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Yiebnewsletter 2014 03_14

  1. 1. Weekly Newsletter Vol. XVIII, No. 38 Adar II 12 – Adar II 18, 5774 March 14 – March 20, 2014 NEXT NEWSLETTER DEADLINE IS Wednesday March 19th at NOON All submissions must be emailed to newsletter@yieb.org When our office manager is on vacation, the Newsletter will be emailed but not printed. MAZAL TOV To Rabbi Dovid & Chani Gross on the birth of a son to their children, Yaakov & Tziporah Weldler. To Rabbi Yaakov & Aviva Wasser on the engagement of their daughter Yocheved to Michael Kleinerman of Chicago. Also to Michael’s Parents, Frank & Susan Kleinerman and the entire Wasser and Kleinerman families. KIDDUSH SPONSORS Seth & Frumi in honor of the birth of their daughter Zoe Cohen. ______________________________________ Dear YIEB Member, The Tzedaka fund is dedicated to helping individuals in financial need, first in our community and as well as elsewhere. One of the hallmarks of this fund is to ensure that all distribution of funds will be handled discreetly and respectfully. If you, or someone you know, are in need of financial assistance, please contact Rabbi Weinstein. The sources of funding for the Tzedaka fund include donations made by members and visitors, and the contents of the Pushka. Each year, before Purim and Pesach, we ask the YIEB membership to donate money to this fund. While the funds go to help families throughout the year, we do distribute funds on Purim. Therefore, if you donate before March 13th, it can be used to fulfill your obligation of Matanot L’evyonim. This past year, the need for assistance has increased, so at this time before Purim, please make your donations for Matanaot L’evyonim payable to the Young Israel of East Brunswick Tzedaka Fund and send them to: David Rabinowitz 12 Constitution Court East Brunswick, NJ 08816 Wishing you all a Freilechen Purim, Rabbi Jay Weinstein David Rabinowitz, Chairperson SPRING MINYAN MEN! Now that the clocks have changed and Mincha/Maariv during the week is later, we still need everyone's help to ensure we have a Minyan. Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ YIEB BOARD NOMINATIONS Nominations are now being accepted for the Shul Board for the 2014/2015 year that begins July 1st. If you wish to be considered for nomination, please contact Aaron Shmulewitz, Chair of the Nominating Committee. _________________________________________ RABBI’S CORNER Dear Young Israel Families, This past Sunday, I joined Melissa Rosen and a group of YIEB high school students in Long Island rebuilding a home that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. This was under the auspices of the organization called NECHAMA: Jewish Response to Disaster that trains and mobilizes thousands of volunteers to help communities after floods, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. While it was certainly hard work (although I discovered that I might actually have a talent for painting), it was incredibly important to “step out of our bubble” and be exposed to the difficult reality that there are still many families whose lives are in turmoil post the storm. It was an opportunity to provide our high school students with a leadership opportunity and to teach them the responsibility we have to the broader world around us. I’m very proud of Zach Tuchman, Rebecca Siegel, Yoni Rosen, Jacob Small, and Meir Zagdanski for participating and a special thanks to Melissa for arranging the program! Shabbat Shalom, Rabbi Jay Weinstein ______________________________________________ Please see the attached Purim schedule for a list of all the Megilla Readings & Programs. SAVE THE DATE Annual Larry Schacht Baseball Outing Sunday, May 4 Tampa at Yankees ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARK YOUR CALENDAR NORPAC MISSION to WASHINGTON Wednesday, Apr. 30th __________________________________________________ SHUL DECORUM REMINDER At YIEB we encourage talking to everyone: HASHEM during Davening. ________________________________ Jay Weinstein, Rabbi 732.354.5912 (cell) 732.254.1860 x2 (office) Bertin Lefkovic, Editor Aron Adams, President Yaakov Wasser, Inaugural Rabbi (1979-2009), Retired SHABBAT TZAV – PARSHAT ZACHOR Candle Lighting...................................6:45PM Friday Mincha....................................... 6:50PM Shkia .................................................... 7:03PM Shabbat Shacharit ....................... 