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Yiebnewsletter 2014 06_13

  1. 1. Weekly Newsletter Vol. XVIII, No. 50 Sivan 15 – Sivan 21, 5774 June 13 – June 19, 2014 Next Newsletter deadline is Wednesday June 18h at NOON All submissions must be emailed to newsletter@yieb.org When our office manager is on vacation, the Newsletter will be emailed but not printed. CONDOLENCES We regret to inform you of the passing of Florence Levinson, a'h, mother of Helene Lener. Helene will sit Shiva in her home (9 Carlton Court, East Brunswick) through Monday morning. May the family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. GRADS & DADS KIDDUSH SPONSORS Thank you to all the sponsors of this week’s Grads and Dads Kiddush. Please see the separate listing in the Newsletter. Mazel tov to all the YIEB Graduates! Happy Father's Day to all the YIEB Dads! _____________________________________________ SEUDAH SHLISHIT Sponsors: Jack & Shulie Stroh Guest Speakers: Jack Stroh and Daniel Stroh Please join us in a meal of thanks to Hashem celebrating the completion of our son Daniel's army service in the IDF. Shulie and Jack Stroh and the entire Stroh family. Daniel, we salute you! SHAVUOT FLOWERS The beautiful flower arrangements on the Bima during Shavuot were generously donated by all the families who contributed to the Sisterhood Flower Fund this year. Please thank: The Abeles Family, Limor & Steven Albertson, Carol Applbaum, Toby & Gary Balsam, Sheila & Joe Beer, Michele & Andy Bernstein, Phyllis & Elliot Denenberg, Iva & Steven Dyckman, Susan & Shimmy Engelhardt, Michele & David Falk, Rebecca & Roger Fine, Sara & Bruce Fischer, Simi & Josh Fogel, Ellen & Marc Gable, Susan & Jerry Gerstman, Barbara & Marvin Goldman, Batsheva & Paul Goldman, Rebecca Goldwaser, Ellen & George Horowitz, Ellen & Abe Kane, Ruth & Evan Katz, Julie & Steve Katz, Renee Kinel, Rama & Mark Koslowe, Esther & Elliot Kosoffsky, Karen Kushner, Marlene & Saul Landa, Jamie & Mark Lazar, Cindy & Alan Lichtbroun, Elaine & Neal Machtiger, Rachelle & Jack Markowitz, Lori & Jeff Moskowitz, Suri & Steve Moskowitz, Kim & Harry Newmark, Elana Sasto & Howard Noveck, Nancy & Leon Paley, Robin & Phil Pasternak, Robyn & Jeff Perlman, Jane & Marc Pomerantz, Ellen & David Rabinowitz, Jodi & Steven Reich, Debbie & Chaim Rogoff, Bea & Ralph Rosenbaum, Miriam & Howard Rosenblum, Rosalie & Charlie Rothenberg, Ilean & Lou Safren, Wendy & Bruce Schaeffer, Allison & Barry Schechter, Lori & Jack Schemo, Linda & Phil Schmidt, Leslie & Norman Schwartz, Amanda & Judah Shechter, Cheryl & Aaron Shmulewitz, Shira & Joseph Shmulewitz, Judy & Steve Shoen, Judy & Barry Silber, Sarita & Dan Sragow, Karen & Chayim Stern, Chedva & Alan Tennenberg, Nancy & Harold Tepper, Elyse & Avi Tuchman, Risa & David Waters, and Ricky & Joseph Yellin. The floral displays were created by Roberts Florals ___________________________________________ SAFETY REMINDER When walking to and from Shul for Mincha and Maariv, please wear your reflective vests. _________________________________________ RABBI WEINSTEIN AWAY Rabbi Weinstein will be away from June 15th-26th. He will return all calls and emails when he returns. If you need to reach him in case of emergency, please contact Steve Moskowitz at 732.616.8999 _____________________________________________ SHUL DECORUM REMINDER At YIEB we encourage talking to everyone: HASHEM during Davening. FRIENDS during Kiddush. ________________________________________ LIFESAVERS NEEDED! PLEASE COME TO OUR JUNE 22nd BLOOD DRIVE! The Young Israel of East Brunswick, East Brunswick Jewish Center, and Temple B‘Nai Shalom are co- sponsoring a blood drive to be held on Sunday, June 22nd, 8 AM – 2 PM at YIEB. Blood supply levels run dangerously low in many communities during the summer months, so your donation is very much needed. Scheduling an appointment is encouraged (please visit http://tinyurl.com/yi08816 or call 800.933.2566.) Walk-ins are welcome! Donors must be at least 16 years old and weigh a minimum of 110 lbs. 16 year-olds require signed parental permission. All donors please bring photo ID and proof of age. Bring a friend or family member with you to participate in this incredibly important mitzvah and help us meet our goal of collecting 100 units of blood! “WHOEVER SAVES A LIFE, IT IS CONSIDERED AS IF HE SAVED AN ENTIRE WORLD” _____________________________________________ Dear YIEB Members, As a reminder, the Religious committee meets monthly to discuss religious issues relevant to our Shul and congregation. