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  • 1. Weekly Newsletter Jay Weinstein, Rabbi 732.354.5912 (cell) 732.254.1860 x2 (office) Elliot Denenberg, Editor Aron Adams, President Yaakov Wasser, Inaugural Rabbi (1979-2009), Retired NEXT NEWSLETTER DEADLINE IS Wednesday Oct 23rd at NOON All submissions must be emailed to newsletter@yieb.org On those weeks when our Shul Secretary is away on vacation throughout the year, the Newsletter will be emailed but not printed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------MAZAL TOV To Eden Schechter on her Bat Mitzvah. Also to parents Allison & Barry Schechter, big sister Dora, "big brother" Max, grandparents Regina & Abe Aloni and Hilda & Irving Schechter, Aunt Jen, Uncle Lyle and cousin Gabriella, and Aunt Devorah, Uncle Aharon and cousins Mendy and Sarah. Welcome and Mazal Tov to all of Eden's family and friends visiting from near and far! To Suri & Steve Moskowitz on the birth of a grandson born to Stephanie and Avi Levie. Also to all the grandparents, aunts and uncles. _________________________________________ DOWNSTAIRS KIDDUSH SPONSOR Joel Freudenberger to give Hakarat Hatov to the YIEB community for all it has done for me and my sons over these past few months and to those who were always there for me and Carol, a"h, during this very challenging and difficult past year. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------UPSTAIRS KIDDUSH SPONSOR Allison & Barry Schechter in honor of Eden becoming a Bat Mitzvah. -------------------------------------------------------------------------SEUDAT SHLISHIT SPONSOR Allison & Barry Schechter in honor of Eden becoming a Bat Mitzvah. The guest speakers are Allison & Barry Schechter. _________________________________________ CONDOLENCES We regret to inform you of the passing of Stanley Goldstein a'h, father of Nancy Mond. Nancy will sit Shiva in her home (14 Van Hise Ct., East Brunswick) through Sunday morning. Please conclude Shiva visits each night by 9:30 PM. We regret to inform you of the passing of Herman Shyken a'h, brother of Sylvia Kirshner. Sylvia is travelling to St. Louis for the funeral and Shiva. May the families be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. Vol. XVIII, No. 17 Cheshvan 14 - 20, 5774 SHABBAT VAYEIRAH Candle Lighting ..................................... 5:56PM Friday Mincha ....................................... 6:01PM Shkia .................................................... 6:14PM Shabbat Shacharit ....................... 8:00, 9:00AM Latest Sh’ma......................................... 9:58AM Shabbat Early Mincha (all invited) ..... 3:30PM Shabbat Mincha (Z’man)....................... 5:45PM Shabbat Maariv..................................... 6:54PM Shabbat Ends ....................................... 7:02PM Sun Shacharit .............................. 7:30, 8:30AM Mon/Thurs Shacharit................... *6:20, 8:00AM [*t&t for Mon – 6:26AM and Thurs – 6:29AM] Tues/Wed/Fri Shacharit .............. *6:30, 8:00AM [*t&t for Tues – 6:27AM, Wed – 6:28AM & Fri – 6:30 AM] Sun - Thurs Mincha/Maariv ................... 5:50PM Mon-Thurs Late Maariv ......................... 9:30PM Candle Lighting next week .................... 5:46PM Mikvah Hours – It is imperative that men not assemble or remain in the mikvah area and/or the parking area nearby, 15 minutes prior to and until 15 minutes after the times designated below. Motzei Shb’t . -1½ hrs after Shb’t ends - for 2 hrs Weekdays ................................... 9:00-11:00PM Friday & Yom Tov ....... By Appointment Only Mikvah 732.257.4121 Eruv status(732.254.1860 X5 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------DOR L-DOR The first Dor L-Dor program will take place Motzei Shabbat November 9th - time is yet to be determined. Once again, I thank all those that sponsored in the past. Without this continued financial support the Dor L-Dor program would not exist. To donate, please log onto the ShulCloud Network. Under the 'Member Area' drop down menu, please choose 'Member Donations', you can then select to donate toward Dor L-Dor. Once a donation has been made, an e-mail notification is sent to Ari Kevelson. Please donate so that this year’s program can be as enjoyable as possible for all the children that attend. Please contact Ari Kevelson if you are interested in being one of the many guest story tellers. Thank you to Charlie & Rosalie Rothenberg for their generous donation. Thank you to Josh & Simi Fogel, our opening act on November 9th. Ari Kevelson -------------------------------------------------------------------------------SAFEY REMINDER When walking to and from Shul for Mincha and Maariv, please wear your reflective vests. _________________________________________ October 18 - 24, 2013 Mazal Tov to those studying Daf Yomi who've completed Pesachim. Everyone is invited to "jump on board" with Shekalim beginning on Sunday morning! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The unveiling of the monument for our beloved member, Martha Davidovich a"h will take place Sunday, October 20th at 11 AM at the Washington (Floral Park) Cemetery in South Brunswick. A fund has been established at Chai Lifeline in memory our dear friend, beloved wife, mother and daughter and sister, Martha. Contributions to this fund will pay for direct services needed by victims of ovarian and breast cancer and their families. To make a donation go to: www.chailifeline.org/martha It would be greatly appreciated if donations could be made to Chai Lifeline in commemoration of Martha's first Yahrtzeit. Your contributions would very much help others in need. Thank you _________________________________________ ONEG SHABBAT There will be a Friday night Oneg at the Landaus, 41 Tall Oaks Drive at 9 PM. All are invited to join. _________________________________________ TEEN MINYAN KIDDUSH The Shul is looking for volunteers to coordinate weekly Kiddushim for the Teen Minyan. Many thanks to Harry Newmark and Alvan Small for handling this responsibility last year. Please contact Melissa Rosen, Mairov Shron or Charlie Rothenberg. _________________________________________ YIEB BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETINGS 1. Thursday October 24th @ 8 PM 2. Wednesday December 18th @ 8 PM YIEB CONGREGATIONAL MEETINGS 1. Wednesday October 30th 8-9:30 PM 2. Sunday November 3rd 8-9:30 PM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHINUCH/ADULT EDUCATION New Monday Night Learning Series with Rabbi Weinstein begins on Monday night, October 21st , 8:30-9:30 PM. "Halachot and Ethics of Interpersonal Relationships". Ona'at D'varim: Hurting Others Through your Words YIEB & Highland Park Community Kollel. Gemara Class with Rabbi Nussbaum, Tuesdays at 8:30 PM, with the topic Prohibitions of Shabbat. New Women's Wednesday Class with Rabbi Weinstein, 9:45-10:45 AM, "The Thought and Theology of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik" Continues on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 In Depth Talmud Class Given by Yaakov Weinstein, Thursday 8:30PM In this week’s class we will discuss, “Charoset: the Universal Dip.” ________________________________________
  • 2. SAVE THESE DATES YIEB's CASINO NIGHT AND GIFT AUCTION Sunday October 27th at 7 PM Play with us; enjoy real casino tables and dealers, a buffet dinner and fantastic gift auction for you. All this fun and YIEB makes the money. Call Ellen Gable for more info, 732.390.5083 or egart@aol.com Please see attached flyer for more details. **** YIEB Young Families invites the entire YIEB community to its third annual Shabbat Mishpacha Minyan and Dinner. Friday night, November 1st. Davening @ 5:00 pm followed by dinner @ 6:00 pm. *Featuring Biblical Charades program during dinner. **** YIEB ANNUAL DINNER Sunday December 15th at 5:30 PM (Please see attached flyer for more details) Celebrating 20 years in our building Three Neshei Chayil will be honored: Judy Silber Elaine Heumann-Ruth Amkraut Gemilat Chesed Award Allison Schechter Hakarat Tov Award Rebbetzin Sharon Weinstein Women's Young Leadership Award Please join us on Sunday December 15th 5:30 PM to honor these three special women. Ilean Safren & Ellen Gable Dinner Chairs Lou Safren Fundraising V.P. _________________________________________ VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Interested in doing a great Chesed for our Shul? Then join the Kiddush Nosh Team! About every 6 to 8 weeks (or depending on your availability) we would need your help with setting up Kiddush Nosh on Shabbat - it's that easy! To sign up, please contact Kim German at 732.387.8646 or kimger@gmail.com. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------DAF YOMI: From Rabbi Weinstein Join Daf Yomi at YIEB with Rabbi Weinstein: • Monday through Friday after 1st Minyan (approximately 7:10-7:45 AM) Sunday morning after 1st Minyan (approximately 8:10-8:45 AM) • Shabbat morning following 1st Minyan (rotation of presenters). _________________________________________ DAF YOMI B’IYUN Join Rabbi Shlomo Landau on Tuesday nights at 8:45 PM, followed by Maariv at 9:30 PM, to explore in depth, a topic from the week’s Daf Yomi. Can’t make it in person? Do Daf Yomi online! http://ouradio.org/daf http://www.dafyomi.org/ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------YIEB GIFT SHOP Artwork in our showcase this week is from Daniel Azoulay - to enhance our Jewish spirit. You may call Kathy Brody, Brina Herskovits or Leah Weinberger to make your purchase. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YIEB LIBRARY Recent donations made to the YIEB library IN MEMORY OF: Sarah Weider beloved mother of Ricky Yellin by -Judy & Michael Goldrich -Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg Vivian Salit beloved mother of Leslie Schwartz by -Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg Carol Freudenberger, beloved wife of Joel and mother of Jason and Andrew by -Judy and Michael Goldrich -Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg In commemoration of the 60th Yahrtzeit of Morris Rothenberg –beloved grandfather of Charles by -Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg In commemoration of the 2nd Yahrtzeit of Toby Mayer by -Barbara & Marvin Goldman In commemoration of the 1st Yahrtzeit of Sari & Ari Horowitz by -Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg In commemoration of the 32nd Yahrtzeit of Sophie Rothenberg - beloved grandmother of Charles by -Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg In commemoration of the Yahrtzeit of Colman Luftig beloved father of Barbara Goldman by -Rosalie & Charles Rothenberg IN HONOR OF: Sarita & Dan Sragow on the birth of their greatgranddaughter by -Bea & Ralph Rosenbaum Dr. Howie Noveck by -Charles Rothenberg Dr. Yaakov Applbaum by -Charles Rothenberg Scott Siegel and Moshe Strauss by -Charles Rothenberg The Chustckie, Grayman and Tune Families by -Charles & Rosalie Rothenberg Rabbi/Doctor Michael Goldrich by -Robyn & Jeff Perlman YIEB President Aron J. Adams by Charles Rothenberg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CANDY BAGS Candy bags for your special Simcha must be ordered from the YIEB Sisterhood. Please call Shelley Goldman 908.421.1103 for further information and to place your order. __________________________________________ YAHRTZEITS Cheshvan 14, 5773 Daniel Sragow for his Mother, Geula Bat Moshe (Jeannette Laporte Sragow) on 10/18/2013 Cheshvan 14, 5773 Barry Silber for his Father, Yoel Ben Shimon (Eugene Silber) on 10/18/2013 Cheshvan 14, 5773 Larry Haber for his Grandmother, Gitel bat Yehoshua (Gussie Haber) on 10/18/2013 Cheshvan 15, 5773 Elyse Tuchman for her Father, Yaakov Michael Ben Raphael Ben Zion (Jerry Epstein) on 10/19/2013 Cheshvan 15, 5773 Harris Bram for his Mother, Liba Bat Eliazar (Lillian Bram) on 10/19/2013 Cheshvan 16, 5773 Joseph Naus for his Mother, Shaindel Bat Yosef (Charlotte Naus) on 10/20/2013 Cheshvan 17, 5773 Rachelle Markowitz for her Father, Harav Yitzchak Aharon Ben Refoel Shalom Yisochor (Rabbi Isaac Davis) on 10/21/2013 Cheshvan 17, 5773 Marlene Landa for her Father, Yaakov Ben Menachem Mendel (Jacob Schrager) on 10/21/2013 Cheshvan 18, 5773 Betty Keller for her Brother, Dovid Ben Yisrael Elimelech (David Estreicher) on 10/22/2013 Cheshvan 19, 5773 Sarah Wendroff-Rose for her Son, Yosef Dov Ben Meir (Jeffrey Wendroff) on 10/23/2013 Cheshvan 19, 5773 Marcia Langer for her Father, Avraham ben Zalman (Allan Stern) on 10/23/2013 Cheshvan 19, 5773 Charles Rothenberg for his Grandfather, Yehoshua Ber Ben Chaim (Barnett Rudner) on 10/23/2013 Cheshvan 20, 5773 Phil Davidov for his Mother, Rachel Bat Yehuda Shraga (Rachel Davidov) on 10/24/2013 Cheshvan 20, 5773 Rama Koslowe for her Mother, Yehudit Leah Bat Moshe Halevi (Edith Lee Zwillenberg) on 10/24/2013 Cheshvan 21, 5773 Bill Rose for his Father, Dov Aryeh ben Eliyahu (Benjamin L Rose) on 10/25/2013 (Please remember to update your information online)
