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Yiebnewsletter 2013 06_07

  1. 1. SHABBAT KORACH - RoshChodeshFriday Mincha......................................7:00PMCandle Lighting...................................7:20PMBut no later than..................................8:08PMAs long as candle lighting is after 7PM,Mincha on Friday is at 7PM (not Z’man),throughout spring and summer.Shkia....................................................8:26PMShabbat Shacharit..................... 8:00, 9:00AMLatest Sh’ma....................................... 9:12AM.........................................................................Womens Shiur Shabbat afternoon at YIEB (6PM) by Pre-Med Intern Maya Tsarfati – “TheKey to Wisdom from the Perspective of aCollege Student”Shiur @ 7PM by Pre-Med Intern David Drory,"Elu Velu: A Halachik Second Opinion &Multiple Truths in Halacha"Shabbat Mincha...................................8:00PMShabbat Maariv ...................................9:08PMShabbat Ends......................................9:16PMSun Shacharit(Rosh Chodesh II) 7:30, 8:30AMMon/Thurs Shacharit................. 6:20, 8:00AMTues/Wed/Fri Shacharit ............ 6:30, 8:00AMSun- Thurs Mincha/Maariv..................8:15PMThe weekday “Maariv only” 9:30PM Minyanis on hold for the late spring & summerCandle Lighting next week .................7:20PMBut no later than................................. 8:11PMMikvah Hours – It is imperative that men do notassemble or remain in the Mikvah area and/orthe parking area nearby, 15 minutes prior toand until 15 minutes after the times designatedbelow.Motzei Shb’t -1½ hrs after Shb’t ends - for 2 hrsWeekdays...................................9:00-11:00PMFriday & Yom Tov........By Appointment OnlyMikvah 732.257.4121Eruv status 732.254.1860 X5Weekly Newsletter Vol. XVIII, Nos. 48 Sivan 29 – Tammuz 5, 5773 June 7 - 13, 2013NEXT NEWSLETTER DEADLINE ISWednesday June 12th at NOONAll submissions must be emailed tonewsletter@yieb.org by Wednesday at noon______________________________________MAZAL TOVTo Simcha Shron as he celebrates becoming a BarMitzvah this Shabbat! Also to his parents, Mairov& Josh Shron, siblings Ellie, Sela, AJ and Tobey,grandparents Leora & Richard Dubrovsky andHedy & Rabbi Jeffrey Shron and to all the familyand friends celebrating Simcha’s Simcha thisShabbat.To Cheryl & Aaron Shmulewitz on the engagementof their son, Isaac, to Talia Homa of Livingston, NJ.Special Mazal Tov wishes to Joseph and Shira (andSophie), and sister Serena, and grandmothersSheila Garbuz and Malka Shmulewitz.To Elia Weixelbaum & Karen Berger on theforthcoming wedding of their son Josh to MichalKatz of Efrat, Israel. The wedding will take place onSunday in Beit Shemesh.-------------------------------------------------------------KIDDIE KIDDUSH SPONSORSThank you to Marc, Ellen & Heather Gable forsponsoring a Kiddie Kiddush in honor of SarahSchmidt’s birthday.----------------------------------------------------------TEEN KIDDUSH SPOONSORSIva & Steven Dyckman in honor of Jake’s birthday._________________________________________HASHKAMA KIDDUSH CO-SPONSORSAriella & Scott Grayman and Suri & SteveMoskowitz_________________________________________MAIN KIDDUSH SPONSORSSharon & Rabbi Jay Weinstein in honor of Eitans1st birthday.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SEUDAT SHLISHIT SPONSORSMairov & Josh Shron in honor of Simcha’s BarMitzvah. The guest speakers will be Simcha Shronand Rabbi Elie Tuchman, Head of School ofYeshiva at the Jersey Shore in Deal, NJ.______________________________________The YIEB recruiting efforts remain a high priorityfor our congregation.We will be continuing in these efforts, and arelooking for members who are interested tovolunteer their time for this important committee.Please see or email Jeff Chustckie for informationjeffchustckie@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------Are you interested in participating in the TishaBav Kinnot Program? Any men who areinterested in giving a 3 minute introduction to aKinnah on Tisha Bav morning please emailRabbi Weinstein at rabbiweinstein@gmail.com.Thank you!