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please feel free to be in touch with any members of the Religious committee. We would like to take the opportunity to update you on two relevant issues: 1. One integral part of our Tefilla is Mourner's Kaddish. This Tefilla is a "Davar Shebikdusha" which requires a Minyan to answer Amen and Yehay Shmay Rabbah at the appropriate times. Therefore, it's important that all those saying Kaddish recite Kaddish in unison. In order to facilitate this, we will be appointing a leader to say Kaddish loudly at a medium/slow pace and ask all those saying Kaddish keep in unison with the leader. During the week, the leader will be the Shaliach Tzibbur and on Shabbat the leader will stand at the Bima in the middle of the Shul. We hope this new protocol will enhance the way Mourners Kaddish is recited in ourSshul. 2. As summer comes around, we want to remind the congregation of the following policy. In order to Daven for the Amud or receive a Kibbud Aaliyah, etc.) one must be wearing long pants (not shorts). Additionally, one must either be wearing a sports jacket/suit jacket or a Talit. The goal of this policy is to ensure that those who are leading our community in Tefilla are appropriately dressed to reflect the serious nature of Davenning. We thank you for your support as we continue to work on our mission of improving the Religious activity at YIEB. YIEB Religious Committee Mark Koslowe, Chair _____________________________________________ SHUL PARKING LOT Please do not park nor stand in Fire Lanes. It is essential we allow for passage of emergency vehicles. ______________________________________ Jay Weinstein, Rabbi 732.354.5912 (cell) 732.254.1860 x2 (office) Bertin Lefkovic, Editor Aron J. Adams, President Yaakov Wasser, Inaugural Rabbi (1979-2009), Retired SHABBAT SH’LACH Friday Mincha ......................................7:00PM Candle Lighting.....................................7:20PM But no later than....................................8:11PM As long as candle lighting is after 7PM, Mincha on Friday is at 7PM (not Z’man), throughout the spring and summer. Shkia.....................................................8:29PM Shabbat Shacharit........................8:00, 9:00AM Latest Sh’ma.........................................9:12AM Shabbat Afternoon Shiur with Rabbi Weinstein 1 hour before Mincha (at 7:05 PM): The Techeilet Controversy Shabbat Mincha....................................8:05PM Shabbat Maariv.....................................9:11PM Shabbat Ends .......................................9:19PM Sun Shacharit ..............................7:30, 8:30AM The Sunday 9:15AM Minyan is on hold for the summer until after Labor Day Mon/Thurs Shacharit....................6:20, 8:00AM Tues/Wed/Fri Shacharit................6:30, 8:00AM Sun- Thurs Mincha/Maariv ....................8:15PM The weekday “Maariv only” 9:30PM Minyan is on hold for the late spring & summer Candle Lighting next week ....................7:20PM But no later than................................... 8:13PM Mikvah Hours – It is imperative that men not assemble or remain in the Mikvah area and/or the parking area nearby, 15 minutes prior to and until 15 minutes after the times designated below. Motzei Shb’t -1½ hrs after Shb’t ends - for 2 hrs Weekdays ...................................9:00-11:00PM Friday & Yom Tov........By Appointment Only Mikvah 732.257.4121 Eruv status 732.254.1860 X5
  2. 2. GIVING RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND Charlie and Rosalie Rothenberg Sara and Bruce Fischer David and Lori Freides Fred and Ruth Gerewitz Leon and Nancy Paley Jeff and Dorianne Dantowitz Michael and Marion Bernstein Steve and Julie Katz Avi and Elyse Tuchman Elliot and Myra Pludwinksi Tony and Tema Winston Jeff and Lori Moskowitz Ilean and Lou Safren Robert and Eva Rosenberg Barry and Judy Silber Steve and Julie Katz Hindy and Michael Kierman Claire and Art Kagel Steven and Iva Dyckman Barbara Elem Alvan and Lori Small Frank and Barbara Cumsky Vera Schreck Howie and Miriam Rosenblum Aaron & Cheryl Shmulewitz Leslie and Norman Schwartz Irv and Debbie Schaulewicz Jeff and Debbie Chustckie Lenny and Felice Berk Renee Kinel Jeff and Irene Tutnauer Dan and Sarita Sragow Charlie and Rosalie Rothenberg Mark and Sylvia Berger Saul and Marlene Landa Sara and Bruce Fischer Tony and Larissa Elk Brina and Zvi Herskovitz David Pasternak Mitch and Nancy Mond Michael Davidovich Yaakov and Linda