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Yiebnewsletter 2014 02_14 Yiebnewsletter 2014 02_14 Document Transcript

  • Weekly Newsletter Jay Weinstein, Rabbi 732.354.5912 (cell) 732.254.1860 x2 (office) Bertin Lefkovic, Editor Aron Adams, President Yaakov Wasser, Inaugural Rabbi (1979-2009), Retired NEXT NEWSLETTER DEADLINE IS TUESDAY Feb.18th at MIDNIGHT All submissions must be emailed to newsletter@yieb.org When our office manager is on vacation, the Newsletter will be emailed but not printed. ___________________________________________ KIDDUSH NOSH SPONSORS January 19, 2014 – February 15, 2014 Birthday: Linda & Yaakov Applbaum: Shai Applbaum Ruth & Alan Bash: Dina Bash Julie & Steve Katz: Rachel Katz Ruth & Evan Katz: Jonathan Katz Kimberly & Harry Newmark: Rachel Newmark Nancy & Leon Paley: Leon Paley Nancy & Leon Paley: Joel Paley Jane & Marc Pomerantz: Dovid Dukelsky Debbie &ChaimRogoff: Eitan Rogoff Miriam & Howard Rosenblum: Benaya Chanan Rosenblum Felene Weinstein-Schwartz & Michael Schwartz: Stuart Schwartz Felene Weinstein-Schwartz & Michael Schwartz: Eliana Schwartz Amanda & Judah Shechter: Amanda Shechter Anna & Igor Shersher: Sammy Shersher Sarita& Dan Sragow: Nathan Yisroel Sragow Sarita& Dan Sragow: Tamara Geula Sragow Elyse &Avi Tuchman: Avi Tuchman Lara &Arel Weisberg: Maya Weisberg Iris & Jon Winninger: Jason Winninger Iris & Jon Winninger: Russell Winninger Joelle &YshaiYavin: YedidyaYavin Anniversary: Jane & Marc Pomerantz: Jane & Marc Pomerantz Ava Waisbord: Meredith & David Ickowicz Yahrzeit: Shelley & Milton Goldman: Sonia Richt Judy & Michael Goldrich: Florence Goldberg Wendy & Bruce Schaeffer: Molly Messer Other Events of Note: Ariela & Scott Grayman: Ariela & Scott met ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEEN MINYAN KIDDUSH The Rothenberg Family in honor of the 9 month birthday of their grandson Natan Menachem “Morris” Klein. _________________________________________ SEUDAT SHLISHIT Bnei Akiva Madrichim are the guest speakers ___________________________________________ DOORS TO THE MAIN SANCTUARY WILL BE LOCKED Due to the noise during in the hallway, the Religious Committee has decided that the doors to the men's section of the sanctuary will be locked during Torah Reading (will be opened in between Aliyot) and during the Rabbi's Drasha and the President's announcements. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vol. XVIII, No. 34 1 Adar 14- 20, 5774 February 14 - 20, 2014 SHABBAT KI TISA (Shushan Purim Katan) Candle Lighting .................................... 5:14PM Friday Mincha ....................................... 5:19PM Shkia .................................................... 5:32PM WELCOME B’NEI AKIVA! Shabbat Shacharit ........................8:00, 9:00AM Latest Sh’ma ........................................ 9:32AM Shabbat Mincha…….. .......................... 5:10PM Shabbat Maariv .................................... 6:15PM Shabbat Ends ....................................... 6:23PM Sun Shacharit ..............................7:30, 8:30AM Mon Sh’ch’r’t (President’s Day) ...7:30, 8:30AM Tues/Wed Shacharit .....................6:30, 8:00AM Thurs Shacharit ............................6:20, 8:00AM Fri Shacharit ................................6:30, 8:00AM Sun - Thurs Mincha/Maariv ................... 5:20PM Sun Late Maariv-on hold until further notice Mon-Thurs Late Maariv......................... 9:30PM Candle Lighting next week .................... 5:22PM Mikvah Hours – It is imperative that men not assemble or remain in the mikvah area and/or the parking area nearby, 15 minutes prior to and until 15 minutes after the times designated below. Motzei Shb’t -1½ hrs after Shb’t ends - for 2 hrs Weekdays .................................. 9:00-11:00PM Friday & Yom Tov ........By Appointment Only Mikvah 732.257.4121 Eruv status 732.254.1860 X5 DOR L-DOR The next and final Dor L-Dor program will take place Motzei Shabbat March 8th. To end the season there will be ice cream for all. In addition to the normal raffle and prizes, there will be a grand raffle. The cost is $2 per child with a max of $5 per family when which can be paid at the door. To sponsor this final Dor LDor, please speak with Ari Kevelson. _________________________________________ MARK YOUR CALENDAR NORPAC MISSION to WASHINGTON Wednesday, Apr. 30, 2014 Announcing a new YIEB Mommy and Me class for all moms with young children at home. Ages birth and up welcome! First class to be held on Wednesday, February 12th at 10:30 AM. For more information and details regarding location, please contact Joelle Yavin at joelle.yavin@gmail.com. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHUL DECORUM REMINDER At YIEB we encourage talking to everyone: HASHEM during Davening. FRIENDS during Kiddush. RABBI’S CORNER Shabbat, Parshat Ki Tisa Dear Young Israel Families, Back in the times of the Talmud Bavli, there was a phenomenon called “Yarchay Kallah.” During the months of Adar and Elul in which Rabbis and teachers would gather in the major Yeshivot to learn and prepare for the upcoming chagim. Each year, as part of continuing education for Rabbinic Alumni, Yeshiva University provides for us the opportunity to partake in a Yarchay Kallah. This year’s Yarchay Kallah will take place this coming week. At the conference, which is attended by pulpit Rabbis around the country, we have the opportunity to continue learning from our Rebbeim and teachers while also working on other rabbinic skills to utilize “in the field.” Most of all, it’s an opportunity to re-energize and gain Chizzuk from our role models and Chaverim. This year, we have the additional advantage that the conference will take place in Miami Beach, FL. I look forward to sharing with you about my experiences when I return and you have my word that I will try and bring back some Florida weather! Best wishes for a Shabbat Shalom, Rabbi Jay Weinstein ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHINUCH/ADULT EDUCATION Guidelines for Lifecycle events can be downloaded from our website www.yieb.org under the dropdown menu; Member Area/Guidelines.(logged-in members only). The MaTaN Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah program for 6th grade girls and their mothers. Has started, Please contact Sharon at weinsteinshar@gmail.com to register. New Monday Night Learning Series with Rabbi Weinstein Pre-Purim Series begins on Monday, Feb 24th, 8:30-9:30 PM. YIEB & Highland Park Community Kollel. Gemara Class with Rabbi Nussbaum, Tuesdays at 8:30 PM, with the topic “Prohibitions of Shabbat”. In Depth Talmud Class Given by Yaakov Weinstein, Wednesday, 8:30PM. In this week’s class we will discuss “Ending with the Positive.” New Women's Wednesday Class with Rabbi Weinstein, 9:45-10:45 AM, "Shir HaShirim- the Quintessential Love Song" continues on February 26th. _________________________________________ DAF YOMI: From Rabbi Weinstein Join DafYomi at YIEB with Rabbi Weinstein: • Monday through Friday after 1st Minyan (approximately 7:10-7:45 AM) Sunday morning after 1st Minyan (approximately 8:10-8:45 AM) • Shabbat morning following 1st Minyan (rotation of presenters). _________________________________________
  • DAF YOMI B’IYUN Join Rabbi Shlomo Landau on Tuesday nights at 8:45 PM, followed by Maariv at 9:30 PM, to explore in depth, a topic from the week’s DafYomi. Can’t make it in person? Do DafYomi online! http://ouradio.org/daf http://www.dafyomi.org/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------GIVING The Newsletter staff has renewed the practice of periodically publishing the names of donors for contributions of $25 or more to various Shul causes: YIEB LIBRARY IN HONOR OF: The 40th wedding anniversary of Bernie & Leah Weinberger by Charles & Rosalie Rothenberg Rabbi Dr. Michael Goldrich by Jeff & Robyn Perlman Steve & Suri Moskowitz by Zvi & Brina Herskovits The grandchildren of Steve & Julie Katz by Steve & Julie Katz ___________________________________________ SUNDAY 9:15 AM MINYAN There has been interest expressed by some members in adding a later Minyan option for Sunday morning. As a result, we began a 9:15 AM Minyan in the main sanctuary this past Sunday on a trial basis. We need sufficient participation for this Minyan to continue. Please email Avi Tuchman, at atuchman@comcast.net to let him know your interest so that we can ensure we have a large enough pool of interested participants for a sustainable Minyan. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WINTER MINYAN MEN! Now that Mincha/Maariv during the week is very early, we need everyone's help to ensure we have a Minyan. Thank you. ___________________________________________ LATE MAARIV Dear YIEB Members, As we are in the winter months and our regular Mincha/MaarivMinyan is early in the day, many people are not able to attend. So, we provide a "late Maariv" Minyan Monday through Thursday at 9:30 PM (Please note we are no longer having a late Maariv on Sunday night). A number of members of our community saying Kaddish rely on this Minyan. Unfortunately, over the past number of weeks, the late MaarivMinyan has not had adequate participation. In order for us to continue this Minyan, we are looking for your support by signing up and committing to one night during the week. The Minyan will run through Thursday Night, March 13th (less than 2 months to go!). Please sign up by clicking on this link :https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0 AkJHilLjaEDFdDltcVU2THRhLUk3VFhTU0t2U0dUdn c&usp=drive_web#gid=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LADIES SHIDDUCH TEHILLIM GROUP Only 15 minutes each week at your leisure. Join the many women in the community saying Tehillim to help the ones we care about find their Bashert. To be part of this Mitzvah team or to submit a name to the Shidduch List, contact Amy Zelka 732 613.8717amy.zelka@gmail.com _____________________________________ YAHRTZEITS 14 Adar 5774 Sylvia Kirshner for her Husband, Yaakov Ben Pinchas (Jacob Kirshner) on 2/14/2014 16 Adar 5774 Cheryl Svei for her Grandfather, Chaim Ben r'Yitzchak (Hyman Rosen) on 2/16/2014 16 Adar 5774 Iris Wininger for her Father, Beryl Dovid Ben Yisroel Hacohen (Benjamin Wernikoff) on 2/16/2014 16 Adar 5774 Larry Haber for his Grandfather, SHMUEL BEN DAVID HALEVI (Sam Haber) on 2/16/2014 17 Adar 5774 Kathy Brody for her Sister, Mira Bat Binyamin (Millicent Saltman) on 2/17/2014 17 Adar 5774 Jack Silverman for his Mother, Fraydel Bat Yehuda (Laura Frances Silverman) on 2/17/2014 18 Adar 5774 Beatrice Rosenbaum for her Father, Yehoshua ben Schlomo Zalman HaLevi (Oscar Friedfertig) on 2/18/2014 19 Adar 5774 Miriam Gordon for her Sister, ‫( טאוסבתשמואלרחמים‬Ta'os Mazgadian) on 2/19/2014 19 Adar 5774 Howard Feldman for his Father, Shlomo Ben Shimon (Sol Feldman) on 2/19/2014 20 Adar 5774 Hindy Kierman for her Brother, Shimon Mordechai Dovid Ben Yisrael Gedaliah Halevi (David Borenstein) on 2/20/2014 20 Adar 5774 Miriam Gordon for her Brother, ‫( שלוםבןשמואלרחמים‬Shalom Nurian) on 2/20/2014 20 Adar I 5774 Mr. Alvan Small for his Grandmother, (Ethel Small) on 2/20/2014 21 Adar 5774 Lori Noah for her Father, Yaakov Eliezer Ben Shmuel Dovid (Jacob Weinberg) on 2/21/2014 _____________________________________ MIKVAH CONGREGATIONAL MEETING Fellow YIEB Member, On Thursday, February 27th at 8 PM there will be a YIEB Congregational Meeting. The purpose of the meeting will be for members to vote on the hiring of a contractor to completely renovate the YIEB Mikvah. The YIEB Board of Directors met on Thursday February 6th and passed the resolution below. It is now time for the congregation to vote on this motion. This vote is constitutionally required because the proposed expenditure is in excess of $10,000. YIEB Board of Directors passed the following motion: 1. That the Board approve the Mikvah renovation project pending completion of a contract acceptable to the officers of the shul and its legal counsel and 2. That the Board authorize the Mikvah Board to spend up to $180,000 from Mikvah funds (including funds raised from the Mikvah Campaign) on the Mikvah renovation project, to be overseen by an individual designated by the officers of the shul; and 3. That the Board recommends that the Mikvah renovation project be sent to the membership for congregational approval. Enclosed please find 3 attachments: 1. Construction contract for the renovation of the YIEB Mikvah 2. Plans for the renovation of the YIEB Mikvah 3. Evidence of liability insurance for the proposed contractor As you may recall, the YIEB Mikvah conducted a successful capital campaign in 2013. Between the money the Mikvah campaign raised in the capital campaign and the money it already had in its bank account, 100% of the funds for the Mikvah renovation presently sit in the Mikvah’s bank account. While the YIEB Mikvah has historically operated as a separate entity, lay leadership has taken the position that YIEB Board and congregational approval are needed to implement the construction plans for the following reasons: 1. While the Mikvah has historically operated independently, it is not truly a separate legal entity from YIEB and operates under the auspices and tax ID# of YIEB itself. 