8:00, 9:00AM Latest Sh’ma....................................... 10:08AM Parshat Zachor X2 ............... approx 11:20AM Shabbat Mincha…….. .........................6:15PM Shabbat Ends....................................... 7:54PM PURIM – MOTZEI SHABBAT (SEE NEWSLETTER FOR DETAILS) Maariv & Megillah (Main/Downstairs) 8:15PM Late Megillah only....................................................10:00PM ......................................................................... PURIM - SUNDAY Sun Shacharit (w/ Megillah) ......7:30, 8:30AM Megillah only.....................................11:00AM Mincha........................................1:40, 3:45PM Maariv..................................................8:30PM Mon Shacharit (Shushan Purim) 6:20, 8:00AM Tues/Wed/Fri Shacharit ............... 6:30, 8:00AM Thurs Shacharit ........................... 6:20, 8:00AM Mon - Thurs Mincha/Maariv .................. 6:50PM The weekday “Maariv only” 9:30PM Minyan is on hold for the late Spring & Summer Candle Lighting next week.................... 6:53PM Mikvah Hours – It is imperative that men not assemble or remain in the Mikvah area and/or the parking area nearby, 15 minutes prior to and until 15 minutes after the times designated below. MotzeiShb’t.......-1½ hrs after Shb’t ends - for 2 hrs Weekdays........................................9:00-11:00PM Friday & Yom Tov ............ By Appointment Only Mikvah732.257.4121 Eruv status 732.254.1860 X5
  2. 2. LOST & FOUND LOST: Black cashmere Chaps coat with folded paper (probably an Israel report) in the pocket. Please return to the YIEB office if you accidentally grabbed this coat this past weekend. FOUND: Black wool chaps coat with tissues in the pocket. Please feel free to pick up in the YIEB coat room at your convenience. FOUND: Black Jabra Bluetooth Earpiece that is being held in the YIEB Office _________________________________________ YIEB will be purchasing a small block of tickets for next year's AIPAC conference at a discounted rate of $399 (discounted from $599). If you're interested in one of these spots, please speak to Rabbi Weinstein (first come first serve). Additionally, we have a few tickets for high school students at a discounted rate of $149. If you're interested, please speak with Melissa Rosen (first come first serve). Thank you! _________________________________________ CHINUCH/ADULT EDUCATION Guidelines for Lifecycle events can be downloaded from our website www.yieb.org under the dropdown menu; Member Area/Guidelines (logged-in members only). The MaTaN Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah program for 6th grade girls and their mothers. Has started, Please contact Sharon at weinsteinshar@gmail.com to register. New Monday Night Learning Series with Rabbi Weinstein Pre-Pesach Series "How To Kasher Your Kitchen & Other Pesach Prep" starts on Monday, March 24th 8:30-9:30 PM. No class on March 17th. YIEB & Highland Park Community Kollel. Gemara Class with Rabbi Nussbaum, Tuesdays at 8:30 PM, with the topic “Pesach”. In Depth Talmud Class Given by Yaakov Weinstein, Wednesday, 8:30PM. In this week’s class we will discuss “The Seder, Sh’ma, and Telling the Kids.” New Women's Wednesday Class with Rabbi Weinstein, 9:45-10:45 AM, "ShirHaShirim - the Quintessential Love Song" continues March 19th. _________________________________________ DAF YOMI: From Rabbi Weinstein Join Daffodil at YIEB with Rabbi Weinstein: • Monday through Friday after 1st Minyan (approximately 7:10-7:45 AM) Sunday morning after 1st Minyan (approximately 8:10-8:45 AM) • Shabbat morning following 1st Minyan (rotation of presenters). _________________________________________ DAF YOMI B’IYUN Join Rabbi Shlomo Landau on Tuesday nights at 8:45 PM, followed by Maariv at 9:30 PM, to explore in depth, a topic from the week’s Daf Yomi. Can’t make it in person? Do Daf Yomi online! http://ouradio.org/daf http://www.dafyomi.org/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time to Buy PurimFest Wristbands! Get ready for another amazing Purim carnival! Sunday, March 16th from 11 am-3 pm. Check out the attached flyer for more details. Interested in volunteering? Let Melissa know. Sponsorships sought. This year this is a significant financial incentive to purchasing wristbands in advance. And remember, everything is included with your wristband (except lunch)! No need to buy endless tickets. Purim Graggers Don’t forget to bring a box of pasta to megillah reading, We’ll donate your gragger to Elijah’s Promise after the chag! Purim Mesibah! Join us after megillah reading for a light meal and some Mad Science entertainment. Hosted by YIEB Youth and sponsored by Sisterhood. NEW! Chailight: Chesed Our Chailight: Chesed March collection is actually two! On Purim, please use a box of pasta as a gragger. Donate your ‘gragger’ in the lobby, after the megillah reading. We’ll deliver the pasta to the local soup kitchen. All month long (until the 28th) please donate Pesach food. We’ll donate it to JFVS to distribute to those who need a little extra help for the chag. ______________________________________________ Meet the New Director Come meet our new camp director Nataly Weiss