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Zookeeper Sam a short puzzle game. Project for college. By Ruth-ann Grogan, Colleen O'Keeffe, Daragh Mcgrath

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  1. 1. Zookeeper
  2. 2. Meet Sam... He works every day at the zoo. He is hard working and most importantly he loves taking care of the animals.
  3. 3. One morning Sam wakes to find all the animals are gone fromtheir cages . He suspects poachers living in the near by villagehave stolen them. ? Help Sam make his way around the map, solving puzzles and get his animals safely back to the zoo!
  4. 4. 1
  5. 5. 1Sam the zoo keeper needs to buy food for his missing monkeys.• On Monday he bought a bag of monkey nuts, a bunch of bananas and a box of apples which cost €11.• On Wednesday he bought five bags of monkey nuts, two bunches of bananas and a box of apples which cost €23.• On Friday he bought three bags of monkey nuts, a bunch of bananas and two boxes of apples which cost €20. If all the fruit cost the same every day, how much did each item cost?
  6. 6. 2Monkeys
  7. 7. 2 There is a line of elephants .There are 3 elephants in front of an elephant and twobehind a elephant. There is a elephant in the middle. How many Elephants are there?
  8. 8. Elephants 3Monkeys
  9. 9. 3Sam the zoopkeeper needs to deceipher the steps of the trail taken by the poachers from the lion pen to the bear encloser in 6 steps. 1 Lion 2 _____ 3 _____ 4 _____ 5 _____ 6 Bear You must only change one letter at a time. Each change must be a valid word.
  10. 10. Elephants Lions Bears 4Monkeys
  11. 11. M NO 4 GOIR RIGA PELE GAJ LOD KYE LAL FEF THAN RUA HPNI 6 Animals names have been split into sets.Take letters from the sets on the left and right and merge them together to find out the names of the animals. Remember, matching sets are not in the same row.
  12. 12. Elephants Lions Giraffes BearsMonkeys 5
  13. 13. 510 Animals names are hidden with in this word search. Find them!
  14. 14. Elephants Lions Giraffes BearsMonkeys Zebras 6
  15. 15. 6Sam comes across footprints on theground. In order to determine if allhis animals continued in the samedirection he needs to assume whichfootprint comes in place of thequestion marks?Is it?
  16. 16. Elephants Lions Giraffes BearsMonkeys Zebras 7
  17. 17. 7Sam needs to cross the river to get to the local village on the other side.There are 3 ropes looped around tree branches. The zookeeper must cross the river by using a rope hanging from the trees, but which one? A. B. C.
  18. 18. Elephants Lions Giraffes BearsMonkeys Zebras 8
  19. 19. 8Sam needs to find his way to the poachers barn where they areholding the animals. He’s not sure how many animals they have? First start with solving the jigsaw puzzle. When you reveal the animal in the jigsaw move on to part 2 .
  20. 20. 8 When you have revealed the animal. • Take the 3rd letter of the animals name.• Then count to where that letter falls in the alphabet. This is the number of animals missing.
  21. 21. Elephants Lions Giraffes BearsMonkeys Zebras 9
  22. 22. 9Sam finds the barn and can hear the animals inside. There are tribalmarkings on the door. To enter he must chose the shape that he can’tcreate with just one line and without drawing a line twice. Whichshape will allow Sam to enter??
  23. 23. Elephants Lions Giraffes BearsMonkeys Zebras10
  24. 24. 10Sam is finally reunited with his animals. Now, he needs to get them homesafely. Help Sam solve the puzzle to transport his animals home to the zoo.The animals are loaded on to trucks. As they are on their way back to the zoo, one of the trucks gets stuck passing under a bridge!! Sam has a rope, a wrech and a jack. How will he free the truck and pass through without damaging the bridge or frightening the animals??
  25. 25. Elephants Lions Giraffes BearsMonkeys Zebras
  26. 26. Congratulations!!You have successfully completed all 10 puzzlesand helped Sam return his animals to the zoo.
  27. 27. Zookeeper By Colleen O’Keeffe Daragh McGrath Ruth-Ann Grogan