Applbaum Ralph and Bea Rosenbaum Eva Wein Susan and Jerry Gerstman Deborah and Eric Raab Andrew and Lisa Gross Ari and Rachel Schwab Cathy and Erwin Mermelstein Michael and Joann LaFond Cheryl Michael Svei Harry and Kim Newmark Carey and Francine Tajfel Ava Waisbord John and Melissa Rosen Esther and Elliot Kosoffsky Mark and Tanya Weissman Andrew and Michele Bernstein David and Stacey Weissman Martin and Phyllis Soslowsky Joshuah and Simi Fogel Mark and Rama Koslowe Fred and Ruth Gerewitz Maurice and Doreen Traiman Milty and Shelly Goldman Simon and Susan Engelhardt Stuart and Tamar Green Alan and Ruth Bash David and Ellen Rabinowtz Rebecca Goldwaser Josh and Kathy Brody Sam and Robin Milrom Steve and Jodi Reich Steve Mayer Marc & Melissa Feder Phil & Robin Pasternak Aaron and Cheryl Shmulewitz Michele and GR Home Alan and Cindy Lichtbroun in honor of the marriage of Yocheved Wasser to Michael Kleinerman YIEB LIBRARY IN MEMORY OF: Toby Mayer by Steve Mayer Jerry Epstein, beloved father of Elyse Tuchman by Elyse & Avi Tuchman Shane Yurman by Elyse & Avi Tuchman Dana Shmulewitz, beloved daughter of Shira & Joseph Shmulewitz by Judy & Michael Goldrich Norman Tepper, beloved father of Harold Tepper by -Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg -Judy & Michael Goldrich Judy Stern, beloved mother of Marcia Langer by Judy & Michael Goldrich Esther Bromber, beloved sister of Sheila Beer and daughter of Mrs. Renee Saoerstein -Judy & Michael Goldrich -Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg Rhoda Weiss, beloved aunt of Sheila Beer and sister of Mrs. Renee Saperstein by Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg Hilda Rothenberg, beloved mother of Charles to commemorate her 24th Yahrtzeit by Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg Leah Rudner, beloved grandmother of Charles to commemorate her 80th Yahrtzeit by Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg Heshel ben Velvel, beloved grandfather of Jeff Perlman by Robyn & Jeff Perlman Gershon ben Shlomo, beloved grandfather of Jeff Perlman by Robyn & Jeff & Perlman Yehuda Lev ben Noach, beloved grandfather of Robyn Perlman by Robyn & Jeff Perlman Beatrice Hohenemser, beloved mother of Brina Herskovits by Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg Lily Denenberg, beloved mother of Elliot Denenberg by Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg Marvin Mayer, beloved father of Steve Mayer by Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg IN HONOR OF: Rene and Jennifer Schloss on the Siyum of Mishnayot Seder Zeraim by Barbara & Marvin Goldman SIDDURIM Jodi, Jeff, Shelli and Mitchell Liebov in memory of their father and grandfather, Stanley Bloom (2) Shira & Joseph Shmulewitz in memory of Dana Zoey (Ora Adina) Shmulewitz Shira & Joseph Shmulewitz in honor of Sophie Hannah Shmulewitz YAHRTZEIT PLAQUES In memory of Dvorah Markowitz In memory of Miriam Bernstein by Getit & Joseph Burbea SISTERHOOD TORAH FUND Karen Stern Irene Tutnauer Amy Zelka Judy Silber Myra Pludwinski Rosalie Rothenberg Sarita Sragow While contributions are not listed, the YIEB Tzedaka Committee thanks all those who so generously give to The Tzedaka Fund _____________________________________________ THE SUMMER ERUV is in need of extensive repair (we have had a difficult year, weather-wise). The scheduled date for repairs is Sunday, June 22. We will meet in the parking lot at 8:30 AM (following the early morning 7:30 AM Mnyan) and complete repairs by 12:30 PM (IY"H). Once again, wear pants, hat, long sleeved shirt - bug spray and a good hammer are strongly suggested as we will be working in a forested and heavy undergrowth area. All those who can commit please email Mark Koslowe at makslaw@comcast.net. PLEASE VOLUNTEER. WITHOUT A SUFFICIENT NUMBER OF VOLUNTEERS, THE ERUV CANNOT BE REPAIRED. Thank you ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHINUCH/ADULT EDUCATION Guidelines for Lifecycle events can be downloaded from our website www.yieb.org under the dropdown menu; Member Area/Guidelines (logged-in members only). YIEB & Highland Park Community Kollel. Gemara Class with Rabbi Nusbaum, Tuesday nights at 8:45 PM. Class resumes on June 17th with the topic "Prohibitions of Shabbat". In Depth Talmud Class Given by Yaakov Weinstein, Wednesday 8:30 PM In this week’s class we will discuss, “Reliving the Exodus: Pesach and Every Day.” Wednesday Mornings Women's Class with Rabbi Weinstein is on summer break! _____________________________________________ The WISE summer learning series will begin on Saturday, July 5th and will continue throughout the summer. If you are interested in either hosting or presenting, please contact Claire Kagel 732.613.9511 or e-mail claire.kagel@gmail.com. _____________________________________________ LOST AND FOUND Found - Artscroll Pesach Machzor, inscribed Y. Peled Found - Brown Sunglasses Found - RayBan Sunglasses Found - Black Jabra Bluetooth earpiece _____________________________________________ DAF YOMI: From Rabbi Weinstein Join Daf Yomi at YIEB with Rabbi Weinstein: • Monday through Friday after 1st Minyan (approximately 7:10-7:45 AM) Sunday morning after 1st Minyan (approximately 8:10-8:45 AM) • Shabbat morning following 1st Minyan (rotation of presenters). _____________________________________________ DAF YOMI B’IYUN Join Rabbi Shlomo Landau on Tuesday nights at 8:45 PM, followed by Maariv at 9:30 PM, to explore in depth, a topic from the week’s Daf Yomi. Can’t make it in person? Do Daf Yomi online! http://ouradio.org/daf http://www.dafyomi.org/ _____________________________________________ YIEB will be purchasing a small block of tickets for next year's AIPAC conference at a discounted rate of $399 (discounted from $599). If you're interested in one of these spots, please speak to Rabbi Weinstein (first come first serve). Additionally, we have a few tickets for high school students at a discounted rate of $149. If you're interested, please speak with Melissa Rosen (first come first served). Thank you! _____________________________________________ YIEB MOMMY AND ME CLASS For all moms with young children at home will now be held weekly on Tuesday mornings from 10-12. Ages birth and up welcome! For more information and details regarding location, please contact Joelle Yavin at joelle.yavin@gmail.com. ______________________________________________
  3. 3. As the end of the year approaches, the Youth Committee would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to YIEB’s Youth Director, Melissa Rosen, for all her hard work and dedication to the youth of our community! AND….the Youth Department would like to extend a thank you to the members of the Youth Committee for all the behind the scenes help and hard work they’ve put in! We’re very grateful to have volunteers like you: Larissa Elk, Gary Glantz, Andy Gross, Miriam Rosenblum and Stacy Weissman. And thanks to our Sisterhood President, Michele Falk and past Youth VP, Allison Schechter for all their help with the Youth Committee. Shabbat, June 13th-14th Regular Shabbat Groups and Cocoa Club Mommy/Daddy and Me Official Program @10:45 Shabbat afternoon dessert for 1st-3rd Grade Boys This week at the Kevelson home, 26 Colonial Drive, June 14th from 4:00-6:30 pm. Open to boys in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. Play, eat dessert, play some more! Parents are welcome to stay or drop off. RSVP kevelsonr@yahoo.com YIEB Youth’s Ultimate Cake Off June 19th 6PM-8PM @YIEB. Open to all 5th-8th graders. 5th VS 6th graders and 7th VS 8th graders will compete against each other for the cake-off championship title. RSVP REQUIRED: mairov@comcast.net. Register your team of 2-4 by 6/13 to participate, $5 per entrant. (See attached flyer in Newsletter for details.) YIEB Youth last hurrah of the year June 21st - Early teen/youth led mincha after shul kiddush. YIEB host families will open their homes for seudah shlishit. All return to YIEB for teen/youth led Ma’ariv followed by a fun filled Melavah Malka…Giddy’s pizza and musical surprises await you! ______________________________________________ Less than two weeks til summer! Have you signed up for Camp Keshet? It's not to late to sign up your child for the best summer yet! Amazing trips, sports, crafts, baking, zumba, activities and so much more! Friendship Discount Take advantage of our new ‘friendship discount’! Register with a friend new to camp and split the $100 discount. Two new campers also qualify. New Affiliations Central NJ now has a B’nei Akiva summer camp of their own! We are thrilled to announce that Camp Keshet is now affiliated with B’nei Akiva! Another amazing Keshet summer is coming, now with all the benefits of B’nei Akiva. Morning mifkad, joint programs with Moshava Ba’ir and IO and so much more! Camp Keshet now has a Yachad shadow program. We are proud to be able to offer a safe and exciting camp experience for all who desire it. Keshet’s main camp is open to 2 year olds through those entering 4th grade. TLC