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Mezuzah signupsheet

  1. 1. Sign up sheet for tefillin and mezuza checking In order for the Young Israel of East Brunswick tefillin and mezuza checking day to be as successful as possible it is important for me and my team to be as prepared as possible, therefore I am requesting that community members who will be using my services should fill out a sign up sheet. What services will be available? TEFILLIN CHECKING Basic Tefillin Checking $130. This includes a complete inspection of the parshios, sewing the tefillin back together, sealing and refinishing the bottom of the battim. Also included is basic touch up painting. We will be available to adjust the knots and make sure your tefillin fit correctly. Retzuous Painting $30. I will advise when painting is appropriate and when replacement is a more sensible options. New Retzuous are offered at a discounted price of $85 ($90 for nusach sfard) per set. Complete Tefillin Redo $185. This service completely refinishes the battim. When finished they will look new. The process takes two weeks and is appropriate for worn out looking gassos tefillin battim. Fix Smashed Or Rounded Corners $25 per corner. Various other repair services are available. I will advise as necessary. New Tefillin: Prices are available upon request. A great deal of information (including pricing) about new tefillin sets is available on my website Tefillin sets that you bring in for checking will be brought back to my office to be worked on in order to have access to my full workshop. Loaner sets of tefillin will be available on a first come first serve basis. Please do not request a loaner set unless you do not have another alternative as I have a limited number of sets. If you are not sure what kind of tefillin you use please see the ‘Guides’ section in my website where you will find information which will help you determine your custom. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding tefillin, mezuzos, or other safrus related issues. You may text or email me pictures if you would like to show me issues of concern. MEZUZA CHECKING Mezuzos will be checked in the shul. The charge is $9 per mezuzah. Please indicate how many mezuzos you will need to have checked. New Mezuzos will be available. Prices for my most popular mezuzos are $52, $68, and $85. If you know that you need new mezuzos please indicate how many and which quality you need so that I may check and prepare them in advance. Please let me know if they will be used outside so that I can properly waterproof them in advance. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to serve you. Please feel free to contact me at any time with your questions or concerns. Melech Michaels 845-290 845-290-2546 Ÿ Ÿ 4 Darby Road, Monsey, NY 10952 Name _____________________________________________________ Email__________________________________________ Phone ___________________________________________________ Cell phone _______________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________ q I need loaner tefillin q Right handed (wears tefillin on left hand) q Left handed (wears tefillin on right hand) q Ashkenaz q Sfard q Sfaradi q Chabad q I would like to have ___________ sets of tefillin checked. q I would like to have ___________mezuzos checked. q I would like to order ___________ new mezuzos at $ ___________ each Commments_______________________________________________________________________________________