardinal's First Winter Johnson, Amy Crane   3.2 0.599 Librarian Of Basra, The Winter, Jeanette   3.2 0.5100 Light In The Darkness Zevy, Aaron     101 Lima Bean Monster, The Yaccarino, Dan   3.8 0.5102 Little Hoot Rosenthal, Amy Krouse   1.8 0.5103 Little Oink Rosenthal, Amy Krouse   1.7 0.5104 Little Pea Rosenthal, Amy Krouse   1.7 0.5105 Little Red In Cyberspace Price, Meghan     106 Lola at the Library McQuinn, Anna   2.2 0.5107 Lost and Found, Story 1: Molly LaMarche, Jim   2.5 0.5108 Lost and Found, Story 2: Ginger LaMarche, Jim   2.5 0.5109 Lost and Found, Story 3: Yuki LaMarche, Jim   2.5 0.5110 Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken Di Camillo, Kate   3.8 0.5111 Ma, I'm A Farmer Martchenko, Michael   3.5 0.5112 Mahalia Mouse Goes To College Lithgow, John   4.4 0.5113 Marsupial Sue Lithgow, John   3.0 0.5114 Marsupial Sue and The Runaway Pancake Lithgow, John   3.1 0.5115 Martin MacGregor's Snowman Cook , Lisa Broadie   3.3 0.5116 Mason Moves Away Johnson, Amy Crane   2.6 0.5117 Matthew and the Midnight Tow Truck Morgan, Allen   3.6 0.5118 Me Too! Harper, Jamie   2.7 0.5119 Mechanimals Tougas, Chris   2.5  0.5120 Meet The Meerkat Lunde, Darrin   1.6 0.5121 Miss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10 Finchler, Judy   2.4 0.5122 Miss Malarkey Won't Be in Today Finchler, Judy   2.1 0.5123 Moira's Birthday Munsch, Robert   3.8 0.5124 Moishe's Miracle Melmed, Laura Krauss   4.8 0.5125 Moldy Mystery, A Knudsen, Michelle   2.90.5126 Mom, The School Flooded Rivard, Ken     127 Monster Mash Maxwell, Mimi     128 Moon Ring, The Duburke, Randy     129 Mud Puddle Munsch, Robert   3.1 0.5130 My Brother, The Knight Driscoll, Laura   3.0 0.5131 My Even Day Fisher, Doris and Dani Sneed   2.4 0.5132 Mystery of Eatum Hall, The Tincknell, Cathy   4.6 0.5133 Night I Followed the Dog, The Laden, Nina   3.4 0.5134 No Nuts For Me Zevy, Aaron     135 Odd Velvet Whitcomb, Mary E.   4.1 0.5136 Ogre Fun Lesynski, Loris   3.7 0.5137 Oh, Crumps! Bock, Lee   2.8 0.5138 Old Mother Hubbard     1.9 0.5139 Olive, the Other Reindeer Walsh, Vivian   3.4 0.5140 Oliver's Game Tavares, Matt   3.6 0.5141 Once Upon A Breath Zevy, Aaron     142 One Duck Stuck Root, Phyliss   1.4 0.5143 One is a Drummer: A Book of Numbers Thong, Roseanne   1.6 0.5144 One Odd Day Fisher, Doris and Dani Sneed   2.0 0.5145 Only A Witch Can Fly McGhee, Alison     146 Ook the Book Rovetch, Lissa   1.6 0.5147 Our California Ryan, Pam Munoz   6.1 0.5148 Paper Bag Princess, The Munsch, Robert   3.8 0.5149 Paper Crane, The Bang, Molly   3.6 0.5150 Pecorino's First Concert Madison, Alan   3.8 0.5151 Penelope and the Humongous Burp Radford, Sheri   2.90.5152 Penelope And The Monsters Radford, Sheri   2.9 0.5153 Penguin Story, A Portis, Antoinette   1.4 0.5154 Perfect Man Wilson, Troy     155 Perfect Season For Dreaming Sáenz, Benjamin Alire   4.2 0.5156 Pet Peeves Wilson, Sarah   3.1 0.5157 Pierre Le Poof! Beck, Andrea   3.60.5158 Pigs Munsch, Robert   2.6 0.5159 Pippo The Fool Fern, Tracey E.   4.7 0.5160 Pirates Don't Change Diapers Long, Melinda   2.7 0.5161 Platypus, Probably Collard, Sneed B.   4.8 0.5162 Pocketful Of Kisses, A McAllister, Angela     163 Pop's Bridge Bunting, Eve   3.4 0.5164 Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story Wheeler, Lisa   3.1 0.5165 Princess Justina Albertina Davidson , Ellen Dee   2.9 0.5166 Private I. Guana Laden, Nina   3.5 0.5167 Purple, Green, and Yellow Munsch, Robert   3.2 0.5168 Read Anything Good Lately? Allen, Susan and Jane Lindaman     169 Red is a Dragon Thong, Roseanne   1.8 0.5170 Red is Best Stinson, Kathy   1.8 0.5171 Rip Squeak And His Friends Yost- Filgate, Susan     172 Roberto The Insect Architect Laden, Nina     173 Round is a Mooncake Thong, Roseanne  2.9  0.5174 Sack Full of Feathers, A Waldman, Debby   3.70.5175 Sally Dog Little Richardson, Bill   3.8 0.5176 Sally Dog Little: Undercover Agent Richardson, Bill   4.1 0.5177 Sammy Spider's First Shabbat Rouss, Sylvia A.     178 Scaredy Squirrel Watt, Melanie   3.6 0.5179 Scaredy Squirrel Makes A Friend Watt, Melanie   3.0 0.5180 Seahorses Wearing, Judy   3.30.5181 Señor Felipe's Alphabet Adventure : El Alfabeto Español Vargo, Sharon Hawkins     182 Shuttle, The Baker, David, and Heather Kissock   6.71.0183 Sight Bekkering, Annalise   3.00.5184 Sink Or Swim Coulman, Valerie   2.6 0.5185 Sir Cumference And The Isle Of Immeter Neuschwander, Cindy   4.4 0.5186 Something Good Munsch, Robert   2.6 0.5187 Song Of Middle C McGhee, Alison   2.4 0.5188 Starring Hillary Caple, Kathy   2.6 0.5189 Stella the Star Shulman, Mark   2.6 0.5190 Stephanie's Ponytail Munsch, Robert   3.0 0.5191 Stretch Cronin, Doreen     192 Subway Ride Miller, Heather Lynn     193 Suki's Kimono Uegaki, Chieri   3.9 0.5194 Summer the Town Bit Back, The Feinman Moss, Ellen     195 Surfing Price, Meghan     196 Teammates Barber, Tiki and Ronde Barber   3.1 0.5197 The DayGlo Brothers Barton, Chris   6.0 0.5198 The Great Shape-Up May, Eleanor   3.10.5199 The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder Cassino, Mark with Jon Nelson, Ph.D.   4.8 0.5200 Three Silly Billies, The Palatini, Margie   3.2 0.5201 Toilet Tales von Konigslow, Andrea Wayne   2.4 0.5202 Tops And Bottoms Stevens, Janet     203 Twas The Night Before Christmas Moore, Clement Clarke   4.3 0.5204 Two So Small Hutchins, Hazel   3.4 0.5205 Tyson The Terrible Fox, Diane and Christyan   2.3 0.5206 Un Amoure De Lulu (French) Papineau, Lucie     207 Wait and See Munsch, Robert   2.5 0.5208 Wedding, The Bunting, Eve   2.3 0.5209 Werewolf Moon Hanford, Juliana   2.50.5210 When Pigasso met Mootisse Laden, Nina   4.0 0.5211 When Pigs Fly Coulman, Valerie   2.2 0.5212 When Turtle Grew Feathers Tingle, Tim   2.8 0.5213 Who Likes The Rain? Kaner, Etta   3.10.5214 Who Likes The Snow? Kaner, Etta   3.10.5215 Who Likes The Sun? Kaner, Etta   3.10.5216 Who Likes The Wind? Kaner, Etta   2.90.5217 Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long Overdue Feinman Moss, Ellen     218 Wiggle Cronin, Doreen   1.7 0.5219 Wild League On Ice Brewster, Jim     220 Winter Is The Warmest Season Stringer, Lauren   3.1 0.5221 Yancy and Bear Hutchins, Hazel   2.9 0.5222 Yelly Kelly Sweetland, Nancy   2.7 0.5223 You See a Circus. I See... Downs, Mike   2.9 0.5224 You Think It's Easy Being the Tooth Fairy? Bell-Rehwoldt, Sheri   2.3 0.5225 Zoe Sophia in New York Mauner, Claudia and Elisa Smalley   4.5 0.5226 Zoe Sophia's Scrapbook Mauner, Claudia and Elisa Smalley   4.0 0.5<br />TumbleReadables currently has the following titles:<br /> TumbleReadable TitleAuthorBook LevelPoint Value1 Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Read-Along) Baum, L. Frank 