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DAF YOMI: From Rabbi Weinstein
Join Daf Yomi at YIEB with Rabbi Weinstein:
• Monday through Friday after 1st Minyan
The Annual Toby Mayer Memorial Scholarship
Fund Breakfast will take place Sunday morning,
Trivia Bowl 2013 is almost here!

Have you

Time is running out.....
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Ask Yourself These Questions:
Do you use electricity or natural gas for your home and/or business?
Would y...
Yiebnewsletter 2013 12_13
Yiebnewsletter 2013 12_13
Yiebnewsletter 2013 12_13
Yiebnewsletter 2013 12_13
Yiebnewsletter 2013 12_13
Yiebnewsletter 2013 12_13
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Yiebnewsletter 2013 12_13


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Yiebnewsletter 2013 12_13

  1. 1. Weekly Newsletter Jay Weinstein, Rabbi 732.354.5912 (cell) 732.254.1860 x2 (office) Elliot Denenberg, Editor Aron Adams, President Yaakov Wasser, Inaugural Rabbi (1979-2009), Retired NEXT NEWSLETTER DEADLINE IS Wednesday Dec. 18th at NOON All submissions must be emailed to newsletter@yieb.org On those weeks when our Shul Secretary is away on vacation, the Newsletter will be emailed but not printed. _________________________________________ MAZAL TOV To Susan & Jerry Gerstman on the celebration of the Aufruf of their son Joshua. Also to brother and sister in law Benjamin & Shuli Gerstman, nephews and nieces Menachem, Racheli, Shaina, and Moshe, Bubby Eva Wein, uncle and aunt Howard & Ilene Wein, aunt Gale Weinberg and many cousins. To Hadar & Harris Bram and Sophia & Sam Gabay of Chicago, IL on the engagement of their children Aliza & Sason. Also to to their siblings, Ariella, Aryeh & Yoni Rosenbaum, Yehudit, Sam & Yosef Ash, Gavriel and Yosef Bram, Yakov & Melissa Gabay, and Yonatan Gabay. Mazal Tov to the grandparents Rabbi Cy & Sara Hertzberg, Mrs. Mohtaram Gabay and Mrs. Shaheen Yaghoubzadeh. To Shulie & Jack Stroh on the birth of a granddaughter born to Elana & Michael Goldsmith of Bergenfield, NJ. Also to big brother Joey and the entire Stroh, Goldsmith and Chazan families. To Susan & Shimmy Engelhardt on the engagement of their son Jonathan to Sarah Yager, and to Karen & Steven Yager of North Woodmere, grandparents Rachela & Chaim Engelhardt, Gloria & Philip Gold and David Yager. Also to siblings David and Nachi Engelhardt, Heather & Zack Greenblatt, and Rebecca & Mike Madar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vol. XVIII, No. 25 Tevet 10 - 16, 5774 SHABBAT VAYECHI Mincha (Asara B’Tevet) ........................... 4:00PM FAST ENDS .............................................. 5:12PM Candle Light .............................................. 4:14PM Shkia ......................................................... 4:32PM Shabbat Shacharit ............................ 8:00, 9:00AM Latest Sh’ma ............................................. 9:33AM Shabbat Mincha ........................................ 4:05PM Shabbat Maariv ......................................... 5:14PM Shabbat Ends............................................ 5:22PM Sun Shacharit .................................. 7:30, 8:30AM Mon/Thurs Shacharit ....................... *6:20, 8:00AM [Earliest T & T - Mon 6:20AM; Thurs 6:22 AM] Tues/Wed/Fri Shacharit ................... 6:30, 8:00AM Sun - Thurs Mincha/Maariv ........................ 4:15PM Sun Late Maariv ....................................... 8:30PM Mon-Thurs Late Maariv.............................. 9:30PM Candle Lighting next week ......................... 4:16PM Mikvah Hours – It is imperative that men not assemble or remain in the Mikvah area and/or the parking area nearby, 15 minutes prior to and until 15 minutes after the times designated below. Motzei Shb’t ..... -1½ hrs after Shb’t ends - for 2 hrs Weekdays ....................................... 