--------------------------------------------------------------SHUL DECORUM REMINDERPlease refrain from all unnecessaryconversation during DaveningRABBI AND REBBETZIN’S CORNERParshat Korach 5773Dear YIEB Families,During the time of the Beit Hamikdash, oneexpressed their gratitude to Hashem by bringinga Korban Todah, a thanksgiving offering. In theabsence of the Temple, we can also expressHakarat Hatov to Hashem with a SeudatHoda’ah or a Kiddush. In remembering thechallenging pregnancy that Sharon wentthrough we feel grateful to Hashem to be ableto celebrate Eitan’s one year old birthday. ThisShabbat, we share these feelings with ourwonderful community and thank you for all yourassistance during our challenging time. Ourhope is that as a community we can cometogether to celebrate Smachot and sharefeelings of Hakarat Hatov to Hashem.Best wishes for a Shabbat ShalomRabbi Jay and Sharon Weinstein_________________________________________RABBI WEINSTEIN ON VACATIONRabbi Weinstein will be away from Monday,June 10th through Monday June 17th. He willreturn all calls and emails upon his return. Ifyou need to reach him in an emergency, pleasecall Aron Adams at 732.266.9700._________________________________________SISTERHOOD APPRECIATION BRUNCHThe Sisterhood Appreciation Brunch has beenrescheduled for Sunday, June 30th from 9:30 -11:00 AM. Even though we had a quorummany of our members were not able to attendthis years brunch originally schedule forSunday, May 26th.The slate of officers and the 2013-2014 budgetwill be sent to the membership via the emailsystem 2 weeks prior to June 30th.Please join us on June 30th when we will bevoting in the officers for the 2013-2014 termand the 2013-2014 budget.We look forward to seeing you there,Please RSVP to:Susan Gerstman suegerstman@aol.comBarbara Goldman bgoldman731@aol.comShelley Goldmanshelleygoldman@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------YESHIVA UNIVERSITY PRE-MED INTERNSHIPPROGRAM EVENTS WITH YIEB COMMUNITYWEEK of JUNE 3rd:Thursday, June 6th at 6 PMTHE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF MEDICINE: WHATSHOULD MEDICAL STUDENTS KNOW ABOUTDISCUSSION moderated by Rabbi JayWeinstein. With Rev. John DeVelder, Director ofPastoral Care Services at Robert Wood JohnsonUniversity Hospital. In YIEB Beit Midrash. Allare welcome.Shabbat, June 7-8INTERNS PRESENT DIVREI TORAH ATKABBALAT SHABBAT; AT YIEB SHABBATDINNER; SHIURIM ON SHABBAT AFTERNOON;AT SHALESHUDIS; AND WORK WITH YIEBYOUTH GROUPS.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------GRADS AND DADS KIDDUSHJay Weinstein, Rabbi732.354.5912 (cell)732.254.1860 x2 (office)Elliot Denenberg, EditorAron Adams, PresidentYaakov Wasser, Inaugural Rabbi(1979-2009), Retired
  2. 2. Deadline for sponsors is June 6th.Plans are underwayfor a special ShabbatKiddush on June 15thto recognize YIEBgraduates. Be a partof the fun and ShepNachas by sponsoring Kiddush in honor of yourgraduate. Cost is $55 per graduate ($30 eachadditional graduate per family with a $100maximum). Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary,Middle, High School or College and GraduateDegrees- all sponsors will be listed in thenewsletter!Special this year- honor your Dad for Father’sDay! Just $5 additional if you have a Grad or$20 if you don’t. ($5 each additional Dad, e.g.grandfather or son.)Please send check (payable to YIEB) along withthe name of your graduate and the name of theschool and/or the name of your Dad to KarenStern (23 New Dover Road). EmailCasey226@aol.com for additional information._________________________________________THANK YOUWe thank everyone for having us in theirthoughts and prayers; and for all of their helpand support during this time of recovery.Simi & Joshua Fogel-----------------------------------------------------------------THANK YOUTo Barbara Goldman, Miltie Goldman, MarcGable, Mark Koslowe, Mendy Bohm, and BruceSchaeffer for their efforts in making Melissa’sBat Mitzvah day special. Working with themopened our eyes to the dedication and sacrificethey and other volunteers provide week afterweek to YIEB. Your efforts are trulyappreciated.Jan & Alan Hader---------------------------------------------------------THANK YOUWe take this opportunity to thank RabbiWeinstein, the Bikur Cholim Shiva Division, JulieKatz and her committee in particular and theYIEB Community for all of your words ofcomfort, concern and care and for seeing to allof our needs during this most difficult time afterthe passing of my beloved father WilliamKaufman. I truly feel blessed to be a member ofsuch a wonderful and caring community forover 35 years, and as a result of the YIEBsefforts, my family and I were able to honor ourI will be forever grateful! Sincerely,The family of Shelly Markowitz-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THANK YOUTo Marion Bernstein from Sweets to Nuts, fordonating 2 dried fruit, candy and nut plattersthat were shared at the Kiddush Nosh on May25th.