2. The renovation of the Mikvah involves expenditures well in excess of YIEB's Board of Directors’ constitutional ability to approve (currently $10,000). The process here will be for the YIEB Board to approve (which it did on February 6th) and then for the congregation to approve as well......just as we did with the roof expenditure. 3. The renovation of the Mikvah involves serious demolition and construction inside our building and while we are excited to accomplish this renovation, these are serious matters that should involve the approval of the board and congregation at large. While a presentation will take place at the congregational meeting and I am enclosing the attachments herein, please do not think that in a matter of a few minutes you or I can be brought up to full speed with as much detail as the individuals who have worked for the past ten months on this project day and night. I would suggest that if a member has serious and detailed questions regarding this project that they contact Sharon Weinstein (732-354-5913), Miltie Goldman (732715-6848) or me. The contracts enclosed have been reviewed by Aaron Shmulewitz, the Shul’s legal counsel, and he will continue to make any minor changes as he sees fit as we move forward. If you have any questions regarding the contract itself, please reach out to Aaron Shmulewitz at 732-238-5432. Milttie Goldman and his renovation committee and Sharon Weinstein and her Mikvah committee have approved the plans above for submission to the township. In conjunction with the architect and contractor, Miltie and Sharon will follow the plans through the process and work with the paid professionals to tweak the plans as needed. I hope that you are as excited as I am to begin the process of renovating the YIEB Mikvah. However, let me caution everyone that when doing
  • construction, there will be starts and stops, delays, tweaks to the plans, etc. - it is just the nature of construction and dealing with townships and municipalities. The good news is that we have a great team, passionately dedicated to bringing this renovation project to fruition. I want to thank Miltie Goldman and Sharon Weinstein for putting their personal lives on hold and dedicating so much time to our Mikvah project. If you are unable to attend this meeting, but still wish to vote, please reach out to Batsheva Goldman (732-238-6505) prior to Tuesday February 25th for her to review with you the procedure necessary for a proxy to vote on your behalf. Proxies will be acceptable until Wednesday February 26th at 8 PM. Thank you, Aron J. Adams President, Young Israel of East Brunswick ___________________________________________ Todah Rabah! Thank you to the Rothenberg Family for their generous sponsorship of the Teen Minyan Kiddush in honor of the 9 month birthday of their grandson Natan Menachem “Morris” Klein. Welcome B’nei Akiva YIEB is hosting the first annual B’nei Akiva East Brunswick/Edison Shabbaton Extravaganza this Shabbat. Welcome to all those attending from beyond East Brunswick. High schoolers still interested in attending should contact Melissa as soon as possible. The Friday night oneg is open to all high school students, regardless of Shabbat-long participation. 9:30 pm at the shul. Ruach Kabbalat Shabbat Our own B’nei Akiva members will be leading a special ruach Kabbalat Shabbat open to all. 5:20 p.m. in the Beit Midrash. Snif this Shabbat Children in grades 2-5 are invited to join B’nei Akiva madrichim for a Shabbat afternoon snif program at 4:10 p.m. Tween & Teen Trivia Bowl Grades 5-12 have their own Trivia Bowl! Last chance to register! It’s this Saturday night, February 15th. 8 pm. $15 pp. Checks payable to YIEB Sisterhood and sent to Melissa Rosen. Pizza and snacks served. Movie Night Everyone, kindergarten and up, is invited to movie night at the shul! Motzei Shabbat, February 22nd. Families welcome. 