Abuse and violence


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Abuse and violence

  1. 1. Preventing Abuse and Violence
  2. 2. I. What is Abuse? A. Abuse is the harmful or offensive treatment, often from someone the victim trusts.
  3. 3. II. What is Violence? • - the intentional use of physical power or force that often results in injury, death, psychological harm, abnormal development or deprivation. • Globally, 1.5 million people die because of violence every year.
  4. 4. III. Types of AbuseA) Physical Abuse E) Bullying B) Emotional Abuse F) Domestic Violence C) Sexual Abuse G) Child Abuse D) Neglect
  5. 5. A) Physical Abuse 1) Is when someone is hit or punched; shaken excessively; pushed or thrown around; suffocated; kicked; burned or scalded. 2) Signs of physical abuse are
  6. 6. B) Emotional Abuse or Verbal Abuse 1) includes name calling; being threatened; being made fun of; being made to feel small; being made to feel worthless or inadequate, etc. 2) It is not easy to identify emotional
  7. 7. C) Sexual Abuse 1) Is being pressured, tricked or forced to take part in any sexual activity: 2) includes kissing; being touched in private parts
  8. 8. D) Neglect1) Is the lack of care for a person. 2) This includes being poorly clothed; being poorly fed; no shelter; regularly being left alone; not being educated; not receiving medical treatment for any sickness or injury; treating people as slaves or servants without providing their
  9. 9. E) Bullying • 1)The use of superior strength or influence to intimidate someone usually aimed at manipulating that person • 2) Can include harassment or threat; physical assault or coercion based on
  10. 10. F) Domestic Violence • A pattern of abusive behavior by one partner against the other in an intimate relationship such as marriage,
  11. 11. G) Child Abuse •Is the physical, emotional, sexual mistreatment or neglect of
  12. 12. III. How to prevent abuse and violence • A. The only real way to prevent domestic violence is not to get involved with a person who has an abusive personality. • B. Abusive behavior is not just being angry or caused by illegal drugs. It is a
  13. 13. • C) Report any type of abuse to the proper authorities and the victims to the proper agencies. Proper authorities: 1) the police 2) The Hospital Proper Agencies 1) Social Welfare 2) Victim Support groups
  14. 14. • D. Do not let kids play violent computer games and watch violent movies! • It is proven that children who were exposed to actual or virtual violence are the candidates for prisons and become abusive parents in the future because of too much violent stimuli in the subconscious mind
  15. 15. E. Maintain good relationships with people at all times 1) Resolve conflicts as soon as possible 2)Be tactful when you say your opinion. 3)Often people will abuse people who do not assert their rights so do it in a
  16. 16. F. Be aware of situation where you may be a victim of violence • 1) Avoid dangerous places • 2) Avoid people who use violence to solve problems • 3) Avoid going home late at night and going places alone • 4) Make sure you
  17. 17. • G. Be careful about people you meet in the internet. Do not agree to meet them in person if they are