is now open to those entering 5th through 8th grades. Now Hiring Camp Keshet has some exciting announcements to make about new staff hires! Be on the lookout! Camp Keshet is now hiring! Applications being accepted from those entering 10th grade and up, including college student and adults. Camp Keshet is especially looking for lifeguards and TLC counselors at this time. Join us for the best summer ever! _________________________________________ YAHRTZEITS 17 Sivan 5774 Cheryl Shmulewitz for her Grandmother, Tzipora Bat Yitzchak (Sophie Garbus) on 6/15/2014 17 Sivan 5774 Joshua Fogel for his Mother, Kayla Menucha Bat Avraham Yitzchak (Kayla Michelle Fogel) on 6/15/2014 19 Sivan 5774 Jack Schemo for his Mother, Sarah Bat Yaakov (Sarah Schemo) on 6/17/2014 20 Sivan 5774 Martha Klein Grossman for her Husband, Mordechai Yosef Ben Dov (Mark Grossman) on 6/18/2014 20 Sivan 5774 Milton Goldman and Marvin Goldman for their Grandfather, Moshe Yaakov Ben Reb Menachem Chaim (Morris Rubin) on 6/18/2014 21 Sivan 5774 David Rabinowitz for his Grandfather, Binyamin Ben Harav Tzvi (Benjamin Saperstein) on 6/19/2014 22 Sivan 5774 Miriam Margolis for her Daughter, Leah Bat Yitzchak Isaac (Leslie Dennis) on 6/20/2014 22 Sivan 5774 Joe Beer for his Father, Harav Shmuel Yehuda Ben Reb Yosef (Samuel Beer) on 6/20/2014 ___________________________________________ PERMANENT MEMORIAL OPPORTUNITY FOR DEPARTED LOVED ONES On the walls of the Main Shul are mounted 11 tablets bearing memorial plaques, representing a permanent and dignified memorial to loved ones. AT YIB, now in its 37th year, we keep the lights lit on either side of the plaque each year during the full month of the Yahrtzeit and also when we recite Yizkor on Yom Kippur, Shemini Atzeret, Pesach and Shavuot. The cost of a plaque is $360.To purchase, please contact Lori Small at www.yieb.org ___________________________________________ CANDY BAGS Candy bags for your special Simcha must be ordered from the YIEB Sisterhood. Please call Shelley Goldman 908.421.1103 further information. ______________________________________ LADIES SHIDDUCH TEHILLIM GROUP Only 15 minutes each week at your leisure. Join the many women in the community saying Tehillim to help the ones we care about find their Bashert. To be part of this Mitzvah team or to submit a name to the Shidduch List, contact Amy Zelka 732 613.8717 amy.zelka@gmail.com _________________________________________ The Ladies Tehillim Group meets Monday nights at 7:45 PM in the Social Hall for reading Tehillim and reciting Refuahs. Please join us for this most important Mitzvah. The one hour is time well spent. Readings are in English or Hebrew. Many thanks to the women who steadfastly partake in this Mitzvah.. ______________________________________________ YIEB SISTERHOOD GIFT SHOP Engagements, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, new apt/house, children’s birthdays, lunches, holidays, travel. Call Kathy Brody 732.257.2679, Brina Herskovits 732.390.4955 or Leah Weinberger 732.613.8797 ______________________________________________ DEDICATIONS Members of the Shul and others are invited to honor a friend or relative, celebrate a milestone event or memorialize a loved one by dedicating Chumashim or Siddurim. Contact Lori Small plaques@yieb.org Chumashim - $50 - Siddurim - $30 _________________________________________ BIKUR CHOLIM/SHIVA DIVISION Thank you to the many members of the community for their ongoing support and assistance to families during Shiva. Suggested donations of $10 to aid a particular family during the week of Shiva may be sent to Julie Katz, 20 Rebel Run Drive (payable to Bikur Cholim-YIEB.) Please indicate the family name in the memo section of your check). Recipient families will be informed of your donation. For further information on how you can help and support a particular family or for general Bikur Cholim information, please contact Julie Katz, Karen Stern, Miriam Rosenblum or Suri Moskowitz. Thank you for your continued support. ______________________________________________ Please be vigilant and use the crosswalks. In particular, be careful not to cross Dunhams Corner Road directly in front of the Shul. _________________________________________ THE HELPING HAND COMMITTEE Have you ever been locked out of your car; Had to pick up your sick child at school while your newborn was sleeping’ or needed to check on your parents who were home alone? Were you fortunate enough to get help? Would like to pay the favor forward?