---------------------------------------------------------LADIES SHIDDUCH TEHILLIM GROUPOnly 15 minutes each week at your leisure.Join the many women in thecommunity saying Tehillim to helpthe ones we care about find theirBashert. To be part of this Mitzvahteam or to submit a name to theShidduch List, contact Amy Zelka732 613.8717 amy.zelka@gmail.com_____________________________________B’nei Akiva Closing EventPlease join Aviva and Jeremy for the B’nei Akivaclosing BBQ Bash Tuesday evening, June 4th at 7PM at the Shul. Open to 8th through 12th graders.Special guests include the YU/Stern MedicalInterns. PLEASE RSVP to youthdirector@yieb.org.Teens Minyan UpdateAll teens interested in Laining please contactJacob Siegel, Tony Newmark or Jeremy Shechter.Chailight: Chesed for Music and MemoryPlease donate your old iPods as we support Musicand Memory, an organization that providesbeloved music to patients who are suffering fromdementia. The music helps to soothe patients ANDtrigger memories. iPods must be restored tofactory settings. We do not need ear buds, but doneed the chargers. iPods can be dropped at theShul office or you can contact Melissa to arrange adrop-off or pick-up.Any Questions?If you have any questions or need moreinformation about any of our program, pleasecontact Melissa at youthdirector@yieb.org or732.991.6110.______________________________________Hiring – Again!As we continue to grow, Camp Keshet is hiring forthe position of Senior Counselor. This is a FULLsummer position (June 19-August 16). If you areinterested, please contact Melissa ASAP.campkeshet@yieb.org.It’s Hot Outside!That means it is time to start the Camp Keshetcountdown! It’s not too late to ensure a fantasticsummer for your child! Contact Melissa Rosen torequest an application and get additionalinformation. campkeshet@yieb.org.TLC UpdateWe have had several requests for the TLC programto be open to those entering 5th grade. If you areinterested, please contact Melissa immediately. Ifthere is enough interest, we will open a bunk for5th graders.More InformationIf you have any questions or need an application,please dont hesitate to contact our Director,Melissa Rosen, at campkeshet@yieb.org or732.991.6110.______________________________________KIDDUSH NOSHWe want to supplement our Kiddush Nosh withhealthy alternatives for our children. We arelooking for volunteers to purchase fruits andvegetables before Shabbat and to cut up fruitsand vegetables on Shabbat morning.If you are interested please email Simi Fogel atsusansemel@gmail.com_________________________________________YAHRTZEITSSivan 29, 5773 GraceHackman forher Sister,Fraida batShlomo (FriedaCotler) on6/7/2013Tammuz 3, 5773 Carol Freudenberger for herFather, Zvi ben Yitzchak () on6/11/2013Tammuz 3, 5773 Joseph Abeles for hisGrandfather, Yosef ben MosheHY"D (Josef Abeles) on 6/11/2013Tammuz 3, 5773 Joseph Abeles for hisGrandmother, Rochel bat Avraham(Regine Abeles) on 6/11/2013Tammuz 4, 5773 Ralph Rosenbaum for hisFather, Pinchas ben Shmuel (BenRosenbaum) on 6/12/2013Tammuz 4, 5773 Art Kagel for his Father,Jerome Kagel) on 6/12/2013Tammuz 5, 5773 Anthony Winston for hisFather, Yehuda ben Shalom(Laurence Winston) on 6/13/2013Tammuz 6, 5773 Carol Applbaum for herHusband, Harav Yehoshua benHarav Menachem Tzvi (RabbiSydney Applbaum) on 6/14/2013Tammuz 6, 5773 Yaakov Applbaum for hisFather, Harav Yehoshua ben HaravMenachem Tzvi (Rabbi SydneyApplbaum) on 6/14/2013Tammuz 6, 5773 Jane Pomerantz for herBrother, Gershon Velve ben Moshe(Glenn Golden) on 6/14/2013Tammuz 7, 5773 Francine Siederer for herFather, (Frank Galiastro) on6/15/2013Tammuz 9, 5773 Julie Katz for her Father,Shmuel Chanoch ben ShlomoEliyahu (Sam Katz) on 6/17/2013Tammuz 9, 5773 Gerald Katzenberg for hisMother, Yehudit bat Avraham (JuliaKatzenberg) on 6/17/2013Tammuz 9, 5773 Jack Stroh for