7:30 p.m. RSVP appreciated. youthdirector@yieb.org. Join Rabbi Weinstein and Melissa Rosen for Sandy Relief YIEB high school students have a special opportunity to volunteer on Sunday, March 9th with Nechama. Nechama is a non-profit organization that serves as “the Jewish Response to Disaster.” We will travel to Long Island to help with the rebuilding effort. Volunteers must be 15 years old. There are very limited spaces available and will be awarded on a first come-first serve basis. Contact Melissa ASAP to reserve your spot. PurimFest Returns! Get ready for another amazing Purim carnival! Sunday, March 16th from 11 am-3 pm. Check out the attached flyer for more details. Interested in volunteering? Let Melissa know. Sponsorships sought. Chailight: Chesed Our Chailight: Chesed February collection continues to be travel/sample sized toiletries. Bring them back from your vacation and donate them here. We will distribute to Elijah’s Promise, MCFOODS and Woman Aware. The collection will continue through next month. ______________________________________________ Friendship Discount Take advantage of our new ‘friendship discount’! Register with a friend new to camp and split the $100 discount. Two new campers also qualify. Information Session – NEW DATE Plan to attend our informational parlor meeting on Tuesday evening, February 18th at 7:30 at the shul. Open to all. Bring a friend! TLC Information Session Attention parents of children entering 5th through 8th grade! Join us for a special TLC information session on Sunday, February 23rd at 10:00 a.m. New Affiliations Central NJ now has a B’nei Akiva summer camp of their own! We are thrilled to announce that Camp Keshet is now affiliated with B’nei Akiva! Another amazing Keshet summer is coming, now with all the benefits of B’nei Akiva. Morning mifkad, joint programs with Moshava Ba’ir and IO and so much more! Camp Keshet now has a Yachad shadow program. We are proud to be able to offer a safe and exciting camp experience for all who desire it. Keshet’s main camp is open to 2 year olds through those entering 4th grade. TLC is now open to those entering 5th through 8th grades. Now Hiring Camp Keshet has some exciting announcements to make about new staff hires! Be on the lookout! Camp Keshet is now hiring! Applications being accepted from those entering 10th grade and up, including college student and adults. Join us for the best summer ever! ______________________________________________ YACHAD NEWS February is North American Inclusion Month; please take note to be sensitive and inclusive to people of all abilities. Upcoming Event: YIEB/YachadRayimShabbaton, the weekend of Feb. 28th through March 1st. Please contact Debbie Tune or Debbie Schaulewicz for more information. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear YIEB members, As a growing, health conscious community we have made an arrangement with ACME to prepare two medium sized fruit platters weekly for our Kiddush Nosh for $55.00. We need your help to volunteer to pick up the platters on Thursdays and deliver them to the Shul. Please sign up at www.tinyurl.com/yiebfruit and then arrange a time with Michele Falk 732.485.2194 to bring the platters to the Shul kitchen. Please save your receipts, as you will be reimbursed for your expenses via Shul Cloud. Contact Simi Fogel at 718-987-5209 with any questions. Sincerely, YIEB Healthee Committee _________________________________________ BIKUR CHOLIM/SHIVA DIVISION Thank you to the many members of the community for their ongoing support and assistance to families during Shiva. Suggested donations of $10 to aid a particular family during the week of Shiva may be sent to Julie Katz, 20 Rebel Run Drive (payable to BikurCholim-YIEB.) Please indicate the family name in the memo section of your check). Recipient families will be informed of your donation. For further information on how you can help and support a particular family or for generalBikurCholim information, please contact Julie Katz, Karen Stern, Miriam Rosenblum or Suri Moskowitz. Thank you for your continued support. ___________________________________ YIEB SISTERHOOD GIFT SHOP Engagements, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, new apt/house, children’s birthdays, lunches, holidays, travel. Call Kathy Brody 732.257.2679,Brina Herskovits 732.390.4955 or Leah Weinberger 732.613.8797 ______________________________________ Please be vigilant and use the crosswalks.In particular, be careful not to cross Dunhams Corner Road directly in front of the Shul. _____________________________ NOTICE TO KIDDUSH NOSH SPONSORS Please send any updates to your list of birthdays, anniversaries, Yahrzeits, and special events to kiddushnosh@yieb.org. Specify the date, type of event, and name of person or people being remembered. If possible, please list the Hebrew date for a Yahrtzeit. If you don’t know it, an English date is fine. Thank you for providing Kiddush Nosh for the Shul members. Your event will be