9:00-11:00PM Friday & Yom Tov ............. by Appointment Only Mikvah 732.257.4121 Eruv status 732.254.1860 X5 KIDDUSH NOSH SPONSORS December 1-14, 2013 Birthday: Dorianne & Jeff Dantowitz: Ariella Dantowitz Michele & David Falk: Jonathan Falk Andrea Rybak-Feiglin & Marc Feiglin: Andrea Rybak-Feiglin Sara & Bruce Fischer: Mati Fischer Shelley & Milton Goldman: Rachel GoldmanGeisler Ariela & Scott Grayman: Adina Grayman Tamar & Stuart Green: Dina Green Julie & Steve Katz: Eitan Katz Jodi & Jeff Liebov: Jeff Liebov Rachelle & Jack Markowitz: Yitzchak Glassberg Karen & Chayim Stern: Karen Stern Shanna & Jeffrey Taub: Alyssa Taub Ava Waisbord: Yocheved Sima Bohm Michele and Jay Wegodsky: Jay Wegodsky Stacy & David Weissman: Benny Weissman Yahrzeit: Debbie & Chaim Rogoff: Celia Rogoff _________________________________________ SHUL DECORUM REMINDER At YIEB we encourage talking to everyone: HASHEM during Davening. FRIENDS during Kiddush. ___________________________________ December 13 – 19, 2013 TEEN MINYAN KIDDUSH SPONSORS The Falk Family in honor of Jonathan’s and Daniel’s birthdays. _________________________________________ SEUDAT SHLISHIT SPONSORS Susan & Jerry Gerstman on the celebration of the Aufruf of their son Joshua. The guest speaker is TBA. _______________________________________ DOR L-DOR The next Dor L-Dor program will take place this Motzei Shabbat at 6:35 PM. There will be pizza and prizes for everyone. Cost is $2 per child with a max of $5 per family which can be paid at the door. Please support this program by donating on line via the ShulCloud Network. After logging on to the ShulCloud Network, under the ‘Member Area’ drop down menu, please choose 'Member Donations', you can then select to donate toward Dor L-Dor. Once a donation has been made, an e-mail notification is sent to Ari Kevelson. Donations are needed - Please donate so that this year's program can be as enjoyable as possible for all the children that attend. Thank you to the Salomon and Birnbaum Families for their generous donations. Please contact Ari Kevelson if you are interested in being one of the many guest story tellers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------RABBI WEINSTEIN’S OFFICE HOURS FOR DECEMBER Come meet with Rabbi Weinstein! You bring the agenda (Chavruta learning, discuss Jewish Philosophy, explore ideas of how to improve YIEB, or simply just come to shmooze). Times Thursday night, Dec. 12th, 8:00-9:30 PM Wednesday night, Dec.18th, 6:30-8:00 PM. Sunday morning, Dec. 29th, 9:30-11:00 AM RSVP required- please email rabbiweinstein@gmail.com Those times don't work? Email Rabbi Weinstein to set up another time Looking forward to hearing from you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YIEB BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Wednesday December 18th at 8 PM ___________________________________ Did you register for Trivia Bowl yet? See attached flyer. Early Bird $12 per person registration deadline is this coming Monday. _______________________________ YIEB ANNUAL DINNER Sunday December 15th at 5:30 PM ABSOLUTE DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS DEC. 13th
  2. 2. DAF YOMI: From Rabbi Weinstein Join Daf Yomi at YIEB with Rabbi Weinstein: • Monday through Friday after 1st Minyan (approximately 7:10-7:45 AM) Sunday morning after 1st Minyan (approximately 8:10-8:45 AM) • Shabbat morning following 1st Minyan (rotation of presenters). _________________________________________ DAF YOMI B’IYUN Join Rabbi Shlomo Landau on Tuesday nights at 8:45 PM, followed by Maariv at 9:30 PM, to explore in depth, a topic from the week’s Daf Yomi. Can’t make it in person? Do Daf Yomi online! http://ouradio.org/daf http://www.dafyomi.org/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHINUCH/ADULT EDUCATION Shiva Call Guidelines are available at www.yieb.org, Member Area dropdown menu. December 25th Class – Wednesday Dec. 25th 930 AM, 296 Dunhams Corner Road Bleeding Calves and the Emergence of the American Rabbinate In 1860 renowned Russian preacher R’ Moshe Aaronsohn emigrated to New York. Upon arrival he found that calves were being bled almost to death before ritual slaughtered. His halakhic opposition to this practice, amongst other factors, led to open war among New York’s East European rabbis. In this class we