his Mother,Tziporah bat Yaakov (Fay Stroh) on6/17/2013Tammuz 10, 5773 Charlie Rothenberg for hisFather, Yosef Binyamin ben MosheChaim (Joseph Rothenberg) on6/18/2013Tammuz 12, 5773 Lisa Salomon for her Father,Yosef Shmuel ben Reuven (OthmarBauer) on 6/20/2013Tammuz 13, 5773 Joel Gordon for hisGrandfather, Leibel ben MosheHalevi (Louis Gordon) on6/21/2013Tammuz 13, 5773 Sanford Shulman for hisFather, Zev ben Menachem Mendel(William Shulman) on 6/21/2013_________________________________________YAHRTZEIT PLAQUESThe price of a Yahrtzeitplaque is $360. If you areinterested in purchasing aYahrtzeit plaque, pleasecontact Irv Schaulewicz atplaques@yieb.org-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. 3. DAF YOMI: From Rabbi WeinsteinJoin Daf Yomi at YIEB with Rabbi Weinstein:· Monday through Friday after 1st Minyan(approximately 7:10-7:45 AM) Sunday morningafter 1st Minyan (approximately 8:10-8:45 AM)·Shabbat morning following 1st Minyan (rotationof presenters)._________________________________________DAF YOMI B’IYUNJoin Rabbi Shlomo Landau on Tuesday nights at8:45 PM, followed by Maariv at 9:30 PM, toexplore in depth, a topic from the week’s DafYomi. Can’t make it in person? Do Daf Yomionline!http://ouradio.org/dafhttp://www.dafyomi.org/_________________________________________CHINUCH/ADULT EDUCATIONYIEB & Highland Park Community Kollel.Gemara Class with Rabbi Nussbaum, Tuesdaysat 8:45 PM. The topic for this week isProhibitions of Shabbat.Womens Wednesday Class with RabbiWeinstein, 9:45-10:45 AM - Mussar for the 21stCentury! On Summer Break; continues afterTisha Bav.In Depth Talmud Class given by YaakovWeinstein, Wednesday 8:30 PMIn this week’s class we will discuss “The Breadof Affliction.”_________________________________________SUMMER ERUVThe summer Eruv is in need of extensive repair(we have had a difficult year, weather-wise). Thescheduled date for repairs is Sunday, June 23rd.We will meet in the Shul parking lot at 8:30 AM(following the early morning Minyan) andcomplete repairs by 12:30 PM (IY"H). Onceagain, wear pants, hat, long sleeved shirt - bugspray and a good hammer are stronglysuggested as we will be working in a forestedand heavy undergrowth area. All those who cancommit please email Mark Koslowe atmakslaw@comcast.net . PLEASE VOLUNTEER.WITHOUT A SUFFICIENT NUMBER, THE ERUVCANNOT BE REPAIRED. Thank you._________________________________________SHUL PARKING LOTPlease do not park norstand in Fire Lanes.It is essential we allow forpassage of emergencyvehicles.______________________________________YIEB SISTERHOOD GIFT SHOPIf you look closely at the guest candlesticks,matchbox holder, salt shaker, challah knife andmezuzahs, you will notice that they each have theappropriate Bracha on them. They have beencreated by Joy Stember in her Metal Arts Studiohere in the USA as contemporary heirlooms for anew generation of collectors. She is reinventingthe idea of traditional Jewish pieces. Also, we nowhave the matching earrings to Rachel Dabbahsnecklaces from Israel. For best selection callKathy Brody, Leah Weinberger or Brina Herskovits___________________________________________Please bevigilant andutilize thecrosswalks. Inparticular, becareful not tocross DunhamsCorner Roaddirectly in frontof the Shul.______________________________________LADIES TEHILLIM GROUPThe Ladies Tehillim Group meets Monday nightsat 7:45 PM in the Social Hall for readingTehillim and recitingRefuahs. Please join usfor this most importantMitzvah. The one houris time well spent.Readings are in Englishor Hebrew. Manythanks to the followingwomen who steadfastlypartake in this Mitzvah;Ellen Gable, BarbaraGoldman, BrinaHerskovits, HindyKierman, EstherKosoffsky, Sarah Naus,Florence Passner, Bea Rosenbaum, RosalieRothenberg, Sarita Sragow, Cheryl Svei, andAmy Zelka._________________________________________THE HELPING HAND COMMITTEEHave you ever been locked out of your car;Had to pick up your sick child at school whileyour newborn was sleeping’ or needed to checkon your parents who were home alone? Wereyou fortunate enough to get help? Would liketo pay the favor forward?Family and friends arent always around, andthere are time when members in ourcommunity need a helping hand.We are forming a committee of volunteers whowould be willing to help out when someone hasan unexpected emergency situation. If you areinterested in helping out, please contact either:Debbie Chustckie at chustckie@aol.comBobbie Cumsky at cumsky@aol.comBrina Hershkovits at bhersko@ymail.comThanking you,The Helping Hand Committee_________________________________________WISE SUMMER LEARNING SERIESThe WISE Summer Learning Series for womenwill begin on Saturday, July 6th. If you areinterested in being a presenter or would bewilling to host, please contact Claire Kagel732.613.9511.