observed during the Kiddush Nosh closest to the listed date and will be published in the Shul Newsletter. _________________________________________ HELPING HAND COMMITTEE Have you ever been locked out of your car; Had to pick up your sick child at school while your newborn was sleeping’ or needed to check on your parents who were home alone? Were you fortunate enough to get help? Would like to pay the favor forward? Family and friends aren't always around, and there are time when members in our community need a helping hand. We are forming a committee of volunteers who would be willing to help out when someone has an unexpected emergency situation. If you are interested in helping out, please contact either: Debbie Chustckie at chustckie@aol.com Bobbie Cumsky at cumsky@aol.com Brina Hershkovits at bhersko@ymail.com Thanking you, The Helping Hand Committee _________________________________________
  • SAFETY REMINDER When walking to and from Shul for Mincha and Maariv, please wear your reflective vests. __________________________________________ LADIES TEHILLIM GROUP The Ladies Tehillim Group meets Monday nights at 7:45 PM in the Social Hall for reading Tehillim and reciting Refuahs. Please join us for this most important Mitzvah. The one hour is time well spent. Readings are in English or Hebrew. Many thanks to the following women who steadfastly partake in this Mitzvah; Ellen Gable, Barbara Goldman, Brina Herskovits, Hindy Kierman, Esther Kosoffsky, Sarah Naus, Florence Passner, Bea Rosenbaum, Rosalie Rothenberg, Sarita Sragow, Cheryl Svei, and Amy Zelka. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SHUL PARKING LOT Please do not park nor stand in Fire Lanes. It is essential we allow for passage of emergency vehicles. ______________________________________ ***************** Timely Community Announcements ****************** (YIEB does not endorse the Kashrut of any nonYIEB event or listing appearing in the Newsletter) KIDNEY NEEDED: My close friend, Jewish Male (52) father of 2, is in desperate need of a kidney (Type O blood). Please respond via the Renewal Organization at R652@renewal.organd please have Tzvi ben Frimmet in your Tefilos for a RefuahShleimah. Thank you, Dr. Alan Singer -------------------------------------------------------------------RPRY MISHMAR. Mishmar learning program is held at RPRY every Motzei Shabbat at 7 PM. Please bring your own Seforim. Cost is still only $3.00 which includes, pizza, donuts, prizes and raffles NORPAC MISSION Please note early bird discount will expire Feb 16th. Join us on our annual Mission to Washington event to support the U.S.-Israel relationship on Wednesday, April 30th. On a single-day trip you will meet with Members of Congress and their staff, and share your concerns with them about foreign aid to Israel, Iran sanctions, security cooperation, and more. Help us make a difference once again! Buses leave for Washington from our area at 6:30 AM and return between 9-10 PM .There will be briefings on the bus. All meals will be provided. Register now for the early bird discount: http://www.norpac.net/ or call 201.788.5133 Adults - $125 Students - $75 (must be over 12.Those under 18 must be accompanied by Parent or legal guardian). special discount --College students can register at $36 – but only by phone. Register now for the Early Bird special rates* at http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001FEXHibCSHCejU _5fiZFAIOY5zxxcdUDXi2eQaITaNonIWhNeu1XrR zhd5emxMD3Ha6_OOu0xjkSAzmDn_A1p6aHH G-TkA2N43aU4_CIG8BTw1OdzKvveOg== or call 201.788.5133Contact Esther Kosoffsky. chefesther@yahoo.com for more info. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Save the date! BikurCholim of Raritan Valley annual event will take place on SundayMar. 