will analyze the social and Halakhic background of this issue, study R’ Aaronsohn’s response and examine some of the letters of support he received including that of R’ Shimshon Raphael Hirsch. In addition, we will contrast the responses with that of a similar issue brought 100 years later to R’ Moshe Feinstein. For sources email yaakovweinstein@juno.com YIEB & Highland Park Community Kollel. Gemara Class with Rabbi Nussbaum, Tuesdays at 8:30 PM, with the topic “Prohibitions of Shabbat”. New Monday Night Learning Series with Rabbi Weinstein: Halachot and Ethics of the Workplace and Business World New Learning Series conyinues on Monday, December 16th, 8:30-9:30 PM. New Women's Wednesday Class with Rabbi Weinstein, 9:45-10:45 AM, "The Thought and Theology of Rav Kook" Conitnues on Wednesday, December 18th. See attached flyer. In Depth Talmud Class Given by Yaakov Weinstein, Thursday 8:30PM In this week’s class we will discuss “Why Is This Night Different?” ---------------------------------------------------------- We are seeking a volunteer to take over as Newsletter Editor. Please contact Elliot Denenberg at newsletter@yieb.org to discuss required work effort and skill set. _______________________________ YAHRTZEITS Tevet 10, 5774 Sylvia Kirshner for her Mother, Ethel bat Chaim Baer (Ethel Shyken) on 12/13/2013 Todah Rabah! Thank you to the Freides family for their sponsorship of a Kiddie Kiddush in honor of Zachary’s birthday. Thank you to the Cornick family on their recent sponsorship of a Kiddie Kiddush in honor of Michayel’s birthday. Thank you to the Falk family for the sponsorship of a Teen Minyan Kiddush in honor of Jonathan and Daniel’s birthdays. Shabbat Dinner Raffle Shabbat starts earlier and earlier. Maybe you don’t have time to cook the type of Shabbat dinner you would like. No problem! Let the adult members of the Youth Committee cook a delicious Shabbat dinner for you! Delicious, home-cooked and prepared in accordance with the YIEB community kashrut guidelines. Arrange a delivery date between December 20 & January 17. Raffle tickets are just $5 each! 3 for $10. Checks written to YIEB Sisterhood and sent to: Attn. Melissa Rosen. Drawing held this Friday. B’nei Akiva this Shabbat High School Oneg: Friday night, 7-8:30 pm at the Newmark home. Snif: Grades 2 & 3 and 4 & 5. Shabbat afternoon, 3:10 at shul. Middle School/V’ZaCh Seudah Shlishit: Shabbat afternoon, 4:25 at shul. Youth Board Elections Middle schoolers and high school students will have the opportunity to run for board positions. Choose a leadership position and help make our programs the best they can be! Contact Melissa if you would like to run. Positions include President, Chesed VP, Social VP, Religious VP and Communications VP. Elections are on December 22nd. M&Ms Overnight Lock-In Middle schoolers from throughout NJ are invited to join us on Motzei Shabbat, December 28th for an exciting overnight experience. 7:00 p.m. Save the date! Tell your friends from school to save the date! Chailight: Chesed Do your kids eat breakfast? It’s the most important meal of the day! The Kosher Food Pantry is struggling to help all those in need. We are collecting breakfast cereals, cold and hot, as well as granola bars. Please try to donate this week! There is a bin in the lobby. Any Questions? If you have any questions or need more information about any of our program, please contact Melissa at youthdirector@yieb.org or 732991-6110. ----------------------------------------------------------------- SAFETY REMINDER When walking to and from Shul for Mincha and Maariv, please wear your reflective vests. __________________________________________ Tevet 10, 5774 Steven Albertson for his Brother, Chaim Yonatan Ben Binyamin (Charles Albertson) on 12/13/2013 Tevet 10, 5774 Joel Freudenberger for his Father, Rafael Ben Yoel (Rudy Freudenberger) on 12/13/2013 Tevet 11, 5774 Michael Kierman for his Father, Yeshayahu Ben Moshe Halevi (Joseph Kierman) on 12/14/2013 Tevet 12, 5774 Sara Englard for her Mother, Leah Bat Nahamya (Leila Astrin) on 12/15/2013 Tevet 14, 5774 Karen