7.07.02 Black Beauty (Read-Along) Sewell, Anna 7.711.03 Ghost Fever Hayes, Joe 5.11.04 A Noodle Up Your Nose (Read-Along) Wishinski, Frieda 3.61.05 Hoop Crazy! (Read-Along) Walters, Eric 3.84.06 Nancy Drew And The Clue Crew #1: Sleepover Sleuths (Read-Along) Keene, Carolyn 3.11.07 Matt Christopher: Slam Dunk (Read-Along) Christopher, Matt 4.43.08 Heidi Spyri, Johanna 4.51.09 Adventures of Pinocchio, The Collodi, Carlo 7.38.010 Jungle Books, The Kipling, Rudyard 5.88.011 Aladdin and the Magic Lamp   12 Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Irving, Washington 11.03.013 Anne of Green Gables Montgomery, Lucy Maud 7.31.714 Little Lord Fauntleroy Hodgson Burnett, Frances 8.11115 Cinderella: The Little Glass Slipper   16 Collection of Beatrix Potter Stories, A Potter, Beatrix Varies17 Gift of the Maji, The O’Henry 18 Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates Dodge, Mary Mapes 8.21419 Little Women Alcott, Louisa May 7.933.020 Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, The Pyle, Howard 8.621.021 Peter Pan Barrie, J. M. 22 Story of Doctor Dolittle, The Lofting, Hugh 23 Wind In The Willows, The (Read-Along) Grahame, Kenneth 5.94.024 A Bee In Your Ear (Read-Along) Wishinski, Frieda 3.51.025 Sea Dog (Read-Along) Campbell Gaetz, Dayle 2.71.026 Raspberry Room, The (Read-Along) Lohans, Alison 2.61.027 Timberwolf Chase (Read-Along) Brouwer, Sigmund 3.01.028 Dimples Delight (Read-Along) Wishinski, Frieda 2.61.029 Matt Christopher: Goalkeeper In Charge (Read-Along) Christopher, Matt 4.23.030 Max-a-Million: Max The Magnificent (Read-Along) Wiebe, Trina 4.22.031 Max-a-Million: Max The Mighty Superhero (Read-Along) Wiebe, Trina 4.02.032 Nancy Drew And The Clue Crew #3: Pony Problems (Read-Along) Keene, Carolyn 3.92.033 Blast To The Past : Ben Franklin's Fame (Read-Along) Deutsch, Stacia and Rhody Cohon 4.42.034 Blast To The Past: Lincoln's Legacy (Read-Along) Deutsch, Stacia and Rhody Cohon 3.62.035 Zibby Payne and the Party Problem (Read-Along) Bell, Alison 5.03.036 Addison Addley And The Things That Aren't There (Read-Along) McMillan, Melody DeFields 4.6<br />TumbleTalkingBooks currently has the following titles:<br />TumbleTalkingBook TitleAuthorBook LevelPoint Value1Aesop’s Fables Aesop9.75.02Alice in WonderlandCarroll, Lewis3Denny and I: The Great Sled Race4The Four-Story MistakeEnright, Elizabeth5.77.05Black BeautySewell, Anna7.711.06Grimm’s Fairy TalesBrother’s Grimm9.91.97The House at Pooh CornerMilne, A.A.4.84.08The Jungle BooksKipling, Rudyard5.88.09KidnappedStevenson, Robert Louis8.01.510The King Of Slippery FallsHite, Sid5.65.011Little Princess, AHodgson-Burnett, Frances6.011.012Once Upon a MarigoldFerris, Jean5.78.013Patchwork Girl of OzBaum, L. Frank7.29.014Perilous RoadSteele, William O.4.75.015Return to Gone-Away LakeEnright, Elizabeth5.86.016Saturdays, TheEnright, Elizabeth5.56.017Spiderweb for Two: A Melendy MazeEnright, Elizabeth5.87.018Stories from the Jingle BooksKipling, Rudyard19Swiss Family Robinson, TheWyss, Johan David10.014.020Winnie-the-PoohMilne, A.A.4.63.021Witch Family, TheEstes, Eleanor5.46.022Wizard of Oz, TheBaum, L. Frank7.07.0<br />Power Point Training Guide<br />Work Cited<br />Brisco, S. (2007). EBOOKS (AND MORE) FOR YOUNG READERS. School Library Journal, 53(10), 81-82. Retrieved from Education Research Complete database.<br />