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SAFETY REMINDERWhen walking to and from Shul for Minchaand Maariv, please wear your reflective vests.______________________________________Timely Community Announcements*************(YIEB does not endorse the Kashrut of any non-YIEB event or listing appearing in theNewsletter)-------------------------------------------------------------The Nick Schwartz Memorial 4th Annual YJSGolf Outing, Sunday, August 18th at TrumpNational Golf Club, Colts Neck, NJ10:30 AM Lavish Kosher BrunchSilent Auction1:00 PM Shotgun StartCocktail Hour Following GolfLimited space, please call early to reserveSponsorship opportunities availablePlease call YJS at 732.663.2929 or register onwebsite at www.yatjs.org/golfouting-------------------------------------------------------------------Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva’s Annual Dinnerwill be”h take place Sunday evening, June 16that The DoubleTree Hotel in Somerset, NJ.Please join the RPRY Family and the entirecommunity in honoring and paying tribute tothe wonderful and well-deserving honoreesNitza and Russell AdlerGuests of HonorJosh PruzanskyDistinguished Community Service AwardTribute ads as well as dinner reservations canbe made by going to RPRY.AdJournal.com oryou can call the yeshiva’s office at732.572.5052 x214----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jewish Family & Vocational Service (JFVS)invites you to the following events:- JFVS Monroe Office Open House –Tuesday, June 4 from 1-4PM. See attached twoinvites for details.- An Afternoon of Laughter & Music –Sunday, July 21st at 3PM at The MarascoPerforming Arts Center in Monroe Township.Tickets are $25/pp and are available to orderon-line at www.jfvs.org or call the office: 732-777-1940/609-395-7979. Get yours now, theyare going fast! See attached flyer. Proceedsbenefit JFVS Senior, Family, and CommunityServices-------------------------------------------------------------------------------ACTT Starts Year 8The ACTT organization (Achieving ChangeThrough Torah) is sponsoring an inspirationalevening Sunday night, July 14th at CongregationOhr Torah. Speaker: Rabbi Dovid Weinberger,Rav of Congregation Shaaray Tefila inLawrence; Title: “Can We Really Change OurCharacter?” Time: 7:30 PM (Mincha 7:15 PM;Maariv after the program). The 8th year of ACTTstarts July 15th and the source book for theentire year is: “Step by Step” compiled by RabbiWeinberger. Admission is free and sponsors areneeded. The entire community is encouraged toattend. For more info, e-mail info@actt613.orgor call Phil Rosen 732.572.8762.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------https://www.facebook.com/YoungIsraelofEastBrunswick
  4. 4. HOUSE FOR SALE4 bed; 3 1/2 baths, colonial,hardwood floors, finishedbasement; beautiful1/2 acre; many extras; primemove in condition;walking distance to YoungIsrael of East Brunswick$499,000 Call 732-390-5713(no realtors please)
  5. 5. Ask yourself these questions:1. Do you use electricity or natural gas?2. Would you like to discover a way to pay less for the supply portion of your electric or natural gasbill?3. Would you like to find a competitive rate and have a portion of the supply bill go to a charityeach month?If you answered YES to any of these questions, call David Falk or Joshua Fogel at 732.698.7406.A portion of the proceeds, directly generated from this ad, supports the Young Israel of East Brunswick.
  6. 6. Certified Mold Testing and RemediationAll Home ImprovementsMaintenance & RepairsPower Washing Painting/StainingBasements, Bathrooms,Kitchens & Attic RenovationsTel: (732) 850-8877 Email: Alan@AlanCanFixIt.comVisit us on the web; www.alancanfixit.comAlan G. Binstein, ProprietorNJ Home Improvement Contractors Registration #13VH05472800MONDAY BAGEL SPECIAL $8.99/DOZEN