and the Rosh Chinuch Rabbi Akiva Weiss. Be on the look- out for a date prior to Pesach. Friendship Discount Take advantage of our new ‘friendship discount’! Register with a friend new to camp and split the $100 discount. Two new campers also qualify. New Affiliations Central NJ now has a B’nei Akiva summer camp of their own! We are thrilled to announce that Camp Keshet is now affiliated with B’nei Akiva! Another amazing Keshet summer is coming, now with all the benefits of B’nei Akiva. Morning mifkad, joint programs with Moshava Ba’ir and IO and so much more! Camp Keshet now has a Yachad shadow program. We are proud to be able to offer a safe and exciting camp experience for all who desire it. Keshet’s main camp is open to 2 year olds through those entering 4th grade. TLC is now open to those entering 5th through 8th grades. Now Hiring Camp Keshet has some exciting announcements to make about new staff hires! Be on the lookout! Camp Keshet is now hiring! Applications being accepted from those entering 10th grade and up, including college student and adults. Join us for the best summer ever! ______________________________________________ YAHRTZEITS 15 Adar II 5774 Sylvia Berger for her Father, Mordechai Yehuda Ben Yitzchak (Julius Uncyk) on 3/17/2014 16 Adar II 5774 Martin Silver for his Mother, Esther Bat Reuven Bear (Esther Silver) on 3/18/2014 WOMEN’S TEHILLIM GROUP Please join us, weekly, on Monday evenings at 7:45 pm in the Beit Medrash. Together we read all of the Tehillim on behalf of the Shul’s Refuah Shelaima list. You can read in Hebrew or English. ___________________________________________ It's that time again. Jerusalem Marathon! This year I am again running for 2 teams. Team Butterfly, to raise money to find a cure for Epidermolysis bullosa(EB), from which my close friend David Beiss suffers, and for Team Mikey, to raise money for the Lone Soldier Center. These are 2 great causes to which I personally have a close connection. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Team Butterfly- http://www.stayclassy.org/fundraise?fcid=302540 Team Mikey- http://www.razoo.com/story/Daniel-Stroh-1/mobile Thanks once again for supporting me my quest to raise money for these great causes. Daniel Stroh _________________________________________ ***************** Timely Community Announcements ****************** (YIEB does not endorse the Kashrut of any non- YIEB event or listing appearing in the Newsletter) On Motzei Shabbat March 15th, Ohr Torah has a grand celebration planned for Purim night. It will be a magical evening as the Magic of Marco will be entertaining our children starting at 8:30 PM during Megillah reading upstairs. After Megillah reading, come downstairs to the Kiddush Room where we will have lively music, a face painter, caricaturist, strolling magic, great food, music from the Avi Maza Orchestra and more. _________________________________________ Shaimos Collection: Congregation Ohr Torah will hold this year’s community Shaimos Collection on Sunday, March 23rd from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM. The cost is $20 per large garbage sized bags. Please make all checks out to Congregation Ohr Torah. (coordinator/questions) Barry Siegel, siegeldad@optonline.net Seforim sale: There will also be a used Seforim sale at this time, Great Bargains!!! Come find your hard-to- find and/or out-of-print books and stock up your home libraries. _________________________________________ Douglas Simon to Speak on Challenges to US Foreign Policy at JCC River Ridge Lecture The next JCC Lecture in Highland Park will take place on Wednesday, March 26th at 1 PM in the community room at River Ridge, 30 So. Adelaide Ave. All are welcome to hear Dr. Douglas Simon speak on the new challenges facing US Foreign Policy. Douglas W. Simon is emeritus professor of political science at Drew University, where he specialized in international affairs, U.S. foreign policy, international
  3. 3. organization, and national security. After arriving at Drew, Simon directed the university's Semester on the United Nations for fifteen years, served as convener of Drew's Masters in International Affairs Program, and later was department chair. Cost for the lecture is $8 for JCCMC Members; $10 for non- members. Refreshments are served. To register please send the names of the participants, along with your check, payable to the JCC, to: Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County, 1775 Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ 08820, and write Douglas Simon in HP in the memo section. For more information on this and other upcoming JCC programs and trips please call Diane Mael, Director of Adult Services at 732.494.3232 ext. 3614. Please join TABC at its 31st Annual Dinner on Sunday, March 30th at Congregation Keter Torah