  • 3. YAHRTZEIT PLAQUES The price of a Yahrtzeit plaque is $360. If you are interested in purchasing a Yahrtzeit plaque, please contact Lori Small at plaques@yieb.org __________________________________________ NOTICE TO KIDDUSH NOSH SPONSORS Please send any updates to your list of birthdays, anniversaries, Yahrzeits, and special events to kiddushnosh@yieb.org. Specify the date, type of event, and name of person or people being remembered. If possible, please list the Hebrew date for a Yahrtzeit. If you don’t know it, an English date is fine. Thank you for providing Kiddush Nosh for the Shul members. Your event will be observed during the Kiddush Nosh closest to the listed date and will be published in the Shul Newsletter. _________________________________________ BIKUR CHOLIM/SHIVA DIVISION Thank you to the many members of the community for their ongoing support and assistance to families during Shiva. Suggested donations of $10 to aid a particular family during the week of Shiva may be sent to Julie Katz, 20 Rebel Run Drive (payable to Bikur Cholim-YIEB.) Please indicate the family name in the memo section of your check). Recipient families will be informed of your donation. For further information on how you can help and support a particular family or for general Bikur Cholim information, please contact Julie Katz, Karen Stern, Miriam Rosenblum or Suri Moskowitz. Thank you for your continued support. _________________________________________ LADIES SHIDDUCH TEHILLIM GROUP Only 15 minutes each week at your leisure. Join the many women in the community saying Tehillim to help the ones we care about find their Bashert. To be part of this Mitzvah team or to submit a name to the Shidduch List, contact Amy Zelka 732 613.8717 amy.zelka@gmail.com _____________________________________ SHUL PARKING LOT Please do not park nor stand in Fire Lanes. It is essential we allow for passage of emergency vehicles. ______________________________________ Playground Celebration We hope that our playground will be completely finished by this Shabbat. At the moment we are still awaiting one additional piece. Please look for an email on Friday, as to whether we will celebrate this Shabbat or next. Hopefully, we can celebrate our newest additions this Shabbat at 4 pm. Stories, games, snacks and, of course, lots of playground fun. We promise – it’s worth the wait! LADIES TEHILLIM GROUP The Maize Maze Challenge Tzi’irim (4th & 5th graders) are invited to challenge themselves is a Maize Maze on Sunday, October 20th at 10:30 am. Meet at Van Thun’s Farm. $10.95 per person. RSVP encouraged. youthdirector@yieb.org. Then it’s the middle schoolers turn. By specific request, 6th, 7th and 8th graders will try their hand at the Corn Maze at 12:30 pm on October 20th. Meet at Van Thun’s Farm. $10.95 per person. RSVP encouraged. youthdirector@yieb.org. Pizza Making The Minyanaires (2nd & 3rd grades) are taking on pizza-making! Enjoy your own pizza, a drink and a sundae dessert. Sunday, October 27th at 11:00 am. $12 per person. RSVP at youthdirector@yieb.org. Next B’nei Akiva Shabbat B’nei Akiva Shabbatot occur two times each month. The next B’nei Akiva Shabbat is scheduled for October 25-26. Planned programs include afternoon SNIF, a special seudah shlishit for high school students and a malave malkah to kick-off our new V’ZaCh chapter for grades 6, 7 and 8. Family Bingo Nite Save the date of Motzei Shabbat, November 16th for our annual Family Bingo Nite! Food, fun, games and prizes for all! Past participants include young families, high school students hanging with their friends, adults on a date night and women enjoying a ladies night with friends! This event is really for the young and the young at heart. All proceeds benefit YIEB Youth. See you there! Chailight: Chesed Now that the Chaggim are over, it is time to assist in restocking the local kosher food pantry. Please donate dried goods and canned goods all throughout October. There is a collection bin in the front lobby. Any Questions? If you have any questions or need more information about any of our program, please contact Melissa at youthdirector@yieb.org or 732-991-6110. _________________________________________ SISTERHOOD FLOWER FUND Help enhance everyone’s holidays by beautifying the Shul with stunning flower arrangements on the Bima. Flowers are purchased through the Sisterhood Flower Fund. Please send your $18 check, payable to YIEB Sisterhood, to Elaine Machtiger at 3 Boston Post Road ASAP. Contributions will be acknowledged in the Newsletter. Thank you. _________________________________________ The Ladies Tehillim Group meets Monday nights at 7:45 PM in the Social Hall for reading Tehillim and reciting Refuahs. Please join us for this most important Mitzvah. The one hour is time well spent. Readings are in English or Hebrew. Many thanks to the following women who steadfastly partake in this Mitzvah; Ellen Gable, Barbara Goldman, Brina Herskovits, Hindy Kierman, Esther Kosoffsky, Sarah Naus, Florence Passner, Bea