Stern for her Father, Yaakov ben Ephraim Nata Hacohen (Jerry Schonfeld) on 12/17/2013 Tevet 14, 5774 Barbara Elem for her Grandmother, Hinda Bat Pinchas (Helen Wold) on 12/17/2013 Tevet 15, 5774 Marty Siederer for his cousin, Chanoch (Edward Sentner) on 12/18/2013 Tevet 16, 5774 Ron Salomon for his Mother, Chaya Devorah Bat Shlomo Tzvi (Dora Salomon) on 12/19/2013 Tevet 17, 5774 Rama Koslowe for her Grandfather, Moshe Ben Chaim Avraham Halevi (Morris Schachner) on 12/20/2013 _________________________________________ BIKUR CHOLIM/SHIVA DIVISION Thank you to the many members of the community for their ongoing support and assistance to families during Shiva. Suggested donations of $10 to aid a particular family during the week of Shiva may be sent to Julie Katz, 20 Rebel Run Drive (payable to Bikur Cholim-YIEB.) Please indicate the family name in the memo section of your check). Recipient families will be informed of your donation. For further information on how you can help and support a particular family or for general Bikur Cholim information, please contact Julie Katz, Karen Stern, Miriam Rosenblum or Suri Moskowitz. Thank you for your continued support. _________________________________________ ***************** Timely Community Announcements ****************** (YIEB does not endorse the Kashrut of any nonYIEB event or listing appearing in the Newsletter)
  3. 3. RPRY SCHOLARSHIP FUND BREAKFAST The Annual Toby Mayer Memorial Scholarship Fund Breakfast will take place Sunday morning, December 22nd at 9:30 A.M. This year’s Educational Excellence Award will be presented to Mrs. Michal Falk. The breakfast is the keynote event of RPRY’s annual scholarship fund campaign, which helps the Yeshiva continue in its mission to provide a Jewish day school education to every Jewish child, regardless of the family’s ability to pay. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RPRY PTA is partnering with ShoeBox Recycling, a for-profit recycler of shoes. We are collecting used, but still wearable pairs of men’s, women’s and kid’s shoes. The PTA earns some money as we recycle as many pairs of shoes as possible. Please drop off your used shoes at RPRY, placing them into the ShoeBox Recycling box that is located in the school lobby next to the office. Thank you and wishing you and your families a Happy and Healthy Sweet New Year. Ariella Schachter RPRY PTA President RPRY MISHMAR. Mishmar learning program is held at RPRY every Motzei Shabbat at 7 PM. Please bring your own Seforim. Cost is still only $3.00 which includes, pizza, donuts, prizes and raffles ---------------------------------------------------------------------KIDNEY NEEDED: My close friend, Jewish Male (52) father of 2, is in desperate need of a kidney (Type O blood). Please respond via the Renewal Organization at R652@renewal.org. And please have Tzvi ben Frimmet in your Tefilos for a Refuah Shleimah. Thank you, Dr. Alan Singer -------------------------------------------------------------------ACTT Achieving Change Through Torah program, now in its 8th year, helps individuals succeed in making meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. The source book for the entire year is: Step by Step compiled by Rabbi Dovid Weinberger. See the ACTT web-site, www.actt613.org , for the current Learning Schedule (Modules page) and for all the event audio presentations. For more info, e-mail info@actt613.org or call Phil Rosen 732.572.8762. _________________________________________ Collecting Sheitels: KEREN KOL KALLAH established to provide orphan and destitute Kallahs in Israel with essential needs. Donated custom Sheitels, some brand-new, some gently worn, are sold to women in Israel who would not otherwise have the funds to buy a quality wig. All the money raised at the sale goes towards a Hachnasas Kallah fund which helps needy brides in Eretz Yisrael. Sheitels can be dropped off by Aviva, 16 Edgemount Road, Edison. For more info, please contact Aviva Siegel 732.572.4408 siegelmom@optonline.net _________________________________________ Jewish Family & Vocational Service (JFVS) has several announcements to share with your members: 1. All are invited to the JFVS “Supper & Show” to help support Holocaust Survivor Services – Saturday, December 14th at 8PM, JFK Hospital Conference Center, 70 James Street, Edison, NJ 08818. Cost is $50 per person and includes Supper catered by Jerusalem Pizza and a fabulous show by John Pizzi; comedian, ventriloquist, magician (David Letterman/America’s Got Talent fame). Drawings will be held to win a 7-Day Celebrity Cruise for 2 and for an Apple iPad. To register and purchase raffle tickets, please see attached invite and response card or visit www.jfvs.org 2. JFVS Kosher Food Pantries are in dire need of the following non-perishables: soup, vegetables, crackers and rice cakes, rice, pasta sauce, juice, coffee, dessert items. Food can be brought to either pantry: 32 Ford Ave, 2nd Fl, Milltown or 52 Concordia Shopping Center, Monroe Township. Please call before bringing food over so we can arrange to have someone assist with the cart. -------------------------------------------------------------------Combine Jewish learning and earn Doctor, Lawyer, or Dentist licensing credits. (10.6 CLE credits, 30 AMA PRA Category 1 credits & 9 CDE credits.) What: JLI series of classes “Life in the Balance: Jewish Perspectives on Everyday Medical Dilemmas.” http://www.myjli.com/index.html?task=courses_d etail&cid=1024 When: Sunday, December 15. 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Where: Chabad of WMC, 26 Wickatunk Road, Manalapan NJ Refreshments: Breakfast and Lunch buffet. Cover: $150 Instructors: Rabbi Boruch Chazanow, Rabbi Levi Wolosow, Rabbi Shmaya Galperin, Chabad of Western Monmouth County RSVP to rabbilevi@chabadwmc.org or call (732) 972-3687. ___________________________________________The Rabbi Jacob Joseph School of Edison New Jersey Cordially invites you to attend our Annual Ladies Luncheon And Chinese Auction Honoring Mrs. Adina Pruzansky Mrs. Nitza Bodlander Honorary Chairlady ~~~~~~~~ Special Guest entertainer Leah Forster ****** Sunday, December 15th 12:00 Noon Congregation Ohr Torah 48 Edgemount Road Edison, New Jersey -------------------------------------------------------------------------Please note that the 6th Annual Breakfast on behalf of the Highland Park Community Kollel will iy’H take place at Congregation Ohr Torah Sunday Morning, December 29th at 9:30 AM. ___________________________________________ The Highland Park Community Kollel is pleased to announce that Dr. Barry Schanzer will be chairing this year’s Annual Community Breakfast. The Kollel will be honoring Drs. Jeff and Lee Ann Schein. The Kollel will as well be bestowing the Oheiv Torah Award upon Mr. Mitchell Rottenstreich. The Guest Speaker will be Rabbi Yosef Eichenstein, Rosh HaYeshiva of Rabbi Jacob Joseph School (RJJ), Edison We look forward to greeting you there. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Jewish Educational Center is pleased to invite you to join us for our inaugural Mrs. Chaya Newman a"h Memorial Lecture, as we pay tribute to Bruriah High School's former principal who was a role model, teacher, and mentor to thousands around the world. We are excited to have the renowned Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis join us as she speaks on the topic of “Turning Negatives into Positives” on Motsai Shabbos, December 14, at 7:30pm at Bruriah High School, 35 North Avenue, Elizabeth NJ. The event is open to all students, alumnae and the public and is free of charge. Light refreshments will be served and the Rebbetzin will stay afterwards for a Meet and Greet and book signing. Please contact alumni@thejec.org with any questions. ___________________________________________ NORPAC Dear Friends, Now that the updated Congressional schedule has been released, we are proud to announce the date of our next Mission to Washington: Wednesday, April 30th, 2014. Last year's event saw 1,000 participants come to our nation’s capital to advocate for a stronger U.S.