as we honor a group of very special individuals. The theme of this year's dinner "Building our Future," acknowledges the tremendous contributions of our honorees; Wendy and Isaac Shulman, Alisa and Stephen Levy, Dr. Garry Katz and Yaacov Apfelbaum who have all contributed in significant ways to the growth of our Yeshiva. For reservations or to make a donation, please go to www.tabc.org/dinner. Clothing Drive: Congregation Ahavas Yisrael needs children's clothing which are in excellent condition for its annual children's clothing drive. Please drop off clothing at: Rivka Jaffe: 16 Price Drive, Edison, NJ or at Ida Scheiner: 238 Harrison Ave., Highland Park, NJ. The clothing drive committee also requests for volunteers to help set up and/or manage the drive (chessed hours will be allotted). To volunteer for this important community event please contact: Ida Scheiner (732) 247-3073. All are welcome to "shop" at Congregation Ahavas Yisrael on Sunday March 30th for children's clothing (sizes infant- XL). Donations are optional. Every year, thousands of young Israeli combat soldiers are discharged from military service and are returned to civilian life. Despite their lengthy and arduous physical training, scant attention is paid to their psychological preparedness to cope with the aftermath of traumatic experiences they may have had: Many witnessed terrible sights, made split-second life and death decisions, or expe rienced the loss of a comrade.After three or more years spent in a strict military framework, many feel overwhelmed by the decisions and demands of civilian life. They may develop symptoms ranging from difficulties with concentration to sleep and memory disorders. Other manifestations include substance abuse, anger, and symptoms which can lead to full-blown Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Peace of Mind (http://www.peaceofmindictp.com/index.html) reunites soldiers who served together.Peace of Mind (POM) offers them the admiration and respect of American Jewish communities while providing them with time in Israel and in American host communities in which they can receive treatment for the grief, bereavement, and guilt that resulted from their experience in IDF service.For Highland Park/Edison to become a POM host community we must raise the funds to underwrite the cost of the treatment program. To date, over half of the necessary funds have been collected to bring young veterans and their Israeli psychologists to our community November 9 - 16, 2014.During the time that they are here, the veterans will work with their psychologists in the mornings and spend the afternoons doing the things that twenty-somethings do:sightsee and experience New York and New Jersey.The time that we spend with these soldiers, whether in our homes or in special evening programs, is a vital part of their healing program.To learn more about the Peace of Mind Program, please join us at the home of Marcia and Barry Levinson (419 Becker Street, Highland Park) on March 31st at 8 PM.Please show your support and Hakarat Hatov to soldiers who have risked their lives for our homeland and for our friends and families living in Israel. RSVP to Barbara Strassman (barbara.strassman@gmail.com or 732/545- 3931). If you are unable to attend this meeting but would like to support the program, please send donations made out to American Friends of Herzog Hospital c/o Rosanne Koenigson at 221 Washington Ave. Edison, NJ 08817. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHOL HAMOED PESACH SESAME STREET LIVE: The PTA of the Chai Early Childhood Center in East Brunswick's annual fundraiser: Order your tickets for "Sesame Live" at the State Theater in New Brunswick. The show is Thursday, April 17th at 10:30 AM of Chol Hamoed Pesach Tickets are $18 (note kids under 1-year-old get a FREE LAP VOUCHER). To order tickets, contact Elie Salomon at 732-325-9626 or ateliesalomon@gmail.com. Act fast as the sooner you order, the better your seats. Checks can be made out to "Chabad of East Brunswick." WE WILL ONLY BE TAKING ORDERS UNTIL MARCH 30th. JCC TRIP TO NEUE GALERIE POSTPONED BECAUSE OF WEATHER, RESCHEDULED FOR APRIL 27TH The February 9th trip to the NEUE Galerie in Manhattan from the JCC of Middlesex County has been rescheduled for Sunday, April 27th. Instead of seeing The Kandinsky exhibit which ended Feb 10th we’ll be seeing the new exhibit: “DEGENERATE ART: THE ATTACK ON MODERN ART IN NAZI GERMANY, 1937” with a private docent. Bus leaves the JCC at 9:45 am and returns approximately 3:30 pm. Cost is $50 for JCCMC members; $55 for non-members and includes coach bus transportation to and from museum, admission and private docent tour. Lunch is on your own in either of the Galerie’s 2 Cafes or a local restaurant. A very limited number of seats remain. Please register before April 10th. To register please send the names of the participants, along with your check, payable to the JCC, to: Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County, 1775 Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ 08820, and write “NEUE GALERIE” in the memo section. For more information on this and other upcoming JCC programs and trips please call Diane Mael, Director of Adult Services at 732-494-3232 extension 3614. _________________________________________ NORPAC MISSION Join us on our annual Mission to Washington event to support the U.S.