Rosenbaum, Rosalie Rothenberg, Sarita Sragow, Cheryl Svei, and Amy Zelka. _________________________________________ THE HELPING HAND COMMITTEE Have you ever been locked out of your car; Had to pick up your sick child at school while your newborn was sleeping’ or needed to check on your parents who were home alone? Were you fortunate enough to get help? Would like to pay the favor forward? Family and friends aren't always around, and there are time when members in our community need a helping hand. We are forming a committee of volunteers who would be willing to help out when someone has an unexpected emergency situation. If you are interested in helping out, please contact either: Debbie Chustckie at chustckie@aol.com Bobbie Cumsky at cumsky@aol.com Brina Hershkovits at bhersko@ymail.com Thanking you, The Helping Hand Committee _________________________________________ HOUSE AND SECURITY REMINDERS Please be advised that the lobby windows are covered with a protective window security tape. The tape is very sensitive and therefore it is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED to glue any announcements on the window as well as on the walls in the lobby. Any posters will be removed and disposed of. Please be aware that a mailbox number has been assigned to most of the committee members. If you need to leave a message for someone the mailbox numbers are as follows: Office mail box #101 Rabbi Weinstein #110 President #126 Catering #131 Account secretary #132 Membership #133 House chairman #134 Sisterhood #135 Youth director #136 Fundraising #137 Chevra Kadisha #138
  • 4. Gift shop #139 Thank you. If you have any questions, please contact the House Chairperson @ ext. #134. _________________________________________ KIDDUSH NOSH We are looking to supplement our Kiddush Nosh with healthy alternatives for our children. We are looking for volunteers to purchase fruits and vegetables before Shabbat and to cut up fruits and vegetables on Shabbat morning. If you are interested please email Simi Fogel at susansemel@gmail.com __________________________________________ ********************* Timely Community Announcements ********************* (YIEB does not endorse the Kashrut of any nonYIEB event or listing appearing in the Newsletter) ACTT Achieving Change Through Torah program, now in its 8th year, helps individuals succeed in making meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. The source book for the entire year is: Step by Step compiled by Rabbi Dovid Weinberger. See the ACTT web-site, www.actt613.org , for the current Learning Schedule (Modules page) and for all the event audio presentations. For more info, e-mail info@actt613.org or call Phil Rosen 732.572.8762. _________________________________________ Collecting Sheitels: Keren Kol Kallah established to provide orphan and destitute Kallahs in Israel with essential needs. Donated custom Sheitels, some brand-new, some gently worn, are sold to women in Israel who would not otherwise have the funds to buy a quality wig. All the money raised at the sale goes towards a Hachnasas Kallah fund which helps needy brides in Eretz Yisrael. Sheitels can be dropped off by Aviva, 16 Edgemount Road, Edison. For more info, please contact Aviva Siegel 732.572.4408 siegelmom@optonline.net _________________________________________ RPRY PTA is partnering with ShoeBox Recycling, a for-profit recycler of shoes. We are collecting used, but still wearable pairs of men’s, women’s and kid’s shoes. The PTA earns some money as we recycle as many pairs of shoes as possible. Please drop off your used shoes at RPRY, placing them into the ShoeBox Recycling box that is located in the school lobby next to the office. Thank you and wishing you and your families a Happy and Healthy Sweet New Year. Ariella Schachter RPRY PTA President ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHAI LIFELINE SHABBATON After a one year hiatus, the Edison/Highland Park community will once again be welcoming approximately thirty boys between the ages of 7 and 15 along with staff from Chai Lifeline for a weekend retreat this Shabbat, October 18-19. During the Shabbaton, community boys become “buddies” to the Chai Lifeline kids. It will include an inspirational community-wide Seudah Shlishit at Ohr Torah. This Shabbaton has been recognized twice internationally as one of the best Shabbatons of the year. It provides the opportunity for kids in a very difficult situation to forget their troubles for a weekend and enjoy