-Israel relationship in the offices of more than 470 Members of Congress. This year we hope to send at least as many people back to Washington, as there are yet many challenges - both new and old - facing the State of Israel. Our advocacy efforts have become all the more important to ensure stability in Israel's volatile neighborhood. Please join us on Wednesday, April 30th, and help us once again solidify America's commitment to its greatest ally in the Middle East. Information on registration and other aspects of the Mission will be sent out in the coming weeks. Sincerely, Laurie Baumel, PhD Richard Schlussel, MD David Steinberg NORPAC Mission Chairs Jeff Schreiber NORPAC Mission Logistics Chair Allen Friedman NORPAC Mission Talking Points Chair Ben Chouake, MD NORPAC President CASINO NIGHT & AUCTION December 28th at 8 PM, Ahavas Achim will be hosting a community-wide Goods and Services Auction and Casino Night! Prizes include sports tickets, dinners for two in NYC, gift baskets, and much much more. Tickets are $25/person and include entrance, $20 in casino chips, and refreshments. Come for the prizes, stay for the fun! ________________________________________ TORAH LINKS OF MIDDLESEX COUNTY 10th Annual Benefit Sunday evening, January 12th at 6 PM. The Crystal Ballroom at the Radisson Freehold Hotel. Honoring Mr. Joseph "Zeidy" Farkas with the Lifetime Achievement Award and presenting the Torah Links Next Generation Leadership Award to Josh Denenberg, Evan Goldwasser & Dan Granot --------------------------------------------------------------------------------PCLC Upcoming Open Houses 10:00 to 11:30 AM 511 Ryders Lane, East Brunswick High School Open House: Sunday, Dec. 15th. Middle School Open House: Sunday, Feb. 2nd. The PCLC is a Jewish community high school and middle school program offering a full-day, high quality education enhanced by technology and featuring on-site teaching by subject experts. Local transportation is available. Register today: www.pclcnj.com/openhouse, call 732.387.2693, or email community@pclcnj.com AIPAC Annual Community Event will be held on the evening of Tuesday, January 7th, at Congregation Etz Chaim in Livingston. Our speaker is Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens. This event is always a great way for the entire pro-Israel community in Metro & Central NJ to come together. The event is free and open to the community. Please come and encourage your friends and family to do the same.” ___________________________________________
  4. 4. Trivia Bowl 2013 is almost here! registered? Have you Time is running out..... EARLY-BIRD ($12 PER PERSON) REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Monday, December 16th (Registration fee is $20 per person thereafter) REGISTER your team of 8-10 people, or we'll put you on a team: www.tinyurl.com/yieb-trivia2013 If you have any questions, call/email Mairov Shron 732--254-7888 or mairov@comcast.net
  5. 5. AMY's YARMULKAS & JUDAICA has 30-40% off sale on MEZUZAH CASES KIDDUSH CUPS TZITZIT KIPAS JEWELRY and selected gift items call Amy Zelka at 732-613-8717 for an appt.
  6. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ask Yourself These Questions: Do you use electricity or natural gas for your home and/or business? Would you like to discover a way to pay less for the supply portion of your electric or natural gas bill? Would you like a company to help pay for the supply portion of your utility bill? Would you like to find a competitive rate and have a donation given to a charity each month? Would you like $50.00 for trying out a company’s service?* If you answered YES to any of these questions, call David Falk & Joshua Fogel at 732.698.7406. A portion of the proceeds, directly generated from this ad, supports the Young Israel of East Brunswick *The $50 Welcome Bonus Promotion Is For New Customers Who Enroll From July 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013 Energy Supply Currently in the Following States: CT, GA, IL, ME, MD, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA and RI Coming Soon: MA, TX **************************************************************************************