-Israel relationship on Wednesday, April 30th. On a single-day trip you will meet with Members of Congress and their staff, and share your concerns with them about foreign aid to Israel, Iran sanctions, security cooperation, and more. Help us make a difference once again! Buses leave for Washington from our area at 6:30 AM and return between 9-10 PM .There will be briefings on the bus. All meals will be provided. Please note that the early bird deadline has ended. It is now $135 per person and will go up another $50 as we get closer to the date. This is a very important day to voice your opinion to representatives in Washington regarding Iran sanctions and security of Israel. Register now at http://www.norpac.net/ or call 201.788.5133 Students - $75 (must be over 12.Those under 18 must be accompanied by Parent or legal guardian). Special discount --College students can register at $36 – but only by phone. For more info contact Esther Kosoffsky. chefesther@yahoo.com. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGN UP TO RUN WITH TEAM CNJKIDS On Sunday, May 18th, join TEAM CNJKIDS for A Run in the Park-Highland Park 5k. To sign up go to www.cnjkids.organd click on the TEAM CNJKIDS link and begin to get sponsors to help mitigate future tuition increases at local Jewish K-8 day schools. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EMPLOYMENT NETWORK OF RARITAN VALLEY ENRV is active posting over 200 jobs a month to over 550 members. Please continue to include the following in your announcements every week or two to let people know about the group and to post jobs. Looking for work? We can help. Go to www.ENRV.org or contact Bob Lansey at ENRVInfo@gmail.com. We post over 200 jobs each month, and help people with their resume and search strategies. Please help: If you know of any professional, part-time, or temporary job openings, please e-mail the information to ENRVInfo@gmail.comIt has been sold out in Jewish Film Festivals around the country. _________________________________________ The ACTT (Achieving Change Through Torah) program helps individuals succeed in making meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. The source book for the entire year is: Step by Step compiled by Rabbi Dovid Weinberger. See the ACTT web-site, www.actt613.org , for the current Learning Schedule (Modules page) and for all the event audio presentations. For more info, e-mail info@actt613.org or call Phil Rosen (732) 572-8762. Collecting Sheitels: KerenKolKallah - established to provide orphan and destitute kallahs in Israel with essential needs. Donated custom sheitels, some brand-new, some gently worn, are sold to women in Israel who would not otherwise have the funds to buy a quality wig. All the money raised at the sale goes towards a hachnasaskallah fund which helps needy brides in EretzYisrael. Sheitels can be dropped off by Aviva, 16 Edgemount Road, Edison. For more info, please see contact Aviva Siegel (732) 572-4408 siegelmom@optonline.net MEALS ON WHEELS WANTED: Jumpers and Drivers for Meals on Wheels two hours once a month. Call Sarah Naus 732.257.5378 or Sarita Sragow 732.257.2081 _________________________________________
  4. 4. PURIM SCHEDULE 5774/2014 Ta'anit Esther (Fast of Esther, Thursday, 3/13) 5:52 AM Fast Begins 6:15 & 8:00 AM Shacharit 6:25 PM Mincha/Maariv 7:42 PM Fast Ends Shabbat Zachor (Shabbat, 3/15) 8:00 AM & 9:00 AM Shacharit (with Zachor Laneing) A second reading of Parshat Zachor will take place after 9:00 AM Minyan 6:15 PM Mincha Seudah Shlishit at home 7:54 PM Shabbat Ends 8:15 PM Maariv & Megillah Readings (Upstairs: Gragger Friendly & Downstairs: Gragger Lite) 8:10 PM Youth Program: Megillah, Mad Science and More! (2-9 Years old) 9:30 PM Purim Chagigah and Mad Science! (Social Hall) 10:00 PM (Late) Megillah Reading (Downstairs) Purim Day (Sunday, 3/16) 7:30 AM Shacharit & 1st Megilla reading 8:30 AM Shacharit & 2nd Megilla reading 11:00 AM 3rd Megilla reading 11:00-3:00 PM at East Brunswick Jewish Center 1:40 PM & 3:45 PM Mincha 8:30 PM Maariv (if you drank at home...don’t drive to shul!) MATANOT LA’EVYONIM Cash or checks (made out to YIEB Tzedakah Fund) can be placed in the tray designated Matanot La’evyonim all before 12:00 PM on Purim day.