themselves with old friends and new “buddies.” It also provides their families with much-needed respite. In past years, the Shabbaton was subsidized by a small number of individuals. Unfortunately, they no longer have access to those funds, and must reach out to the community at large. We need to raise another $7,000 to cover the Shabbaton. Please sponsor or contribute today (all contributions will be displayed on the recognition card): $1,000 Sponsor Shabbat lunch $ 500 Sponsor Seudah Shlishit $ 360 Sponsor a child for the weekend $ 180 Contributor Checks should be made out to “Chai Lifeline” and mailed to David Waizer, 53 North 7th Avenue, Highland Park, NJ 08904. Teens from Highland Park/Edison who would like to volunteer should contact Barbara Edery at barbaraedery@gmail.com This event qualifies for Chesed hours and letters can be provided upon request. _________________________________________ CHAI LIFELINE TOY DRIVE Chai Lifeline is having its annual toy drive, in time for Chanukah. Please drop off toys at RPRY and Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion from 10/23 – 11/20. All toys must be NEW. Please DO NOT WRAP GIFTS. Toys are needed for children of all ages, from newborn to teenagers. Age appropriate gifts for children ages 13 and up are especially needed. For more information, please call Bobby Engel at 732.819.7842. _________________________________________ The annual American Cancer Society’s Making Strides against Breast Cancer 5K walk will be held on Sunday, October 27th at the NJ Expo Center. Registration starts at 7:30 AM; Walk starts at 10:00 AM. Checks can be made out to the American Cancer Society. One can register on-line www.makingstrideswalk.org/edison. If interested in participating, and/or sponsoring, please call Bobbi 732.819.7842. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The FRISCH SCHOOL, located in Paramus, N.J., invites all 8th graders and their parents to our Open House on Sunday, November 10th at 9:15 AM. (Kindly register at openhouse.www.frisch.org) Come and experience the innovative formal and informal educational opportunities provided to our students to foster their individualized intellectual and religious growth. _________________________________________ MTA OPEN HOUSE The Open House is scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 27th at 9:30 AM (doors open at 9 AM), at our building at 2540 Amsterdam Ave on YU's Wilf Campus. More information, as well as the option to pre-register, can be found on our website, www.yuhsb.org. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------PARLOR MEETING Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School invites all 8th graders and their parents to the Community Informational Meetings on Sunday, October 13th at 10 AM at the home of Barry & Lisa Schanzer, 25 Perry Road, Edison and Monday, October 14th at 8 PM at the home of Jodi & Steven Reich, 4 Musket Court, East Brunswick. Please join us as we share the RKYHS academic and Judaic programs, our educational initiatives and co-curricular opportunities. For more information contact RKYHS Admissions Office 862.437.8094 or info@rkyhs.org. We look forward to seeing you there! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Come join the All Star Basketball Extravaganza – A morning of fun basketball contests and games. Sunday October 27th from 10-11:30 am @ the RPRY GYM, for boys, grades 3-5. $15/person in advance...$20 at door (price includes tshirt). For more information please call Didi Deitcher at (732.921.7736 or Leslie Ostrin at 848.248.2884. This event is first in a series of a RPRY 7th Grade Bar Mitzvah Project: raising funds to bring over an Israeli Army Troop, through a program called Peace of Mind (POM). POM is an organization that helps Israeli soldiers who have served for 3 or more years in a high risk combat unit in the IDF, and are being helped in their transition back into civilian life. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------RPRY Mishmar program starts this Saturday night. Mishmar learning program is held at RPRY every Motzei Shabbat at 8:00. Please bring your own Seforim. Cost is still only $3.00 which includes, pizza, donuts, prizes and raffles ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------The OU JOB Board link is on the Shul’s website; www.yieb.org _____________________________________ SHUL DECORUM REMINDER At YIEB we encourage talking to everyone: HASHEM during Davening. FRIENDS during Kiddush. _________________________________________