2ndat the Pines Manor. We will be having a brunch at 10:30 AM.The guest speaker is Rabbi Jonathan Rietti. More details to follow. _________________________________________ The Orthodox Forum of Edison/Highland Park is sponsoring a free showing of the movie, The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers on Saturday night, Feb.15th at 8 PM at Congregation Ohr Torah in Edison. The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers, is based on the best- selling book by Ambassador Yehuda Avner, The Prime Ministers takes the audience inside the offices of Israel’s Prime Ministers through the eyes of an insider, Yehuda Avner, who served as a chief aide, English language note-taker and speechwriter to Levi Eshkol, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin, and Shimon Peres. The first of two parts, The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers focuses on Ambassador Avner’s years working with Prime Ministers Levi Eshkol and Golda Meir and then US Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin and reveals new details about the Six-Day War, the development of Israel’s close strategic relationship with the United States, the fight against terrorism, the Yom Kippur War and its aftermath. The film stars the voices of Sandra Bullock as Golda Meir, Michael Douglas as Yitzhak Rabin, Leonard Nimoy as Levi Eshkol and Christoph Waltz as Menachem Begin. CNJKIDS MONTH - FEBRUARY 2014 Tuition will be set by our local Jewish K-8 day schools in the next few months. We need your help to keep tuition as low as possible to encourage continued enrollment in our schools the lifeblood of our community. Please consider becoming a dependable monthly donor to CNJKIDS. Go to www.cnjkids.org and make a donation to mitigate future tuition increases at local Jewish K-8 day schools that have agreed to partner with CNJKIDS. Please join TABC at its 31st Annual Dinner on Sunday, March 30th at Congregation Keter Torah as we honor a group of very special individuals. The theme of this year's dinner "Building our Future," acknowledges the tremendous contributions of our honorees; Wendy and Isaac Shulman, Alisa and Stephen Levy, Dr. Garry Katz and YaacovApfelbaum who have all contributed in significant ways to the growth of our Yeshiva. For reservations or to make a donation, please go to tabc.org/dinner. Save the date! BikurCholim of Raritan Valley annual event will take place onSunday, March 2ndat the Pines Manor. We will be having a brunch at 10:30am. The guest speaker is Rabbi Jonathan Rietti. More details to follow. “A NIGHT OF MUSIC” FEATURING CANTOR SHIMMY MILLER AND MEZAMRIM.Congregation OhavEmeth (OE) is proud to present World Renowned Cantor Shimmy Miller accompanied by Mezamrimon Saturday night, February 15th at 8:15 PM at OE (415 Raritan Avenue in Highland Park). Tickets are $36 each. Music provided by pianist, Motti Miller and the OE Players. This concert is sponsored in part by Eddie and Lilah Braun as a memorial to Eddie’s father, Mr. David Braun, on his first Yahrtzeit. Additional sponsorships are available. For more information, please contact Eddie Braun at 732.572.5613 or oeconcert@gmail.com. Ticket orders with payment may be submitted to Congregation OhavEmeth, 415 Raritan Avenue, Highland Park, NJ 08904. EMPLOYMENT NETWORK OF RARITAN VALLEY ENRV is active posting over 200 jobs a month to over 550 members. Please continue to include the following in your announcements every week or two to let people know about the group and to post jobs. Looking for work? We can help. Go to www.ENRV.org or contact Bob Lansey at ENRVInfo@gmail.com. We post over 200 jobs each month, and help people with their resume and search strategies. Please help: If you know of any professional, part-time, or temporary job openings, please e-mail the information to ENRVInfo@gmail.com. It has been sold out in Jewish Film Festivals around the country. It has had a limited run in theaters... Now it is showing right here free of charge (thanks to our generous sponsors)... THE PRIME MINISTERS, THE MOVIE The Orthodox Forum of Edison/Highland Park is sponsoring a free showing of the movie: The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers Saturday Night, February 15th at 8 PM (Come early for the best seat) Congregation Ohr Torah, Edison The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers, is based on the best- selling book by Ambassador Yehuda Avner, The Prime Ministers takes the audience inside the offices of Israel’s Prime Ministers through the eyes of an insider, Yehuda Avner, who served as a chief aide, English language note-taker and speechwriter to Levi Eshkol, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin, and Shimon Peres. The first of two parts, The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers focuses on Ambassador Avner’s years working with Prime Ministers Levi Eshkol and Golda Meir and then US Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin and reveals new details about the Six-Day War, the development of Israel’s close strategic relationship with the United States, the fight against terrorism, the Yom Kippur War and its aftermath. The film stars the voices of Sandra Bullock as Golda Meir, Michael Douglas as Yitzhak Rabin, Leonard Nimoy as Levi Eshkol and Christoph Waltz as Menachem Begin. The Orthodox Forum gladly accepts season sponsorships, as well as program sponsorships. For more information visit the orthodox forum website at www.orthodoxjewishforum.org. _________________________________________