  4. 4. Family and friends aren't always around, and there are time when members in our community need a helping hand. We are forming a committee of volunteers who would be willing to help out when someone has an unexpected emergency situation. If you are interested in helping out, please contact either: Debbie Chustckie at chustckie@aol.com Bobbie Cumsky at cumsky@aol.com Brina Hershkovits at bhersko@ymail.com Thanking you, The Helping Hand Committee ______________________________________________ ***************** Community Announcements ****************** (YIEB does not endorse the Kashrut of any non-YIEB event or listing appearing in the Newsletter) TABC SCHOLARSHIP BREAKFAST Torah Academy of Bergen County will be hosting its 9th Annual TABC Scholarship Breakfast, honoring Rachel Friedman and Suzy Schwartz. The event will take place on June 15th at TABC, 1600 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck, NJ at 9:30 am. Funds raised at the Scholarship Breakfast will help ensure that an excellent TABC education is accessible to all students in our community regardless of financial ability. For reservations and more information, please visit www.tabc.org/scholarshipbreakfast or contact Mrs. Teri Normand, Executive Director, at teri.normand@tabc.org or call 201-837-7696 ______________________________________________ YACHAD, THE NATIONAL JEWISH COUNCIL FOR DISABILITIES is a thriving global organization dedicated to addressing the needs of all Jewish individuals with disabilities and ensuring their inclusion in every aspect of Jewish life. The inclusive design aims to ensure persons with diverse abilities their rightful place within the Jewish community, while helping to educate and advocate to the Jewish world for a greater understanding, acceptance, outreach, and a pro-disability attitude. Our diverse services include, but are not limited to: social programming for all age groups; counseling services for individuals and families; weekend retreats; extensive parent support services; sibling services; vocational training and job placement; professional advocates and case managers; summer camps for members of all ages; special needs yeshivas; Shabbat programs; Day Habilitation programs; Israel Birthright trips for persons with mobility and/or special learning needs; social skills development; lobbying for pro-disability legislation on the local, state, and federal levels; high school and university leadership program. Here in Middlesex County Yachad members participate in different inclusive activities each month. For more information about upcoming events in Middlesex County contact Jeremy Lichtman and Tobey Karpel at middlesexyachad@ou.org ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The ACTT (Achieving Change Through Torah) program helps individuals succeed in making meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. The source book for the entire year is: Step by Step – A Weekly Program for Self-improvement, an anthology. See the ACTT web- site, www.actt613.org, for the current source book & Learning Schedule (Modules page) and for all the event audio presentations. For more info, e-mail info@actt613.org or call Phil Rosen(732)572-8762 ______________________________________________ MEALS ON WHEELS WANTED: Jumpers and Drivers for Meals on Wheels two hours once a month. Call Sarah Naus 732.257.5378 or Sarita Sragow 732.257.2081 ______________________________________________ New Jewish Library: Karmiel, in Northern Israel, is starting a gemach for Jewish books. Karmiel has a small but growing American community that needs English books, especially for the teenage and child population. The library is leileu nishmas Menashe ben Raizel. All donated books can be dropped off at the home of Aviva Siegel, 16 Edgemount Road. Sponsors are also welcome to purchase new books / defray shipping costs. For more info, siegelmom@optonline.net ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Women's AMEN Group meets weekly on Sundays at 9:30 AM in a downstairs classroom at Congregation Ohr Torah. The group meets in the zechus of a refuah shelaimah for Menachem Mordechai ben Ophira and other Cholim in the community. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rabbi Bassous: class for women on the Sefer, “The Six Constant Mitzvos” by Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz class on Sunday, June 15 at Cong. Etz Ahaim, 230 Dennison Street, Highland Park 10–11 AM. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tiferes, a Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation program for women, will meet THIS Motzai Shabbos, June 14 at 10:15 PM PROMPT at the home of Aviva Siegel, 16 Edgemount Road, Edison. An inspirational DVD will be shown: “Taking Care of Yourself: Physically, Psychologically & Spiritually”. Speakers: Rebbetzin Faigy Twerski and Mrs. Chani Juravel. Weekly teleconferences with topics such as shalom bayis and parenting are also available to Tiferes members. Current teleconference series: “Swimming Lessons for the Summer Social Pool”; Speaker: Mrs. Chaya Breindy Kenigsberg. For more info or to become a member, please contact Aviva siegelmom@optonline.net. The Highland Park / Edison group of Tiferes is zecher l'nishmas Malka bas Shalom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rebbitzen Eichenstein’s classes for women: No class on Sunday, June 15th and Monday, June 16th. For more info, please contact Aviva Siegel at 732-572- 4408 siegelmom@optonline.net, Ricki Stern 732-828- 6939 rickistern@yahoo.com ______________________________________________ EMPLOYMENT NETWORK OF RARITAN VALLEY ENRV is active posting over 200 jobs a month to over 550 members. Looking for work? We can help. Go to www.ENRV.org or contact Bob Lansey at ENRVInfo@gmail.com. We post over 200 jobs each month, and help people with their resume and search strategies. Please help: If you know of any professional, part-time, or temporary job openings, please e-mail the information to ENRVInfo@gmail.com. ______________________________________________ JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER ANNOUNCES SPRING TRIP WINTERTHUR and THE “COSTUMES OF DOWNTON ABBEY” EXHIBIT, Wednesday, June 25th If you are a Downton Abbey fan or just want a lovely day out you’ll join us for a trip to Winterthur, the famous du Pont estate, museum and gardens in Delaware on Wednesday, June 25. Bus leaves the JCC on Oak Tree Rd in Edison at 8:45 AM; returns approximately 7:00 PM. $76/JCCMC Member; $81/Non-member includes transportation, admission, all docent-guided tours, tram ride through the gardens, tips and snacks. Lunch is on your own at Winterthur or brings it from home. There is limited seating and reservations for are on a first come, first served basis. Call 732-494-3232 to have forms sent to you. To register please send the names of the participants, along with your check, payable to the JCC, to: Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County, 1775 Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ 08820, and write Douglas Simon in HP in the memo section. For more information on this and other upcoming JCC programs and trips please call Diane Mael, Director of Adult Services at 732-494-3232 extension 3614. ______________________________________________ TORAHKID LEAGUES is back again for its 5th exciting season! Sunday morning sports fun for area children at the local Highland Park High School field. There are separate boys (ages 5-13; 10:45-12:30) and girls (ages 6-13, all-female staff; 9:15-10:30) programs at different times. The instruction provides skill-building with an emphasis on Middos development in a Torah- friendly environment; competitive play in different sports. New shirts/caps this year, so register early!! Opening Day is June 1, running through July. For more information, please contact Rabbi Lasar at TorahKidLeagues@yahoo.com or at (732) 985-1050. NEW FOR THIS YEAR: BOYS BEIS MEDRASH LEARNING PROGRAM beginning at 10:15, at no additional cost! ______________________________________________ JFVS HAPPENINGS • JRecovery: A New Support Group for Addicts, Family & Friends - Free, anonymous, and safe, Jewish self-help group to complement 12-step programs. The support group meets Monday nights, 7:30 - 8:30PM at the JFVS office in Milltown, 32 Ford Ave, 2nd Floor. Parking is on the street. Entrance to building is through the parking lot, ramp entrance to elevator. • SAVE THE DATE-Chai Tea Luncheon - Event includes a unique lunch and entertainment by The Dynamic Duo. Opportunities to advertise in an ad journal are available. Wednesday, August 13th at Congregation B'nai Tikvah, Noon. Tickets on sale soon. Check back at the http://www.jfvs.org JFVS adult day care services offers a supportive 3 day a week program for the growing number of seniors in our community. Members can have the opportunity to participate in a variety of social, recreational and educational activities. The program can enhance independence, socialization, self esteem and foster relationships for those who are socially isolated. The Elder Day Program accepts individuals with mild to moderate dementia; age criteria 60+. A senior service and completion of clinical assessment is required to determine eligibility and if this type of program will meet the needs of the client. For more information on how to enroll a family member, or to learn about the benefits of the Elder Day Program to please call 732-777-1940. ______________________________________________ Highland Park First Aid Cards For Sale: The Highland Park First Aid discount cards are available for purchase. The cost is $30.00 for two cards and $40.00 for three cards. Cards may be purchased from any Highland Park squad member or Leah Paretzky at 732-985-0764. ______________________________________________ Visiting Nurse Association Health Group is inviting members of the community to join our team of hospice volunteers. Discover the Joy of being a Hospice Volunteer. If you have a warm heart, a listening ear, and the gift of compassion you can make a difference in the life of a hospice patient or family member. Visiting Nurse Association Health Group Hospice is providing training for all individuals interested in becoming hospice volunteers in several counties throughout New Jersey. Training and support will be provided by members of the VNA Health Group Hospice team on 3 consecutive Tuesdays July 15, 22,and 29 from 9:30am to 2:00 pm at VNAHG 176 Riverside Avenue, Red Bank, NJ. There are many rewards and opportunities available to hospice volunteers though home visitation, administrative support and special projects to support our mission of caring and compassion. Volunteers must attend all 3 sessions. To register, please call Pauline De Palma, BSW (732) 224-6933. For more information about VNAHG services and programs, visit http://www.vnahg.org ______________________________________________