  • 5. Dear YIEB Community, We wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the MANY Adult Education classes that are currently being offered at YIEB. Taking the time to study Torah during the week can really help infuse meaning & spirituality into the daily routine. Also, it allows you to connect with others and of course, all YIEB classes are free of charge! Each class is open to participants of varied learning backgrounds and allows you the opportunity to just “jump in” even if you have not attended previously. So, take a look at the list below and find a class to join! Additionally, please remember that our YIEB Beit Medrash is stocked with an array of Seforim that might be of interest to you. If you have any questions or suggestions or if you’re looking for a one on one charvusa, please feel free to contact either of us. Best wishes to a year filled with Talmud Torah! Claire Kagel (claire.kagel@gmail.com) Rabbi Weinstein (rabbiweinstein@gmail.com) Current YIEB Classes Daily • Daf Yomi with Rabbi Weinstein o Sunday following 7:30 AM Minyan, o Monday-Friday following the 6:30 AM Minyan o Shabbat following the Hashkama minyan (rotation of presenters) Monday • Tehillim Group for Women, 7:45-8:30 PM • Halachot and Ethics of Interpersonal Relationships for Men & Women with Rabbi Weinstein, 8:30-9:30 PM Tuesday • Daf Yomi B’iyun for Men with Rabbi Landau, 8:45-9:30 PM • Gemara Class for Men with Rabbi Nussbaum of the Highland Park Community Kollel, 8:30-9:30 PM Wednesday • The Thought & Theology of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik for Women with Rabbi Weinstein, 9:45-10:45 AM • In Depth Talmud Class for Men & Women with Yaakov Weinstein, 8:30-9:30 PM Shabbat • Rambam Mishneh Torah for Men and Women with Michael Goldrich following Hashkama Minyan • Mishna Berurah for Men & Women with Michael Gardner, 45 minutes before Mincha (meets April through October) • Mishna for Men and Women with Jack Stroh during Seudah Shlishit • Minchat Chinuch for Men with Rabbi Landau during Seudah Shlishit • Gemara Rosh Hashana for Men and Women with Saul Landa during Seudah Shlishit
  • 6. THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE KOL NIDRE APPEAL (updated) Abeles, Joseph Hy & Anat Haviva Adams, Aron & Leslie Albertson, Steven & Limor Anonymous (3) Applbaum, Yaakov & Linda Assouline, Philippe & Catherine Balsam, Gary & Toby Bard, Hanan & Nina Bash, Alan & Ruth Baumgarten, Eli & Elana Beer, Joe & Sheila Berger, Mark & Sylvia Berk, David & Donna Berk, Leonard & Felice Bernstein, Andy & Michele Bernstien, Michael & Marion Birnbaum, Ira & Bonnie Bram, Harris & Hadar Chustckie, Jeffrey & Debbie Cohen, Seth & Frumi Dantowitz, Jeffrey & Dorianne Davidovich, Michael Dayan, Eli & Ricki Denenberg, Bryan Denenberg, Elliot & Phyllis Dyckman, Steven & Iva Elem, Barbara Engelhardt, Shimmy & Susan Farkas, Joseph Feder, Melissa & Marc Feiglin, Marc & Andrea Felder, Joel & Eileen Fine, Roger & Rebecca Fischer, Bruce & Sara Fisher, Daniel & Debra Freides, David & Lori Freudenberger, Joel Friedman, Morris & Phyllis Frucher, Daniel Gable, Marc & Ellen Goldman, Milton & Shelley Goldman, Paul & Beth Goldrich, Michael & Judith Gordon, Joel & Miriam Green, Stuart & Tamar Gross, Andrew & Lisa Gulko, Abe & Debra Hackman, Marty & Grace Hader, Alan Scott & Jan Carol Hakim, Carol & Abe Herskovits, Zvi & Brina Heumann, Milty & Monica Horowitz z’l, Ari & Sari Horowitz, George & Ellen Kane, Abraham & Ellen Kaplan, Gary & Molly Kashkin, Betty Katz, Evan & Ruth Katz, Steve & Julie Keller, Irwin & Betty Kierman, Michael & Hindy Kinel, Renee Kirshner, Sylvia Koslowe, Mark & Rama Kosoffsky, Elliot & Esther Kozh, George & Natalie Kushner, Karen Golding Landa, Saul & Marlene Lang, Steve & Sandy Langer, Nathan & Marcia Lazar, Mark & Jamie Leiderman, Helen Lener, Richard & Helene Lichtbroun, Alan & Cindy Liebov, Jeff & Jodi Machtiger, Neal & Elaine Markowitz, Howard & Shelly Markowitz, Jack & Rachelle Mayer, Steve Mermelstein, Erwin & Catherine Moskowitz, Jeff & Lori Mushailov, Sergei & Irina Naus, Joe & Sarah Newmark, Harry & Kimberly Noah, Scott & Lori Novik, Michael & Julia Paley, Leon & Nancy Pasternak, David & Marjorie Pasternak, Phil & Robin Perlman, Jeff & Robyn Pludwinski, Elliot & Myra Plumer, Chaim & Miriam Pomerantz, Marc & Jane Raab, Eric L. & Deborah E. Rabinowitz, David & Ellen Reich, Steven & Jodi Rogoff, Chaim & Deborah Rosen, John & Melissa Rosenbaum, Ralph & Beatrice Rosenblum, Howie & Miriam