  • YESHIVA AT THE JERSEY SHORE THE CENTER FOR EARLY LEARNING & YOUNG ISRAEL OF EAST BRUNSWICK INVITE THE ENTIRE YIEB COMMUNITY TO A Friday, March 7, 2014 5:00 p.m.MischpachaMinyandavening 6:00 p.m. Shabbat Dinner Deadline: February 28th Cost: Early Bird price by Feb $15/adult & $9/child (below 10 yrs old). Family Max $45 After Feb 20th: $18/adult & $12/child (below 10 yrs old). Family Max $55 RSVP and Payment via ShulCloud: http://www.yieb.org/yieb-young-families-shabbat-dinner.html * You will need to be logged into shul website to view RSVP screen. 20th: For questions, please contact Mark Weissman: markdweissman@comcast.net Candle Lighting: Please be advised that tea lights will be set up in Social Hall for women who wish to light candles at shul on Friday evening. For those who are lighting at home, earliest time to light is 4:43pm.
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  • YIEB Young Families sponsored event’ INDOOR PAINTBALL ARENA Please note that due to a scheduling conflict, All-Star Paintball needs to reschedule our program to Saturday night, March 1st. Anybody interested in registering for event, must RSVP by Tuesday, February 11thto reserve a spot and to guarantee full rental use of facility by our shul. WHO: Adults *(children over age of 10 + can attend as long as accompanied by a participating parent) WHEN: COST: Saturday night, March 1stat 7:30pm $35 per person** LOCATION: All-Star Paintball Arena 12 American Way, Spotswood, NJ 08884 **Price includes: Admission, PaintGun, Hopper, Mask, 500 Paintballs, Pods, Pod Pack, Air Tank, Unlimited air fills (compressed air only) &2.5hours of field use. For more information or to RSVP, please contact: Mark Weissman:markdweissman@comcast.net or Gary Glantz:vernster18@aol.com
  • YACHAD SHABBATON Young Israel of East Brunswick is hosting our annual YachadShabbaton from February 28th through March 1, 2014. As your participation is an integral part of the success of our annual YachadShabbaton, we would appreciate your involvement in this extraordinary event by participating in the luncheon event and of course sponsorships. The feedback we received from YACHAD is that the members and advisors especially love sharing lunch with YIEB families and the environment is so warm and caring. For Shabbos Lunch, Yachad members and advisors will be eating in the shul together with the Young Israel of East Brunswick Community. We look forward to a lunch filled with RUACH! Kindly, send in your reservations and checks to Marsha Loeb at 6 Sussex Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, (732) 390-2197. Price per person is $22 Price for child under eight is $15 Sponsorships as follows: $118 includes 2 reservations $180 includes 3 reservations $360 includes 6 reservations For more information, please call Debbie Schaulewicz (732) 390-8760 or Debbie Tune (732) 432-8024. ______________________________________________________________________ FAMILY NAME: __________________________________ RESERVATIONS: $22 X ____ = $______ $15 X ____ = $______ Total _________ Sponsorship Enclosed for ________
  • Ask Yourself These Questions: 1. Do you use electricity or natural gas for your home and/or business? 2. Would you like to discover a way to pay less for the supply portion of your electric or natural gas bill? 3. Would you like a company to help pay for the supply portion of your utility bill? 4. Would you like $50.00 for trying out a company’s service?* If you answered YES to any of these questions, call David Falk & Joshua Fogel at 732.698.7406. A portion of the proceeds, directly generated from this ad, supports the Young Israel of East Brunswick *The $50 Welcome Bonus Promotion Is For New Customers Who Enroll From January 15, 2014 to February 28, 2014 Energy Supply Currently in the Following States: CT, GA, IL, ME, MD, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA and RI / Coming Soon:MA, TX -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------