  5. 5. MAZEL TOV 2014 YIEB GRADUATION KIDDUSH SPONSORS!! Jonathan J. Abeles Churchill Junior High School Eliana Applbaum Barnard College David Berk Yeshiva University, Executive MBA Program Danielle Bernstein Rutgers University Rabbi Sam (Bram) Ash Yeshiva University, RIETS, Semicha Yoni (Bram) Rosenbaum Shalom Yeladim, Pre-K Adam (Chustckie) Blank Yeshiva University, Sy Syms School of Business Danielle Chustckie Yeshiva University, Sy Syms School of Business Melanie Chustckie Bruriah High School Lev Cohen RPRY, 8th Grade Rafi Finkelshteyn RPRY, 8th Grade Mati Fischer Yeshiva at the Jersey Shore/YIEB Jennifer Ashley Gardner Bruriah High School Rebecca Gerewitz Touro College Brian Zachary Goldman RTMA Gavriella Goldrich Yeshiva University, Sy Syms School of Business Layla Gross Bright Horizons Preschool Emily Kane EBHS Jason Kane EBHS Yitzy Kevelson Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion Edith Lee Koslowe Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education, M.S., Jewish Ed. Benjamin Lazar RKYHS Pinchas D. Madnick NYU-Polytechnic School of Engineering, M.S., Mechanical Eng. Julie Mond Brown University Adina Moskowitz New York School of Interior Design, MFA Yedidya Moskowitz RTMA Tony Newmark EBHS Josh Perlman RKYHS Dina Raab RKYHS Atara Salomon Bruriah High School Jonathan Schaeffer Churchill Junior High School Jeremy AaronShechter RKYHS Michal Shoshana Shechter RPRY, 8th Grade David Shoen RKYHS Benny Sragow RYNJ Noah Sragow TABC Yonaton Sragow Moriah of Englewood Ahuva Strauss Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion Robby Tepper University of Michigan- Go Blue! Ayal Weinstein Yeshiva at the Jersey Shore/YIEB Becky Weisberg JKHA, 8th Grade Aaron Zelka Touro College, Lander College for Men
  6. 6. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY 2014 TO ALL OUR DADS!! Joseph H. Abeles Yaakov Applbaum David Berk (DAD & GRAD!) Mike Bernstein Harris Bram Sam (Bram) Ash (DAD & GRAD!) Cy (Bram) Hertzberg Aryeh (Bram) Rosenbaum David Falk Norman Finkelshteyn Bruce Fischer Marvin Goldman Paul Goldman Michael Goldrich Abe Kane Steve Katz Mark Koslowe Mark Lazar Alan S. Lichtbroun Jeff Liebov Pinchas D. Madnick Ari Moskowitz Jeff Moskowitz Steve Moskowitz Harry Newmark Leon Paley Phil Pasternak Jeff Perlman Charlie Rothenberg Max (Rothenberg) Klein Ron Salomon Bruce Schaeffer Aaron Shmulewitz Steven Shoen Daniel Sragow Murray Sragow Allen Sragow Howard Sragow Ari (Sragow) Lewis Eli (Sragow) Shteingart Chayim Stern Nathan (Stern) Hyman Moshe Strauss Rabbi Jay Weinstein Arel Weisberg Herbert (Weisberg) Moses z"l Yshai Yavin Jerry (Yavin) Tollinsky Jeff Zelka
  7. 7. ‘A YIEB Young Fami l i es sponsor ed event ’ Come sai l w i t h Jer sey Sh or e Pi r at es. Br i ng y our y oung pi r at es aboar d t h e Sea Gy psy f or a sw ash buck l i ng Pi r at e Advent ur e on t h e Met edeconk Ri ver i n Br i ck NJ. Aper f ect advent ur e! * Limited spots available. Deadline: Monday, June 30th * Sailing Time: Sunday, July 13th @ 2PM Ticket Prices: $20 /pp for all mates 3 years and older. RSVP and Payment via ShulCloud. ** Face painting and dress up will begin at 1:30pm just prior to sailing time. Don't miss the chance to transform your little ones into swashbuckling pirates! For more information, please contact: Mark Weissman: markdweissman@comcast.net
  8. 8. Ask Yourself These Questions: 1. Do you use electricity or natural gas for your home and/or business? 2. Would you like to discover a way to pay less for the supply portion of your electric or natural gas bill? 3. Would you like to receive up to $50.00 for trying out a company’s service?* If you answered YES to any of these questions, call David Falk & Joshua Fogel at 732.698.7406 A portion of the proceeds, directly generated from this ad, supports the Young Israel of East Brunswick *The $50 Welcome Bonus Promotion Is For New Residential Customers Who Enroll From January 15, 2014 to June 2, 2014 Residential Energy Supply Services Currently in the Following States: CT, GA, IL, ME, MD, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA and RI (Coming Soon: MA, TX)
  9. 9. Lin's Kosher Chinese Kitchen 244 South Main Street Manville, NJ 08835 908-722-8668 http://www.Lin-Kosher.com Lin's "May Special" Every order (minimum of $40) comes with an additional free dish from the regular entree section. Some limits may apply. Call the restaurant for details. This special begins on May 1, 2014 and ends on May 31, 2014. Mention the special by name when contacting the restaurant. Kosher Supervision by OK Kosher Certification Mashgiach T'midi Chassidishe Shechites/Glatt Pas Yisroel Bishul Yisrael Gluten Free Available