Rosenstock, Ely & Ruthie Rothenberg, Charlie & Rosalie Rothenberg, Joseph Sacks, Michael & Sharon Safren, Louis & Ilean Salomon, Ron & Lisa Schaulewicz, Irv & Debbie Schemo, Jack & Lori Schindelheim, Adam & Deena Schloss, Rene Schreck, Vera Segal, Josh & Yael Shechter, Judah & Amanda Shersher, Igor & Anna Shmulewitz, Aaron & Cheryl Shmulewitz, Joseph & Shira Shoen, Steven & Judith Sholk, Steven H. Shraga, Alex & Irene Siederer, Marty & Francine Silber, Barry & Judy Soslowsky, Martin & Phyllis Spiewak, Gary & Sue Sragow, Dan & Sarita Stern, Chayim & Karen Strauss, Moshe & Leya Tajfel, Carey & Francine Tennenberg, Alan & Chedva Tepper, Harold & Nancy Thurm, Daniel & Tammy Traiman, Maurice & Doreen Tuchman, Avi & Elyse Turner, Michael & Risa Tutnauer, Jeff & Irene Weinberger, Bernard & Leah Weinstein, Rabbi Jay & Sharon Weisberg, Arel & Lara Weiss, Robert & Miriam Weissman, David Samuel & Stacy Fran Weissman, Mark & Tanya Wininger, Jon & Iris Winston, Anthony & Tema Wolkoff, Alan & Lisa Yavin, Yshai & Joelle Yellin, Joe & Ricky Zelka, Jeffrey & Amy Zimerman, Morris & Marsha
  • 7. Temple B’nai Shalom East Brunswick Joint Temple Drive Blood Drive Donate blood now. People can’t live without it!! Join the world’s biggest huddle. Be part of the Super Community Blood Drive! All presenting donors who donate in NJ until 1/17/14 will be entered into a sweepstakes for one of two pairs of tickets to SUPER BOWL XLVIII. Sun., Oct. 20 10:30pm-3:00pm Fern Rd. at Old Stage Rd., East Brunswick To donate blood you must be between 17 and 76 years old (16 year olds can donate with parental consent form and those over 76 can donate with a doctor’s note. )You must weigh at least 110 lbs. and meet other requirements. Most medications will not keep you from donating. People with diabetes and blood pressure controlled by medication can donate. Please eat before you come and bring ID and proof of age. If you have a question, come to the drive and ask. For an appointment call 800- 933-2566 or go to http://tinyurl.com/tbs-eb Walk-ins welcome!
  • 8. JEWISH FEDERATION OF GREATER MIDDLESEX COUNTY Presents SUPER SUNDAY HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE A Day with Heart Sunday, November 24, 2013 Douglass College Center 100 George Street, New Brunswick Create Connections – Strengthen Our Community Super Sunday Phonathon 8:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Volunteers are needed to make calls to raise critical funds Sign up at 732-588-1800 Shift I 8:30 a.m. -11 a.m. • Shift II 10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Holiday Gift Fair Noon - 5 p.m. • Visit Dozens of Artisans & Vendors • Celebrate Chanukah at Our Children’s Program • Donate & Assemble Breakfast Bags Learn About Jewish Middlesex Programs & Volunteer Opportunities EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Call 732-588-1800 or check us out on JewishMiddlesexNJ
  • 9. Certified Mold Testing and Remediation All Home Improvements Maintenance & Repairs Power Washing Painting/Staining Basements, Bathrooms, Kitchens & Attic Renovations Tel: (732) 850-8877 Email: Alan@AlanCanFixIt.com Visit us on the web; www.alancanfixit.com Alan G. Binstein, Proprietor NJ Home Improvement Contractor's Registration # 13VH05472800
  • 10. Member IFDA, A.S.I.D. Carol Baron INTERIOR DESIGN This area’s only designer specializing in Terror free decorating for the budget conscious 9 Exeter Court Princeton, NJ 08540 609-734-0141 Jersey Shore 609-468-8905 Elkins Park , PA 877-734-0141
  • 11. Ask Yourself These Questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Do you use electricity or natural gas for your home and/or business? Would you like to discover a way to pay less for the supply portion of your electric or natural gas bill? Would you like a company to help pay for the supply portion of your utility bill? Would you like to find a competitive rate and have a donation given to a charity each month? Would you like $50.00 for trying out a company’s service?* If you answered YES to any of these questions, call David Falk & Joshua Fogel at 732.698.7406. *The $50 Welcome Bonus Promotion Is For New Customers Who Enroll From July 1, 2013 to Oct. 31, 2013 A portion of the proceeds, directly generated from this ad, supports the Young Israel of East Brunswick Energy Supply Currently in the Following States: CT, IL, ME, MD, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA and RI Coming Soon: GA, MA, TX -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------